The Trashy PD Has To Survive as an Idol


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[Congratulations Seo Hoyun! You have been selected as a player in the Unknown Idol Tycoon.]

The good-for-nothing PD, who is criticized by everyone, becomes a unknown idol in a parallel world.

Only his younger sibling remembers him.

To return to the original world, he must become a top idol and clear the game!

“…Quest accepted.”

“Are you crazy?”

“Don’t we need to eat and live?”

His specialty is blackmailing, his hobby is persuasion.

The survival story of the unscrupulous PD-turned-idol who will stop at nothing!

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Surviving as a Crazy Idol PD
망나니 PD 아이돌로 살아남기
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New Wretchedd rated it
February 20, 2024
Status: --
Kinda wack. Some people for some reason remember him, which is super dumb and I hate when authors do that.

Scheming isn't very good, everyone else does his bidding, annoying system with a personality for no reason. Stats don't do anything, and are forgotten about immediately.

People are comparing this to Tcf but really it's just T
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Tobe rated it
November 13, 2022
Status: c320
It’s actually great. This feels like Cale from TCF living as an idol. Eg our MC Hoyun is incredibly strategic to the point people ask him to set up a mat in Gangnam to become a fortune teller hahaha. N like Cale he believes he is 100% tr*sh but everyone at one point will recognise that he’s actually very soft and caring inside. He cares so much about his younger bro n his idol members so much I wanna cry. Hell there’s even blood coughing and self sacrificing scenes. So... more>> how can I not see Cale in him HAHHAA.
ofcoz there are differences. For example MC is not as strong as Cale. He has a trauma and it does affect him in major parts of the story that u can’t help but find him pitiful. His love for his younger bro is so heartbreaking too. Basically he was originally this PD who is crazy competent but hated by everyone that he told his younger bro never let anyone know he is related to him (as a protection from ppl who has a grudge against MC). And even tho in this new world where he is a somewhat loved idol, he doesn’t change his goal to return to the world where he is hated. WHY? Because as MC says “I’m scared. I’m so scared that I left Hojin (younger bro) alone in that world.”. Then u remember that MC’s parents died in a traffic accident and had to raise his younger bro alone. They only had each other so he’s only fear in the world is that younger bro is left alone. Argh I’m crying.

oh but apart from the angst it’s 80% comedy hahaha. The MC has such a shameless personality he messes with everyone. He calls the youngest member Bangbang and the leader Baby (like MC pretends to treat him like his gf). It’s so funny how he is able to tease everyone.

members : (oldest to youngest)


Kim Sunghyun (leader, main dancer) :

has a sch violence scandal (resolved to be false)

the fandom (sunset) calls him light because of his righteousness. Whenever they see him in a video they are like “huh KSH? Where? I only see light” hahahaha

he is very good as household chores coz he is the eldest of 4 siblings and will later be known to the public as the son in law every mothers want. He is also a fan of a top idol that our MC blackmailed who somehow ended up becoming friends with the MC and sometimes help the group out. He is also that physically hot member... ”he will later show abs”

Sung Jiwon (main vocalist) :

he has a pure appearance and has been a traineee for 7 years. He is most of the time gentle but he is also the most domineering n scary when the situation calls for it. MC ranks him as the best looking too. Oh he is also called the practice machine coz he drags everyone into a hellish level of practice hours. He is nicknamed Angel by the fans.
he was in a scandal where he was originally supposed to be the Center of a boy group of a big company but he was taken out of the debut group without any proper explaination. Then that same comoany tried to hook him up with a sponsor (dirty b**tards) which he escaped thanks to our MC in the past (when he was PD). Jiwon can’t remember it tho coz PD MC is erased by the system but the members still rmb what PD MC a did for them, they just can’t rmb who exactly it is. Anw after escaping, he returned to that company, turned off the cctv, took the CEO’s gold cubs and destroyed the practice rooms’ mirrors and then quit the company, so yes, he’s actually a hardcore character.

