Determined Protagonist

39 Series 8 Comments 13782 Views 99 Follows Mar 8, 2023 Zenty
Here's a list of novels you might enjoy if you, like me, want to read some good stories that don't force an unnecessary & underdeveloped romance subplot where it isn't needed.... more>>
72 Series 0 Comments 5471 Views 15 Follows Oct 14, 2022 mc373415
These are novels that have manhwa versions, I deeply enjoyed either the novel manhwa or often times both!! 
2 Series 0 Comments 786 Views 3 Follows Jul 17, 2022 HeenaReadNovels
bl novels where cut-throat enemies which are determined to kill each other, become lovers, in manner where they can't let anyone even say bad words... more>>
52 Series 2 Comments 16356 Views 64 Follows May 21, 2022 kingeddie
fls that i love so much because they are so dumb that it's so cute. ... more>>
28 Series 0 Comments 1042 Views 2 Follows Apr 15, 2022 JoyHoney
No description.
17 Series 1 Comments 1471 Views 13 Follows Nov 8, 2021 LookingforanotherPIT
#1-10 are BL novels,   #11-15 are BG novels Thrillers, Time Travel, E-sports, and Acting/Entertainment Industry are all included in here. This includes Reincarnation or Transmigration.I will... more>>
14 Series 2 Comments 5353 Views 4 Follows Sep 26, 2021 Kevin143
Great story until the end of the story
38 Series 5 Comments 6511 Views 66 Follows Sep 4, 2021 ApolloAresZues
They won't all have something in common with each other, they're not all badass, but they are all likeable and lovely people in some way... more>>
19 Series 0 Comments 3044 Views 8 Follows Jul 1, 2021 cosmicpeach
My "waiting for chapter update" + "want to read" novel that are guaranteed to be A+ novels (some already completed novel).... more>>
5 Series 0 Comments 3781 Views 15 Follows Jun 8, 2021 clairebearicade
Transmigrated or reincarnated or back in time. Where the FL has no affection for the original “ML” but still would enjoy looking down on him... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 1891 Views 0 Follows May 24, 2021 Mannenan
Completed cultivation novels that I have read and enjoyed. Expect this to be updated over time as I devour more and more.... more>>
26 Series 2 Comments 6389 Views 22 Follows May 7, 2021 Yuki_Ringo
Slimy rat mc that u love to hate or hate to love with morally grey personality such as money hungry, shameless, cunning, power hungry, results over process but overall with own bottomline (mostly saving the word or live own life or for friendship) ... more>>
15 Series 1 Comments 926 Views 1 Follows Mar 10, 2021 Googut
Na verdade, sou muito exigente com os romances, então aqui está uma pequena lista dos meus romances favoritos.... more>>
100 Series 37 Comments 48322 Views 141 Follows Feb 27, 2021 Jewellia97
(There's a second list, just add a 2 to the name of this list and you'll find it) ... more>>
99 Series 0 Comments 22359 Views 24 Follows Feb 19, 2021 AkaneSS
Action, Adventure and Advance. The triple AAA that the following novels have in my opinion^^.Irregular updates but you are welcome to recomend and I will... more>>
99 Series 8 Comments 52143 Views 104 Follows Dec 30, 2020 AkaneSS
Action, Adventure and Advance. The triple AAA that the following novels have in my opinion^^.... more>>
12 Series 0 Comments 2133 Views 5 Follows Oct 30, 2020 benevida
A rolling list of the novels I've actually liked enough to recommend.  I like intelligent male protagonists without much hubris.  I appreciate capable antagonists, unintentional... more>>
6 Series 0 Comments 1913 Views 6 Follows Sep 26, 2020 uyen.nguyen
Stories where two men fight things (from mutated creatures to zombies then aliens), gather comrades, survive horrible situations, save people, and fall in love while... more>>
38 Series 2 Comments 2508 Views 6 Follows Aug 8, 2020 Nyamh
These stories captured me, and I keep up with them, think about them...laugh, cry, tear my hair out...They make me think I want to put them in my "FOREVER Overthrowing My Heart" list...but there's something missing, maybe? And am I willing to be okay with that? Should I put them in FOREVER Overthrowing my HEART or not...... more>>
34 Series 3 Comments 29751 Views 42 Follows Jul 26, 2020 nikyoruu-chan
A list consisting of novels that had/has/have  ‘Age Gap’ couples. As the saying goes: age doesn't matter when it comes to love. ... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 2994 Views 4 Follows Jul 22, 2020 BlackTeaAndMallows
Beautiful slice of life stories.... more>>
30 Series 0 Comments 2601 Views 0 Follows Mar 30, 2020 Dreammer
Looking for novel's raw in comrademao it's a good choice to read if you can't wait for moar... more>>
22 Series 0 Comments 3646 Views 14 Follows Nov 14, 2019 anonmily
Here are some stories with good protagonists. “Good” here meaning rational and human, and non-braindead and non-a**hole—the type that makes you want to root for... more>>
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