Quirky Characters

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To summarize, I love strong and badass mcs, funny mcs, unique mcs. These stories had me hooked because i could look forward to many events while i was reading (very important!!! if i dont feel like theres much to look forward to, i'll soon b bored), and they kept me entertained for a long time ... more>>
13 Series 0 Comments 1722 Views 7 Follows Jul 27, 2021 Hysstill
These are my favorite BL novels so far, those I enjoyed and recommend the most ranked higher on the list (I consider all MASTERPIECES)... more>>
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Well built worlds with good (or at least decent) storylines. These are stories with detailed  worlds. These worlds might be based around a game, the future, or fantasy world but all (to some degree) are set in a complex world. Some series on this list include game elements, politics, slow romance, drama, action, and more.... more>>
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Give This List A Follow For More Novels~... more>>
Wannabe Slacker Sem
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Warning: You will have to be a little open-minded as I included whatever I deemed to be worthy, whether it was BL(boys love), BG(boys and girls), platonic and even some weird tropes explored in interesting ways(I usually put warnings, otherwise it is all good)... more>>
29 Series 1 Comments 2767 Views 18 Follows Apr 9, 2021 P2wo
I used to read western novels mostly but after the hype of Mo Dao Zu Shi, I got attracted to Chinese BL novels. And recently I have fallen into the BL hole. So, I continuously read Asian BL novels and what I have seen is that many of the BL stories have the following characteristics:... more>>
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2nd List^^ --- Stories that are interesting, with a nice plot, writing and translation.. Some are fully translated, and some are still work in progress-- Have fun reading~... more>>
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Girl-love stories which I've read/ would read. Stories with female protagonists in a romantic relationship.
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All the stories which have a cute and fluffy love story between a heterosexual couple.
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A rlly short list of novels I have read, or currently reading.
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Laughing out loud and not too serious (I usually look a MAX of 60% serious but don't worry, most are lower) Web Novels, that are... more>>
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Stories that are interesting, with nice plot, writing and translation.. Some are fully translated, and some are still work in progress-- Have fun reading~... more>>
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When you feel down why not enjoy some cute fluff with a funny twist? ... more>>
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Ml that make u not just smile or exhale through ur nose in amusement but lol when the ML makes jokes gags or insults and... more>>
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Females who've transmigrated into cultures that view the way they act as absolutely crazy/scandalous. Or better yet transmigrated women that actually are a little crazy.
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Just as the title says except that almost if not all have a romance with a male lead.
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I avoid 95% of tragedy drama stories, I love weird, cute, funny, fantasy stories with over 50% having some form of romance, though there's one... more>>