Seo Hoyun (sub vocalist, our dearest MC) :

cunning, smart, crazy protective of the members. He doesn’t care if his methods are dirty. He blackmailed a paparazzi into exposing celebrities that look down or hurt the members. Oh and one time in idol olympics, the youngest got hurt during the relay race and MC was angry with the youngest for nit caring abt his injury and stubbornly continued running so their group can take first place. He also got pissed off by the medical staff who didn’t treat the youngest so the MC carried the youngest on his back and ran to the hospital. Their group was poised to win 1st place but couldn’t attend the ceremony coz of the injury so the youngest was worried n didn’t wanna go to the hospital but MC said “don’t worry abt anything, Hyung will take care of everything so let’s go”. Omg they r Soo precious I tell u. There’s too much depth to this MC so I’ll stop here, read the book hahah.

kang Yi Chae (rapper, composer) :

this is the most mysterious character in the whole book. Till now we barely know much abt his background but he is also the most talented and clever in the group. He reads the MC so well even tho our MC is quite the sCammer. Basically he is increadibky clever. He is also shameless. He enters the room like “the loveliest Yi Chae is here ~” and when they film their own reality show he tells them to add captions on his scenes like “wow the cute and handsome Kan yiChae has appeared (Kang yichae told us to add this) ”. He makes almost all of they’re groups songs and he is so crazy talented many ppl also sends him lovecalls asking him to compass songs for them which he 100% rejects. He is also very very sensitive to health if the members, mainly the MC. The MC once fell I’ll, coughing blood n sht n KYC witnessed it. It was the first n only time KYC lost all expression on his face coz he was so angry. Anw he is the member that always see the MC moments when he is sick. No one rly knows why but he is very loyal to the group as if that’s the only thing he has. Oh he also has a soft spot for the youngest. According the KSH and SJW, he was unfriendly as a trainee until he met the youngest. He also once told the MC in a srs conversation that among all of them, the youngest might be the most mature.

Dae Jun (lead dancer, our precious maknae) :

scandal-double contract coz his prev company scammed him. (Ofcoz will be resolved by MC)

he is the purest and sweetest thing ever. He is like that emotional support pet of the group. The hyungs like to tease him and the MC always pulls his cheeks and pats his hair. He has a weird sense of cooking (strawberry spaghetti, etc) that he is very passionate about. And his Hyungs all try their best to avoid his cooking n eventually made that the penalty for their games. Haha. He is also sometimes called elephant coz he eats a lot. At like ch 300 ish he enters a growth spurt. He grew up with love and follows his Hyungs well. He’s just very cute but at he got tainted by our MC. So whenever he meets ppl who insult him or their group, he can reply in a pure but sarcastic way, shutting up the haters~


Anw the story isn’t over yet but it’s rly very fun yet compelling. It’s interesting to read an idol novel from the know-how of producers who r often seen by the audience as the bad guys of background characters. Even the side characters of this novel are 3D so what can I say. It’s both plot and character driven. I love it <<less
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Lois. rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: --
I really like the premise of someone who knows what happens behind the scenes being an idol. From what I've read it seems that the MC won't play it all clean either. Despite the different character settings the MC has it doesn't seem to deviate from the standard idol plot. I'd suggest to read this if you're in an idol webnovel phase like me LMAO.
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enidunlykyou rated it
April 11, 2023
Status: c30
I really like this a lot. Thank you to the translators for translating this wonderful story. The main character is quite entertaining, and the way he schemes and exacts revenge is completely satisfying so far. Anyways, I'm pretty into these idol type novels these days and black-bellied characters so this novel is right up my alley.
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Ame123 rated it
June 10, 2023
Status: c400
I was planning to say more, but it felt like I'm going to spoil the novel so I will just keep my review short:

  1. Every characters have their own unique depth, they have reason to do their action and reason to stop their wrong-doing.
  2. I generally don't really enjoy 1st person's point of view because, sometimes, it gets a little... cramped. We look at the world through the main character's view, which means certain things are limited. However, in this story, the first-person point of view really fits. At least, this is the only first-person point of view that I can keep up to chapter 400 (yes... more than 300 chapters MTL...).
  3. The effectiveness of funny chapters and sad chapters are all nicely made. Honestly, I don't really cry when it comes to reading or even watching, but really, the love that Seo Ho-yoon has for his brother was really great to the point that it made me cry at some point... He doesn't often call his brother (due to the Idol activity), no, he doesn't even directly narrate that 'I love my brother' even once in the whole novel, but we all know that.

