Adopting the Empress Before She Turns Evil, to Raise Her as a Villain


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During the process of besieging the demon empress, Ning Wuxie, a disciple of the Human Sect, died to protect the contemporary Human Emperor.

Little did he know, at the moment of his death, that this was a huge conspiracy by the Human Sect against him, all to eliminate him by the hands of the demonic empress!

After being reborn, his talents remained intact.

Ning Wuxie swore to make the hypocritical and indifferent Human Emperor pay a price!

Wait, the little beggar on the street looks familiar… Isn’t this the cruel and cold Demonic Empress who killed him in his previous life?!

With the pitiful little loli seeking his help, Ning Wuxie found no reason not to assist, and ended up adopting her!

The adorable little one, constantly calling him brother, how will she treat him after regaining her memories? Ning Wuxie found that pure feelings started to deteriorate… It seemed like she couldn’t live without him!

Upon the Empress’s awakening, Ning Wuxie learned of the secrets she carried and the true nature of the world’s destruction!

“If I’m no longer here, who in the world will love you?

“This time, I won’t let you bear it all alone.

A single female lead’s pure love story with maximum sweetness.

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