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Lord of the Star Ocean
CN Lord of the Star Ocean
Action Martial Arts Xuanhuan
Nie Feng, a successor of the Ultimate Martial Path, unfortunately, perished while exploring an uninhabited region in Miao Jiang. However, he was unexpectedly reborn into the body of a profligate youth on the uncivilized Planet Grand Origin, a planet belonging to the Immortal Luo Empire. His new and legendary life would begin from... more>> this moment!

The collision of two Great Galactic Emperies, wars between thousands of Starforce Battleships, formidable Star Warriors, mysterious Star Warlocks, beautiful women capable of causing the downfall of nations, divine skills and martial arts capable of annihilating the Heavens and destroying the Earth.

In this mysterious and magnificent world, one might well ask; who is the Lord of this boundless Star Ocean! <<less
Releases: 1
Can’t Stop Craving Potions
KR Can’t Stop Craving Potions
Action Comedy Martial Arts
First reincarnation.
I saw the very limit of being an A class.
Yet, I still died without ever finding out how to advance to a higher class.... more>>

Second reincarnation.
Finally, I became an S class.
Park Chun-woo became the world’s first adventure to reincarnate twice in his lifetime, leaving his name for all to know.

Third reincarnation.
I learned all the possible skills a hunter could learn.
2,511 skills.
There wasn’t a single skill that Park Chun-woo did not learn.

Fourth reincarnation.
I broke the limit. I ascended my own potential.
I surpassed my own potential, maximizing 215 skills.

However, I still failed... <<less
Releases: 6
Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage
CN Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage
Drama Josei Romance Slice of Life
Lady Mi Qing ran away from home to escape an arranged marriage. She is then confronted with the following wretched situation:... more>>

Card stopped. Money stolen. All she had left was ¥308.50.

In this strange city, her sole hopeful light was a small advertisement on a lamppost——

Elaborately Decorated, 100 Square Meters, 2 Room Apartment, Monthly Rent Only ¥299! If interested, quickly contact Mr. Xiao at 138XXXXXXXX!

Mi Qing immediately rushed over to the address listed.

Xiao Gu looked at the woman standing in front of him, brows slightly furrowed. When did he post an apartment rental advertisement?

#My landlord is the medicine for all kinds of princess ailments, but refuses to treat it. :)#

Reading Guideline:

1. Light, sweet love, 1V1/Monogamy, HE/Happy Ending
2. Contents have strong affection and love scenes
3. This novel is purely for pleasure; please do not take seriously. <<less
Releases: 2
Maou Dakedo Yuushano Koto Kokuso Suru Kotoni Shitakara
JP Maou Dakedo Yuushano Koto Kokuso Suru Kotoni Shitakara
Comedy Drama Fantasy Mystery Slice of Life
Fifty years have passed since the demon lord’s defeat.... more>>

Working as a lawyer in a country that honors law, justice, and order, Daniel Lockhart became the court-appointed attorney for the defendant of a certain incident.

The girl who proclaims herself the descendant of the hero has been arrested for murder charges. <<less
Releases: 119
Insanely Pampered Wife: Genius Doctor Fifth Young Miss
CN Insanely Pampered Wife: Genius Doctor Fifth Young Miss
Fantasy Gender Bender Historical Romance Shoujo Xianxia Xuanhuan
She was the Fifth Young Miss of the revered General’s Residence, but was seen to be useless as trash. Promiscuous and flirtatious to a fault, she was finally killed by mistake under the hands of the attendants of the man she was chasing; She was a genius favoured by the Heavens but ultimately... more>> murdered by an insidious plot and all who shared her bloodline pursued and exterminated which caused her to lust for revenge to be paid in blood. The day the genius had unwittingly taken up the body of that useless trash and opened her eyes, her fate had completely changed!!!

Refining elixirs and the smelting of weapons were tough?
That did not daunt her.

Beast Tamers were rare?
She had easily gained the title of Emperor Beast Tamer!

Forced marriages!?
Men being arrogant because they are good looking?
She stretches her hand out and easily pulls devilishly handsome men to her: The Demonic King brothers would easily take their place. A devilish glance, a slight shimmer of movement, and that man would suddenly disappear the next moment. He turned back around, his devilish smile alluring: “Let’s continue with the topic, let’s have a child!”

