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Six years after being ousted from his debut group due to facial burns, Suh Hyun-Woo finds himself regressing back to his days as a trainee, engulfed once more in the world of ruthless competition.

This time, he’s determined: he will make his debut, no matter what it takes.

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Idol Once Again
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1 Review

Mar 07, 2024
Status: c21
Stopping at Chapter 21 to drop a review for potential readers.

You know this premise. MC is a former idol with regrets, regresses and uses his knowledge and experience from the future to walk the road to success. This novel has the standard idol formula but it's done well. In his previous life MC was injured and couldn't debut but was an idol trainer instead, so he has both knowledge of idol management and the skills to be idol. Regression starts out before the company's debut group is formed, so while... more>> he's confident that he'll get in, MC still has to try out again. The MC is also already familiar with his potential groupmates since they were trainees together. These things give the story a slightly different start than other idol novels which makes it interesting even if you've read a lot of them. As the story goes on, their group becomes known for being more comedic compared to idol groups in other series, giving them a unique feel.

While the writing is good overall, there are, of course, some cheesy or dramatized aspects. Those kind of things I can overlook easily tho because I got my serious entertainment novels somewhere else, I'm just here for a good time. I will say that the author seems to have a talent for Cursed English. One of the potential names for their group, for example, was "Elated." The name of a rookie group survival show is "Pick We Up." The stage name of an idol is "Tucan". I wish this was fake. The gratuitous English could be either entertaining or cringe to readers, though to me it feels like getting jabbed in the ribs every time I read it. I thought it wouldn't be fair to dock a star just because English isn't the author's first language which is why this remains a 5/5, but man was that a difficult choice.

The novel is officially licensed and available for free on Wuxiaworld. After Chapter 21 you need to collect points to unlock new chapters, but you get points for checking in every day so if you aren't willing to pay and ARE willing to wait you can eventually unlock all chapters for free. Need another idol novel to satiate your eternal idol novel craving? This one's a good choice. <<less
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