A Painting of the Villainess as a Young Lady


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A villainess known by all as a wicked woman who has done all sorts of evil deeds—Ducal Lady Violet.
She regained her memories of her previous life after she fell into a lake and almost died.
The very moment she woke up, she immediately visited her father, Duke Everett, and asked one thing.

“Please confine me to the annex.”

And so, she imprisoned herself there.
Now that Violet was secluded away from the world’s criticism and reproach,
She immersed herself in her previous life’s memories and started painting them.

“What the hell are you up to this time?”

Everyone was suspicious of just what she might be scheming.
However, the misunderstandings surrounding her gradually got resolved one at a time…

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The Villainess Paints A Picture
악녀는 그림을 그린다
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New Yagurl333 rated it
April 23, 2024
Status: --
This novel starts to drag on after awhile. I’m dropping it for now but might pick it up later. I think it was about chapter 100 I lost interest?

The MC’s goals aren’t really clear after a certain point. She’s being treated like tr*sh constantly by her family. After awhile though she doesn’t show a real reaction to that besides just acknowledging how awful her family is and not trying to please them.
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tocinomasarap rated it
October 26, 2022
Status: --
I think I got a bit emotional reading this novel, even if it's still lacking chapters. I always wanted to find a trope where she/he doesn't change drastically just because of transmigration/idk, especially when the reason they're behaving like that is because of the unfortunate events they've suffered. I wanted someone who's not apologetic for the misdeeds they've done, someone who's unwilling to mend with the people who treated them like sh*t.

FL is a tragic character, a very lonely person. She's just someone who wants to find solace in her... more>> depressing life, away from her s*upid family. She loved them, truly, but all she got was hate from her brothers and her sole father. So she decided to live in solitude. <<less
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kookerist rated it
February 19, 2023
Status: c28
Had to leave my review because out of all the 'villainess' novels I've read recently, this book is starting to become the cream of the crop for me.

FL, after recollecting memories of her past life, doesn't magically acquire a whole new saintess/good girl persona, and instead, remains the hot, bad bit*h that she is (in my opinion, she had every right to be angry at her shitty family who puts her distant cousin first before their OWN f*ckING DAUGHTER/SISTER????). She just chooses to spend her life idyllically painting her old... more>> tragedies away with our lovely and adorable Mary at her side, despite the pathetic rats who keep sneaking and squeaking their way in her little world. An excerpt from peachesatdusk TL that pretty much encapsulates every other misunderstood villainess:

The person standing here and now was a human being. Not House Everett's villainess, not a witch with an ice heart—just a nineteen-year-old girl who had never been acknowledged by her family.


Also, fair warning, this book has undertones of depression, and understandably so, considering how much her own family and servants villainized her for standing up for herself (even though she went about it the wrong way. Which is sad because she never had anyone to direct her on the right path and it took her a near-death experience to realize that.) There's even a part where FL admits she wanted to kill herself just so she can see her OWN FAMILY FEEL A TINY BIT OF SADNESS FOR HER. I felt her anger, because I had experienced that kind of rage myself, so it was nice to know I wasn't alone in that aspect.


I'm a VERY petty person, I hold grudges, and I get super immersed in whatever I'm reading, so whatever happens to FL, happens to me too. But, even I have to begrudgingly admit that Roen's character development was written real good. It felt kinda therapeutic hearing him admit that it was the family's fault FL went through so much, and even more so when he explicitly stated that he will make up for their lost time, and showing it in both actions and words.


P.S. I loved how the translator put a spin on the title and incorporated 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man', a novel which has several plot points that are kinda similar to what our FL went through. I thought it was brilliant and anyone who says otherwise shouldn't be trusted 😊 <<less
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Nightkiss49 rated it
October 10, 2022
Status: c5
I know it's early to rate the novel but the novel plot is pretty decent, simple, and a bit realistic.


I liked how FL (original villainous) worked on herself over someone else. She saw the bu11sh1t her young tr*sh cousin's sister was doing and how s*upid her biological family was/is.

