Entertainment Life With A Camera


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He almost became a Hallyu star and his biggest career in entertainment was placing 12th in an idol survival program.

The works he rejected were enormously successful, but every work he went into was destroyed one after another.

This frigging damn unfortunate life played around by false hope actually saved a country in his previous life.

So when he came back to his original body, there was a face genius standing in the mirror.

*Face genius: a Korean slang term for someone who is very good looking

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Entertainment Industry Life With A Trashy Reporter
기레기와 함께하는 연예계 생활
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    melbell rated it
    June 30, 2021
    Status: c5
    only giving this a 5/5 bc I feel like the ratings are way too low atm, though I feel like it's more of a 3.5-4/5. Personally, I'm really interested in how this is going to go, even if the character is an obvious gary stu (which tbh, I dont mind as long as the author throws in enough hardships/interesting events to either challenge him or stir up action).

    i've only read like the 5 translated chapters so far, so there's rlly not enough for me to make a long review on.
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