I Became the Tyrant of a Defense Game


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[Tower Defense & Dungeon Attack RPG] I saw the ending to the game no one was able to clear.

But, when I came to my senses, I was inside of the game.
In fact, I was in the tutorial stage, a place where strategy was impossible.

“I’ll clear this bullsh*t game no matter what…!”

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Tyrant of the Tower Defense Game
디펜스 게임의 폭군이 되었다
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New Neautrality rated it
April 13, 2024
Status: c473
"I Became a Tyrant of a Defense Game" is an absolute masterpiece in the realm of web novels. From the very first chapter, it hooks you in with its unique premise and expertly crafted characters. Each character feels fleshed out and real, with their own motivations and arcs that add depth to the story.

The plotpoints are expertly woven together, keeping readers on the edge of their seats with every twist and turn. What truly sets this story apart is its ability to keep the narrative fresh and engaging. Nothing ever... more>> feels redundant or unnecessary; every scene serves a purpose and propels the story forward.

But what truly makes "I Became a Tyrant of a Defense Game" shine are its characters. From the cunning protagonist to the diverse cast of allies and enemies, each character is memorable and leaves a lasting impression. Their interactions are filled with wit, emotion, and sometimes even heartbreak, making them feel like old friends by the end of the story.

Overall, "I Became a Tyrant of a Defense Game" is a hidden gem that deserves far more recognition than it currently receives. Its well-thought-out plot, engaging characters, and expert pacing make it a must-read for any fan of the genre. <<less
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New Uday_1 rated it
March 28, 2024
Status: c395
I gave it a shot due to all the positive reviews and WOW It deserves it!.

I want to praise this story so much but I want to keep it short. Just believe all the positive reviews you see because they are all so true. 11/10
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GardonVA rated it
October 16, 2022
Status: c14
Are you sick of reading novels where the MC is just way too powerful or smart to the point they don't take any losses? Do you wish to read a novel where they transmigrated in a game? And maybe they have a loyal bodyguard who is very close to them? (I smell bl romance) Well then, you're in luck! This novel is the perfect balance of a smart and competent MC.

Our protagonist here has to use his full knowledge just to beat hellish levels and achieve victory, a victory hard... more>> and rightfully earned by him. He also suffers losses so perhaps you can expect heart breaking moments. You grew fond of a character in a single moment? Bang! They're dead. A painful yet fun experience to read, I suggest this to all who are fond of MCs that aren't way too powerful or smart. <<less
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Anap rated it
October 10, 2022
Status: c14
It's actually really good, I recommend reading the manhwa version on the same site

also something you rarly see is a MC who has to work for his wins and use strategy to win the day, while still taking losses.

Basically it's a breath of fresh air compared to the normal ' MC rolls over everything with his special power'
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Infermite rated it
July 6, 2023
Status: c50
The novel is good. The translator is the star of the show, however. I don't know how he does it, but 10 chapters of high quality every 2-3 days makes binging this novel a regular event. Many thanks, translator, and hopefully this one doesn't get a DMCA.
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Kakipii13 rated it
September 13, 2023
Status: c160
Taking a break because I binged a lot at once.... For the reference of those reading the manwha, the end of the arc when he recruits Evangeline is approx manwha chapter 52 and approx novel chapter 65.

Kingdom building and videogame isekai, but the Tower Defense setting makes it unique. The MC isn't on the front line and spends most of his time commanding, moving a bunch of tropps at the same time. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have to power up - he's a support class, but he isn't... more>> safe and needs to be able to fight. Once the situation at the front line starts to get a little stable and MC doesn't have to focus all of his energy just on surviving, the plot starts to come through. Has some political intrigue - as an outsider, someone possessing the body of a known troublemaker, and someone who knows the plot of the game, the MC has no qualms about using the political situation to his advantage and gets his chance to show off his awesomeness outside of battle. His only goal is the safety of his fortress, tricky politicians be damned. The hidden story behind the setting and the mystery of why this world is here and wtf is going on is the true driving force behind the plot.

Solid 4/5, could even be a 5/5 if not for a couple of things. (Edit: I've since changed it to 5/5 because I like it enough that I don't care about these things anymore.) Sometimes the story pacing is odd. Would like to see more details about certain aspects, but avoiding them keeps the story moving. At the same time, it sometimes spends a lot of time on things I don't care about. I understand why he doesn't, but the MC really just needs to strangle answers out of the aide already. Also, reading a little bit ahead, this seems like it's going to avoid romance which I would prefer, but now maybe it won't? so I'm a little anxious about that.

