Adapted to Drama CD

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This is gonna be a list of Bl novel I came to know through their adaptations. I may have already seen /read them or am interested to do so .This is my first rec list so, sorry if it is not so helpful to you.... more>>
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I like it, i saved it! some stories have cw/tw! 
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Completed danmei novel list. Some completed only the main story.... more>>
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some of them just e-books and some of them both e-books and physical version (Some of the novels on this list are allowed to translate... more>>
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hi hi~! I really love BL and I hope you do too, this is a list that I've created for you guys if you want... more>>
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Created this list, because I've never looked up any adaptation to any of those books - and so when I'll get in the mood, I'll... more>>
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Some are work on progress and some are irregular and stopped updating for a while now. 
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A list for donghua adaptations of danmei novels that is and will air in 2021
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Had time and got a chinese ver. for those interested. Will tilt to a more wuxia kind, have some apocalypse, game kind? Well... all kinds... more>>
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here is the list 2.I will also give information about its sources and will add additional information, if any. ... more>>
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I will also give information about its sources and will add additional information, if any.... more>>
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Much like my list "Korean Action Novels" this one has only japanese originals. And it meets the following conditions:... more>>
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The novels here are not finished. We would be happy if a translator sees this list and likes a novel here and starts translating it.... more>>
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A selection of the top ranked (4.2 and up) and most popular (fandom wise) danmei novels linked on this site. ... more>>
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This list includes both modern and cultivation world bl novels. Infact most of the people have read them but if some people hav not read... more>>
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Novels with the most diverse media adaptions.