Cute Children

34 Series 2 Comments 11615 Views 25 Follows Feb 21, 2023 Asurn
Novels where the "pregnancy"-part is actually important for the story and doesn't just happen in the last few chapters/epiloge after the main plot is already over.... more>>
14 Series 0 Comments 3021 Views 6 Follows Feb 11, 2023 Marbear
My recs for BG romance novels that take place in a western fantasy setting.
17 Series 0 Comments 13912 Views 36 Follows Feb 5, 2023 friedbanana
Here's my favorite mom and kids novels
34 Series 0 Comments 4084 Views 11 Follows Jan 27, 2023 Meng.XY
This is the list of my favorite bl novels. All types of novel genres are included. When I find other good ones, I will be... more>>
71 Series 8 Comments 21706 Views 193 Follows Jan 26, 2023 takame
[Keywords: Healing, Relaxing.] WHERE THE MENG/fluff IS THE FOCUS, not mere mentions! I created this list bcos I had enough being sad when the author conveniently forgets the baby (despite how it's advertised ;_; ). (PS: Check tags for BL, Het or Gen/non-romance stories)... more>>
11 Series 0 Comments 8455 Views 34 Follows Jan 9, 2023 suckerforblackhairML
Includes novels with the typical 'hide-a-noble's-child' plot. A cliche we always love.
35 Series 0 Comments 5439 Views 34 Follows Dec 26, 2022 ilovedanmei512
No description.
46 Series 1 Comments 6067 Views 6 Follows Dec 7, 2022 luxincaelo
In this list i have included novels that i reading i dont regret reading. there is no spesific genre. High rated novels that i admire average novels that i dont get bored reading and so on. ... more>>
35 Series 0 Comments 26751 Views 52 Follows Nov 27, 2022 Samona
- Listing some of the childcare troupe I've liked. It also has novels where a large part of MCs life is portrayed in childhood arc.
9 Series 0 Comments 2065 Views 0 Follows Nov 18, 2022 bobatea_reads
Books I am currently reading and like a lot...♥
19 Series 0 Comments 4753 Views 10 Follows Nov 12, 2022 Yoongiggles
stories related to A/B/O (Alpha, Beta, Omega) world setting / man who could give birth/ couples with children expect some reconstruction of your world views for mpreg HAHAHA enjoy reading!... more>>
100 Series 1 Comments 61778 Views 143 Follows Oct 29, 2022 eeeee
No particular order to this list. If there are more stories which I left out, feel free to leave the title in the comment, and... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 1380 Views 3 Follows Oct 24, 2022 Meng.XY
The list of Chinese bl which I finished reading. Some are really interesting and good. I add the interesting one in my favorite list. Just... more>>
51 Series 0 Comments 11540 Views 24 Follows Oct 14, 2022 mc373415
Novels with manhwa adaptations. The protagonist is a child for at least a good chunk of the story (at least 30 manhwa chapters) 
20 Series 0 Comments 19127 Views 34 Follows Sep 25, 2022 Jechan95
Rebirth, transmigration, second chance, cute children, heartwarming, romance, female protagonist 
29 Series 0 Comments 3125 Views 40 Follows Sep 13, 2022 missluna
Non-Toxic Novels + Mpreg that I've read so far... more>>
36 Series 0 Comments 8819 Views 22 Follows Aug 25, 2022 itz_me_biatch
Novels (maybe have a manhwa)that start with cute and adorable children
11 Series 0 Comments 11862 Views 20 Follows Aug 15, 2022 Malachite
Cute, smart, dumb, naive, crybaby or kids who are always asking for a beating. 
38 Series 0 Comments 4114 Views 2 Follows Aug 6, 2022 Stormanqell7
there is no ranking ... more>>
54 Series 0 Comments 59252 Views 96 Follows Aug 3, 2022 Ryannaaa
Before reading this novels make sure to grab a tissue!this novel will gonna make u angry,cry,sad!it also contains misunderstandings!
10 Series 0 Comments 5026 Views 6 Follows Jul 31, 2022 Edenless
No description.
10 Series 0 Comments 3019 Views 15 Follows Jul 27, 2022 FelicitaScarlet
A record list of BL Novels which are centered around Gers and Male Wife, the men who are capable of giving birth in Ancient Times. The MC is married to the fellow peasant ML. Little Buns are common. So are Gers. The married couple are mainly focused on how to improve their quality of live through hard work. There will be farming, business and Hunters, etc... ... more>>
20 Series 0 Comments 3462 Views 20 Follows Jul 24, 2022 jiloziel
stories where it has a cute babies in it
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