From what I have read in the spoiler that MC and OgFL both are a bit mentally unstable.

MC's first brother is abusive mentally and physically forward her. In the end, gets karma by not being Duke.
The tr*sh cousin (OGFL) gets kicked out of the duke and stripped of all noble titles.
The MC's other brothers get slow character development as the story goes on. But FL keeps little distance from them, but they're in a good tie.
There is a little bit about their father after some time (chapters). I assume that MC is still keeping her distance from her father.
ML is a sweetheart and is willing to pay attention to MC, even when others are not.

Books are a place where people develop an understanding or a basic mentality, (I don't know if it makes sense to others) so a writer should be careful while writing.
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Cactiii rated it
March 6, 2023
Status: c59
(As of chapter 34) *4 star rating

So far the story has been good, its a somewhat done before trope of everyone blades MC but the circumstances make it so the MC is only kind of at fault or not really. Something I did like about this one is the MC did at least acknowledge that she did do things that were wrong, although the story is somewhat doing the "MC was like this due to circumstances so its not their fault/they aren't a bad person" which isn't horrible and I know its necessary since it would be difficult to like an MC who did cruel acts without giving the readers some form of justification.

So far there are a few things I think could be improved on for this story, one of the biggest is her remembering her past life. Currently this feels like a somewhat pointless narrative, its only been used for justifying painting skills and giving a reason why the MC can't forgive their family, since she isn't truly their daughter, but its overall a somewhat worthless plotline and I personally think it takes away from the story. Violet had a near death experience, the author could of used this as the trigger to make her "break" where she stops caring about everything. This could of happened without having her regain memories of her past life easily, explained in the exact same way of her giving up on her family. So far I don't remember any use of magic or divinity, so having an event like remembering a past life feels somewhat out of place. The painting skill is also something I think that actively lowers the quality of the storyline specifically because it comes from violets past life. If the skill came about as just a way for violet to vent her frustrations then I think it would be good but at least currently her father and one of her brothers are taking interest in her artwork, which makes it a bit vague on did they start paying attention to her due to her art. If this is the case then it slightly deflates the story in my opinion, since it essentially makes Violets existence worthless and her value that finally got recognized came from her past life. If this isn't the case then it just removes the value of her knowing how to paint from her past life, hence making the remembering her past life feel like a somewhat worthless plot line that can only really serve to lower the quality of the story.
An interesting twist that I think would somewhat allow for this but not lower the storyline is that rather than remembering her past life's memories the person in her past life (forgot their name) becomes like a person speaking in violets mind, but purposefully make their words vague and unclear if they came from another world. What this could essentially do is allow a "character" to be created who tells violet that she matters, to reject her family, it can even encourage doing something like art and give "tips" within reason, but not using unknown terms, because then this entire character inside Violets head can also be described as a mental illness, where she has been broken and hurt to the point of creating a personality inside her head that can give her comfort. Personally I think this kind of narrative would be better since all of Violets actions would be hers getting rid of the issue of "are they now paying attention because of violet of her past life" while also being able to get rid of the mystical element of remembering a past life, since creating a personality in your head is possible and somewhat realistic which I think just removes a bit of the world building issues while allowing a similar plot to progress, although it would interfere with violets sloth like new personality of barely moving/eating/ect. since it would require her to talk with this person in her head. (Note: this is just something I thought of on the spot while writing this, doesn't influence my rating of series)

