A Round Trip To Love


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A visually impaired fortune teller who had set up stall at the entrance of the alleyway once told me, “Your love life is destined to be tragically entangled with a man, and it will not come to a good end.”

My payment to him was a half-drank soda can stuffed into his hands.

I walked away with an air of indignation. “Hey, you haven’t paid!”

His yelling was still audible from a few blocks away.

Are you for real, you could not even tell if your customer is a man or a woman, what fortune can you possibly tell?

Count yourself lucky I did not thrash your stall.

Sitting here at the train station, with my cheeks swelling into the size of a pig’s head, disheveled clothes, both hands empty, I recalled the words of the fortune teller.

I regret not paying my dues and a bit more to him.

It is a pity before today, I have been living the life of a fool.

Not only did I not redeem myself from being involved with a man, I did not discern that I will never come to a good end……..

~ My story is dedicated to everyone who have entered my life, those who stayed and those who left. One of my favorite poet said: “There is a story, the one and only story that deserves to be told in its entirety.”

To me, this is exactly what I need to tell. ~

Associated Names
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双程 1 - 归途 Long Way Home
双程 2 - 殊途 Separate Routes
双程 3 - 如果 If Only
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RoseAmethyst remembrance
RoseAmethyst remembrance rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: c10
The author: I've read a number of Lan Lin's works. My personal favorite is Love Late because Ke Luo is just so adorable (and totally my type kekeke). All of the author's novels dives deep into the characters' emotions and their mentality. I feel like Lan Lin's novels are very down to earth in comparison to other angsty or fluffy BL novels.

A Round Trip to Love: According to the translator, ShaoYeBL, there are 8 volumes. For some reason, this translator posted the volumes in 2 different sites (Wattpad and BlogSpot)... more>> so you have to go back and forth between the sites. I believe she may have done this to keep a low profile. Her translation may not be the best but she was doing this alone. She had no editors or proofreaders.

Volume 1, 6, 7, 4 :

  • https://www. Wattpad. Com/story/98574040-double-journey-a-round-trip-to-love
Volume 2, 3

  • https://shaoyelovebl. Blogspot. Com/2016/11/around-trip-to-love. Html
Pandora Box (ShaoYeBL said that this is a mini story following Volume 6 showing the life of the MC, ML and Lin Jing.)

  • https://shaoyelovebl. Blogspot. Com/2016/11/pandora-box-weibo. Html
The series: This novel is part of a bigger series that starts with this novel. Each novels features a different CP, but all the characters' lives are intertwined and tells a bigger story. Love Late is personal favorite out of Lan Lin's works. It could be regarded as the most lightest out of all 4 novels, but it unexpectedly holds the biggest weight. You would not catch on to the true weight of Love Late until after you've finished reading Nowhere to be Found.

Supposedly, this is the order you're supposed to read this in, but chronologically, Love Late starts after the ending of the other 3 novels:

  1. A Round Trip to Love - Lu Feng x Cheng Yi Chen
  2. Uncontrolled Love - Xie Yan x Shu Nian
  3. Love Late - Ke Luo x Lee Mo Yan
  4. Nowhere to be Found - Zhuo Wen Yang x Lin Jing
  5. Expectations (characters makes a cameo appearance in Love Late. Otherwise, this novel is completely unrelated to the other 4)
Now, if there's one thing to know about Lan Lin's novels is that everything is done deliberately. I have my theories regarding why Lan Lin chose to put the novel is this order:

In Love Late, there is a scene in which the MC (Lee Mo Yan) and ML (Ke Luo) are eating dinner together with characters from A Round Trip to Love and Nowhere to be Found. The scene is pretty light hearted and everyone is amiable. If you don't read the other two novel, you'll never catch on to the deep implications behind this scene and how it concludes A Round Trip to Love. I also didn't think much of it when I first read it until after I finished reading Nowhere to be Found (thus completing the series)

(beware, this has major spoiler from all 3 novels) :


[Everyone sat around the table: Cheng Yi Chen, Lu Feng, Ke Luo, me, Lin Jing, and Zhuo Wen Yang. For some reason, with this arrangement, I just felt that the relationship between the people at the table was truly strange. Fortunately, the atmosphere could still be regarded as harmonious.] -----Ch. 8 of Love Late

If you've read all four novels, you can tell that the seating arrangement is very deliberate on the author's part. Even Lee Mo Yan himself senses the strangeness of this arrangement even if he does not understand the complexity of the relationships between these characters.

