Forced Living Arrangements

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Some of this list are some novels im planning to read and novels that im done reading all are highly recommended(its what my taste in novels)and this list is for people that love bxg smut novel(honestly i create this for h0rny people)... more>>
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what it says on the tin! some of these stories have CWs so be aware!... more>>
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List of novels that have a toxic relationship with the fl,ml hate the fl while the fl fell in love at the ml for the... more>>
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Like the title said, well mostly it's romcom though, not sure I will add non school life here.... more>>
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novels that will make you so mad, sad, and desperately want to ask the mc to leave and be with someone better.... more>>
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If you’re into dark themes and want a list of dubcon and noncon - this is the list for you. This list isn’t for everybody,... more>>
BL Tea Cafe
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Our recommendations of BL|Yaoi novels that revolve around arranged or forced relationships and/or marriages. 
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Novels where I'm not disappointed with the caracters or author. 
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fake, arranged, flash, forced, contract marriage. Marriage of Convenience, cohabitation, anything forced, etc I'm interested in or like
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fake, arranged, flash, forced, contract marriage. Marriage of Convenience, cohabitation novels  I'm interested in or liked... more>>