There's a manwha called "Chitra" that has a similar premise - the female MC is in a commanding position and uses gacha characters to defend her fortress and do kingdom building stuff. Apparently also adapted from a novel on ridibooks, though that novel isn't listed on this site so I'll recommend it here. One of the series closest in the spirit of execution of its premise to this one, though it does have romance. <<less
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LastHuman rated it
February 14, 2023
Status: c554
Okay so I never post a comment and did not even have an account, but I had to just to be a able to post a comment.

This is simply most favorite novel, no bullsh*t powercreep/harem/ smart mc/ very good story even among others characters/good humor

I couldn’t wait the eng release so I rushed the raw and the story only get better over time
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hypersniper159 rated it
January 8, 2023
Status: c29
I read both the manga and the novel and I can say with a whole heart the manga is awful. The characters and MC looks/feels completely ret*rded. The novel is much better.

Overall the plot is good. That being said, there are some small plot holes which if you think about it, but they could be explained with one or two words, like "imperial knowledge." ANother is is that MC isn't the smartest or something special which was implied in chapter one, being the only person to clear super mega hell... more>> mode or something. He really isn't, anything special, but my head cannon is that no one else put any effort into clearing mega hell so.... MC is more dedicated than smart. I can accept that the author clearly didn't fully understand their character in the beginning so MC was described as smart instead of dedicated.

The characters are the most pleasant surprise for this new year. They have personalities, granted its 1-d but better than faceless characters which seem to dominate Korean novels.

The world building isn't something special or creative. But I greatly enjoy seeing it executed nicely instead of messed up in some bizzare way. <<less
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GrayMao rated it
August 16, 2023
Status: c170
This novel is great and addicting to read. The execution of every battle, the characters - their story, how I condemned them for planting their own death flag lol. But srsly, the plot is thick and full.

Every battle, the author explained the details vividly to the point I feel like, I'm there in the middle of battle. This novel shows how real battle is, not only about hope, longing, suffering, struggling and my source of stress every damn arc - death. It's like there is a wheel of names of... more>> all characters and I gotta guess who will I be shedding tears.

If you ever played defense game, you might understand Ash, our MC. Imagine you are the player and this character you've meet is merely a character we control in the game - it is extremely difficult to accept the values in the game as the reality, just because you are breathing the same air as them.

And I also like that the focus is not only about the defense and dungeon - there is a backstory that we, who is players behind the screen doesn't know. It is like the world is filling up the gap to present us with this plot - this is how I will describe Ash's POV.
Villain? Hmm. Monsters? NPC? Not all, but each of them have their own story to tell.

Setting, characters and plot - it deserved a 5 star. Lastly, I'm really grateful someone picked it up. I was about to give up miserably when news that it will be dropped at 63 (translated) originally but hell yeah, a generous soul decided to saved us (those who waited) and continued translating this. Yo the best, thank you! <<less
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Charion rated it
August 15, 2023
Status: c170
I'd like to preface this by stating that I have nothing short of praise for this novel. What seems to be a simple game transmigration premise with base defense elements, has quite detailed character development and a plot that is still shrouded in mystery with a lot of intriguing elements which are slowly unraveling themselves as chapters pass.

What makes this story most engaging alongside its premise and character interactions for me, has to be the MC. The way he plans against threats and how he interacts with characters keep me... more>> constantly checking for updates on the story as there is plenty of action and suspense to keep me checking for updates.

As of now this story is of great quality and it seems likely to keep improving as it goes on. If you like an MC who has to deal with the odds stacked against him yet without any overpowered abilities that remove the stakes then I'd recommend giving this novel a shot.

Lastly, as a side note, props and thanks to the TL of this novel, there's a consistent release schedule with a bundle of chapters to read every time it updates. <<less
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Hosh rated it
June 29, 2023
Status: c10
A bit of a premature review but I have nothing to do so whatever

An excellent novel. The writing is pretty good, the plot...I haven't seen much of it but it seems decent. The MC is smart and rather resourceful. The side characters are likeable. One thing I particularly like about this novel is that it doesn't shy away from death, which makes sense considering how most action video games work in general. The death scenes somehow manage to work despite the fact that some characters die pretty much immediately after... more>> their introduction.

