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No description.
14 Series 0 Comments 1722 Views 3 Follows Sep 12, 2022 ScaredyKat
I consider myself extremely picky with the books I read, and a few of the books I've read over the years have become so dear... more>>
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Selfish yes, but somewhat responsible
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A mix of novels that focuses on something other then romance, there is Interesting plots, and mostly shounen 
**** new version of list: coming soon... more>>
42 Series 1 Comments 11157 Views 14 Follows Nov 2, 2021 ilLUMIAnated
This list would be filled to the brim with isekai novels that I personally have enjoyed reading at some point. There is no other point of judgement and I might even add non-isekai stuff that I find interesting.... more>>
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Lista de novelas donde los protagonistas son anti-héroes O personajes infravalorados que terminan siendo importantes.
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Just me compiling the stories I've read, currently reading, and my soon to be read novels <3
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For people with developed brain.
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the list of my fav novel that i read so that my lazy and boring life becoming more enjoyable than it usually like to be
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these novels, may or may not have similar or exact references from solo leveling but these novels stems from the same genre.
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These are just some novel's that I have read, there are some that I would absolutely recommend and some that I wouldn't.
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If you are a fan of cliché reincarnation mangas, but are tired of the same bad quality stuff? Well, I've got you! Here's a list of my personal favorite reincarnation mangas that have a really fun twist! ... more>>
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Asian depiction of Western Fantasy Stories. (Mostly Hero, Gods, Angels & Demons, WereBeast & Vampires.. etc)
Yandere Devil
32 Series 1 Comments 13747 Views 71 Follows May 26, 2020 Yandere Devil
This was all my favorite Yuri completed novel. It was funny, bittersweet and heartwarming. Couple: VillaineseXHeroine, Hero X Demon Queen, Side Character X Villainese, Female... more>>
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Home to those summoned to a world of wonder and terror. Whether it be to answer the call of light or darkness, or the chance of... more>>
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Nothing to see here
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A list of stories where these so-called 'protagonists' or 'heroes' falls in love with a 'villain' or 'demon lord'; or vice versa. ... more>>