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No description.
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Note that majority may contain romance... And definitely BxG
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Like the name says, horror/ thriller/ mystery genre infused with Bl. It's a god-send combo.٩( ᐛ )و
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Novels with Gods, Goddesses, ghosts, dragons, and etc.... more>>
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You know there are stories that might not be "the best" out there but for some reason  they resonate with you or just blow your mind or just tickle a fancy.  This is a list of my favorite BL stories that make me go back over and over again. This list contains only series i reread at least once and that left a long lasting impression on me.... more>>
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Read the title duh
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There’s really no order to these..I just made a list to the novels that I want to read or was reading since they took a... more>>
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Some of the (very few) novels worth the scare for me since I'm terrified of this genre. Recommend me one if you have any too! 
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Basically either the shou or the gong fall in love with something not quite human. Such a preference involves Demon Kings, Demons Lords, the occasional dragon, and maybe something else.... more>>
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Nothing to see here
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Basically romance novels with Oriental setting that may include magic, cultivation and fictitious stuffs.... more>>