The President is Being Shameless Again


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When Lin Chu met the ridiculously rich and affluent Yan Beicheng, she did not expect him to act like an immature hooligan, shameless in every way whenever they bumped into each other. Yet, every encounter had him come to her rescue, from saving her from the humiliation of watching her ex-boyfriend marrying her adopted sister, to whisking her away from petty colleagues and lecherous clients.Whether this is true kindness remains to be seen, as he never forgets to take advantage of her whenever he can. Is there something between them or is he just having fun with her?

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Seven Young Master 2: The President Playing Rogue Again
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soshi0805 rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: c273
The first (main) book is pleasing to the eyes to read, if you are into a very perfect relationship with perfect s*upid villains.

The MC and ML's relationship is one of the most perfect "modern fairy tale" relationship that I've ever read. It was the cliched Rich Perfect Man and Abused Pretty Woman, both have devastating childhood and both find solitude in each other's arm during those times. What I love about this story is how both MC and ML aren't afraid to speak out their feelings and thoughts. They break... more>> that one cliched topic "Miscommunication that causes unnecessary Misunderstanding" drama. That's why I give this novel a 5 ⭐. <<less
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Flying Jade
Flying Jade rated it
April 28, 2020
Status: --
It's an interesting story at first but it quickly becomes very boring and repetitive. Many antagonists start out with interesting characters but they are quickly "blackened" to the same self-absorbed, narcissistic villains. They all reduce into having the same character template, temperament, thought process, goals and dialogues. In fact, at a point, you could switch any of the villainous characters scenes and dialogues and they would be no problem at all. It is such a missed opportunity for character building.

As for the lead characters, their romance is full of fluff... more>> so go ahead if you like this.

Other than that, there seemed to be a few areas that lacked proper research, realism or real life experience when planning out the scenes.


For example, at around 110+ chapters or so, the doctors tell the evil half-sister that she can't give birth anymore because she got a cold and fever in detention after her miscarriage (this is after she rested in the hospital for days, mind you), instead of recommending her to experts in that field. Then the doctors get angry when the family says they will transfer her to a better hospital... Like wtf! To anyone that has ever gone to the hospital for anything, that scene made no sense except to further paint the villains evil. There are such little details here and there that are overlooked.

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Lisarra rated it
March 14, 2020
Status: --
This is a good read. The story is cute and fluffy but there are some darker incidents too which balances out the overall fluffiness of the story.

I would have given this a 5 star but for some reasons I withheld a star.

Reasons why I love the novel-

    1. FL is neither an OP nor a weakling. She is a much relatable FL than other novel's FL.
    2. This is the novel which gives much importance to communication between people. So if people can just talk, the problems and misunderstandings would not arise and this novel does justice to that.
    3. The ML, even though overbearing is much more cuter than any other cold CEO types.
Reason why I deducted 1 star from the novel even though the FL and ML suits to my taste-

    1. The villains are soooo s*upid and selfish that it's disgusting.
    2. Their personality is same so we know what to expect so it doesn't give any new interesting ways how they will create trouble.
But I love the main characters so I endure the villains.

The main book ends on chapter 273. The later chapters revolve around the other side characters which I really liked as this gives justice to them and lets them be the main character of their story.
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chande rated it
October 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Well, I know what to expect from this novel after reading "Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency!" novel. Cold and aloof ML in front but henpecked husband behind? Check. A brainless villainess who readily threw herself in front of ML even though he was already taken? Check. A persistent ex boyfriend who was so narcissistic and thought that MC won't be able to move on from him even though he clearly betrayed her first? Check. Aside from above examples, there were still other generic plots of modern face slapping novel all... more>> over the place and it's kind of repetitive. Nevertheless, I somehow still enjoy this novel because it's one of my favorite genre.

There's not much I could say for the plot because it was so predictable and of course it will have a happy ending. Unfortunately, the author seemed to miss one of the couple's ending.


It's about Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai. They had a potential to be an adorable couple but they're not mentioned again till the end even in the side stories. I don't know if the author will make them another separate novel but I really hope I could see them again.

Edit: we will meet them again in "The Long-Awaited Mr Han" novel.

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Suka Novel
Suka Novel rated it
October 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Very Sweet Love Stories ~ 2 stories in this novel.
This novel is a sequel to "Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency".
I had completed reading this novel in early June 2021, had reread it twice and am currently reading "Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency" novel.