This is another interesting story with transmigrating and very fun filled characters that will delight you. <<less
Releases: 1
Step On The Day Without Trace
CN Step On The Day Without Trace
Adventure Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Mystery Romance Sci-fi Wuxia
Yan Empire thirty-six Raja family Yao Zong Zi Yao Xing commit sin, for waste, memory erased, banished to the border with the uncle, fell from... more>> the cloud God's favored one very influential, become a second rate is the lowest Weizong munekado Corps disciples, in an accident in the fall mountain cliff and died...... <<less
Releases: 1
Evil Emperor
CN Evil Emperor
Fantasy Mystery Sci-fi
The twenty-seven year in September seventeen, when an win in Xianyang city public Shizi Chong Xiang is outside the day when the GouLan meteorite halo,... more>> Datong Qinhuangdao purohita Shouzheng Tianzhu Zuohua Zhou Xuan road held outside the White Cloud Temple in.
This is a story about a foppish, eternal evil emperor's story. <<less
Releases: 1
The Outsider Pretend
CN The Outsider Pretend
Fantasy Mystery Romance Sci-fi
Pay attention to! All the doors of the Holy Land attention! In twenty-first Century, the world's largest pretend, Qin Hao, through to the gods, pale cloud, please must keep their eyes open, do not be frightened!... more>>

Under heaven: Qin Hao reborn in my world, for me, is fatal, but also a challenge There was no parallel in history.

Overall, this book is about a black youth, born to the outsider, accidentally became the son of God (fake), with more than a dozen copies of the marriage contract, and a group of fairy wife to conquer the world and loading force story. <<less
Releases: 1
Will the Re-Summoned Hero Live as an Ordinary Person
JP Will the Re-Summoned Hero Live as an Ordinary Person
Action Adventure Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Harem Romance
A Hero who was summoned to a different world and led the world to peace “Souta Konoe” at that time was a third year junior high school student.... more>>

However, at the moment of subjugation of the demon king, he was subjected to repatriation magic, he was returned to the earth without knowing anything.
He lost his memories when he was repatriated, and the memory of the fight with the demon king was also ambiguous.

I will not forget the promise of training with my comrades who taught me how to fight, I will train martial arts.
He was a senior high school student, and his head was troubled by his career.

However, he will be caught up in his classmate hero summon and summoned to another world again … but it was a thousand years later <<less
Releases: 2
Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room
CN Fish Playing While Trapped in a Secret Room
Drama Romance Sports
The sequel to God's Left hand.... more>>

Author's Description:

Their average age is around 20, the oldest is only 30. But they all have forever left their names at all the major international competitions and all the professional forums. In Chinese, in English, in numbers, or just a nickname, they are all legends without any reservations.

They deserved to be legends because they have written the history of the whole esports era.

And this era will never end:

“Our dreams had died long ago, but all the experiences and glory will be renewed once again, from this moment onward.” <<less
Releases: 1
Suddenly, This Summer
CN Suddenly, This Summer
Josei Romance School Life
Memories are like the air; love is the distance between two cities [referring to Karen Mok's song]. This is not fictional love story, but the story of your own first love, so pure that it makes one envy of your youth. Such an innocent love makes us constantly look back at a time... more>> that is bright and precious.

Back then, high schooler Zhang Yuan stared at her arrogantly. “Little miss, look up. Let Master, I, look at you carefully.” Back then, Zhang Yuan bashfully dodged He Luo’s claws. “Now you’re already my person, whether you’re flat or round, isn’t it all mine?” Back then, Zhang Yuan stood for 18 hours to come to Beijing. Travel-worn, he said, “You lazy girl, did you just wake up?” Back then, Zhang Yuan handed He Luo photos of her home(?). “I thought you would be the madam of the house.”

So effortless, so brave, so proud, even the last tear was filled with warmth. Thus, we refuse to grow old, like picking up a book and reading it over and over again. Thus, before we grow old, please savour this book, as if savouring memories of our own youth. <<less
Releases: 2
Fantasy X Hunter
CN Fantasy X Hunter
Action Adventure
Roaming the starry oceans with time travel, machinery, science, and technology. The aim? Exploring the unknown star oceans!
Releases: 1
Necromancers Guide to Magic
CN Necromancers Guide to Magic
Action Drama Fantasy School Life Supernatural
This is the story of a Necromancer who was cast into the world of Harry Potter. Taking over the body of a 11 year old first entering into Hogwarts.... more>>

Authors Description
"Give me a body, I can pay you a, ah, bone dragon." <<less
Releases: 7
Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai!
JP Ore no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai!
Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Romance Slice of Life
“Live freely for my sake, remember to be happy.”... more>>

That was the last word Yuya heard from his last remaining family member which was his sister.