Overall one of the things I really hope this story does, but I don't expect, is her rejecting her family. Its something that won't be done because its a novel but in these novels the person who suffers always forgives, I'm sure we will get a bit like Aileen and the one brother being kicked out or punished but so far its going somewhat in a direction where the father and one brother might be forgiven which just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The brother would be one thing but the father is the main person at fault here, he is the one who basically left all of his young children who just lost their mother in a situation and was the authority that finally broke Violet and made her believe that nobody would listen to her. Honestly a depressing but realistic and impactful plotline would be if Violet takes her own life due to something Aileen or the older brother did causing the father to look into things and realize the truth, causing him to deal out punishments but become broken himself realizing that he drove his own daughter to her death due to him not caring about the family and barely putting any effort into being a father. This would probably lead to him becoming an alcoholic and later dying from it causing the younger brother who has guilt over the situation to take over with plenty of issues himself, causing a very depressing story (that probably won't happen since it would be painful to read if written well making at least me not want to read it, since reading is meant to be enjoyable and not make me feel depressed) but a storyline thats realistic, where people don't notice it until its too late and can only live with the regret and pain of their past choices. It could even have a slightly positive message with the younger brother about how you should put effort into your relationships, care and love those important to you, make sure not to fall into a bias and think for yourself and to try to put in effort so you don't regret your decisions. Anyway, went on a bit of a tangent about a dark twist but my overall point is if she decides to accept her father and younger brother I feel like it would slightly take away from the story, because it shows that they didn't care about Violet until she literally gave up, its possible that they will have a good redemption arc but I don't expect it and I think it will leave me with a bitter feeling since the past is an absolute and even if we should live in the present certain actions in the past I don't think should be forgiven. Again, the younger brother has some room since he was young but the father I don't think should ever be forgiven. In his grief over losing his wife and brother he didn't put any effort into raising his kids allowing a situation like this to occur and is the adult in the situation who should of prevented it. His negligence and inattention lead to this result, so while he might make an effort to change the past can't be undone. Developing a relationship with him is one thing but I don't think he should ever be forgiven, especially by the current Violet who is different from the Violet who suffered due to his actions. The scars won't be erased ever so I don't believe he should ever be forgiven. (To clarify forgiveness is different than atoning for what he did, I'm saying that forgiveness in a way absolves him of his actions and he should have to live knowing that he caused this situation and bear that weight, but I'm not saying he cannot develop a relationship with Violet. It should just be done in a way where there will always be that wall between them, where she can't fully trust him, since its necessary to protect herself, and he will need to come to terms and live with it.)

Anyway, overall I think the story so far is pretty good and doesn't have any faults that are truly an issue. I think some things could be improved but overall the book has a lot of potential. I just really hope this story is satisfying with the redemption and forgiveness type arcs since usually this genre it ends up feeling sub-par.


Edit: (As of chapter 50) *3 star rating

So glancing over my previous review I seemed to be more forgiving towards the younger brother. The story ended up going in the direction of the younger brother trying to get forgiveness but at least right now the way he is doing it doesn't make me want to support him at all. At the root he is the same, someone who doesn't really care what's best for MC, he is merely acting on what will benefit him. At least to me it feels like he came to the realization that his father is starting to show favor towards MC and that Alize is just trying to act for sympathy so now he is cutting his ties with her. His interactions with the MC don't feel like someone who wants to support the MC. His actions directly caused her misery, he purposefully tried to put her in a difficult spot socially while doing other things to try to get on the good side of the people around her to socially pressure her into meeting him (example when she was painting) which at least to me shows that he doesn't actually care about her. He is at best trying to make up with her for his own sake and own satisfaction. In the recent chapters she made it quite clear that she does not desire to make up with him, that she wants him to leave her alone, and yet he ignores her wishes and continues pursuing "forgiveness" which at least to me makes him feel like a piece of shit. He can't claim that he is doing it for her sake since he is actively doing things she dislikes, that causes her pain, in order to achieve something she does not want. While you can always make the argument that she might want it later and she isn't in the best mindset I personally don't agree with it, she set boundaries and they are being crossed by people who deeply hurt her, if your family member was abusive and you gave up trying to have a relationship I think that's the better option, its not good to stay with people like that. She has no reason to try to forgive him, and from his actions he isn't acting with her best interests in heart. I've gone on a tangent but its quite simple, while you can ask for forgiveness if they reject you then you should accept that fact and if you actually care about them and they want you to stop and go away then do it, continuing to try to ask for forgiveness is for your own sake, not theirs, and at that point you aren't asking for fulfillment, your trying to satisfy your ego. I'm starting to debate dropping this series, I'll probably continue a bit longer but so far the MC feels just like an empty shell with nothing on her side that makes me want to read more (By this I mean she has close to zero personality, the bit we get of her painting in the streets gets crushed by her family and overall she just doesn't add much, its just overall not satisfying to read about her and there are no signs of progress) while there are zero side characters who I actually like. The younger brother I just ranted about, the father for the earlier issues of ignoring his family and pretending that its not related to him, even the staff she has with her is barely developed with there only being the guards and the maid but none of the interactions are fun to read. I'm hoping that it picks up soon but right now its just going down the stale forgiveness path with people who honestly don't deserve it with nothing else going for the story.


