Ice Demon
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Series where the protagonist uses magic as their main weapon.
100 Series 1 Comments 4821 Views 8 Follows Apr 24, 2021 DaADDICT
Great novels that I've read, the top three are all must reads. The rest are in no particular order. If you were wondering why a veteran like me places LMS in top 3 its because that was my gateway to fantasy. Lord of the Mysteries is good to the level that it could be worshipped. The rest are just different genres that I checked out at different points in time. ... more>>
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These are just some novel's that I have read, there are some that I would absolutely recommend and some that I wouldn't.
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In order for a novel to appear on this list it has to meet at least 1 of these requirements:... more>>
soloquiero ser mimada
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norteo es mucho la verdad y probablemente no lea todas las historias que ponga dentro de esta lista pero igual la viaje a crear :-p