I have 1 singular complaint however. The MC.

Now this MC isn't 'bad'. I've seen far worse. He's among the top 40% at least. He's also not bland and, as I said before, fairly smart. Its more his character, or, well, personality, so to say that I don't like.

When characters die, he feels insane guilt, even when he knows there was literally NOTHING ELSE he could've done. It was either Option 1: They die or Option 2: Everyone dies and yet he whines and cries about it. Even when the people who dies he's literally only had 1 singular conversation with and some of them he doesn't even know.

He even feels bad for the game characters he sacrificed before being transmigrated when it is implied to him they aren't even real people and were just actual, inanimate, unliving, game characters

Maybe I'm just some kind of unfeeling monster but if it were me I wouldn't bat much of an eyelid.

When characters who he barely knows die he also loses all of his intelligence and becomes a bumbling fool.

There's gonna be a very minor spoiler down here so stop scrolling if you want to remain squeaky clean:

Theres this one time a few characters are dying, One of which he has talked to once and isn't on particularly good terms with. In a high-stakes situation, this f*cking moron screams 'STOOOOOOOOOOP'. Even when he knows the monsters are basically just robots obeying the leader's every command and that said leader can't even hear him.

How about you at least try to come up with a way to minimize any more losses instead of standing there shrieking?

Have you ever considered your allies are literally right beside you doing something that requires undivided attention and that if they get distracted and fail everyone will die?

He also has this ret*rded philosophy where since they share the same body, everything the previous owner did is also his responsibility and some kind of sin that he must bear. <<less
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AnnaHime rated it
September 26, 2023
Status: c76
Been reading this web novel lately and it's surprisingly good. If you're tired of the same old overpowered MCs that just breeze through everything, this one's a nice change of pace. The protagonist here actually has to put in effort and, believe it or not, faces some real challenges. It's refreshing to see a character that doesn't just steamroll over everything.

Checked out both the manga and the novel and, personally, the novel's where it's at. The manga's okay, but the novel just hits differently. The characters feel more real in... more>> the novel. Not super deep or anything, but they've got personality, which is more than I can say for some other stories out there.

The world-building isn't groundbreaking, but it's solid. All in all, if you're looking for something different to read, give this a shot. It's a good mix of action, some laughs, and a few "oh snap" moments. Worth a read in my book. <<less
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Lebiram rated it
August 13, 2023
Status: c160
This is a very good novel. Likable MC who isn't super powerful, who faces wins as well as loses, he's also pretty smart. The story is interesting, as well as the rest of the characters who have their own personality. All in all, 5 stars!
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Shurwud4est rated it
January 19, 2023
Status: c35
It's really quite good. Very early on into the story, but basically MC was transmigrated into an impossibly hard game.

The story itself is quite simple, being to clear the game. So far it seems the story is very straightforward and structured, going from wave, to prep, to wave. This might change some time in the future but this is how it is right now.

It's too early on to make any educated judgement on the characters, but they all seem one dimensional. Although I will say that they do work very... more>> well together and create some fun moments.

A few worries for this story is that if the author doesn't pay close attention the power scaling could get out of control. If this happens the only way to reign it back in again is just to kill the character off, but that wouldn't feel good as a reader to see a character get killed off because they were too op.

Demian and his perfect accuracy thingy. I'm worried he's gonna die because his ability is basically an instant kill if he gets an opening.


Overall this novel has a lot of potential, but if the author is subpar it could very easily be ruined. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rizzmaster173 rated it
January 4, 2024
Status: c470
An insanely well written novel. Amazing plot, characters, character development, MC and plot twists. What seems like a generic transmigration fantasy novel, slowly becomes something I hold dear to my heart.

Ash - The MC. He is not insanely overpowered, he is a normal human being like you and I. Good character development, especially after Wave 15. Made me cry at like 2am. He is undoubtedly one of the most 'human' MC's I have read. One of my top protags.

