Cucumber X Chrysanthemum

Cucumber X Chrysanthemum
Mostly BLs I've readNot a list for a high rating novel, just for killing time purpose.

Honorable mention (cuz they're not listed in NU hehe):

- 双面荡夫(双性,黄暴粗口肉合集!)by 大樱桃 ==>collection of inters*x yellow book
- she婬美人(短篇双xrou)by 你家的白月光  ==> all variants inters*x story
- Father's Debt and Son's Repayment 父债子偿(H) by 空凉的城  ==> (inters*x) boy forced to pay his father's debt using his body
- Grandpa's beauty 爷爷的美人(双性)(H) by 吃肉小熊猫 ==>  Grandpa imp**gnated his adoptive grandson
- Humiliated Beauty 受辱的美人们 Public beauty 公用的美人 Stepson's wife 继子的人妻 by 吃肉小熊猫 meat-eating red panda (I must say, this author works are my cup of tea)
-After Public R*pe of Bis*xual Master 当众强暴双性师尊后 by 当众强暴双性师尊后
- 媚骨天成(双性)(H by 伊弥 ==> Arrogant beautiful young master X savage butcher
-Elder brother! Save Me 哥!救我 by 乌蒙小燕==>younger brother's plan to accuse of his big bro's company rival as homo but backfire
-These straight guys are more gay than me 这群直男比我还基 by 懒得动 Part 7

