Pandora’s Box


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During his university days, Lin Jing was involved in a car accident that led to memory loss and a series of aftereffects, so he took a break from school and went abroad for treatment.

A few years later, he was asked to return to his home country to resume his studies. Following his father’s arrangements, he started living in the home of an older man named Cheng Yichen to receive care.

His life there wasn’t very pleasant at first. He grew up without a father’s love and the warmth of a family, but under this roof, he gradually experienced family, friendship, and even a longing for love.

The frivolous Lin Jing decided to start taking his life seriously, but in the process of doing so, he noticed something strange.

It seemed like everyone was deliberately hiding something from him.

What was hidden behind the warmth and peace?

The opportunity for the truth to surface is when Pandora’s Box is opened.

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jiang ying yue
jiang ying yue rated it
December 13, 2022
Status: Completed
To be honest, I don't know what to rate this.

When I first picked this up, I didn't realize it was the sequel to one of my favorite stories I read last year, nowhere to be found, and when I realized it was the sequel I was excited. Reading this was a mix of very complex emotions. The emotional turmoil I felt was very strong and I was very often morally conflicted with many characters. There were points where I felt I wanted to drop the story because how heavy everything... more>> felt.

This is not a story for the lighthearted, and I really do recommend reading the prequel first although it is very depressing. The start of this story may seem light hearted at first, but it will get darker over time.

I really wish I could hug the MC and tell him he doesn't deserve any of the suffering he felt. The suffering and trauma that the MC went through is just heartbreaking, and the fact that he somehow manages to forgive the perpetrator is very heartbreaking. If I could be honest, I cant't hate everyone fully either since I have read their novel too and I know how much suffering they went through as well.

Lin jing is a very strong person, but he is very vulnerable inside. He is kind and playful, and seeing how the truth crushes him is heart wrenching. I could feel my heart drop to my stomach when he finds out everything.


I felt relieved when he ran away for awhile to find peace for himself and heal the scars from his trauma.


Onto the ML, zhou wenyang. I don't know what to feel about him, I love and yet dislike him at the same time and I feel as if he doesn't deserve MC, yet I'm also happy he manages to get with MC after all the pain they go through. His love for MC is so big and I'm happy that I know he will never let MC suffer again.

I do find the ending a bit lackluster and I wish we had more happy and romantic scenes between MC and ML. The ending is very bittersweet.


it ends with lu feng saying he's sorry to cheng yi chen that he (cyc) has to meet him in this lifetime, but he will never let him go as he will break if he leaves him. (They are from a round trip to love and the cause of most of Lin Jing's suffering.)


I'm glad that at the end, I know that Lin jing will never have to suffer again, and he will always be showered with love from everyone around him. <<less
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PearlySkies rated it
September 1, 2023
Status: Completed
I adore this series more than I can explain. It is what's keeping me from going over the edge. Something about it just itches a part of my brain nothing else has in a very long time.
Nowhere to be found is my favorite of all of Lan Lin's novels and Lin Jing is my favorite character so this was such a treat to read. The drama is on point. The characters are so complex and interesting. And the writing is simplistic but very good. The quality does vary between... more>> novels but Love Late, Nowhere to be Found, and Pandora's Box are probably the best. <<less
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Blackrain76 rated it
June 25, 2023
Status: Completed
I really love this story. I feel sorry for everyone except lu feng. I felt so sad for lin jing. He was r*ped three time first by lu feng, second by chen yi cheng and lastly by his crush zhuo wenyang. But I can't hate chen yi cheng and zhuo wenyang I felt happy that they filled lin jing later life with love. Lin jing misery started by lu feng
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wuliao23 rated it
November 15, 2023
Status: Completed
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars

This novel took me on an intense roller coaster ride of emotions, but I don't regret reading it at all. This is probably one of my favourite novels.

Before reading this novel, I HIGHLY recommend reading the 2 prequels, A Round Trip To Love, and Nowhere to be Found (also in that order). ARTL focuses on Cheng Yichen and Lu Feng. NTBF focuses on Lin Jing and Zhou Wenyuan and NTBF is basically LJ&ZWY's past before LJ had amnesia. I stress to read these 2 novels before starting Pandora's... more>> Box because it will help you understand (although maybe not forgive) the actions behind some characters. One thing to take note of is part of volume 4 and all of volume 5 in ARTL have not been translated but you can choose to MTL. I didn't MTL and filled in the gaps myself after reading volume 6. Although 2 volumes were not translated, it does not take away the story for me (also because in those two volumes

there is a switch of POV to a supporting character so it feels like Cheng Yichen disappeared then reappeared in Vol 6


Although in Pandora's Box, it mainly focuses on Lin Jing, Cheng Yichen is also an important supporting character here as well. Both of these characters honestly went through so much mentally and physically and I just wish they can enjoy the rest of their lives 😭😭. I'm really glad this novel was HE because I would not be able to go through all this heartbreak if it was BE.

Another thing I like about this novel is the pacing. Before Lin Jing recovered his memories, although everything is very happy and feels warm, you know it is the calm before the storm. Once he recovered his memory, sh-t went down. From the beginning to end, I like how you can see the change in Lin Jing (whether it is good or bad). I'm not sure if change is the right word, but basically I like how we read things in Lin Jing's view and understand his perspective (but once again, my heart also breaks for Cheng Yichen😭).

One more thing I love about this novel (& could be about the series in general as well) is that although you might not agree with what a character does, you can understand it. Because

thanks to Lu Feng

, multiple ppl are put in a difficult situation and there's really no "right" way to act without hurting others or themself. Other times in the story, you might think, "if they communicated, this could be solved" but given their circumstance, it is not easy at all to take the first step (especially when one person is in a disadvantaged position). And if they don't open your heart to that person, even if they communicated, it might not help the situation but make themselves even more vulnerable. Overall, I'd definitely recommend reading this novel IF you read the 2 prequels, you like angst (with HE) and you can tolerate immoral/illegal behaviour (if you are sensitive to any of the tags, I don't recommend this series because the triggers could be quite severe). Also, I would especially recommend A Round Trip To Love if you've read one of the novels in the 188 series which is

Sissy. Both of the MCs deserve so much love and are very pitiful but the MLs are both incredibly scum gongs.

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Bee Bee
Bee Bee rated it
November 8, 2023
Status: Completed
Surprised me how much I enjoyed this one. It wasn’t rushed. I haven’t read all the other related books (but had a general understanding). Definitely recommend.
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