The pasts of the characters are well written, and they also don't... more>> revolve around the MC, and actually have character, personality and actions. The plot is also enshrouded in mystery, and makes this novel more exciting, it is also unpredictable. The author also doesn't spare characters, which is another point for me. I highly recommend this novel !! <<less
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garnetious rated it
September 25, 2023
Status: c260
this has probably easily become one of my top web novels up there with orv and sssrh. Other reviews have described it well, but this story continues to deliver in a high stakes mindset, although obviously the MC will not fail each of the challenges (considering how the story is still ongoing), the story keeps you on your toes on how much the MC will lose to gain the victory.

highly recommend if you enjoy a story that's a good mixture of action with some comedy (and at least for me... more>> you can read into certain actions for romance, although romance is certainly not relevant to the central plot) that keeps with a consistent power scaling in terms of the MC not becoming overtly powerful.

the translation is really good, although there are a few minor grammatical / pronoun mistakes here and there, but the actual meat of the story is translated really well so props to the translator for translating this. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pygmalion rated it
August 15, 2023
Status: c180
Liked it a lot,

MC is absolutely broken like other LNs, neither is MC a wuss like in the JP LNs, plots interesting, the accompanying manwha has some good art.

The translator also translates 10 chapters every 3ish days which is great.
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iadzulf rated it
March 10, 2024
Status: c560
I think all transmigration novels always revolve around the question of identity. Whether the transmigrated character is the original or not, is it fair to the original soul, etc.

Yet, it always stems from the same principle question, famous from the standpoint of philosophy. Theseus once had a ship, but then it got replaced. Thus, is this ship still the same as before?

Ash 'Born Hater' Everblack. The author successfully tried to put us into his perspective, of how this problem can be alternatively viewed as a propeller for moving forward.

With beautiful... more>> poems from famous poets, I really enjoyed my time reading this story. With mixed flows and sufficiently fleshed out characters, I can't tell you how much I am excited to read the next chapter at the end of each one.

Thank you the author for writing this masterpiece and the translator for such an amazing translation! Cheers! <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
February 27, 2024
Status: c499
Chapter ~400 EDIT: Wow, this novel is PEAK. It keeps getting better, and I haven't felt like dropping the novel at all even after reading 400 chapters in one go. Just came to edit my review after a really wild character development arc for the MC. Cried my heart out, and I love the twist.

I think this quote from the novel sums up the overall theme quite well:

... more>>

"I have seen it over the past two years. The process of small, selfish, and disorganized individuals relying on each other, fighting together, and becoming heroes.

Realizing the noble value of life in the face of imminent death. The great will of ordinary people fighting together for one another. The miracle of hatred turning into understanding."


Chapter ~100 Review:
Will review again once I catch up, but man, this is a good novel!

First, it avoids some of the kingdom-building/war/tower-defense novel weaknesses. Although the cast is large, the important characters (Ex: members of the party/former members) aren't neglected. The MC doesn't feel alone; he feels surrounded by characters. Characters besides the MC get character development ! I found some of the characters introduced at the start pretty whiny and annoying, but they sure got really cool after character development (even the fantasy-racist character (they have an understandable reason ngl) learns!). Note that this character development may occur many chapters after their first appearance (I'm still waiting on the backstories of some of the first recruits). The characters are quite likable in general too. They have their flaws and quirks, but they're enjoyable and generally good.

Also, note that characters with names will die. So far, doesn't seem like super important characters die (we'll see :v), but there is character death. The author isn't afraid to let you know that, but at least they're not killing named characters frequently. Also, the named character death isn't treated poorly; they get their moments instead of being off-screened lol. I cried.

The MC isn't s*upid thankfully. He makes mistakes, but they're understandable ones. I sometimes feel like he's fed the thing he needs most "coincidentally" at times, but it balances out. You see, he manages to get what he needs to fulfill his plans.... but then his plans get derailed, so he has to creatively come up with a new strategy. That new strategy is often more interesting than what was given to the MC earlier and relies on past/less-obvious things he achieved. That way it feels less like plot armor and more like the MC actually being smart. Also, despite being a supporter/commander, he has his hype combat moments! EDIT: Things are revealed later sometimes (foreshadowing occurs :P), so it's actually a lot more balanced than I thought!

Also, the MC is pretty unpredictable at times. I enjoy when he whips something wild out and pulls off miracles that don't feel like plot armor.

The worldbuilding is also interesting! There are reasons why the world is like that (tower defense required RIP), but we're still slowly discovering the mystery. The OG body's past also seems interesting... EDIT: It is! Things heat up once he takes a break from tower defense stages... the worldbuilding is truly something. Also, the OG body's family is quite complicated. I love how complex they are as characters. I would call them ruthless. Their relationship with the MC is fun to read about.

