Pandora’s Box


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During his university days, Lin Jing was involved in a car accident that led to memory loss and a series of aftereffects, so he took a break from school and went abroad for treatment.

A few years later, he was asked to return to his home country to resume his studies. Following his father’s arrangements, he started living in the home of an older man named Cheng Yichen to receive care.

His life there wasn’t very pleasant at first. He grew up without a father’s love and the warmth of a family, but under this roof, he gradually experienced family, friendship, and even a longing for love.

The frivolous Lin Jing decided to start taking his life seriously, but in the process of doing so, he noticed something strange.

It seemed like everyone was deliberately hiding something from him.

What was hidden behind the warmth and peace?

The opportunity for the truth to surface is when Pandora’s Box is opened.

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