I truly love reading the love stories between Yan Bei Cheng & Lin Chu (1st Story) and between Wei Zi Lin & Xu Mo Yan (2nd Story). Yan Bei Cheng and Wei Zi Lin have been great childhood friends. Lin Chu and Xu Mo... more>> Yan were roommates.

Yan Bei Cheng & Lin Chu are a charming and loving couple. I enjoy reading their love & relationship. Yan Bei Cheng's true love, dedication & persistency win over Lin Chu. It's truly love at first sight at his young age. Prior to being with each other, Yan Bei Cheng & Lin Chu had never had a GF & BF, so they're truly each other's first.

Wei Zi Lin & Xu Mo Yan are an adorable and adoring couple. I also enjoy reading their love relationship & interactions. It's love at first hearing his voice for Xu Mo Yan and it's love at first sight for Wei Zi Lin. Wei Zi Lin & Xu Mo Yan are also each other's first.

Yan Bei Cheng, Wei Zi Lin & Xu Mo Yan are also lucky to have families (YBC's grandparents, granduncle & uncle; WZL's grandpa, parents & siblings; XMY's parents) and great childhood friends who support them warmly & loyally. <<less
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August 18, 2021
Status: --
I'm temporarily rating it for 3.5 🌟

I'm @ ch120 and I'm thinking of dropping it. I really didn't take it to heart when ppl said that the ML's actions before they became official was kinda creepy. I took it as him being silly, overly touchy, and not knowing private space. But that was it. I still continue reading it because the narration and the translation was kind of my style. It reminds me of Hidden Marriage (not the plot but the way it was written and the translation) so... more>> I was kind of into it. Then the couple made me feel giddy and fluffy BUT as the story goes on it just feels repetitive, you know? Their romance, their script/lines, their dialogue pattern—it all appealed repetitive to me and at some point I started to cringe and felt that it was too much for me Haha! Anyway, I won't completely drop this. I guess I'm taking a break from it. I do think that it's fine to read it from time to time if you're like me who can't endure their level of sweetness in one sitting. For now, I'll park it here. <<less
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December 7, 2020
Status: c52
I'm struggling to slog through this whole thing cos it's kinda... cringe? Like the ML is a bit creepy and the FL is indignant at all the wrong things. She gets slapped and humiliated but she just takes it. Yet when someone is trying to give her a hand, she's surprisingly very adamant. Idk if I should continue lol help
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
August 23, 2020
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this novel. The main story of Yan Beicheng and Lin Chu ended on chp 273 while the remaining chapters are for other couples.

The ML is truly shameless but a good man who doted and pampered the FL so well. I like that both leads got strong trust to each other and never doubted each other.

... more>>

They have huge age difference (9yrs) but it easy ignore bc the leads became couple after meeting again when FL is already 24 yo


Many characters are really likeable. Some friends of Beicheng even got their own stories and book. The kids are also funny especially Uncle Yan Ningbai (LMAO) even the older generations gave additional laughs in the novel.

Even tho there many likeable characters, there are still many dumb villains who continue to do s*upid things that it became repetitive and boring after some time (*face palm*)... However, it is commendable that some of them like Xu Jiaojiao and Yan Zhiqing turned into new leaf and change their perspectives even Lin Yuwen kinda learned her lessons tho.


It is just so funny but really practical that most of them were always recording their convos with the villains (LMAO) At least they kinda saved time for dealing with these dumb villains due evidences tho

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minhbi99 rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Good read after all the "complex" stories of plot this and that.
Fluff, comedy, slice of life are the main elements. Plot is only there for things to advance.

I love the FL and ML as there is a certain charm to them, and it´s nice seeing POV of both sides (FL more than ML). 4 side characters also get their own stories so its also a kinda nice bonus read after the series ended.
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October 18, 2020
Status: Completed
The Good things:

    1. The main couple, FL and ML have a very fluffy and loving relationship
    1. There's no grand misunderstanding between them
    1. No grand ploy against FL because of her status or whatever from the grandparents
    1. The minor characters like FL's best friend and colleagues get their own stories, personalities and backgrounds. They aren't paper cutouts like most novels are.
    1. FL is a competent female and not some damsel in distress that needs ML to prop her up.
    1. FL has lots of wits and intelligence and backhands the villains all by herself.
    1. Pure fluffy relationship between FL and ML.
The Bad things:

