Hush Now, Saintess!


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I transmigrated into a crazy novel and came to possess the body of ‘Roella’, a fake saintess who’s destined to die young.

‘No, but is there some sort of trend of dying young?’

A moment of despair. A determined plan to survive.

When the real saintess comes out, I’ll just say, ‘I knew it, I guess I’m a fake!’ then stand down!

The perfect plan provided a moment’s repose.


〈 Mission : A villainess, but forcibly turning over a new leaf!

1. Raise your reputation
2. Apply the automatic curse word censorship

※ Penalty upon mission failure : Death within six months of the recognition of Sylvia as the real saintess.
※ Reward upon mission success : Survival

Would you like to accept this mission?
( I want to ♥ / YES! ) 〉

A ruthless system window with no conscience appeared before my eyes.

* * *

To ensure my survival, I followed what the system window said.

“The best Saintess of the empire!”
“Cursing at the Saintess is the same as cursing at me, so I won’t let this go.”
“She’s here. This era’s number one Saintess!”

What the. Seems like my reputation went up too much?

And to make matters worse.

—Ah, this crazy…!
“Ah, how cute…!”

—What did you say, you f*****!
“What did you say, you cutie!”

Because of the mayhem that the censorship brought on, I guess the cursed imperial crown prince even got swept into this kind of misunderstanding?!

“I’m… cute?”

No. That’s not what I meant.

Associated Names
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Please Watch Your Mouth, Saintess!
Speech is silver while silence is golden, Saintess!
입조심하세요, 성녀님!
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BumBumBakudan rated it
November 22, 2022
Status: c14
Fun and interesting story. It's pretty early to write a review but currently story looks promising (MC forecefully has to act like a good or pityful person to get some reputation points) and the system part in description is not clearly describled so I wanted to write a few words about it.

The system isn't as awful as it sounds, it's influence and features are determined based on MC's likeability, it starts with just 3 (original body's owner was evil, dumb and easy to manipulate by others, so she was very... more>> infamous) so system is working at max and not letting her swear, threaten or hit people (I guess going under 0 is a game over?) so she needs to find an unique way how to deal with problems. Missions aren't obligatory but MC herself knows that if she wond do anything, she will die in 6 months so she needs to do those tasks. Also when MC will get higher score, she will be able to turn off some features and unlock new ones. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kirakira1004 rated it
December 26, 2023
Status: c63
So far so good

It's my first comment since being a NU reader for about 5 years lol

Well, I like the FL, she's smart and witty but not overpowered. Haven't seen much of the ML, because I think there's only one arc that the FL and ML met so far, but he seems good. And the system. Even tho the system basically didn't give FL any choice (YES/I LOVE TO), it's not as annoying as a thought it would be. I think the system is more like 'a guide'. Well, it's... more>> because there's no any major problem that happened because of the system. And actually, after the MC did the missions from the system, it's making FL's reputation going up up up.

The only thing that I regret is reading it when it's not even fully translated yet. AND I CAN'T EVEN FIND THE MTLed VERSION. It's kinda frustrating :') <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rottenwoman rated it
June 19, 2023
Status: c96
So far so good. I always enjoy this kind of trope where the MC transmigrates into an originally terrible character and they surprised everyone by their sudden change as they do whatever they can to save their skin.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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