Going around the table, I'll summarize the relationships :

  • Cheng Yi Chen x Lu Feng : lovers
  • Lu Feng x Ke Luo : Lu Feng is Ke Luo's biological father, but Lu Feng never told Ke Luo the truth. This was revealed in A Round Trip to Love (ARTTL).
  • Ke Luo x Lee Mo Yan : lovers
  • Lee Mo Yan x Lin Jing : former lovers that lasted 7 yrs as explained in Love Late.
  • Lin Jing x Zhuo Wen Yang : former lovers from Nowhere to be Found. If you've read ARTTL, you'll know that THEY ARE ACTUALLY COUSINS (kind of messed up, but neither of them actually knows this because their parents kept it a secret from them. Their parent never knew about their relationship)
  • Zhuo Wen Yan x Cheng Yi Chen : CYC is ZWY's biological father. Their relationship has been strained since CYC divorced his wife.

In Nowhere to be Found, Lin Jing and Zhuo Wen Yang were lovers in their early college years, but Zhuo Wen Yang broke it off. Lin Jing got amnesia not long afterwards and completely forgot who Zhuo Wen Yang (and most importantly, the r*pe scene)

The r*pe Scenes in Nowhere to be Found : Lin Jing was r*ped by 3 people on separate occasions in Nowhere to be Found. All 3 incidents left deep emotional scars on Lin Jing and pushed him to complete despair. It may be a blessing that he forgot about this.

  1. Zhuo Wen Yang. This r*pe scene was the probably most violent out of all 3 and had the worst impact on Lin Jing because it was done by someone he trusted. Lin Jing accepted it because of his feelings for Zhuo Wen Yang and wanted him to stay by his side.
  2. ERIC: This offender was simply called, ERIC. The all caps is supposed to hint that ERIC is just an alias. ERIC harassed Lin Jing at the bar that ZWY was working at and dragged him to a hotel where he r*ped him. The saddest part about this is that ZWY had witnessed ERIC dragging Lin Jing away, but he did not step in to help. Lin Jing was hoping for ZWY to save him and was completely heartbroken when he realized that ZWY didn't actually care about him. Another significant implication that this had to Lin Jing was that this incident was proof that Lee Mo Yan was using Lin Jing for his personal interests since Lee was the one who introduced them. Lin Jing then started keeping a distance from him. Ironically, Lin Jing forgot about all of this and went back to Lee Mo Yan and stayed with him for 7 yrs.
  3. ANDY: Lin Jing and ANDY were drugged by ERIC. ERIC filmed the s*x act and sent it to ZWY. This s*x tape completely destroyed the relationship between Lin Jing and ZWY because it is revealed that ANDY is ZWY's father.
    1. We know from ARTTL that Cheng Yi Chen is ZWY's father and that Cheng Yi Chen's younger brother is Lin Jing's biological father
      . Which basically means that Lin Jing and Zhuo Wen Yang are direct cousins! Lin Jing had s*x with his uncle and cousin! In*est!

In vol. 2 of ARTTL, Lu Feng drugged Cheng Yi Chen into raping a youth. Lu Feng never reveals the name of this youth. With the connection between Zhuo Wen Yang and ANDY made in Nowhere to be Found, you realize that the youth that Cheng Yi Chen r*ped is HIS OWN NEPHEW. However, CYC did not know this at the time of the r*pe.

In vol. 3, his brother tells him about Lin Jing. In vol. 6, Lin Jing is sent to live with CYC and the volume ends at a cliffhanger with Lin Jing knocking on the door and CYC opening it.


The king of scum gongs in BL novels: Lu Feng is one of the most sentimental and romantic gongs I've seen in modern BL novels. At the same time, he's also one the most conniving and detestable gongs (even worse than the ML of A Decade of Deep Love). So many characters carries deep emotional scars because of his actions, but despite that, the ML does reopen his heart to the MC and confronts the consequences of his actions. Even admitting that he's seeing a psychiatrist (which is so unusual to see in Chinese novels since mental illness is highly stigmatized in Asia)

A Round Trip to Love is a really fitting title as it seems like the MC and the ML are going in circles between reconnecting and drifting apart as there is a whole multitude of factors that pulls them apart both emotionally and physically.

