I Became a Level -99 Vicious Lord


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Pick one of the 100 lord characters to be the final winner of the game “Territory Wars”.

I became the first person in the world to complete the game using the world’s worst shitty character, Otto de Scuderia.

I’m thrilled to see my name in the Hall of Fame, but I’ve been possessed into the game in the body of Otto de Scuderia, the worst of the worst.

The memory of the experience is clouding my mind, but…

If there’s no turning back, let’s just enjoy it.

This time as the real Otto de Scuderia.

Associated Names
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-99레벨 악덕영주가 되었다
-Became a level 99 evil lord.
-Level 99 I Became The Vicious Lord
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koco2018 rated it
March 27, 2023
Status: c57
It's funny to see that punk stumble from the curse, once it's removed his level climb is nonsense. Although his sudden power increase is clearly cheating, the plots are surprising and fun to read.

Unpredictable strategies (ones that make you so dumbfounded you do a double take while evilly laughing hysterically) and shameless bullying fueled by MC's frustrating experience of dying repeatedly from NPCs that are more like ticks than humans. Many NPCs gave him groundhog-day hell, as a gamer who can name several NPCs I'd like to fck over, this... more>> was delicious liberating.

I don't read many war-focused novels, but the way MC bullies and corners his opponents because he has already died from nearly all of their tricks is too hilarious. I love smart shameless characters, it's pure joy to read the unpredictable.

Also, MC and Camille's dynamic brings joyful tears to my eyes. The way Camille respectfully hunts down that as*hole and gives him a loyalty punch fueled by reverence and well-deserved malice. It warms my heart. <<less
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March 12, 2023
Status: c8
idk man, this seems a bit below average, granted there isn't much to judge on. Maybe I am just being overly judge/bias, or just plain lazy. Take this with a grain of salt. Overall, I turn off my brain while reading this, it's much better that way. On a technical level it's subpar, but it is decent.

... more>>

For one the side characters have no thought of their own, and it's MC that's just 'impressive' by knowing everything about 'hardcore' mode-which is basically the same as normal mode except some stats which don't really impact anything- It just feels like a really bad comedy, I can't even cringe at it. But again, only 1 side character has been released for now so...

As for the worldbuild... it could be interesting, since there are politics involved, but I doubt it would be the main focus, which is fine, the worldbuilding is almost never so crucially important to nail down. It usually has very little impact on story development. But here is something else- the system is a large determent to it since it tells that the 'kingdom building' is getting better, without actually describing how it actually is getting better. Its only telling without showing.

Now for the plot, well... it could be good- I mean the MC has to struggle against fate - the plot- and how would MC get out of this mess? But I don't trust the author to execute it properly since its obvious that MC will win otherwise there is no story, and at the same time the author has no problem favoring his characters, so there is no real suspense or doubt of the MC 'fate.'

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Thraximus rated it
July 29, 2023
Status: c17
17 chapters deep and I have to say while the story is somewhat interesting, it is a pain in the ass to read, the MTL is extremely noticeable, sometimes completely missing the subject, object or who is talking making it a very confusing read at points. If you really focus you can kind of self correct it but its a headache to read.

On the story itself, it's not bad, but in my opinion the focus on the game elements is too huge. Basically every single thing plays out how the... more>> MC remembers it from the game. He literally has to do 0 thinking, planning or anything, and basically has 0 agency. He is just going through the motions copying everything he did in the game like a mindless drone, and the world that is supposed to now be "real" now just doesn't feel like it is because of it, it just feels scripted and bland.

Rating it 3 only on the story, if I were to rate the MTL I'd rate it a 2/5 since it looks like it was just skimmed over and maybe a light, low effort amount of proofreading was done. (1/5 being unedited MTL) <<less
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January 30, 2024
Status: c19
This seems like the type of story someone would be inspired to write after playing CK2 or a similar dynasty simulator, without much knowledge of the subjects expanded upon.

It's all there in terms of managing your fief from the top down: it mentions the economy, the military, public opinion, important vassals/subjects and the dynast himself. It is shallow, however, surface level.

As far as I've read, there has been 3 major plot points that would make for genuine puzzles. As for how MC handled it, the solutions were unusual and simplistic... more>> in nature, being the novel's charm point. Any intricacy or creativity exists only in the minds of the remaining characters, that are naturally always baffled by MC's actions. I recon this will not be a story for those searching for a structured layer by layer kingdom builder, it is looking to be a power trip that starts from "information is power" and transitions to "power is power".

Talking about the bad, there are quite a few.

The translation quality is on the worse side. It is readable for the most part, but because of the way dialogue is handled in this novel it often gets confusing. Every now and then it will be straight up badly translated, and because the novel flows in a fast paced way, these forced stops to digest what's really happening and who's talking to who can break the immersion.

Whether it is because of the translation or not, the dialogue itself is not very compelling. Thus far, most of it is from MC and his knight/recognized brother. The mingling of lord-subject's and siblings' relation is not done well. The way they speak, act and react to each other between those two terms is consistently random without warning. This is probably done in order to milk comedic value, which brings me to the next point.

