The Omnipotent Life of a Man in His Late Twenties That Begins With a Level-Down Trap (WN)


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Allen, who became an adventurer at the age of 12 and desperately worked hard to support his very young siblings, quit being an adventurer when they became independent and started working as an employee at the Adventurers’ Guild right when they were recruiting.

However, his job was a humble one; managing the Slime Dungeon that adventurers did not care for.

“Damn it, that Guildmaster. Always using us so hard. This is definitely the reason why my predecessor quit!”

After a month of continuing to stomp slimes while feeling depressed, the dungeon suddenly underwent a change and the monsters and traps were completely changed.

Allen investigated alone, but he stepped on a level-down trap in a hidden room he discovered.

Allen’s shoulders slumped in disappointment at his own misfortune, but he was blindsided by the unbelievable events that followed.

“Huh, won’t this thing make me incredibly strong?”

New omnipotent days of adventures, encounters, and repayment of favors have begun for Allen, the Guild’s chore employee.

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Level Down no Wana kara Hajimaru Around Thirty Otoko no Bannou Seikatsu
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Ixcez rated it
May 9, 2024
Status: --
A bit of a weird one that made me wonder if I am either reading it wrongly or something is missing. I mean the whole thing about him being OP is that the author spends the first 4 to 5 chapters explaining how everyone have all their stats at around an average of 100 at lvl 1 and get an increase in all their stats at around an average of 500 per 100 lvls because everyone get's around 4-5 points in each stat on a lvl up though it can... more>> differ from 1 to 10. How the stats are spread is mostly based on your way of fighting before lvling up but because the MC usually fought alone he had to fill in all the classes so his stats are very evenly spread making him very average in his stat spreads. He then finds out that using a lvl down trap and then killing slimes makes all his stats increase at the same value in other words all stats +1, +3, +10 so he uses it to make all his lvl up give him +10 in all stats which make him OP.

What is weird however is that there is also a lvl up trap which he uses to lvl up and then the lvl down trap to then kill slimes to quickly lvl up. However, the explanation given is that the lvl up and down traps does affect your lvls it doesn't touch your total xp which is why he is able to lvl up instantly after using a lvl down trap. It is confusing however that for some reason using a lvl up and then down trap somehow fills out his xp bar so he can instantly lvl up and has nothing to do with the supossedly total xp anymore and also the fact that no one else has ever noticed this before so only the MC is able to go from lvl 1 to max lvl 500 in like 2 months when it previously took him 17 years just to reach around lvl 150.

In short it feels like the author contradicts themself in the first few chapters and it also doesn't make much sense and is only a way for the author to make the MC OP from the start in a way that I guess was thought out to be original?

The MC then goes on to live a sort of double life as a normal guild employee and an adventurer so that he can live out his dream to become the best and rich but also staying on the down low fearing that people might find out about him and his exploit. Since if anyone else found out about the exploit it would be chaos and doom all around but the MC being such a veteran and working hard for his power, not really, can handle it perfectly.

From there it is pretty much what I would call a generic isekai story where the MC is super powerful and goes around meeting girls. <<less
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