  • The rejection against homosexuality is particularily strong in this novel since it takes place during the 90s. The MC and ML literally has no support for their relationship. Everyone and I mean everyone rejects them (the school even forced them to split and their closest friends alienates them).
  • The saddest part is how the rejection and discrimination contributed to the deterioration of MC's mental and physical health. He was so cute and enthusiastic in the beginning, but by the end of vol 1, all of his optimism and self-confidence is completely gone.
Even after the end of the novel, we can still that the struggles is far from over. In Love Late, Lu Fang confides his feelings to Lee Mo Yan, giving us a foreshadowing of the upcoming challenges that will crash the peaceful life between them. <<less
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kyn rated it
August 22, 2018
Status: Completed
Makes me laugh, cry, angry and sad over and over again but also tremendously touched from time to time. Most of the story is pretty realistic, too realistic that it pains my heart. Yet there are some parts that is rather hard to believe and somewhat unrealistic. Overall I have enjoyed the story and it successfully made it on my hard-to-forget-story list.

The story consist of the love life two loving brothers with their respective lovers. Both of them aren't gay from the start but each fell in love with two... more>> men with entirely different personality and had contrasting views towards love. The eldest brother's lover is possessive, dominant, abusive, selfish and excessively obsessive. His rough treatment of his lover scares me sometimes. To me, he is like borderline psychotic. The second brother's lover is such a darling. Total opposite from that brute. He is charming, loving, understanding, generous, faithful and supportive.

The eldest brother is quite a doormat. He's soft spoken, considerate, self-sacrificial, filial, loving and caring. His meekness makes him a prime victim for abuse. Therefore pairing him with that total brute is asking for trouble. Hence their love life is filled with pain and tragedy, one after another. All thanks to that abusive jerk he loves so much.

The younger brother is very different from his older sibling. He is firm, assertive, carefree, with a vibrant personality. He totally dominates his boyfriend. It's rather cute seeing how his boyfriend rolls over to cater for his every needs. Sexually, he is the bottom in their relationship but totally top his boyfriend otherwise.

Truthfully I have enjoyed reading both romances but I did like the first story which is of the eldest brother with his brutish boyfriend more than the second story. Perhaps it is much more intense and soul stirring.

I found that the novel is not as cliche as the film-adaptation. Not that I disliked the film though cos I did liked it well enough to want to read the novel after it. Although I did bemoan of that unsatisfactory ending. That's why I am very glad I decided to read the novel because it had a way better ending and closure than the film. I need better closure especially if the story is one filled with tragedies.

I have read the Chinese version of this novel instead of the fan-translation in English. I usually prefers to read the raw version instead of translated version to get the full impact of the story.

* Reviewed on 2nd November 2016


October 30th, 2016:

I've just watched the film adaptation of this novel today (A ROUND TRIP TO LOVE). Now I felt like I had to read the novel as well.

The two main actors are very handsome. I like my BL that way. Plus, the body size difference between the couple is exactly my cup of tea. <<less
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Fathom rated it
January 13, 2017
Status: c10
Cute first person narrative about a 4 year age gap between roommates in a dormitory. Seme is the typical overbearing, yet sweet to the one who has interested him. And the uke is the stereotypical clueless cute studious guy confused by the seme.