keyword for f**anari (sorry I have particular taste for this genre)==> 双性 MTL Website @ or 玩物
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Strawberry-flavored Gun
Created: Mar 9th, 2021, Updated: Jun 2nd, 2023
Created Mar 9th, 2021
Updated Jun 2nd, 2023
CN (4.1)
105 Chapters Every 65.6 Day(s) 10440 Readers 126 Reviews 12-27-2021
demon king is a pe*vert and as the title says, get easily misunderstood (can't blame it tho, the situation forced the mc to lie/misleading). It's... more>>
CN (4.3)
393 Chapters Every 59.6 Day(s) 6962 Readers 77 Reviews 05-06-2019
no smut just fluffs. The MC rlly loves fish dishes & his nickname is Old cat (it's remarkable in my mind as the author mentioned... more>>
CN (4.3)
133 Chapters Every 64.5 Day(s) 12347 Readers 97 Reviews 08-04-2023
the description made me think the MC was silly fanboy, but actually no(?). Yes, he respects his shixiong(senior brother) because he believes the real protag... more>>
CN (4.4)
78 Chapters Every 76.8 Day(s) 8019 Readers 78 Reviews 02-16-2022
I've finished this and I enjoyed it ^^ If my memory serves right, basically this novel is about 2 closet gay pretend to be straight & made agreement to be fake boyfriend.... more>>
CN (3.9)
204 Chapters Every 106.5 Day(s) 10837 Readers 125 Reviews 01-29-2020
mc : I just wanna do my job nicely, why did u have to ruin it (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻... more>>
CN (4.7)
261 Chapters Every 9.5 Day(s) 15397 Readers 193 Reviews 05-28-2024
different from the other QT I've read.. it's focused on MC&ML's pastlife fragments beside doing the revenge for the original host. I felt like every... more>>
CN (4)
127 Chapters Every 85.9 Day(s) 5343 Readers 49 Reviews 01-07-2021
He's not like a bully at all.. the ML is super nice, doting, flirty, caring, but dirty mind & gay for MC. It's just MC... more>>
CN (3.9)
75 Chapters Every 97.7 Day(s) 4054 Readers 59 Reviews 06-10-2020
(+) cute interactions make my heart itchy. yo, I love his lil bro (pardon my shota-con ฅʕ•̫͡•ʔฅ) ... more>>
CN (3.9)
34 Chapters Every 60.1 Day(s) 3785 Readers 18 Reviews 01-29-2023
made me think that both his flower & chrysanthemum's very loose (possibly rotten) after used every single day non-stop. Also, how could he still okay with just consuming c*m for daily breakfast? conclussion : logic can't be used when u read this, so drop your brain beforehand.... more>>
CN (3.8)
10 Chapters Every 148.9 Day(s) 3256 Readers 13 Reviews 05-20-2020
I don't know if the boy is naive or s*upid to willingly used in front of his classmates. I was concerned with these kids (sigh,... more>>
CN (3.8)
4 Chapters Every 0.8 Day(s) 2123 Readers 5 Reviews 03-08-2020
too degenerates, now you're a furry.
CN (4)
15 Chapters Every 92.9 Day(s) 3646 Readers 8 Reviews 04-02-2021
this classmate Le Ke is ruined both body & mentally =_= well, as long as he's happy(?) After being r*ped he became very s**tty
CN (2.8)
50 Chapters Every 152.3 Day(s) 3952 Readers 55 Reviews 09-05-2018
The most immoral ML I've ever seen (maybe even his morale doesn't exist in the first place). He's a rapist, *sshole, sadistic, & d*ckhead.. The only good thing he had is handsome face and his big D(?) ... I must admit the smut was rlly HOT. If you read this, even holy water can't wash away your tainted soul ... more>>
CN (4.4)
4 Chapters Every 2000 Day(s) 4732 Readers 33 Reviews 05-23-2019
mc is just too adorable :3
CN (4.5)
203 Chapters Every 152.3 Day(s) 19564 Readers 416 Reviews 04-09-2018
I stopped rlly early, lol. I remember hardly understand when I read it.. maybe because I read it on MTL ? btw, I'll reread this... more>>
CN (4.4)
0 Chapters Every 2000 Day(s) 7010 Readers 150 Reviews 02-14-2019
still unread.. lmao, gay club in ancient dynasty :v
KR (4.3)
13 Chapters Every 136.5 Day(s) 1550 Readers 5 Reviews 07-16-2020
not much chapter so I couldn't continue.. ML is so dishonest, ckckck
CN (4.3)
54 Chapters Every 180.9 Day(s) 4063 Readers 59 Reviews 03-02-2017
gege, wo ai ni ( ´・・)ノ(._.`)*blush*
CN (4.1)
76 Chapters Every 82.8 Day(s) 3573 Readers 24 Reviews 09-04-2023
son : daddy, hug me.... more>>
CN (3.6)
5 Chapters Every 395.2 Day(s) 3433 Readers 19 Reviews 02-27-2019
 In the later chapter he's described like a woman that I can't belief he used to be so manly... literally broken soul. The smut was... more>>
CN (3.8)
80 Chapters Every 99.5 Day(s) 1496 Readers 16 Reviews 03-25-2021
movie adaptation is *chef kiss* Obsessive ML.. *whisper* did u see the tragedy tag? yes, this angst shiet.
CN (3.9)
245 Chapters Every 126.3 Day(s) 4723 Readers 73 Reviews 11-04-2021
in the drama adaptation, my conclussion : uke/bottom is manly yet beautiful, mature, benevolent, & forgiving. While seme/top is overbearing type( just look at the... more>>
CN (4.5)
2 Chapters Every 1283 Day(s) 831 Readers 23 Reviews 05-27-2017
dammit, why am I mourning over two mosquitoes ?? T^T
CN (4.5)
2 Chapters Every 922 Day(s) 2913 Readers 30 Reviews 05-13-2019
yeah yeah, you're really straight, indeed.
CN (4.3)
74 Chapters Every 25.6 Day(s) 9369 Readers 66 Reviews 03-12-2024
the premise is interesting. When thing's not yet heated up, I already left early.. maybe I'll try again when I have too much time in... more>>
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  1. Jakie
    Jakie· Mar 20, 2021 09:25 PM
    Your comments are just muahclear.png. It's enough to make me want to check them out
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    • Strawberry-flavored Gun
      Strawberry-flavored Gun· Author · Mar 21, 2021 02:17 AM
      ah my silly commentsclear.png happy reading!
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  2. Jasmine94
    Jasmine94· Mar 13, 2021 09:46 PM
    Does it's not easy being a master has smexy scenes too. I will real appreciate your response.
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    • Strawberry-flavored Gun
      Strawberry-flavored Gun· Author · Mar 14, 2021 01:24 AM
      it's been a long time since I read that book so I kinda forgot, but as far as I remember there's only romance interactions and no explicit smex scenesclear.png
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  3. Jasmine94
    Jasmine94· Mar 13, 2021 09:43 PM
    Hello, please I want to know 'if the daily task of preventing my disciple' has any smexy scenes?. 
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    • Strawberry-flavored Gun
      Strawberry-flavored Gun· Author · Mar 14, 2021 01:16 AM
      I'm currently in chapter 70 & the smex scene isn't happened yet, just minor smexual harrassment from ML. But as you can see there's r*pe-tag in it, so sooner or later it'll happen
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  4. Xazis
    Xazis· Mar 11, 2021 05:22 PM
    Great rec list for fun reading!
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