My Villain Fiancé is Interfering With My Flowery Path


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A fake saintess born by misconstruing the oracle.

The evil woman who was abandoned by the deceitful family who deceived the empire and died while committing all kinds of evil because of envy towards the real saintess… That was my role in the original novel.

After learning what happened in the book, I decided. I can’t live in this country because it’s dirty and rude. The only answer is asylum! There should be no criminal charges for a life of adventure, so I’ll just live a good life aiming for the flowery path. Nobody kills anyone, nobody is jealous…

However, something is strange.

Every day I hear news about accidents happening to the extras who mocked me and originally died at my hands. But I didn’t do it this time…??

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흑막 약혼자가 내 꽃길을 방해한다
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1 Review

Mar 16, 2022
Status: c75
Istg... The ML is the bad guy here. A big dumb bad guy. Like, there's no big villain behind the scenes. Every single problem started from Sor's (ML) s*upid crazy actions. And he's not even a black-bellied scheming guy, he's just... really dumb. Like those dumb naive FLs who tries to help but just mess things up more. Except that Sor is darker, twisted, more deadly and he never wanted to help in the first place but rather wanted to, um, create a happy world for Thisbe (FL) in his... more>> own dumb twisted way. When Thisbe said he was like a naive puppy, she was not entirely wrong. But it's just he's got more things to him other than being a puppy. ¯_ (ツ) _/¯


Guess what? His motive for mu*ders were entirely because he was angry that they spoke ill of Thisbe. And he just planned all the mu*der without thinking about the consequences. He didn't even ask Thisbe if he was even angry or sad cause of them (she was not btw, irritated at most). Then when things got more messed up, he just blamed it on the dead people and continued again. 😑😑 Bruh... Have some political awareness, will you? Can't you see you're just complicating everything?! He never even confessed about this to Thisbe! The audacity! He confessed in the court then ran away before talking. HE! RAN! AWAY! I thought it was gonna be the FL who runs away from the summary dammit!! Now I can finally understand the pov of MLs when a good, happy FL suddenly drops a bomb then runs away from home. Wdym by running away? Sit down and have a talk dammit! Welp, at least he didn't leave without traces. He got himself expelled to a war zone for 10 years. But that's still so annoying! WHY HE SO DUMB??? (╯°□°)╯︵ (.o.)


But still he's really cute so I like him. Pity for Thisbe though. (¬_¬) Girl had to suffer so much for finding the culprit then wipe after his ass for him after he surrendered. He needs a big spanking smh. (v_v)

Sigh... I gotta say that Thisbe, our FL, is more like the cool on the outside but soft in the inside "FL" who closed off her heart after being betrayed over and over but opened her heart to the cute and kind "ML". She's cool, calm, rational, strong, rich, beautiful, intelligent, a socialite, can speak 3 languages, learned sword, can do op magic, can even plot or scheme when necessary, is the successor to a duchy and even owns a f*cking intelligence guild! And above all, she treats ML so well! I wanna call her daddy! Or a queen!!

I really to slap and kick ML every time I think how his dumb decisions made FL go through so much! Past trauma aside, 70% of FL's recent problems are cuz of him! Most annoying thing is that he actually really loves FL, treats her like his goddess and salvation, did all that to make her happy! No other reasons! Can't even dislike him much for it... (→_→)


Welp he did once try to seduce FL after she was feeling down and vulnerable to get her to promise him to be with him forever but FL was quick to get back her rationale so it didn't work but kiiiiindaaa backfired? And bit*h always treated her especially good after stuffs he himself did made FL down to get her to trust him and lean on him more. But it was not his intentions before doing those stuffs so I forgive him? I feel like my bars getting lower and lower these days but meh...


Anyways I recommend. I enjoyed it a lot. Mostly cause ML was a bit dumb while being an obsessive psycho at the same time (1st time seeing one and liked it) and FL was awesome too. Plus no s*upid cannon fodders (they died in the 1st chapter) ! No big plot holes either. Og FL was a bit naive but she later gets corrupted by FL? She's a good kid though. Og ML was kinda like that one toxic friend who's a backstabbing bit*h you argue with all the time but also joins in to help when you want to plan bad things. Aside from the monsters and the church, ML was the one who got in the way of EVERYONE all the time. I feel bad for FL, having so many pig teammates...

*** ML is actually not that dumb. His IQ is normal as long as FL is not involved. But whenever it involves FL, he kinda loses it. Like a diehard fan does. And then stubbornly does all sort of unpredictable things. He's not always such a... dumbass. <<less
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