Edit: (As of chapter 59) *2 star rating: dropping story

I think I'm going to drop this story... the past 9 chapters have done very little to make me actually feel any favorability towards any character. Before you could somewhat excuse his actions because he was a child, and children don't fully understand the world around them, so while I don't love the redemption arc I can understand it but he just acts like a piece of shit. The way he acts towards violet is not a "I wronged you" but more of a self-centered I'm doing whatever I want. Case in point how he brings up the prince or asks questions like what do you think of the duke as a father, which the story even highlights that these are taboo questions she can't really answer. He is not acting with any good intentions and his actions are making the MC suffer which just makes him an unlikable character. There has been no development with the duke so he continues to be a neglectful father who let it come to this point. The other brother in public uses violence and causes a scene. Overall this story is just "MC has such a horrible life" and there's nothing that makes the story enjoyable. The main character is uninteresting, she is essentially just someone who paints abnormal things, but I honestly barely care about her. There is nothing to build up her character, its all just "this horrible thing happened to her" and the only thing you can call positive is her interactions with the maid but even those aren't great. Every single side character is badly done, the family members are all horrible people and the only character you could call good is the maid, but the author never develops her. I might of just forgotten but currently their relationship feels forced. While the maid is special to violet since its someone who would stand up for her there is nothing on the maids side, nothing like her family is dead and violet gives her a sense of family or some motivation for why she is willing to serve violet through this situation. She also has traits like how she spread rumors about violet not being that bad, which while was done with the best intentions is not something violet wanted. What she wanted was to be left alone, and this inevitably caused her to have to deal with things she didn't want to deal with. Overall theres just nothing to this story, its just a simple "My life is so bad" story but there's nothing enjoyable about it. These stories usually have some kind of twist or happy ending with a satisfying revenge for the people who are a**holes, but this story just feels lackluster. Her painting, a major trait, is sidelined to where it barely matters other than her father and brother essentially taking and showing off her art work or her painting on the street and other than that she has no personality. At least so far the story just doesn't have anything, its just trying to create a sad situation. So I'm going to drop it because this story is just not enjoyable to read, I don't enjoy watching someone get abused, the main character doesn't have a personality that makes them shine. They just simply act as the dummy for abuse where I'm suppose to pity her as a reader. Unless the story takes a major turn like her running away from home or snapping and plotting revenge I can't see this becoming an interesting plot line. I don't want to see her make up with her family, They are all horrible people. I don't really want to see her end up in a relationship with the prince, since that would probably tie to her making up with her family. It really needs a twist like her running away, because right now its basically just her staying at a place that abuses her and her enduring it. That's all this story is. I expected a bit more from it early on but at this point it just feels unsatisfying to read which is the point of reading which makes me consider this a bad book, even if the writing itself isn't poor.

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ragingmisandrist rated it
February 6, 2024
Status: --
Sometimes I feel like authors who write things targeted towards women are out to brainwash people to forgive all the men who have torn you to pieces.

People badmouth Chinese novels especially about this kind of thing but in my experience it's almost always the korean novels like this or "I suddenly became the princess one day" or "the abandoned empress" that REALLY drill that message in.

They're all like "your father/brother/husband has completely emotional neglected and or physically harmed you? You should be the better person! Not just for them but... more>> also for yourself :) It was just a simple mistake that they treated you like a rat for simply existing around their favorite girl"

Sorry but I find it extremely exaughsting and cringey to read.