    Somewhere after the 300s, Seo Ho-jin lost his original memory, just a tiny bit... (Ho-yoon's real age, the fact that Ho-yoon was a PD, not an idol.) That moment has given Ho-yoon a short panic attack... Remember, there was only 2 panic attack that he experienced from the beginning to this point, first was the that Min Ji-heon makes him remember the car incident and the second is this one...

Anyway, I do like to read a novel that is evolving around a caring character who is bad at expressing their feeling like Ho-yoon so... Yes, If you have read TCF (tr*sh of the Count Family), you will find yourself addicted to this novel. As for now, I'm ready for another round with this novel~
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Novirp13 rated it
September 16, 2023
Status: Completed
(You don't know how many Kakao accounts nor Email accounts I made just so I can binge-read all the 470+ chapter in one go...)

(It's ten. I made ten Kakao accounts lol)

Anyway, this is a great novel. In fact, I feel like this is even better than Debut or Die! Because I've read the whole thing now and I never felt like the story pace was repetitive and drawn out. It's about a story where Seo Hoyun, our main protagonist, suddenly wake up in an alternate universe.... more>> He was not a producer who like to do bad editing and create unnecessary drama for clickbait anymore, he's an aspiring idol. If he want to go back to his original world and find his younger brother again, he has to beat the quests provided by the System and be the best idol ever. Seo Hoyun is a pretty corrupt main character lol. He's cunning and know how to exploit people's weakness well. He blackmailed, used paparazzi to either bring other groups down or make his own group flourish. He's sarcastic and love to tease his younger brother and his idol team member, but will be super sweet to his own fans (double standard, this freaking guy). The explanation of why he is in this alternate universe and what kind of entity System is are bittersweet too, I nearly cried.

Here's a spoiler of why I feel like this novel is better than Debut or Die, in term of pacing


In Debut or Die, Moondae will re-time traveled to the past as part of his main mission and was forced to start over as a trainee, but there's a catch. He will have to become an idol with his own face, not Moondae's face. At first, I thought that was cool! "Oh!! He can actually debut as his original self?! So why the heck did the system transmigrated his soul into Moondae's body? There's going to be a plot twist here, right?!" So I was hella curious and was super hyped at where's this novel is gonna go now. But then Moondae re-time traveled for the second time. Then the third time. And... it was repetitive. Because even though the setting and the trainee idol's missions are different, at the end of the day, he will become an Idol. When the fourth re-time travel happened, I was already bored

This novel is not like that. Seo Hoyun will re-time traveled as well. BUT! In the second time travel, he is back in his previous job, as a director. And the third time travel, he become an actor. I like this better than Debut or Die because Seo Hoyun's end goal is different each time he went back in time. And that's enough not to make it repetitive


I really like this novel. Charming characters. Excellent banter. Good songs as well, from lyrics to dance choreography. And of course, such a sweet ending after all that hardship. I hope you guys will check this out, even if you have to read through the bad, auto-translated English.

Also, looking at how the proper english translation from this site finally updated, I think I will hold off writing any major spoilers in this review of mine. You guys should experience everything yourself XD <<less
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January 15, 2023
Status: c382
I love this so much - I like idol stories in general and this one does a good job of showing off the other characters and their stories while keeping the central character and his story central. He can be impulsive and angry when it comes to things he cares about, but he doesn’t lose even if he plays a little dirty, which is fun.

... more>>

I like how I was confused about his motivation for going back to the real world until he casually mentions that he’s worried about his brother - that tracks with everything about him and it makes sense that he’d unthinkingly prioritize his brother without having to articulate it to himself even though they like. Almost never talk because of his emotional avoidance.this is a spoiler for the most recent chapter but - I don’t think this will happen but I kind of hope that the rapper somehow sabotages him from winning the award bc he knows too much but doesn’t expect our MC to completely break down emotionally and possibly physically bc he’s having fun but he’s still on the edge, big picture wise


If there’s anything negative I have to say it’s that I don’t always care for the supernatural actor, he can be kind of annoying in private - which is somewhat balanced out by how much I love our top tier idol friend <<less
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Mtee33 rated it
October 29, 2023
Status: Completed
This is my first time writing a review so excuse me if anything is lacking.

