Save a Failed Idol’s Life


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[Will you accept the special quest “Idol – Cheon Ise”?] Lim Hyunsung, “Master of Taste”, who pioneered the myth of the restaurant industry. After being killed in some kind of incident, he possesses an idol according to the guidance of an unidentified system.

“This guy… he’s been a failed idol for 5 years?”

Will he be able to save this failed idol with his own hands?

Associated Names
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Saving the Doomed Idols with my Touch
손맛으로 구제하는 망돌 인생
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5 Reviews

New Salim125
Mar 20, 2024
Status: c58
So far so good, The plot is good, hile its still a mystery behind his past--

The members gave me 1st bad impression but they had such good character development that I just liked them.

Sometimes MC seems to soft and I want him to be harder on them. But thats MC characteristic and what makes him charming.

Do read if u r planning to, there is no regret, tho its a little slow burn and romance lovers will be a little disappointed (till 58 none, as its idol re-life story).

love- ur cutie cornerreader
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Penguin Studio
Penguin Stud
Jun 05, 2022
Status: c51
Read the RAWS till chapter 51

In Short, MC transferred to another person (same world/timeline as himself) , he must complete that person's wish, to be an idol. After doing that, MC can get a chance of revenge on those who killed him,

MC has a system, which can provide him information in various ways and let him, to some extent, increase his stats (which are idol related)

... more>> the story for now seems well written and the characters look to be fleshed out well,

the story pacing is a bit slow I guess, maybe it will increase in the middle part of the novel <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 25, 2022
Status: c2
I read the story so far it has potential, the time in the story it's not fast or slow but average and I can feel in a few months and years, this novel is gonna be great. So the ML is a chef & CEO of his company, son of some CEO, rich man. His mother is dead from an illness, got a step mother and brother that his father brought after a few years of his wife death. His new family are the cliche b**ch, greedy and morons human,... more>> that selfishly treat him low human and discriminate him until he left the house as an adult and finished school. Also his biological father, real father, never treat him kindness, love and trust in him after he brought those people in their home and life because he love and trust his new wife and stepson than his own son. The ML got mu*der by his (step) family because he never gave them any support or cash once he left the house and have his own business and job. After he got mu*der by his step mother and brother, a random window pop up with a puppy beside it, indicating his new life as someone else and have a mission to complete before the (temporary) deadline of the test of the mission. The purpose of his reincarnation that he need to complete the wish of the person, he reincarnated, before he could go back to his own body & life and get revenge to the family who mu*der and stole his money and business. Also the puppy is kinda annoying because he never let the ML have his own opinion or will if he agreed with the condition, then randomly reincarnate and give him mission without his consent.

So I'll be back later for the new updates and feed back if the story are great as well. <<less
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May 03, 2023
Status: Completed
hmm... how should I say..? I did enjoy the novel, but I think there is something missing. The ending is a bit.. you know, lacking. The revenge was meh, but overall it was a good novel for passing your time. There are many parts that should be explained in detail, but the author chose timeskip instead and that bothered me quite a bit, you know like, I wanted to feel what the characters's feeling, and the timeskip made me hard to do that.

Aside from that, one thing I love about... more>> this novel is the relationship! the relationship between the members makes my heart warm, I love it! But I feel sad for the real Cheon Ise... he was annoying, I know, but I can't help to feel sad 😭 <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 29, 2022
Status: c12
So I caught up to 12 chapters now, this is a pretty unique novel. It has its cute elements with the dog mascot along with the system, considering this is a revenge/ idol/ ratatouille success plot.

I can't wait for eventual progression, because this has so much potential. Its so funny sometimes too, old man's soul in a young man's body, and also now have to deal with other teenage boys. I'm so excited how he will pave success and how his food will play into this and their hearts.
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