26 Series 5 Comments 3424 Views 19 Follows May 16, 2022 kingeddie
novels that will make you so mad, sad, and desperately want to ask the mc to leave and be with someone better.... more>>
10 Series 4 Comments 1888 Views 10 Follows May 13, 2022 Nah
These are collection of tragic novels associated with unrequited love, betrayal, tragic fate, abusive character, and inhuman treatment. Most novels is about MC who find their misery is enough, want to get away from toxicity, and cherish what their tattered soul left. Not an easy journey ofc, since these worlds were created for MC to suffer. However, MC's spirit to be free is what highly valued. ... more>>
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contains my favourite novels and some novels I don't really like but still added it since some people might like to read it.
17 Series 0 Comments 3104 Views 15 Follows Feb 21, 2022 ariski
mostly contains harassment on MC who although born rich but he was exposed to the light of misfortune in life before meeting ML.MC and ML... more>>
Glutton idiot
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The novels are according to my taste. I’m still working with novel’s description and with my thoughts on it!  if you have any suggestions feel... more>>
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almost all of them are updated regularly so ya don’t have to wait for 10 years to read a single chapter
Shruti kumari
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I’m Cooking the Behemoth in the Primitive World... more>>
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Mostly short novels with heart wrenching plots.... more>>
August Moelski
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Here are some Titles that I just really enjoyed reading as well as catching up to whenever they update. I suppose this is less thematic... more>>