Adapted to Movie

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These are the list of the novels that I've already read , is reading and will read that have live action and/or anime adaptation. 
25 Series 0 Comments 3182 Views 4 Follows Sep 29, 2022 HuangDoudou
These are novels that I've both read the translated novel and at least started the adaptation, either Manhua (chinese), Donghua (chinese), Drama (any language), or Manhwa (korean)... more>>
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List of stuff that has a visual adaptation.
16 Series 0 Comments 4546 Views 5 Follows Jan 13, 2022 SpeedGirl
Chinese BL Novels that are adapted to series or movies. Most of them does not have BL due to censure in China. Some of them... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 1446 Views 1 Follows Apr 20, 2021 AKookieForYou
This list will be my personal ranking, best to worst, of every BL novel or novel series that I've read (or at least read enough... more>>
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Created this list, because I've never looked up any adaptation to any of those books - and so when I'll get in the mood, I'll... more>>
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I made a list on mangago for Mangas and Manhuas link in the comment ... more>>
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Novels with the most diverse media adaptions.
Niti Arcot
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This list contains novels that I'm currently reading. Mostly I read novels that are either adapted into a drama or a movie. It is because,... more>>
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Collection of Novels I have read so far, which i also like. Some of it were also completed so you're not gonna wait for the... more>>