    1. The villains somehow all have horse-blinders attached to them and are so amazing one-tracked in their way of thinking.
    1. The villains are mostly similar and their ploys get repetitive by the time I hit 150+ chp.
    1. The ML is kinda really weird in the beginning (also a little creepy) before they get together
    1. So many cliche tropes, but I guess this can be a good thing for people who came for it. (I did enjoy the doting CEO)
3/5 stars because overall, I enjoyed it a fair bit. I loved how the FL could stand on her own feet and was independent and how ML was happy to let her do her own thing and let her deal things by herself until she needed help (but created a net to make sure that she was safe)

But the villains got repetitive, so did the new villains and dog blood drama. It followed a similar formula. And so my interest dwindled.
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SSKF rated it
September 11, 2020
Status: Completed
2020/9/11 I'm liking it. It's pretty brainless actually, but a good fluffy story. My favorite is all the parts with Yan NingBai. He's so precocious and the scenes with him and his father, or him and Yan Beicheng are so adorable. I'm at chapter 145 and I'm surprised they haven't gotten married yet. Why? It's high time dang it.

Edit: 2020/9/17
I finished it! It was long but not boring. Through the whole book my favorite character remained Yan NingBai. He's such a cutie!! Yan Beicheng and Yan Huaian both... more>> came by their shamelessness honestly, and taught it to Yan Ningbai. Poor boy is always getting into trouble with his parents because his own father and nephew are shameless and raise him that way too since they are his role models. Hahaha. I love Yan Ningbai.

My little grievance is that

we didn't get to see Yan Beicheng's baby's birth or see him hold and cuddle his child.

This was a vital part that was missing and made the story feel incomplete.
The 2nd story is not that interesting. The 3rd story is adorable, but too short. I like Yan Huaian and Yu Zi a lot too, but their highlight is how they interact with Ningbai. Through their story I only kept thinking about Ningbai and reassuring the other characters, don't worry, you're getting the best son/ grandson / nephew from this.
The other thing is that the author used social media and nietzens a bit too much in the other 2 stories.

I read the other books in the series, and Yan Beicheng is the best character and husband out of all the guys. He is the only one who is so fleshed out and who is so tender to his girl (aside from Yan Huaian and Han ZouLi and to an extent, Wei Zilin.) Yan Beicheng is still the best and his is the best story story by the author. <<less
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Smtha rated it
June 11, 2020
Status: Completed
This really a good read. It’s like a long daytime soap tv drama. Aside from the main cp, there’s also 2 side cp. The story have alot of dog food, dog blood drama and dog face slapping. Lol. Even thought the story its a bit of fairytale like (kinda Cinderella story) It’s really well written and excellent translated. The main MC is an orphan, but a tough, sharp mouth lady. ML is an ultra rich and op family background and handsome to boot. (And a little prevy?)... more>> The cannon fodder/ villain are albeit s*upid and lack eq (and some situations abit over but not too ridiculous) if not it won’t have a good face slapping scenes to enjoyed?. The blood drama is not too heavy, so the whole story consider light and not tearjerking aghasty plots. I only cried at those sweet tender moments and good redemption scenes.

As said it’s a romance story. So there’s alot of fluffy and humorous encounters (and as the title suggested really shameless ML?) which enjoyable and sometimes diabetics.

I enjoyed this as a story and nothing to do with reality. So it’s really good read. Thank you. <<less
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QCY rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: --
Despite the poor ratings of this novel, I decided to give it a try.

It was a terrible mistake.

Due to:

    • The cliche oh-my-boyfriend has decided to marry my evil stepsister (that literally took place in the first chapter)
    • The horrible stepmother (and father) trope
    • The handsome, rich, powerful male lead that takes 3 whole paragraphs to describe
    • The nonexistent logic (such as why is this handsome, rich, powerful male lead even paying attention AND HELPING this adopted mc???)
This is just from my standpoint after reading a great many novels (at least 10) with this sort of trope, so I probably have greater expectations than those new to this genre. I think the writing style was actually what ticked me off the most, because it was very simplistic and felt like a fifth grader was writing it.

Even from the first chapter, I was already dying on the inside. I suppose the author may give some explanations later, but it was so cringe-worthy I don't want to can't continue.

You guys can try it, but really, don't.
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