The Genius Professor Wants An Easy Life


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I was born into poverty.

‘I’ll definitely be happy when I grow up.’

Amidst hard work, I suddenly entered a game.

A diamond spoon, yet the worst character.

‘I’d better! I’ll never struggle in this life.’


Awakening the Master of Magic attribute!
Versatility of a Thousand Transformations…!
Charisma of the Black Flame Dragon…!!
The Judgment of the Gambler…!

Ah… something seems strange.

I just want an easy life…

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꿀 빨고 싶은 천재 교수님
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Bugg shash
Bugg shash rated it
January 12, 2024
Status: --
It contains that very annoying trope where the MC has an ability that changes what he intends to do or say constantly. So rather than our character getting to interact with the world it's just his abilities that control what he says. For example he meets his brother while trying to do something and he intends to just shrug off what his brother says. But because his brother had animosity it triggered "Charisma of the Dark Flame Dragon" which means he immediately starts insulting his brother even when he didn't... more>> mean to. <<less
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