The comedy is mildly sadistic and all over the place. Either MC is keeling over some place, or he's gaslighting his brother, or making someone else's life insufferable. In itself, this is ok, but most of these scenes are sudden, bland and unwarranted. I think it only ends up disrupting the flow, like sprinkling oil droplets on a bucket of clear water.

Overall it's an ok story that could've perhaps been better with a quality translation. <<less
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hansel_biscuits rated it
December 25, 2023
Status: c92
This novel is like sushi.

At first you get appalled by the thought of eating raw fish. But then you try it— you're still sceptical. Then you get a craving, and slowly you can't get enough of it and it just gets better.

This novel is the same for me. I was so lazy at the beginning but now I can't stop reading it. It's a guilty pleasure really. It's not for everyone, you're gonna get bored, maybe you'll think "this main character is so tr*sh" but eh I'd still read it.

It's... more>> like witnessing an accident— you can't help but not look away.

anyway that's all. I really can't comment too much on the novel since others have done a great job anyway so here's a bunch of metaphors to profess my love for it <<less
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Storyfairy rated it
July 30, 2023
Status: c30
So far I’m enjoying the story. It gives “the greatest estate designer” and “Isaac” vibes. Which is both entertaining and satisfying. The plot points itself are a little one dimensional. So far everything’s been going as he planned and there aren’t any moments that make you think “ah the character is really connecting to the world” but that’s fine by me. Im enjoying the comedy aspect as well as the strategy aspect of the story. I’ll keep reading and hopefully more characters will appear and make for interesting plot points.... more>> The translation can use some minor tweaks but over all it’s pretty good!


for some reason the website that’s translated the story has stopped work. I wonder if it’s been taken down or if there’s been a problem. Either way I hope it comes back up soon. <<less
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11thkami rated it
March 14, 2023
Status: c9
If you love MCs possessing weak incompetent young masters, stats comparable to a housefly, strategy guides on how to screw over people and glow ups that make a useless spawn of Satan into an almighty lord of mankind. Then this novel will scratch that itch for ya.

This story is moving in a lord management sim direction with MC using every strategy he has to survive and complete his objective which is just standard at this point. So if you're a sucker for these stories like me then give it a... more>> read, but if you aren't and only want to try it out then don't get technical, turn off your brain and enjoy the story. <<less
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November 11, 2023
Status: c73
Started nicely but it quicky evolve into a boring joke, if you think you're going into a novel about a kingdom building with an intelligent MC, pass your way, this isn't the case. This novel is like a Disney Marvel movie last vague, nothing is taken seriously, everything is turned into a joke, the MC is constantly disrespected and turned into a joke by his subalternes (why would we care about a MC that the author don't care about) ; events pile on one after the other without much reasons,... more>> it just quickly become boring. <<less
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benjithegreat rated it
August 18, 2023
Status: c67
I like the plot and kingdom building. I also expect more of the comedy since most of it come from the useless MC and the random banter. I mean the MC have a dark past and pretty useless but ever since he 'changed' all he received is a scorn and verbally abuse. I mean much more than before.

It's still early though so maybe it's part of development plan. So if you're planning to read it you have to be patience. Especially patience to the banter. Other than that everything looks... more>> fine, maybe not the best but at least entertaining. <<less
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Stormblind rated it
July 11, 2023
Status: c54
Honestly, it's an enjoyable read. It's pretty silly, its got great humor, and it really doesn't take itself seriously at all. The world is honestly pretty dark, featuring things like psychological torture, physical torture, and the MC is just an all round giant d*ck to his opponents.

10/10, would recommend to read torture again.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Plopthedog rated it
March 14, 2023
Status: c8
Usually from the first 10 chapters, you get a feel as to where the story is going. And my gut says that this one's going nowhere. It feels uninspired and simplistic; there is nothing that makes it stand out from the large chunk of mediocre Korean novels out there. Everything from dialogue, setting to narration feels so surface level that just thinking that little bit deeper breaks any immersion with the story.

Maybe it's harsh and there's a lot lost in the translation, but even then it feels so bare-bones.

2.5/5 (score... more>> got rounded up :/) <<less
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Neeru Laxnesh
Neeru Laxnesh rated it
August 12, 2023
Status: c62
I really really had lots of fun reading this novel. Otto is such a wicked and chaotic character as to how he uses his situation and people around him to achieve his goal. Plus his interactions with other characters are so funny. I just hope Camille wouldn't one day kill him to get rid of his source of headache. Hahahaha😆
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Coolerx2x rated it
April 25, 2023
Status: c10
Seems quite promising for now, decent story and characters. Was worried the story would make the MC OP really quick (hence the lvl99) but I didn't realize it was lvl negative 99.

I'm seeing quite a bit politics and tactics for now, and I hope it continues as such, but we'll see.

If there's any drawback, then I'd say its going a bit too smooth with solving pressing estate issues for now, so I hope it slows down a bit.
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