However, Yuya caught the same disease as his sister, his life ended without fulfilling what his sister wished for.

――That was what supposed to happen, but instead rebirthed into another world.

Yuya was confused, but also found a resolution. That is, to accomplish the promise he made with his sister. Yuya pursued happiness as the second son of the count family――Lyon’s life was just about to start…..

――What? Because I’m the son of a mistress so I can’t get out of the isolation zone? Forbidden from studying? Political marriage is decided? If that is the case how can I freely pursue my happiness??

Feeling he was cheated by fate until one day, he met a girl. The story of a boy pursuing happiness and his sisters with no self-reverence starts now. <<less
Releases: 3
Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire
CN Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire
Comedy Drama Josei Romance Slice of Life
Even if he was utterly ignorant about baking, Yu Yi, as the CEO of a Restaurant Chain Corporation, had an even pickier palate than a top-class Michelin Chef.... more>>

And Tang Mi, nicknamed Sweetheart, was the most delicious dessert he had ever eaten.

This is a novel about the growth of the male and female lead’s warm affections, trust the author. 🙂

Reading Guideline

1. Male lead has a double personality; Don’t like, don’t read
2. Light, sweet love, 1V1/Monogamy, HE/Happy Ending <<less
Releases: 3
I Heard You Are an Alien
CN I Heard You Are an Alien
Comedy Fantasy Romance Sci-fi
Yi Ti resented her name. From an early age she couldn't get away from the nicknames “ET” and “alien”.
But no one thought, one day, she would actually meet an alien. ... more>>

They both scream ……

They both fall with her fainting ……

She even gets a bloody nose! ……

She doesn't remember what happened after that! . .

The only thing she cares about is that she fainted and afterwards the alien actually dragged her, chest down, back home – does the alien not feel ashamed? <<less
Releases: 2
Cheat na Kaineko no Okage de Rakuraku Level Up
JP Cheat na Kaineko no Okage de Rakuraku Level Up
Action Adventure Ecchi Lolicon Romance
Due to a mistake made by the goddess, my house cat Misha is reincarnated as the strongest character instead of me. Furthermore, she can even speak, and is even knowledgable of the other world.... more>>

Misha with cheat-like power uses a transformation magic, and transform into a beastkin (Nekomimi). Together with the Nekomimi young girl (sometime she is in black cat form), this is the story of our slow and leisure life in the other world. <<less
Releases: 6
The Crazy Knight’s Age of the Universe
CN The Crazy Knight’s Age of the Universe
Action Fantasy
“A cheat system? Do you take me for a fool? Nowadays, where can you find such a good thing falling into your lap? Scram from my head. Is this is new kind of fraud? Or is this a murderer training system of aliens that contains the ability of hypnotism?”... more>>

“No, I am the chaos that whispers from nothingness, the nightmare of all living beings in the Southern Ten Stars, the successor of the unparalleled God and… your elder sister.”

“…I only have a younger sister, I don’t have an elder sister!”

“No, you have one. I am an illegitimate daughter. It’s just that your dad didn’t inform you.” <<less
Releases: 1
Privileged Player
CN Privileged Player
Action Adventure Fantasy Shounen
After waking up, Ye Yang discovered he has been transported to another world, commonly known as 2-dimensional world.
There are dragon knights riding on huge... more>> dragons, mage wielding staff summoning wind and rain, dragon-slaying warrior wielding swords, there is also ghastly ruler of darkness and also awesome martial arts master.
While Ye Yang discovered he only has 1 super god privilege.
Privilege 1: EXP multiply by 10 times.
Privilege 2: Martial Points multiply by 10 times.
Privilege 3: Money multiply by 10 times.
Privilege 4: 90% discount at cash shop.......
Privilege 100: Invincible punch. <<less
Releases: 1
Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter
CN Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter
Comedy Drama Josei Romance Slice of Life
Yang Wei and Qi Xiao Yan had been married for a year and were unable to reach mutual understanding on many topics, except for one——divorce!... more>>

They didn’t know that there was still one more thing they also reached a strong, mutual understanding on——

Want to find your second spring?* In your dreams!

