Animal Rearing

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[Keywords: Healing, Relaxing.] WHERE THE MENG/fluff IS THE FOCUS, not mere mentions! I created this list bcos I had enough being sad when the author conveniently forgets the baby (despite how it's advertised ;_; ). (PS: Check tags for BL, Het or Gen/non-romance stories)... more>>
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Head empty only fluff... more>>
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This is a list of all the farming and animal / magical creature raising novels I have read over the years.  I will give some... more>>
Salted Eggie
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Lovee lovee farming~~ May include some cooking too. ... more>>
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Books that I have read or am reading that either have cats, werecats, or other beasts of similar forms.... more>>
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Some of my favorite BL and Isekai. Cute and fluffy times here! Very little smut (if I can help it. No promises though, some get steamy). Hi Mom!... more>>
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Novels where the ML or MC turn into a cat/dog. (Will only add novels that I like or seem/are decent because this *is* a recommendation... more>>
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I know you came here because you're tired of angsty plots. Come come come, let me heal you with adorable BL novels filled with fluff and little to no drama~ (づ  ̄ ³ ̄)づ... more>>
Sleepy Lazy Cat
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Hmm, I've read quite a novels and some are really really good and some are just (^ - ^'") making it a struggle to see... more>>
Sleepy Lazy Cat
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Hmm, I've read quite a novels and some are really really good and some are just (^ - ^'") making it a struggle to see it through. *sigh*... more>>
Sleepy Lazy Cat
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Warning! Contain BL. Though there are good NO ROMANCE SERIES(NEITHER BL NOR SHOUJO). ... more>>
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This list has been sorted from 'full of fluff' at the beginning to 'more plot but still fluffy' at the end.
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 *RIP Me* Cause of Death: Too much Fluff. All novels I liked with animals and fluff
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♡(ᐢ ᴥ ᐢし)... more>>
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exactly what it says on the tin.
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Novels containing individuals that have an ability/trait to have monsters and other creatures be their allies/pets or novels in which nonhumaniod creatures are smart enough... more>>