Holy Night: My Husband is Definitely a Paladin


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Tonight, once again, he yearned for her purification.

It had been an unhappy life.

Despite possessing the power of purification, Irene was deemed the lowest rank, never having received anyone’s love or acceptance in her short life. Even in her final moments, she died alone and lonely, yet strangely, she found herself back in the past.

And not just any past but right before meeting her husband, Michael, the man she had ruined.

‘This is the first mistake I must correct in this life. That is…not getting involved with Michael.’


However, Michael seems peculiar.

“I… I need you. Please purify me.”

He asked for purification first.
A paladin, this holy man, comes to me every night.

“Irene. My pair. My wife. Tonight, I want to be cleansed by you. Long and slow.”

You were definitely a paladin in a previous life who wouldn’t even lay a finger on me, right?

Associated Names
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My Husband is Definitely a Holy Knight
My Husband is Definitely a Paladin
My Husband is Definitely a S*xy Knight
남편은 분명 성기사였는데
남편은 분명 성기사였는데 [19세 완전판]
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2 Reviews

New Sonea66
Feb 24, 2024
Status: c24
At this stage, despite the plot and pacing being unusually coherent and well thought out, the story suffers from terribly bland writing.

The FL Irene is by design an insecure and reticent person, and the ML Micheal is almost never present, and when he is he interacts very little with Irene. Since the novel is written entirely from her perspective, by extension the reader has no familiarity to the character.

Quite frankly, it's impossible to build any attachment. The most vivid character so far is the childhood friend cannon fodder.

In conclusion, good... more>> idea with bad execution. Hopefully something improves in the following chapters. <<less
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New Kazuichi
Feb 23, 2024
Status: c25
So usually I would rate something that has at least 50 chapters or something but this is one of them cases

Now I don't normally go for these kinds of novels but hey you gotta have a broad taste if you want to be a good food critic I'm I right

Anyhow it was a pretty solid read all things considered it's romance is pretty good since the dynamic between the fML and ML is cute ... more>>

it's pretty obi that they both like each other in that new timeline but it's really in the air for if he too got sent back none the less it makes for moments where he wants to spoil her but she gets embarrassed


As for the plot it's ur average regression novel "oh I've been regressed so I'm going to be make sure I can leave as quickly as possible" then literally after the first chapter "ahhh I can't leave and do my own thing cause of [______]" so yea nothing new.

As for your cast it's pretty limited and almost everyone expect Michael & Irene are a bunch of dicks in order to hype up both of them and the setting is pretty bland cuz we legit get exposition dumbs every now n then bout the world. Not that it matters tho since it's mostly about the romance between the two.

Pretty great read for the romance between both of them but everything else needs a bit more work ngl so ima give it a 3! <<less
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