In short: Mr. Qi and Mrs. Qi end up happily remarrying each other.

Reading Guideline:

1. Although this is about divorce, it is pure and without abuse.
2. Light, sweet love, 1V1/Monogamy, HE/Happy Ending

*(idiom) try to fall in love again <<less
Releases: 3
Rebirth-First Class Magician
CN Rebirth-First Class Magician
Comedy Fantasy Romance Shounen Ai Supernatural Yaoi
Third rate magician Mu Yuan, who died tragically, is going to be reborn. Despite the condition to sell his soul and change his body, there is nothing bad about his new identity as a blood class with supernatural powers. He may even rise up the ranks to become a first-class magician.... more>>

Rationally speaking, his new life should be glamorous with such prime identity. However, who would have thought that his master is immensely possessive who likes to use magic to track him; firstly by playing the role of a butler who takes care of his daily needs then acting like an abandoned child looking for fatherly love!


1) Sucking the blood of others is prohibited.

2) Even when faced with hunger, sucking the blood of others is prohibited.

“Why? What do I eat then?!”, Ya San protests.


3) There is an unlimited supply of my blood.” <<less
Releases: 3
The Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss
CN The Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss
Historical Romance Shoujo Xianxia Xuanhuan
In her previous life, she was the eldest daughter of a secret ancient clan, however, framed by the elders of her clan, she was killed. In her current life, she is known as the poisonous daughter of a government official; at birth, her mother was killed by poison, this third young miss, whom... more>> also poisoned her wet nurse. With her sweet, but cowardly appearance, no one was sure what she was really like on the inside.

If she wanted, she can easily become Jing Du City’s most fairest lady, able to marry into any household, her poison skills renowned far and wide. Soon the tides will change, in the end who are her allies and who are her foes? And also that… that man whose skin was thicker than the palace walls… she did not think after slowly uncovering his true identity would leave her stunned…

“Wife! Is it possible to concoct a toxin for (your) husband to poison the whole world?”


“Then husband can only volunteer his body for testing!”

“Leave!” <<less
Releases: 1
Shaman’s Awakening
CN Shaman’s Awakening
Action Fantasy Supernatural Xianxia
Able to communicate with spirits and gods and an expert on medicine.... more>>

Since time immemorial, a Shaman does not distinguish between the two.

An accomplished Shaman is questioned neither by the spirits or the gods.

Even disasters and calamities are kept at arms length.

However, can an accomplished Shaman cure the heart?

Take a look at the awakening of the strongest Shaman~ <<less
Releases: 7
Amnesiac Queen
CN Amnesiac Queen
Drama Josei Mystery Romance
Once again, Ye Zhen Zhen had lost her memories. When she opened her eyes once more, arranged in front of her were——... more>>

1. A Maternal Grandfather, the Murdered Victim

2. A Large Inheritance

3. A Deeply in Love Fiancé

4. An Overbearing Maternal Uncle and his Wife

5. A Docile Servant

6. The Aloof, Cold, Abstinent Doctor in Charge of the Case

7. A Seemingly Difficult Police Officer

Reincarnated as a detective, Ye Zhen Zhen stared dubiously at them all. Who was the murderer? Was it her? It…?

Only one was the real murderer, but there was far more than just one culprit.

The author’s IQ is low; this is a sweet, loving romance novel. The author is serious.

Reading Guideline

Fictional background; please do not take it seriously

The male and female leads are both virgins.

Light, sweet love, 1V1/Monogamy, HE/Happy Ending <<less
Releases: 1
Xyrin Empire
CN Xyrin Empire
Action Comedy Fantasy Harem Mecha School Life Sci-fi
This isn’t the struggle of an empire, nor the tempest of another world, and definitely not a cultivation story. This is actually a super serious, super hard sci-fi novel about saving the world. Take what I’m saying seriously.... more>>

Okay, It’s really just a bunch of slippery leaders and their deceptive emperor having a fun time saving the world everyday.

An unmotivated otaku is transformed into the Emperor, and with the aura of a stay-at-home dad, he is similar to an uncle who adopts an army of lolis. This is the hilarious story of an otaku and his freeloading army that appeared out of nowhere. Once again, this is a super serious story. This is a super-ultra-serious sci-fi story. <<less
Releases: 1