The men are capable of understanding the characters suffering, they just don't give af. So why should the FL care about them? How does their 2 seconds of regret amount to the mc's years of pain?

One of her brothers physically assaulted her multiple times and had people worried he would literally kill the MC yet was basically forgiven as soon as he said sorry. In what world is that ok or even believable?

I find it really repulsive that they want you to believe
"if you just try hard enough and no longer crave affection that you too will be treated like a human being worthy of life."

Give me a break. I miss stories with true happy endings and I hope that impressionable young people won't read this and feel like it's something they have to accept in order to be in the "right" <<less
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ArisWRS rated it
June 13, 2023
Status: c76
Dropped. It has so much potential but it feels like a test in patience and sympathy compared the stereotypical transmigrate-into-villainess-and-get-revenge plot. How long can you go on reading about FL's life after she went through tragedy, broke, and trying to pick up the pieces again while life doesn't stop for her to heal and throws more sh*t at her for being human?

Unfortunately, my limit was ch76 and I'm emotionally drained. It's sweet potatoes every chapter; the same frustrating situation repeating with different characters and locations. A FL who wants to... more>> separate herself to heal and come to terms with her tragedy, but being human means always interacting with others who show 'understanding' but can't relate because they're also busy dealing with their own lives, carrying their own bias, and pushing their own needs and goals.

I would have liked to see faster development in the story and I really hope there's a 'happy' ending for the FL. Best wishes and good luck to anyone considering reading this novel. <<less
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adurian rated it
July 1, 2023
Status: c69
This story is a bit of a suffering p*rn of sorts. The author seems to be extremely fixated on the mental health problems suffered by the female lead, and fair enough this seems like a reasonable condition someone in real life would suffer from in her situation. But the author just goes on and on and on and on with her woe is me mindset, then have her brother unrealistically keep trying to force himself to be the white knight in her life even after she repeatedly told him that... more>> she doesn't want anything to do with him (like seriously she literally said this over 20 chapters straight). And for some reason the literal only part of her competence, painting, seems to have been missing for the last maybe 20-30 chapters or so. Fair enough, she's depressed, but name your bloody novel a depression of the villainess, not the painting ffs. <<less
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Wasat rated it
August 15, 2022
Status: c4
I really like the beginning. Am currently at chapter 4 and love it very much.

It's very refreshing since it isn't about "surviving because my fate is doomed" or "helping my favorite character".

But simply trying to live her own life and not involving herself with others. Despite being a reincarnator she didn't obsess over original story, she doesn't care.

... more>> The main focus is probably FL's emotions. And how she's trying to recover from those wounds. The novel is emotional rollercoaster.

FL herself isn't the original character nor is she the reincarnator. Indeed she has her previous memories but as for which her is dominant the answer is none. The previous her and the novel her mixed to became a person that accepts both.

Her family... I don't know how to feel about the father. Although he doesn't resent FL he's very indifferent which indirectly contributed to her suffering. As for her brothers.... One is beyond saving, while the others have potential for character developments <<less
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_violet rated it
March 10, 2023
Status: c35
I've been trying to find a story where the villainess does not easily forgive the people who hurt her. Although I do not know enough to tell if the MC in this story will forgive her family, I sure hope she doesn't. I'm tired of seeing MCs forgive these people who basically abused them all of their lives, just because they started to notice their "change". This trope is getting tiring and this novel was like a breath of fresh air. I love MCs who are like her. They just... more>> want to live. Not for others, but for themselves. I can't wait for the next chapter. :) <<less
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HJRDIS rated it
February 18, 2023
Status: c28
So far so good, the translation was well done for me – I got teary at some parts because the metaphors came out really well but I think I just really immersed myself in the story.

Abusive family and a scheming cousin – though the father verges more on neglect as he acts more favorably to our MC in the eyes of his subordinates.

The story so far is reminiscent of Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess except Violet (MC) 's efforts to fight back isn't well rewarded compared to... more>> Penelope when she verbally attacks her family. Though it may change as it's just been 28 chapters and a major conflict was recently introduced.

