15 Series 0 Comments 839 Views 3 Follows Feb 22, 2023 Allisonmg
Novels that only have men no women.                                ... more>>
54 Series 4 Comments 7906 Views 64 Follows Jan 26, 2023 takame
[Keywords: Healing, Relaxing.] WHERE THE MENG/fluff IS LARGELY FOCUSED ON. No mere mentions. I created this list bcos I had enough being sad when the author conveniently forgets the baby (despite how it's advertised ;_; ). Might as well put them together myself. (PS: Check tags if you want BL, Het or Gen/non-romance stories)... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 2680 Views 5 Follows Dec 3, 2022 Ruubix
Head empty only fluff... more>>
9 Series 0 Comments 481 Views 4 Follows Nov 8, 2022 trash_generalist
BL Novels where the MC/ML has animal characteristics or can shift to an animal. 
5 Series 0 Comments 1593 Views 1 Follows Sep 6, 2022 FlufflyLittleRabbit
Love vampire romance novels!... more>>
27 Series 0 Comments 6733 Views 12 Follows May 15, 2022 LilithGraymark
Good old fashioned Gothic tales.
100 Series 0 Comments 2886 Views 7 Follows May 1, 2022 Chellooos
The world of danmei is full of amazing things... (o^^o)
36 Series 0 Comments 12961 Views 42 Follows Jan 26, 2022 Brigtter
Korean novels with shapeshifters that can change between human and some animal form, such as a werewolf or werebear... more>>
8 Series 0 Comments 2152 Views 7 Follows Dec 22, 2021 Plotbunnies
Primitive husbandos and amazonian ladies
5 Series 0 Comments 1076 Views 5 Follows Sep 22, 2021 Reyleisha
BL in this genre that I have rated 4 or 5 out of 5. Really memorable plots, great characters and books I'd read again or compare against. ... more>>
48 Series 1 Comments 6784 Views 23 Follows Jul 7, 2021 Poncolor
Books that I have read or am reading that either have cats, werecats, or other beasts of similar forms.... more>>
18 Series 0 Comments 6127 Views 27 Follows Jul 3, 2021 jeonggukieoppa
BL novels with shape shifters or animals characters, some are complete others ongoing
Stella Crimson
44 Series 0 Comments 686 Views 0 Follows Jun 2, 2021 Stella Crimson
BL Stories read by me ........ more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 1238 Views 1 Follows Apr 23, 2021 XianYiXi
This list includes novel with Beast or Animal theme or character. They can be Normal Animal, Special Animal that can cultivate, Human that can shapeshift into animal or Animal that can shapeshift into Human figure, Demonic Spirir animal ......etc. ... more>>
25 Series 1 Comments 716 Views 6 Follows Mar 24, 2021 LadySayuri
Mostly XUANHUAN or INTERSTELLAR Fantasy~... more>>
16 Series 0 Comments 2367 Views 6 Follows Feb 2, 2021 Haruko
Here are novels that I have read all the way till the end, either fully translated or from RAWS by Google MTL. Each one of them is gold in my heart and I sometimes just re read them for their storylines when I get bored of the other novels that are currently active. Genres will differ greatly and some of these won't suit everyone's tastes.... more>>
40 Series 1 Comments 12095 Views 51 Follows Dec 12, 2020 ReadEmUp
Female Human with Male Monster suitor. Monster as in an actual type of creature, not some sort of nickname they picked up. HEADS UP list... more>>
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No description.
August Moelski
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I just really don't know into what other list's these could be categorized. So I decided that putting them all together would be the right... more>>
10 Series 5 Comments 10194 Views 9 Follows Jun 5, 2020 CaptainButtshark
Novels where the main element is beasts/monsters. It could be about taming them or the MC being a monster himself. No Harems because I'm not reading or recommending that tr*sh.... more>>
99 Series 0 Comments 13007 Views 29 Follows Apr 5, 2020 Suranchan
Just keeping everything in order. Most novels don't involve super scary horror.