Dense Protagonist

Ginko Biloba
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This novels have characters that are too dumb the only way to save them is to have a brain transplant. This characters can be a... more>>
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girl x boy romance novels
Creepy motherhood
48 Series 6 Comments 13615 Views 50 Follows May 20, 2020 Creepy motherhood
meet your daily sugar intake ^-^ ... more>>
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hhh so difficult to find good ones QAQ... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 771 Views 0 Follows Apr 17, 2020 NightfoxRiveria
Basically either the shou or the gong fall in love with something not quite human. Such a preference involves Demon Kings, Demons Lords, the occasional dragon, and maybe something else.... more>>
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No description.
14 Series 0 Comments 1806 Views 1 Follows Nov 3, 2019 Malachite
I'm not a fan of tragedy novel. So, I picked this based on my personal taste. Fluffy, entertaining and fun.
13 Series 6 Comments 2069 Views 1 Follows Oct 4, 2019 Epythymy
This is my list of the novels that left a particularly bad aftertaste after finishing them. That is if I was able to finish them,... more>>
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BL novels with emphasis on emotions first, then plot, or combination. Main characters are all likable, either cute, funny, seductive, intelligent, or just pure and... more>>
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Here the list of JP novel that you dont need to think deep or seriously when reading, or you will be pissed.... more>>