The Magic of “Analysis” Sees Through Everything


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“Having someone who can’t use magic in this academy is pointless,”

The protagonist, Luke Surberry, was expelled from the Magic Knight Academy because, despite having magical power, he couldn’t activate it as magic.

Furthermore, he was targeted by his uncle, who coveted his title of nobility.

He lost a hand and an eye and was thrown into a raging river.

The one who saved the near-death Luke was the strongest demon sealed deep in the mountains, Iris.

Becoming Iris’s disciple, Luke mastered the unique magic “Analysis” that unravels all phenomena.

With “Analysis,” he could find weaknesses in even the most powerful monsters and, under Iris’s guidance, he grew into the strongest magic knight.

Luke’s only wish was not to seek revenge on the academy that had branded him as incompetent or his uncle who had tried to make him disappear. His only wish was to reunite with his one and only friend.

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The Magic of "An*lysis" Sees Through Everything ~ a Boy Who Was Expelled Because He Couldn’t Use Magic and Was Almost Killed Becomes the Strongest Warrior with the Power of a Demon. Magic Knight? I Only See Weaknesses in My Eyes ~
《解析》の魔法は全てを見通す ~ 魔法が使えないからと追放されたうえに殺されかけた少年は魔神の力で最強の戦士となる。魔法騎士?僕の目には弱点だらけにしか見えません~
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Hucklefinn rated it
January 21, 2024
Status: c9
No wonder that most Jap WNs always scored around 2.5/3 and never scored around 4 or more.
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The novel had solid start and then took a nosedive when MC Luke sukmadik or whatever his name is accepted as the disciple of Iris. Here I thought Luke slowly by slowly (but not like a snail pace) will train himself and along the way we will get some explanation about his newfound power but no, the author is lazy enough to think about that process and instead cramming it with time skip BS.
And then on chapter 8, when he confronted his bully classmates, he proudly explains his new ability in front of them which is a beta male move. Why would you bother to tell your enemies about your one and only speciality?


I don't see myself reading this novel anymore, but hey the translations are superb though. <<less
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