Cute Protagonist

87 Series 14 Comments 28785 Views 83 Follows Oct 24, 2020 NightmareSeller
I miss you so much  Niklaus "Klaus" Mikaelson [Dear villain daddy] and your beautiful twisted family
Waiting list:... more>>
56 Series 13 Comments 27263 Views 33 Follows Oct 3, 2019 novelideot
Baby and little kid cuteness only! (no lolis, unless they're kiddie cute).  ONGOING LIST.... more>>
dont refer to me
60 Series 11 Comments 31667 Views 198 Follows Feb 7, 2024 dont refer to me
It’s in the title ... more>>
22 Series 10 Comments 17806 Views 52 Follows Jul 18, 2021 Ijacunnss
Female lead and Male lead know each other since they are practically children.  Do comment if you have any suggestion for me!
38 Series 5 Comments 7451 Views 67 Follows Sep 4, 2021 ApolloAresZues
They won't all have something in common with each other, they're not all badass, but they are all likeable and lovely people in some way... more>>
35 Series 5 Comments 16720 Views 49 Follows Aug 7, 2019 SeventhTale
A list of stories with female protagonist doing their own things. JP novels only.
I always update it as I read something new. If you have recommendation just say it.... more>>
6 Series 4 Comments 2160 Views 14 Follows Aug 1, 2022 trinketbestboi
KR RoFan's with FLs I love. I'm really into "Jane Austen" level of gentle and kindhearted protagonists who come into their own as the story progresses, finding their strength, finding their voice, and learning lessons along the way (alongside their preferably equally kindhearted MLs)... more>>
76 Series 3 Comments 13462 Views 154 Follows Jan 22, 2024 starskagi
calm your concerns and ease your anticipation for a new chapter, in this list, there will only be completed yuri stories!
7 Series 3 Comments 2125 Views 4 Follows Jan 31, 2023 Spriggy
Korean, and Chinese novels. ᕙ⁠(⁠⇀⁠‸⁠↼⁠‶⁠)⁠ᕗ
84 Series 3 Comments 35564 Views 151 Follows Jan 13, 2022 stephanie1516
you'll get QT, World hopping, Transmigration, Rebirth, second-chance, and Fluff!!!- eat em up darlings!
97 Series 3 Comments 21537 Views 44 Follows Dec 9, 2021 Pffftttt
Some of the completed KR novels that i've come across. Some of them may not be completed on NU but don't worry ( •̀ ω •́ )✧ check the spoiler forum or search separately u'll find them! o( ̄▽ ̄)d ... more>>
100 Series 3 Comments 8006 Views 40 Follows Aug 8, 2021 teoshowa
Since I don't have any new space in my former BL list, here is the new one!! ... more>>
95 Series 3 Comments 23918 Views 122 Follows Jun 15, 2021 Cerene
Romance stories that will make you want to laugh out loud and in general just give you that warm fuzzy feeling. Stay away angst, tragedy and hurt/comfort!... more>>
74 Series 3 Comments 9148 Views 40 Follows May 24, 2021 BanniNotBunny
The MCs of the list are comparatively active ones. They can be dense before the relationship like Wei Ying but they get enlightened sooner or later (≧▽≦).
They may or may not be the first one to fall in love.... more>>
24 Series 3 Comments 3873 Views 9 Follows Nov 29, 2020 aynaed
Mc that you can’t help but fall in love with... more>>
12 Series 3 Comments 6006 Views 27 Follows Apr 29, 2020 Xian-laoshi
I'm new to BL/yaoi genre, these stories I encountered have amazing plots, in-depth characterizations, solid settings, and most importantly, healthy relationships. ... more>>
98 Series 2 Comments 18231 Views 50 Follows Nov 26, 2023 teddycoolness
Includes og, classic, and goat novels of certain genres and novels with cliche, old school themes ... more>>
14 Series 2 Comments 2774 Views 7 Follows Jul 1, 2023 Qutie
Beware a lot of this are going to be “second chance at life” type of stories.... more>>
6 Series 2 Comments 5363 Views 21 Follows Jan 8, 2023 Bob127
I noticed a pattern/ trend in these novels. They kind of have similar stories/ tropes. 
9 Series 2 Comments 933 Views 7 Follows Oct 25, 2022 IbitsuMia
Comfort novels that will make you drown in sweetness because of how wholesome and healthy the MC and the ML relationship isregardless of how it started,a toxic free relationship where they both love ,trust and care for eachother unconditionally,nothing between them will sadden you or tug your heart.... more>>
100 Series 2 Comments 13132 Views 54 Follows Sep 17, 2022 Klimintina
I kinda don't indulge myself with too much angst so basically this is a list of BL with H.E. Novels that are good to past... more>>
16 Series 2 Comments 4714 Views 13 Follows Jun 9, 2022 hose246
Originally, I'm going to make it into a combination of novels that I want more people to read, but then I realized most of this... more>>
93 Series 2 Comments 20381 Views 112 Follows Feb 18, 2022 BanniNotBunny
These are the novels which couple get together in first half of the novel or maybe already in a relationship.... more>>
13 Series 2 Comments 2487 Views 11 Follows Nov 11, 2021 LookingforanotherPIT
No toxicity and no frustrating 'lack of communication' and even if it's not talked about right away it's solved maturely. Feeling that goes both ways. Couples that actually Communicate with each other, instead of dragging simple problems out. Mature and developed romances. And this also applies to friends, families, and jobs. (This can basically be the description for all the novels)... more>>
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