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Friday, October 20, 2017
Title Release Group
Ze Tian Jic657c657Gravity Tales
The Two-Faced Venerate Emperorc129c129Fantasy-Books
World of Cultivationc768c768Dreams of Jianghu
The Sacred Ruinsc165c165Qidian International
My Disciple Died Yet Againc270c270Scrya Translations
Plundering the Dao of the Immortal Journeyc188c188Qidian International
Destined Marriage with Fragrancec33c33Nutty
After a Different World Transition, I Founded a...c56c56SHMTrans
Surviving a Harsh Fantasy with Cheat Itemsc56c56SHMTrans
History’s Strongest Senior Brotherc547c547volarenovels
I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My...v7c160v7c160TseirpTranslations
Soaring of Galaxiac190c190Qidian International
Soaring the Heavensc214c214Qidian International
Succubus-san’s Life in a Another Worldc20c20LylyLovesBDSM
Grabbing Your Hand, Dragging you Awayc45c45xia0xiao1mei
Still, Wait For Mec129c129volarenovels
Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja~ Sekai Saikyou no...c157c157Sousetsuka
Night Rangerc14c14Qidian International
The Wizard Worldc239c239Qidian International
The Devil’s Evolution Catalogc84c84Catato Patch
The Undying Dramac42c42Catato Patch
Returning from the Immortal Worldc182c182Gravity Tales
Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu kenc146c146Paichun Translations
Night Rangerc13c13Qidian International
Tranxending Visionc23c23Wuxiaworld
Shen Yin Wang Zuoc540c540Tototrans
Reborn as My Love Rival’s Wifec30c30Snowy Codex
The Magus Erac704c704Qidian International
Immortal Mortalc370c370Qidian International
The Invincible Dragon Emperorc139c139Qidian International
History’s Number 1 Founderc285c285Qidian International
Venerated Venomous Consortc88c88Qidian International
The Great Thiefc267c267Qidian International
When A Mage Revoltsc160c160Qidian International
The Strongest Systemc106c106Qidian International
Martial Arts Masterc101c101Qidian International
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword Godc60c60Gravity Tales
Tempest of the Battlefieldc158c158Qidian International
Painting of the Nine Immortalsc171c171Qidian International
Death Sutrac98c98Radiant Translations

Friday, October 20, 2017
Title Release Group
Skyfire Avenuec672-673c672-673Wuxiaworld
The Avalon Of Five Elementsc286c286Qidian International
Refusing to Serve Me? Then Off With Your Head!c44c44Fantasy-Books
What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another...v3c51 epiloguev3c51 epilogueHenouji Translation
God and Devil Worldc690c690Qidian International
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavensc363c363Qidian International
Library of Heaven’s Pathc356c356Qidian International
Release that Witchc492c492Qidian International
Hidden Marriagec545c545Qidian International
Pursuit of the Truthc276c276Qidian International
Epoch of Twilightc514c514Qidian International
Legend of the Supreme Soldierc183c183Qidian International
A Different World Scenery View From the Towerc9 part1c9 part1SHMTrans
The Legendary Moonlight Sculptorv49c6 part3v49c6 part3LMSnovel
Stealing The Heavensc116c116Qidian International
A Will Eternalc195c195Wuxiaworld
I’m Really a Superstarc853c853Qidian International
Doomed to be Cannon Fodderc198c198volarenovels
The Portal of Wonderlandc157c157Qidian International
Joy of Lifec91c91Qidian International
Pet Kingc115c115Qidian International
Pet Kingc114c114Qidian International
The Support Manages the Adventurer Parties!!c27c27Ebisu Translations
Talisman Emperorc85c85Wuxiaworld
The Support Manages the Adventurer Parties!!c26c26Ebisu Translations
I Shall Survive Using Potions!c35c35Estelion’s Secret Imouto
Assassin’s Chroniclec127c127Qidian International
Assassin’s Chroniclec126c126Qidian International
The Black Cardc65c65Gravity Tales
Mezametara Chikashitsu!? ~Tensei Shoujo no Yume...c53c53Shinsori Translations
Master Devil Don’t Kiss Mec59-60c59-60Tranzgeek
Seeking the Flying Sword Pathc48c48Qidian International
Lord of All Realmsc152c152Wuxiaworld
The Book Eating Magicianc181c181Wuxiaworld
The King of the Battlefieldc129c129Myoniyoni Translations
The Sketch Artistc10c10volarenovels
The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be...c41.1c41.1BC Novels
The Demon King’s Daughter is the...c23c23Re:Library
Undefeated God of Warc713c713Translation Nations
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