Violet is resigned to her fate of being condemned as the evil woman and it's heartbreaking to read everyone else tell her she's not when it goes in one ear and out the other because it's all she'd ever identified as a child. The characters we meet outside the family all come to one conclusion at the end when they see her for who she truly is.

You must have been so lonely.

Personally, I would like a bit more scheming from her part because being a wronged woman is no joke. But I guess when you've been defeated in two lifetimes the only road to walk left is one of self-healing and peace. Still, I hope that when the whole estate grovels in the face of their rightful karma, they'll be doing it from hell. <<less
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memetichazard rated it
June 13, 2023
Status: c71
This is an excellent work of art.

The first ~70 chapters covers how the MC finally gives up (in more than one way) and extricates herself from a toxic environment. Of course, just that alone won't let her live in peace, and so these chapters explain her backstory and emotions in a smooth, natural way. In particular, these chapters are great at conveying her feelings, her depression, and her trauma.

And so, as the summary says, she secludes herself. These plot around these chapters are then about the changing and unchanging attitudes... more>> of the people around her and how she reacts to them. The exploration of her family's past and present interactions with her are particularly good.


Some people might not like Roen due to his nature as a cunning mastermind (he's accurately portrayed as a snake) and how he continues to force his presence on the MC when she just wants to be left alone, but he's just a well developed character. Is he right to do so or is he just trying to assuage his own guilt, or both? Are the actions he takes towards the rest of the family justified? I think the ambiguity of all of this is a great aspect of the work. Hey, I'd like to assign this as a high school English Essay exercise.

Additionally, the final moments of the first act where we see the sister's true face is a climactic, cathartic crowning moment of awesome.


Currently there's no enough chapters to know how the second arc, with a change of location and presumably the introduction of the ML, is going to go. <<less
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June 21, 2023
Status: --
There should be a warning attached to this novel: toxic manipulation triggering suicidal thoughts.

I've noticed there's this 'trend' with KNovel:

-. Tragedy must be exhaustively expounded. This one novel, goes ooon and onnnn about the tragedy that befell our FL, I must have skipped 4-ish chapters because how triggering it is.

... more>> -. Sibling relationship MUST be written elaborately intimate... Otherwise there's an underlying misunderstanding between them! Oh noes oh woes boohoo.

-. Tendencies to eeeeeloooonggaaaaateeeeee the storyline. With mundane descriptions & chats between characters that could just be summarized.

-. Gee the ever pervasive SADNESS that must be painted! So much so that it suffocates!

... And that's the immediate reason why I say this novel should have su*cide trigger warning.

Whew it's tiring. But I have to admit, it's written & translated well--of course, otherwise how could it be so triggering? But is it necessary? I don't think so.

I wonder why these sort of melancholic tragedy novels are the ones that sat highly on NU's series ranking, do people simply LOVE tragedy & contempt well written? Do you all not feel that you are actually Aillen or Mikhail and therefore free of any kind of guilt and thus can enjoy this novel lightheartedly? <<less
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April 9, 2023
Status: c47
Sometimes, you wake up very sad and can't find your way out of it. When that happens, I like to read a book about a similarly sad, resigned character so I'm not alone in my depression.

Then, when the story slowly starts to turn around, it takes your hand and brings you along when the mood lifts.

This is one of those stories. It helped me a lot today, and I hope it will help you too.
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foxfireK rated it
January 7, 2024
Status: c149
So this starts strong and then drags. At first I was 100% obsessed and in love with it, totally hooked. I am partial to difficult or tragic and sad beginnings then overcoming those roots and leading to happy stories. This certainly starts that way, FL is horribly depressed, she has given up and just wants to be left the F alone. Turns out being left alone is hard when you are very high status and people suddenly want to make up for their past behavior. Her family treated her like... more>> utter tr*sh. Some try to change but she can’t forgive them. But as they stick to her like glue it’s uncomfortable to see the interactions and they don’t fit very well. If someone is super crazy smart and just now after many years figures out what’s going on? And the other one is so dumb his treatment over the years doesn’t make sense to begin with.

