My Perfect Omega


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I am tired of being judged solely by appearance.
I wore the mask that they had made for me, showing only what those people wished to see.
Whenever I attempted to remove this forced mask, I was invariably met with such disappointment in their gazes.
As it was becoming increasingly burdensome, that’s when I met her.

Leila von Este.

Though she was born as the empire’s only hyper-dominant omega,
She was entangled in the scandal of being ‘the omega forsaken by the gods’.
Her unkempt and gloomy black hair, poorly maintained, framed her eyes…
Which shone like a beautiful rainbow but, tragically, could not see.

While her situation was indeed pitiable, to me, her misfortune became my sole refuge—my succor.
She was truly the perfect omega bestowed upon me by the gods.

…And it had to remain that way forever.
Even if it meant capturing her and locking her away should she dare to think of leaving my side.

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완벽한 나의 오메가
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