I really like this novel because it has the qualities that I think make a good novel. The characters are solid and their every action has a reason and is within their characters. There was nearly no instance where I found inconsistency in their actions. They also grow as the plot progresses.

The plot is about the MC Seo Hoyun, a producer, who gets transferred to another timeline, where he works as an idol. His goal is... more>> to clear the quests and return to his original world. The reward and penalty of the quests are unbalanced. Penalties are huge compared to the rewards, but the reason is explained later on. We follow him as he and the other members in the group release albums, go on variety shows, make their own content, interact with other artists, etc. It's funny sometimes, and serious sometimes, it's balanced really well. Hoyun is a tr*sh so he won't hesitate to use underhanded methods to solve their problems or clear the quests, he's also clever. The pacing is perfect, not too slow and not too fast. Also, there are some good plot twists.

The novel keeps you interested to the end. There wasn't a chapter where I felt bored. The ending was great. There were some points that weren't addressed in the main story about the characters' past, but I think that the author will explain them in the side stories.


    • Seo Hoyun: Subvocal of the group 'The Dawn' and our MC. Previously 33 now 23 y/o. He lost his parents at 20 in a car accident (he was with them, and got traumatised) and raised his younger brother (10 y/o) ever since. He is cunning, shameless, admits being a tr*sh, yet very caring of the people he's close to. He loses his mind when his brother's safety is involved. Nickname: stiffy (because his dancing was awkward at first).
    • Kim Sunghyun (23) : Leader and main dancer. He is righteous, responsible and takes care of the group. The members tease him a lot. A big fan of Ju Woosung and the oldest of 3 siblings. Nickname: teary-eyed, light.
    • Sung Jiwon (23) : Main vocal. Normally kind, so he might be perceived as being weak, but he's actually strong. Likes training, and pulls everyone in with him. He was raised by his grandmother and used to be a trainee in a different agency for 7 years. This poses some problems for him later. Nickname: Training machine, broken rap machine.
    • Kang Yichae (21) : Rapper. My favourite after Hoyun. He is mischievous and funny. Just as shameless as Hoyun. Him and Hoyun are the only ones who don't cry in an emotional situation. He always teases the other members. A genius composer. He helped Hoyun the most as he has seen him in his worst conditions. His wish is for the members to be healthy and happy and work together for a long time.
      Nickname: gangster.
    • Jung Dajun (19) : Subdancer and youngest in the group. He is a clump of energy. The MC calls him bang-bang (the sound of jumping) because he's always running around. Bad at studying. A big drama enthusiast (claims he had been watching dramas in his mother's womb). Likes actor Min Jiheon of the same agency. Makes some weird mixtures of food. Nickname: elephant.
    • Ju Woosung: Main dancer of the most famous boy group. Gets dragged around in mc's schemes. Becomes close to MC later. MC thinks he's a pushover. Quarrels with MC all the time.
    • Min Jiheon: Top tier actor. He eats A LOT. Absent minded. Has some supernatural ability. Takes an interest in the unique condition of MC and helps him later.
    • blue tiger (Lim Hyunsoo) : a famous composer. She's famous as a judge too. Takes Yichae in as a student.
    • kim Heeyoung: A producer of a survival show where The Dawn appears. A previous acquaintance of Hoyun.
    • Seo Hojin (23) : Hoyun's brother. He resembles him a lot, but less tr*shy. He's the only one who remembers Hoyun as a PD, so he serves as a proof of Hoyun's previous life. They became the same age physically in the new timeline, but Hoyun was born in January and Hojin in December.
This novel made me crack a lot. Going through the characters shenanigans, seeing them laugh, cry and struggle gave me so many emotions. If you like idol stories, give it a try, and if you don't, give it a try (lol). I read another idol story, Debut or Die, and personally, I like tr*shy PD more. The MC kind of reminds me of the MC of TCF. They are very similar. <<less
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Yuriann rated it
October 13, 2023
Status: c109
Really like novel. Superr interesting. Trust me, read the first chapter and sure to get hooked up

Overall one of the best idol novel I've read. While I only read around 109 ch, I'm sure the next chapter's won't disappoint either. The MC is the best Lmao. His scemes are really funny. He is really evil lol. But I like him. Love side characters and the other members, everyone is funny lol. Everytime I read, they make me laugh. Well except the time MC's mood is bad but well he gets... more>> over it anyways

Reallyy recommended:) <<less
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123abdi rated it
June 19, 2023
Status: c84
An okay read at first, but to be honest there isn't much to this story.