Overall, it's a cute story so far with not too much depth. The focus is purely on the uke's emotions and thoughts. I look forward to reading more and hope we can get to see into the seme's head in the future.
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Takeba rated it
January 13, 2017
Status: c10
So far, I like the (90% probability) Tachi's personality. Although, according to some (if not most) yaoi mangas I have read that has the same personality as LF, some painful happenings are gonna ensue... Typical dense/cute uke (probably) and (possibly) sadistic and possessive seme... Which I like. But I do wish the update will remain consistent if not always... Overall, I just wish the translator won't drop this.
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Xvlove rated it
July 19, 2017
Status: c39
I had read the novel until it was chapter 39 and let me tell you, this novel is worth the time, even more than that. The characterization of the characters May be a bit flat in the beggining, but then as the story Goes, you realize that the characterization grow without you even realize it. The story had an interesting pattern, which will sway your emotions and feelings differently in each chapter. In the beggining, you will spend your time a lot with uke's thought, but eventually What's on the... more>> seme's mind, what he feels, etc. Will come clear to you without even changing the PoV. For me, it's a very amazing novel. <<less
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moon17lover rated it
November 19, 2022
Status: --v2c10
Sick and twisted novel, perfectly providing logic for a narcisst obssessed sad*st psycho who thinks he cant be killed under heaven and spineless moron in love with masochistic tendencies too, because how can you provide the logic to be with a guy who caused your mother death and broke your brother's legs, who abuses you regularly who has a scary face underneath just waiting for you to object or have free thoughts to think he " indulged " you very much and then proceeds to hit you or tye you... more>> to the bed and leave you or drug you, they never had an equal relationships, all their s*x life is based on a r*pe scenario happening over and over, and if something didnt go his own way he will act soo wronged like he is suffering of the world strongest curse since he was young he was always arrogant and doesnt has anyone in his heart, it is obvious his upbringing is shitty, while our guy lets not say anything he is just a mess, like for real ever found a lover more important than your family ? <<less
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Read for fun
Read for fun rated it
February 2, 2022
Status: Completed
Lanlin writing is awesome 👍

Angst lovers should read it

ML Lu Feng is an annoyingly sexy scum MC CHENG YI CHEN is cute baby like sincere character he is a 3d person with flesh and blood this novel portrays raw emotions well it is a tear jerker

There story starts with being roommate to puppy love to separation to teeanage love rejoice then misunderstanding followed by separation of 20 years then revenge (which Is pretty scummy) then finally some peace of life
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Milkshake rated it
September 26, 2020
Status: Completed
I read this novel cause I like it's movie but it is really disappointing and make me angry to both MC and ml. Thanks to that the movie change the plot. In movie, I really wanted them to get back together but in novel, I don't really want them to get together cause

... more>>

I think ML is really an a**hole. He is the kind of people who will love you when he see him but he forget you when he didn't see you. He really love MC when he is together with MC but he sleep with countless people when they far away. So what is point of he love?The worst is he didn't even wear a cond*m and had a child. He is really a lunatic. And the other fact is he abuse MC. He slap him, hit him and control him.



The fact I hate MC is that he is a undecided man (sry for bad english). Although his thought seem like reality, I really hate him for his unopen behaviour. It will hurt for both MC, ML and readers too.

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Cindi01 rated it
September 25, 2020
Status: Completed
This was my very first bl chinese novel and I got completely addicted to it and got pulled down the danmei hole.

The writing is really clear and goes with the flow. The way the author wrote the events and scenes was the reason I finished it. The characters.... well I have problems with you know the pushover MC and the abusive ML, but in the end all works out for them. Hey they got a HE, despite all that drama and trauma and I hung on for that too. The... more>> ending is really bittersweet but very cute at the same time. A interesting read if you ask me. <<less
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July 12, 2023
Status: --
This novel is absolutely mind-blowing!! I'm having complex feeling between loving and hating this at the same time.

The crazy plot twist and dark truth behind this seemly facade are absolutely twisted.

And the fact that, ... more>>

ML also have a SON!!

Tsk, you angry on MC marrying another when you yourself have a illegitimate one. (But I still love him hehehe)

also Ke Lou knows wayyy too much that he acts indifferent in sort of ABUSE.

Too much knowledge behind the scenes that he turn blind to everything like it didn't bother him.

Like he should know that his friend is suffering from some mental illness or his father is CRAZY but didn't say a thing at ALL like his trying to protect our scum ml.


the fact that, ML actions cause MC sons love story to turn into tragedy.



absolutely worst thing is that they're cousins...

but wasn't aware of it until later.


Then he saw his father's lover dragged his boyfriend but didn't stop him... Later on he got angry after seeing the video like- what do you expect.


