An Old Man Who Was Transported to Game-Like World Becomes Unrivaled


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Keiichiro Kusunoki had lived a normal life, walking the path of education, career, marriage, and parenthood like any other person. But fate took a turn when, at the age of fifty, he passed away, leaving behind his family, only to reincarnate in another world with an overpowered physique.

Fumbling in a game-like parallel world, Keiichiro strives to navigate life using his past experiences. However, his abilities gradually become known to the world, thrusting him onto the stage whether he liked it or not.

In a world besieged by “calamity,” Keiichiro discovers the meaning behind his transmigration. Meanwhile, he finds himself troubled by the influx of women inexplicably drawn to him, causing him daily discomfort.

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Date Group Release
07/20/24 Dao Divine TL c5 part3
07/16/24 Dao Divine TL c5 part2
07/12/24 Dao Divine TL c5 part1
07/09/24 Dao Divine TL c4 part4
07/04/24 Dao Divine TL c4 part3
06/30/24 Dao Divine TL c4 part2
06/27/24 Dao Divine TL c4 part1
06/26/24 Dao Divine TL c3 part8
06/24/24 Dao Divine TL c3 part7
06/23/24 Dao Divine TL c3 part6
06/07/24 Dao Divine TL c3 part5
06/03/24 Dao Divine TL c3 part4
06/01/24 Dao Divine TL c3 part3
05/31/24 Dao Divine TL c3 part2
05/27/24 Dao Divine TL c3 part1
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gegehehe8686 rated it
June 8, 2024
Status: c3
The world setting is good but why do Japanese authors seem to prefer doormat MCs. This MC is actually not terrible but I hate when an MC is really strong but doesn't behave like a strong person. He agrees to requests and reveals his secrets a little too easily.
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