Love Late


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Lee Mo Yan, known as “Lee”, an elite of the legal world who is approaching his forties, had worked hard to pave the way to get to where he was. However, all that he worked for vanished into thin air when a political scandal broke out involving a politician he backed and when his lover dumped him. Finding himself in a worrisome situation, Lee received an unexpected invitation from an upperclassman from his past.

Upon returning to T City to become an office worker after living in Los Angeles, he encountered Ke Luo, the boy who had left him without saying farewell. Pretending it was nothing, he continued to live frivolously. That is, until he fell apart after realizing that he was a substitute for someone else…

Could this sadness be love arriving a little too late?

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Chi Ai
Trì Ái
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Gluttony rated it
July 4, 2017
Status: v2c20 part2
It's hard to describe this novel. I know a lot of people may have avoided it due to the relatively low rating--and to be honest it's very justified-- but I feel like it doesn't really capture the novel's essence but the reader's feelings. The MC is weak, cowardly, self destructive and all in all quite unlikeable. And those very qualities are what make him an incredibly relatable human because let's face it we're all a little ugly inside.

This novel is a wild ride about complex relationships, complex feelings and ultimately,... more>> self growth on the MC's behalf (and us readers thank freaking God for it). Because of the ugly reality of the MC's personality this may be unpleasant to read at times, but it will always be engaging and powerful even in those moments. I love the MC because he is human and I feel like others should give this a chance. <<less
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Treehorn rated it
October 30, 2018
Status: Completed
When I started reading, I knew this wasn't going to be a run of the mill fluffy cute story with a supple, young and flawless MC that looks like a delicate flower. Lee MoYan is an adult. An adult who is flawed and makes stupid mistakes. But he also has a big heart that he hides beneath a layer of jerk. He tries to act tough during his weakest moments and even if he sometimes fails (ok, a lot of times), I still admire his courage and will to go... more>> on. His relationship with the ML is complicated and I admired Lee when he decided to distance himself and actively attempt to move on when he knew he needed to. The story is technically a serious one but has a lot of funny moments especially when the MC gets awkward and fumbles.

Lee and Ke Luo's sizzling chemistry jumped off the page and kudos to the translators for portraying that perfectly.

Honestly, I don't know why there are even any negative reviews. Maybe they're from those who expected a light fluffy story with perfect characters and perfect relationships. There is a LOT of fluff and an amazing HEA but the journey there was not easy. Definitely one of the best danmeis I've read. <<less
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Lola2018 rated it
November 3, 2018
Status: Completed
It was a great story of heartache and love, a bittersweet journey to get a happy ending. Lee isnt your typical MC, he is not afraid to go for the man he wants and knows when to retreat. There were some chapters I couldnt read so much it hurt and some where I just laughed outloud. I enjoyed the book so much and just wanted to know more of the story afterwards. The ML is a jerk throughout the story but he is himself hurt when he first met our... more>> MC so you will understand where he is coming from but still feel like cursing him out.

Anyways, I still wish he could have explained himself more especially towards the later chapters but well I am happy enough that our MC trust that he doesnt need a detailed confession from him and that all that matters is that they are togerher at last.

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shad1234go rated it
January 23, 2019
Status: Completed
This was actually a great read. It showed the flaws of the characters and how they learn to move with it. Kind of like how all of us are, where we have a bad moment in life or sometimes when we make a wrong decision and regret it. The flawed character were amazingly written for both MC and ml. Definitely recommend it.
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nekomemeow rated it
September 20, 2019
Status: Completed
im gonna be honest..... I was a little dubious when I saw a lot of reviews saying that the MC is a a realistic character but man.... they're right and I can actually relate to every decision he made 98% (maybe i'll make even more mistake than he did lmao) but really, this novel has put me in such a wild roller coaster ride. most of the time I feel like crying for the MC and next I feel like I want to pull him into a hug and coax... more>> him like a little child HAHAHA MAN....... this is the first time... the first time in my life that ive grown a softest spot for an MC.... come!!! let go round for a group hug!!!!!!!!!!

give this novel a try!! Thank you so much for the translator for the amazing translation!!!! <<less
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joun rated it
August 3, 2019
Status: epilogue
I'am still reading but I was chocked by how well writed this novel is. It's not a sappy sad story (the angsty way, well it's tragedy-free) but you can feel all the emotions, and beyond, of the MC. I was so touched that I already cried a couple of time. The MC is really likeable and pitiful. I am already a fan of the author, this golden pen.

After finishig it, I can say one more thing : this novel is th kind where the author love to torture the MC's... more>> heart. I cried so much that I can hide it !!! <<less
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RoseAmethyst remembrance
RoseAmethyst remembrance rated it
July 10, 2019
Status: epilogue
Featuring couples from many of Lan Lin's (the author) past works, this novel is a spin-off of <<Uncontrolled Love >> which has been adapted into a movie. This novel starts basically right after <<Uncontrolled Love>> ends and the minor character from that novel, Ke Luo, is the deuteragonist of this novel.

This novel is much more light hearted than Uncontrolled Love which was filled with angst all the way...

I love how comical and down-to-earth the relationships are in this novel. Lee Mo Yan and Ke Luo has such a great chemistry... more>> and they're so cute despite the age dynamic. It's funny how the relationship dynamic between Lee Mo Yan and Ke Luo changes in and out of bed. In bed, Ke Luo is dominating and unrelenting (which makes LMY feel indignant because he's older, lol), but afterwards, he becomes such a lovable and bashful white lotus.

he interactions are very realistic and it's not like watching some cliche drama.

At age 39, Lee Mo Yan is very pragmatic and has pessimistic view of life due to his failed relationships. When he has someone he cares about, he can be extremely selfless and loyal. But when relationships goes haywire, he would indulge on self-destructive habits (sex, drugs, smoking, etc) and wouldn't hesitate to backstab them. In the more light-hearted moments, he's really playful and hot-tempered which contrasts nicely with Ke Luo's shyness and caring personality.

Here's the order of all the novels and the couples.


<<A Round Trip to Love >>- Lu Feng and Cheng Yi Chen

<<Uncontrolled Love>> - Shi Nian and Xie Yan

<<Love Late>> - Lee Mo Yan and Ke Luo

<<Nowhere to be Found>> - Lin Jing and Zhou WenYang


There's a really interesting relationship between the characters across all the novels. It's kind of hilarious.


Lu Feng is Ke Luo's dad.

Cheng Yi Chen is Zhou Wen Yang's dad.

Shi Nian is Lee Mo Yan's younger brother.

Lee Mo Yan and Lin Jing are ex lovers.

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Hilyantomi rated it
August 9, 2019
Status: epilogue
You can say that it is a very good bedtime story, but you can't say that it's a memorable one. Just like every other 5 * reviews have written, the story does indeed really reflect a complex relationship with the human sentiments of the MC which are a big-shot to the readers' feeling of the story.

The plot is generally well written, but the big problem right here is that there is nothing special about it. Still I'd recommend the novel as a very light "sadomasochism" (the term in the Asian... more>> language means more of a psychological " maltreatment" but I don't know the word :/) <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
July 9, 2019
Status: --
A good read. A roller coaster ride of emotions while reading.

... more>>

tho the MC claims to be a top in the beginning, he behaves like a total shou!!! He doesnt have that "aura of a gong" and ML is a total jerk!!
Honestly, I think the author is a sadist!! He always makes it hard for MC. Failing in business, love and almost dying. What a shitty luck. Why do MC always have to suffer and ML only needs to be "heartbroken with SN" and thats it. While our MC is being miserable, ML is just sulking because of his failed love. So unfair!!

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