I think ML is the dukes son, I hope so. He is very sweet and caring. Not perfect but that’s far more realistic. Prince is also in the running but I hope she does not end up with him, the position would be bad for her. She is to fragile.

Pacing is really the biggest problem, but the story still is unique, characters are written with depth. Translation is great. I will pick it up again when it’s done being translated. <<less
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October 25, 2023
Status: --
RECOMMENDED FOR - angsty readers, depressed readers

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR - any other reader really

at the first few chapters I thought I was going to get a nice revenge story where she kills them with apatheticness or whatever
what I got was sheer depression and narcissism
MC is typical "woe is me" character and always says how depressed she is and how sad her life is
like girl we get it

the brothers are flat out abusive and all of them are b*tches
but then when she doesn't care anymore all of a sudden they realize what they've done
and they're begging for her to forgive them but its seems so self centered

but her depression and feeling are well written
the author has a way with words when it comes to pain
everything else..? Not so much

the story just started getting boring after it reached a point where everything started repeating. I feel like the author tried to spice things up with the ML but it didn't really work

2/5. It would be a 1/5 but the authors adjectives are good so I added an extra point. Again personal preferences! If you wanna read this story, go ahead. I'm just trying to tell you my point of view.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 25, 2023
Status: c65
this is very good. Just keep reading, all will unfold well. Our heroine is strong in her own way. She may not be bursting with energy but her emotions run deep. This is a rather good exploration of what happens when adults fail at being adults and children pay the price. Villains arent always born but are made. This is lovely. And the translation is masterful. Do give it a go, you won’t regret it. I certainly did not.
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Trulycloudy rated it
March 22, 2023
Status: --
This story is not for those who wants FL to plot revenge, extreme grovelling from every family member, or an apathetic FL. It's about FL trying to heal her wounds and moving on with life while feeling like a stranger because of her last lifes memories. It's a really good novel that deserves more recognition. FL displays raw emotions you'd see in someone in real life. Not the usual "I'm going to bring everyone down" or the "I'm so tired I don't care anymore" attitude usually seen in novels.
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girliloquy rated it
March 5, 2023
Status: c33
Darling MC with past flaws + emotional angst and trauma + dark drawings = 5 stars, love her to death.

I see an interesting trajectory for the rest of this novel, and as someone who usually loves ‘revenge/regret’ stories, I’m eager to eat this one up.

... more>>

One thing I’m hoping this story does better than most is work against villainizing the child version of MC’s little sister. Blame her current, conniving self all you want, I have little problem with that... However, the children of the Everett estate should not have had to deal with the death of their parental figures alone. When Vic and A were fighting and having disagreements as children, their dad/adopted dad should have stepped in and made them feel like they still had some sense of stability. MC was 8. 8 being blamed for acting like an 8 year old, when the best thing for her would be to express her emotions and her sadness honestly. And we all see that she has been through a lot, being blamed and used as a scapegoat for the majority of her life. However, A was 6. She didn’t know any better. The best thing to do was for their father to actually be mindful of his kids and explain boundaries to A calmly (while telling V not to react physically), not for everyone to treat her like she was the only princess in the house.


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Divya8224 rated it
January 28, 2023
Status: c23
So far I really like the story it's really well written and you could fell the emotions of the FL and unlike other novels where the start whitewashing their character she actually accept her flaws and said that she was wrong for what she had done before.
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March 26, 2024
Status: c110
This story confused me. It has several characters who were clearly designed to be annoying. MC finds them annoying. Other "good" characters find them annoying. They are described as being annoying. This is definitely not a situation where an author accidentally made a bunch of annoying characters.

But at some point they start being around all the time? They're around constantly, but they haven't done anything super bad recently, so you don't get the satisfaction of seeing them get punished. You just see them pestering MC.

Which, unsurprisingly, makes for an... more>> annoying read. <<less
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