Surviving in the Idol Game


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Lee Han-hee, who had strangely good luck with the mobile game “Idol Survival: The Beginning”, had just downloaded its sequel, “Idol Survival: Step Up.” As he pressed the gacha button, he thought he had died in a car accident, but…

“Are you sure we were born in the same country?”


“How could you hide such a stunning face?”


Due to a system error, he became a budding idol with an astonishingly high charm stat.

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아이돌 게임 속에서 살아남기
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8 Reviews

New AlthaKhalee
May 20, 2024
Status: c275
This novel is pretty good and a bit heavy, so it's a good read if you're bored with slice of life idol stories. The plot is actually not fast or slow, it's pretty good but I feel complex about it because there are many parts that would actually be more interesting if explained in detail but the author only describes them in general or even doesn't explain them at all. There are also interesting things that I thought would be mentioned in the next chapter but were ignored by the... more>> author, maybe the author forgot about them?

Anyway, it's a pretty interesting story because the possibilities of the past that the main character knows are very much tied to the past of his current life.

And I hope there will be character development so that the main character pays more attention to the people around him, especially Kwon Doha. <<less
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New Reitama
May 10, 2024
Status: c300
To be honest, the past was way more fun to read about. I also love how our main character is. He’s very fun to read.

... more>>

(Game) Hanhee’s past:

As a child, Hanhee was mute. His mother was depressed, but tried her best for him. She taught him how to play piano and do music because the psychiatrist recommended it for his development.

He has a step brother named Lee Seojin who hit him as a child.

Lee Seojin seems to be jealous of Hanhee who gets to stay home and requires more attention than him.

One time, his mother and Seojin and Little Hanhee go to the park for a picnic. His mother goes to the restroom for a moment, but comes back to find that Hanhee is missing with only Seojin remaining.

Apparently, that brat let Hanhee be taken by a man and waved goodbye. When momma came back, she asked him and he cried spilling the info, resulting in her calling the police. Luckily, Hanhee was found by strangers after being left by a lake (?)

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Dec 21, 2023
Status: c31
If you liked debut or die, you'll probably like this too! We're only beginning, but as another reviewer has said, there's a lot to unpack. For one, the translation quality is amazing. I also really like the personality of the MC, who is a middle ground between calculating (in that he knows how to make himself look good) and kind (in that he is a genuinely nice person who wants the best for everyone) while still being realistic. If I had to pin him down, I'd say he's a mix... more>> between the MC of debut or die and how to avoid debut—strategic, but with obliviousness. So far, the mc's personality is really shining, and I really like him so far. Definitely worth a read!! <<less
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Dec 19, 2023
Status: c20
Fantastic so far!
well translated chapters and a not too fast nor slow pace. The MC is pragmatic and intelligent but not insensitive and scheme-y feeling, with his high aesthetic stats offering an interesting perspective of a differing interpretation of events from his own and the outside perspective. I like the focus on love and affection for artists/fans while acknowledging fan toxicity. It also has set up an intriguing backstory for the MC that it is slowly giving us peeks into.
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Mar 23, 2024
Status: v1c58
This is one of the most fantastic idol novels I've read. I can say this as I've read many idol novels. It's actually got plot that's not completely showbiz and idol training. It's got enough of that, but it's got real life interaction too. It's not just MC getting in a game and going on with his star abilities, nah babe he works on them. Mostly I love and find intriguing is the direction it's going into. I'm not sure but I've got my hunch on it.

... more>>

so, it goes like, there's a person who already know hanger (mc) in this new world. It was shocking, extremely so when in later chapters it's revealed that the person also knows about this system of MC. My hunch at that time was that even though MC got into a game, it's this person who's actually a regressor.

It got even more interesting when it turned out that this person was running the show behind to keep things in favour for MC. I'm rooting for MC and him to debut together.

I've also got a theory that since MC died and got into the game, the regressor (again in my theory, this person is a regressor, not mc) already knew the MC from his previous regression. I think MC died (?) Or didn't get to debut or something equally unfortunate happened.


Ok so now this one is the biggest of spoilers, don't read if you're into reading this book honestly without getting spoiled:


There's this line in chapter 57, said by the person (regressor (?))

" it's no use getting angry on someone who doesn't even remember"

He said it after MC impulsively confronted him and apologized that it's cuz of MC that it's all happening, uk MC thinks this person is in a loop. Thus the person said it.

Now my theory time:

My theory here is still the same. MC after loosing 1 life as penalty of the system goes back to the beginning of the game without his memories. Except the regressor remembers it all. I say this cuz the regressor's actions hold certain fondness towards the MC.


Want another subplot spoilers? Here you go:


So there's something fishy with MC's childhood memory and him being an orphan. He lost him mom young, but there's a participant who said that they met when they were young as their mothers were friends and he showed MC a picture of baby (he was 7 ? 8? Something like that) MC sitting stuck to a woman. He was clinging to her. But MC got panicky seeing the pic as he didn't know who the lady was as he lost his mum young remember?

I think this fishy memory missing and the regressor and the loop and MC getting in a game are all connected.


Haha you thought it was a regular idol novel. You were mistaken. There's so much plot here. I think it's an omniscient reader's viewpoint junior. Cuz the MC isn't all knowing. But this book is amazing.

If you're gonna read it then be prepared, from the moment MC started preparing for the auditions, I was quiet loosing focus, but as soon as the 2nd audition was held, I got s**ked in. I finished reading all the translated chapters (58) in today only.

Also the MC is called (animal)


Not a big spoiler since you'll know why in 3rd or 4th chapter only, but he was officially called this in later chapters when the idol show started airing.

Genuinely love this one. I'm quiet a picky reader and holding my attention is hard, so believe me when I say it's really good read. <<less
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Jan 18, 2024
Status: c45
It’s pretty obvious that you get the vibe that the MC is a Mary Sue type character but you can’t even get mad. Not in the sense that he started off with the best stats (bc he didn’t) but more like everything seems to belong in his “flow” or pace. The growth of his character is evident as he puts in the work while acknowledging the advantages that the system gives him over regular people and still maintains his morales by choosing to still indulge in hard work instead of... more>> taking the easy route. I also admire the realness of the system because it has its set backs and limits. I honestly really enjoy the MC bc hes just so admirable, hes cautious but also kind and knows time and place (instead of jumping straight into brawls like others mcs). Bc the MC has such a reliable personality he naturally attracts good people bc of his good character and his relationships with other characters are well fleshed. Can’t wait for more! <<less
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Jan 02, 2024
Status: c40
The game element explanation was a bit long-winded, but overall it's been a nice read.

There's still a lot of unknown but it's only chapter 40 so there should be lots to look forward to.

The translation was also good. Minimal error and reads nice.
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May 02, 2024
Status: c58
a big THANK YOU to translator cause they're doing a great job... the story is nice the charecters are nice MC is kind but smart ahh everything is good and to my liking... so far there's really no annoying charecter everyone is quiet hardworking and that's nice to see I really wanna know more about the mystery behind

the regressor

and MC... CANT WAIT FOR MORE CHAPTERS TO GET TRANSLATED I REALLY REALLY NEED MORE...I genuinely think the story needs more readers why's it so underrated
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