A lot of novels about kingdom-building/tower defense kinda become flat and filled with X died, Y lived, etc., but this novel shows that there's warmth even during a war! The touching moments made me cry... and the sad ones felt meaningful. Death felt more than -1 soldier, and I really appreciate that. Also, the MC's subordinates don't feel like toadies despite their loyalty. They can be independent on their own.

Translations are good, but there's one weird thing. Sometimes the elderly people get their gender mixed up? I'm pretty sure this is an elderly woman (referred to as female more times than male), but she gets called a man sometimes. This also applied to another elderly man lol.

Also, the novel isn't completely tower defense. I love its human elements and when the MC visited a new location during a lull... it got even better? Vague description in the spoiler; nothing major spoiled.


Around Chapter 150, the MC visits the capital and things heat up! He meets a special someone and has a family reunion as well. Also, the OG body is quite mysterious... He's not as straightforward as the initial descriptions seem, and the MC slowly learns that. There's a reason why the MC wasn't outed from Day 1.

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Benjam35 rated it
February 14, 2024
Status: c530
It is good. A lot of the top stories on this site are rather trite and all about one guy who is basically Superman who gets all the girls. Those stories are a dime a dozen and most phase out and get very uninteresting rather quickly.

Now if you would rather have a story about the physchlogical damage you would receive living forever while trying to save the world while those around you are never quite strong enough to assure that happens this is the story for you.

The action is not... more>> the greatest, the heroes are flawed with actual human emotions, and the main character gave up a life with all the girls for the sake of something greater.

There are major twists that not even I expected and nobody is safe from the relentless hordes of monsters that pour out of the lake kingdom. Your favorite character could die at any moment and sometimes do. It is a book with real stakes and heartbreak that really delves into physchlogical turmoil. Someone died hundreds of chapters ago, the characters still think about them from time to time and miss them.

What I am saying is that this book does end of the world right. The last stand against monsters that will consume the world and have hundreds of times before and in a last ditch effort they have called in someone from another plane of existence for the last game before the true end.

Will they win or all die. Honestly it could go either way. I for one am excited to see how this ends like one of the outer gods looking down on the world as it burns. If you don't get that reference then read the story.

So player, are you up for one more game with the demon king before your soul vanishes? It is a question worth considering. <<less
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Rs69 rated it
January 12, 2024
Status: c500
My favorite so far.

I like the concept, the story and characters.

Best points:

- unexpected events

- credible story

- solid scenario

- excellent translation

Bad point:

My beloved ❤️Salome❤️ died 😭😭

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Grandork rated it
September 26, 2023
Status: c280
I'm having a ton of fun reading this novel, so let's go through the pros and cons of it:


One of the more impressive aspects of this novel is the rapid translation speed, averaging about 3 chapters a day. This is great for readers who like to dive deep into a story without long waits. Despite the rapid translation speed, the quality has not been compromised. The language flows naturally, and it's evident that the translator has taken great care in conveying the essence of the original text.

The story itself is captivating and offers a rich tapestry of events and characters that keep readers engaged. The pacing of the story is well-balanced. There aren't any dragged out segments, making it a smooth read from start to finish. A standout aspect of the novel. The humor is consistent and genuinely funny, adding a refreshing touch to the narrative.

Fighting Scenes:
They are mostly well done, giving you a good idea of what is happening. But, do keep in mind, they are very simple. But that, for me, is a positive. I'm not big on reading a fighting scene that spans chapters.


Unexplained Love for the MC:
One of the more noticeable flaws is how almost every character seems to adore the main character (Ash) without much reason. Even worse, some people should absolutely hate him, but don't. This is very standard in pretty much any novel, but it's still a con from my point of view.

Pointless Stats:
This is not new for anyone who's read novels. To this day, I have yet to read a novel in which stats has any kind of impact what so ever. They are always arbitrary and only relevant when plot demands it to be so.

Irrelevant Items:
Similarly, magical weapons and armors are introduced but lack significance. Also very common. The MC basically showers his team with "Powerful" items, but they may as well not exist. Only some very specific items are even mentioned more than once (usually gag items).

Bottom line, 'I Became the Tyrant of a Defense Game' boasts impressive translation quality and speed, a well-paced storyline, good humor, and thrilling fight sequences. However, it does have its shortcomings, especially when it comes to character dynamics and the RPG elements. While it has its flaws, the pros outweigh the cons for those looking for a light and entertaining read. I can recommend it to anyone who wants something to read.
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