7 Series 0 Comments 1180 Views 2 Follows Jun 4, 2020 Lehiye
Interesting novels with assassin٫thief or rouge protagonist.
15 Series 2 Comments 2158 Views 3 Follows Jun 1, 2020 [email protected]
I'm not saying these are good... in fact some are kinda bad. But these novels all have... transmigration! reincarnation! black belly misses! A great potential plotline creator, full of possessive male leads who have formed a (kinda strange) attachment to our overpowered female leads! and most importantly... DOCTORS!!! ... more>>
18 Series 1 Comments 3689 Views 16 Follows Oct 5, 2019 littleredblossom
Decent novels that are a bit realistic. They seem more down to earth and portray what it was like in ancient times. A nice writing style makes all the difference.... more>>
100 Series 0 Comments 25828 Views 11 Follows Sep 27, 2019 kurohamukami
First Part... more>>