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Group Name citrus aurora
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Series (60)
Releases 1761

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Group Releases
Date Title Release
02/27/24 Who Could Have Loved the Monster Princess? c26
02/27/24 I Became the Older Brother of a Villainess c15.2
02/27/24 I Transmigrated as my Bias’s Messenger Bird c35
02/27/24 If You Leave Without a Word c40
02/27/24 I Never Wanted His Child c40
02/27/24 I Abandoned the Male Lead Who Cheated with the Villainess c38
02/27/24 Villain, Let Me Touch You! c43
02/27/24 The Malicious Member is Back! c43
02/27/24 After I Died, My Husband Went Mad c58
02/27/24 Nighttime Encounters c26
02/27/24 Ask Away, Your Majesty c22
02/27/24 My Husband Yearns For Me After My Death c7
02/27/24 Dear Contract Husband, I Didn’t Know You Were Like This? c17
02/27/24 The Baddest Villainess Is Back c58
02/27/24 This Three Year Old Is a Villainess c95
02/26/24 Pherenike c55
02/26/24 Please Kill Me c34
02/26/24 Please Kill Me c33
02/26/24 If You’re Being Held Hostage, Wiggle the Carrot! c51
02/26/24 Villain, Let Me Touch You! c42
02/26/24 The Peerless Kobold (WN) c117
02/26/24 The Peerless Kobold (WN) c116 part2
02/26/24 The Baby Who Regressed Refuses Childcare c30
02/26/24 Secret Love Affair between a Former Saint and a Dark Hero c42
02/26/24 The Guide Played Her Role as a Stand-in a Little Too Well c11
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