I Want to Pull My Bias


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In the idol training gacha game , Sung Sol finds himself immersed. Once a promising dancer, he had to quit due to a traffic accident, and now he’s just a pretty half-and-half-faced invalid who couldn’t die.

While trying to pull an SSR character resembling his long-lost unrequited love through gacha, Sol falls asleep, and an in-game notification window appears before hia eyes. He has now entered the game and become a trainee for YC Entertainment!

Name: Sung Sol

Age: 20

Stamina: C

Charm: S+

Singing: B

Dance: A-(S)

Acting: D

Luck: D

Traits: Eraser in the head, Quadruped Skeptic, Cursed Genius Dancer, All-around Talent.

Sol, unable to believe what’s happening, initially rejects the quests given by the system, thinking it’s all a dream.

“Do you want to become an idol?”

“I don’t really think about it.”

From the first encounter, there’s friction between the skeptical Sol and the debut group members, Tae-ho, Ji-ho, Ga-ram, and Do-kyung. With Sol filled with disqualifying factors, can they successfully debut together?

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최애를 뽑고 싶어
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New LoveLoveLovers rated it
February 4, 2024
Status: c9
I have really High hopes for this one (MC 25 turned back 20 and ML 20)

I freaking love anxiety ridden and depressed MCs omg I also like that when he first transmigrated to another world he didn't immediately adapt like others MCs that just forget their past lives, he was scared of this new change suddenly forced to debut when he clearly hasn't been mentally stable for like 6+ yrs, he forgets moments where his stress heightens to cope and practically having short term memory loss, combined with his... more>> high fear of cars because that was when his parents died and where he got an injury that sets him back, he also has a nearly obsessive crush on a straight dude and he can't be blamed that dude was a very important figure in his life and when he was at a low point, he relies heavily on both his crush and his friend (who I love very much, caring to the MC and wanting to help him improve in life),

Summary minor spoilers

When the MCs crush got married he fell into a new low crying for hours at a bar with his friend and after the friend keeps trying to cheer him up but MC still won't stop being depressed the friend starts playing a gacha game and one of the characters looks like MCs crush so when MC saw it he started playing but keeps getting the same dude every time for 20 pulls, the MC starts hating him and that dude is the ML in the other world loo, I haven't seen much of the mls personality but it's like the leader, mature type dude who has a cold stare MC states, he isnt an as*hole that's the good part just not very trusting the MC because he keeps acting cowardly and ML also doesn't know him that much so it's obvious that he won't trust him because MC was suddenly shoved into ML group that have practically grown up together. That's it I have high expectations <<less
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Kooslove rated it
December 22, 2023
Status: Completed
This is absolutely beautiful, I'm a sucker for bl novels and from the title I thought it would be the same cute and fluffy trope but I was proven wrong. This novel deals with issues like :


PTSD And how it affects one's daily life

... more>> Loss of family

Dissociation of sorts etc

And none of the issues are treated lightly, everything has a nice pace. It's doesn't go like the MC fell in another world and suddenly everything is ok. No. MC recovery takes time and effort from both him and the people who care about him. I loved the ending of him choosing self love first and also not biasing with EG because of his members experience. He forms his own perspective for people without judgement of past.

Though I wish a background of his old friend who he was drinking with in first chapter was given and the love rectangle (?) Felt unnecessary for me but the story is beautiful and blurred that out. Definitely worth a try! <<less
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