Dear Contract Husband, I Didn’t Know You Were Like This?


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After committing many atrocities as the tyrant’s knight throughout her life, she decided to end it all.

However, she was reborn.

Determined not to repeat the same mistakes, Maya decides against joining the Imperial Guard and instead, enters into a contractual marriage with Grand Duke Tristan.

‘We can both benefit from this contractual marriage.’

She thought the conditions of the contractual marriage were reasonable for them both.

That is, until she realized she had to share a bed with him.

“So, you only intended to take my body, my dear.”

That was before her too-handsome husband began to seduce her.

Grand Duke… You weren’t like this before, right?

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계약 남편이 이럴 줄 몰랐다
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2 Reviews

Mar 01, 2024
Status: c8
Maybe I am judging too soon, but the moment I saw Demon King in chapter 8 I bounced. I was suffocated by the amount of cliche tropes.

Evil family members with no brains, who hate MC for no apparent reason? - Fine.

North Duke, who is personification of perfection and has a curse that only MC can break? - Alright.

... more>> Everyone thinks ML is ugly bc he is mysterious and hides his appearance? - Okay.

MC pledging her alliance to Emperor whom she met like three secs ago when previously she had been mistreated by her family and any normal human being would have trust issues? - Completely illogical, but whatever.

Getting kicked out of her family without penny after saying one wrong word, where all her family members lack brains, money, physical power. - hmm.

Demon King is waking up? - no.

MC is probably on spectrum or just plain dumb, I genuinely have no idea how her brain works. I was so frustrated while reading her inner monologue.

Like you are grown ass woman who stayed by Emperor's side, in the thick of political goings, for a what? a decade? How is your brain so smooth?

I need to awaken as a sword master, for that I need to fight a monster. Monsters are mostly in place A (near ml) or place B. I am directionally challenged and won't be able to find them, so I can't break off relationship with my toxic family. What?

The handsome, kind, talented Duke is going to propose to me, but I don't feel like seeing him just because.

What do I do? I need to awaken.

And it is like... three? chapters going on about it. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 08, 2024
Status: c20
I like it. Interesting story, unique premise. There’s some tropes sure but not any more than so many more knovels already. Great translation by the citrus team. Can’t wait to read more. I like the FL so her story is pretty compelling.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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