Everything goes the MC's way and even his blackmail goes smoothly without consequences.

I liked it at first but got bored after a while since the plot became predictable and bland like most KR idol novels. If you like the familiar idol system plotline go for it, but if you're hoping for originality, I'd advise you to look elsewhere.
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November 22, 2023
Status: c109
It was an enjoyable read for me but unfortunately, it hasn't been updated in a while and we don't know when it will.

I can't seem to have enough of idol isekai stories. Especially ones with a level up system like this one. Accompanying the MCs as they improve is really fun and pleasant.

The MC in this one is not actually tr*sh, but extremely blunt and kinda emotionally inept. He also doesn't trust others with important matters and has a tendency to do everything in his own. A trait that his... more>> teammates will point at several times.

I love all of his group members, (Although I have a particularly soft spot for Kang Ichae). They all have their own personality and are well fleshed out and they're all extremely lovable.

Currently, at chapter 109, there are still many unanswered questions. About the reason Hoyoon came to this alternative world, what the system is and what it wants, all the ways the characters are somehow related to Hoyoon, who are the ones who still remember Hoyoon from his original timeline, and there's also this huge mystery about a certain character called Min Jiheon and who/what he is.

I'm left with a lot of cliffhangers, but that only makes the novel even more interesting. <<less
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swdm360 rated it
July 29, 2023
Status: c107
I really enjoy reading this. It reminded me of tr*sh of the Counts Family and Debut or Die where he doesn't want work but ends up doing them anyways along with the system.

I'm interested in where the system originated from and why it chose Seo Hoyun specifically. Or maybe there are others with the system too like the actor (I can't remember his name, I'm writing this 2 months after I've read it.) It's been hinted that the system has something to do with the Mc's memories so I'm... more>> excited for the reveal.

I like how the MC isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. It's a refreshing character concept in an otherwise common genre (but not so many English translated Korean ones 😭).

In addition, just like Cale from TCF, he thinks he's tr*ash whilst everyone things he's just a softie. For example, when the youngest got injured in the sports event thing that idols participate in, he was furious that the youngest continued to run with an injured leg and picked up the youngest to go to the hospital even though they would get critisized for not attending the awards.

he fixes this by taking a photo with the iPhone and turning on the location so the fans can know that they're still at the hospital and therefore counteract the criticism that they didn't go because they were arrogant. The translation is also brilliant and the format is great. Though what I dislike is that you have to scroll down to find out certain meanings (word*) which ruins the reading experience. I wish it was on the paragraph below where the word is for convenience.

Overall, characters are amazing, concept is unique, plot is the usual but there's potential, translations are top-tier and the feelings are there. <<less
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zeroknight rated it
July 12, 2023
Status: --
I dont like it. They executed the game elements pretty bad. First of all why did they gave the system a personality. Thats just another person constantly whining in your head. Secondly they have this rewards like +10 charm or +dance but I dont really see the effect of it afterwards. It looks like the rewards are just for show.

In conclusion, this is like a debut or die but made in china version quality
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Drunk Moon Resident Scholar
Drunk Moon Resident Scholar rated it
January 5, 2024
Status: c125
Feels like a worse "Debut or Die!".

Game elements technically exist but are largely ignored.

The characters feel less established than DoD's for some reason and are less memorable.

The main character's scheming feels a lot dumber than DoD's too; often just boiling down to getting someone else to do it for him.

Overall, nothing that good going on. Okay to read if you're bored (and haven't read DoD, otherwise go read that).
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July 31, 2023
Status: c107
My second Kpop idol novel! With the freshness of the genre and relatability to fandom gone, I surprisingly really enjoy this?! In fact, even more than the 1st?!

As a self-confessed system hater (especially with forced dialogue), I didn't expect myself to enjoy the novel so much. It helps that the OPness of the skills system isn't as apparent here and the annoying level of the system was reduced significantly. At 100 chapters, we are finally getting into the meat of the story!
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