So it's basically like this


ML r*ped MC sons lover. ML drugged, forced and taped MC to have s*x with MC sons lover



MC sons lover is his nephew


Even after knowing the truth, MC decided to stay with ml. <<less
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JoyBliv77 rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: Completed
This was one of the very first BL novel I had read and this novel still heavily imprint inside my mind. This was one of a kind romance that I can see why many people couldn't enjoy it. But to me this reading experience was painful, yet exciting. Definitely a roller coaster ride. I am so glad that it had an happy ending to it or else I'll be unable to reread this novel cause I hate tragic ending.

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Ppkk85 rated it
September 12, 2022
Status: Completed
The novel started out really good, then sad, then sweet, then crazy, then cruelty, then depressing, then finally bittersweet ending.

... more>>

The GOOD: Young love, started out as innocent friendship to adorable love.

The SAD: Separation, trying to move pass their first love.

The SWEET: Sweet reunion and making up for the lost years.

The CRAZY: MC married a women and hide away! Lost contact with the world! Oh and had a kid! Then decided to divorce her.

The CRUELTY: Reunion was not the sweet one this time around. ML punishes MC every possible way. Lock him up, r*pe, and shame him in front of MC's son! MC endured it because he feels that he owe it to ML and at the back of his head he kind of want to get back together.

The DEPRESSING: MC got shot into a comma. ML finally felt remorse and wants to start over new. When MC woke up, nothing can undone. ML can only stand by MC's side as a supportive friend.

The BITTERSWEET: MC's brother reunite. Wants to take him away from crazy ML. When they were really going to part they finally realized that no matter the past mistake and pain they've inflicted on each other in the past, they still loved each other and does not want to be separated.

That's basically the whole story. What I hate most is MC is a horrible father. Firstly you allow your ex lover to torture you and to have your son witness it all. I would off cut it off with ML and stopped his madness the very first video ML send to his son, but noooOOoo he let it continue. Then after his coma there's no mention of him keeping contact with his son at all.

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Nual rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: Completed
I love this author and read a lot of her books one of my favorite is about ML's son as lead male lead (the gong). I'm not much of a fan of this novel though. Because the ML is a bad person and very complicated character in my opinion. I don't think there's anything good about him except a few things. As for why he's a bad person I'll write it here in the spoiler.

... more>>

He lured MC in to sleeping with him even when the MC was a teenager and he completely ignored what the MC wants focusing on his own pleasure. I don't get how MC even falls for this dude. Seriously, he can do so much better but despite all of this they got together but at this time ML still has other s*x friends and these men would come and bother MC at their house (ML's mansion). Then he even has the audacity to bring one of his other lovers to live in the house they shared. That's just unacceptable. I'm glad the MC ran away. I don't care if the ML only loves him and does it to make MC jealous and give up. It's disgusting OK? I get he's oh so hot and so goddamn irresistible with success and money BUT he's still a slag gong. He did repent in the end but I think it's a little too late. It's a HE but I guess the damages ML does will still linger in MC's mind.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 11, 2021
Status: v4c5
I heard about the movie adaptation, but I enjoy reading more so I was going to read the manhua instead, except it only had 9 chapters. Finally, I found this novel. This was an intense roller coaster ride of emotions, full of excitement and agony. At the end of the day, I was just glad it had a happy ending. This was a very interesting story and I'm glad I read it. Great job, Author!
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saintwawa rated it
July 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I stumbled upon the movie adaption trailer on youtube first and discovered it was based on this novel.

Based on others' reviews on the differences in the plots, I decided to read the novel first then watch the movie. Good thing I did.

I feel that the ML is not to be blamed as he had suffered as much as the MC did. Let's just say both parties are at fault and it's not fair to blame only the ML. They loved each other so deeply and because of this deep love... more>> they got entangled in abusing each other emotionally.

The movie has an ambiguous ending but the novel gives proper closure.

Read the other novels in the Shared Universe too as there are some overlapping scenes from different POV.

P S. The MC and ML in the movie are such eye candies! And the bathtub scene! #Nosebleed <<less
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LelooChan rated it
July 18, 2023
Status: Completed
This novel os beyond your imagination, long time ago I watched the 2 movies read the manhua also the novel but it wasn't completely done

Now I reread it and damn all the feels just hit me hard

I'm happy that they eventually have their own kids and returned together all this agony heartbreaks...

Thanks for translating this novel
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