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It’s the beginning of the Apocalypse, and zombies are running rampant over the Earth.

Bai Jing brought his space dimension with him when he was reborn.

A lousy man becomes a loyal lover.

Hidden dimension, check. Food supplies, check. Golden finger, check.

Next, I’m not good at introductions, so please forgive me.

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Back to the Apocalypse: The Rebirth of Bai Jing
Mạt Thế Trọng Sinh Chi Thiếu Gia
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New Peerless43 rated it
June 3, 2024
Status: --
I really enjoyed reading it!, Although it was not "thrilling", the plot was not boring with a lot of ploy.

Secondary characters were really interesting. I really liked the fact that most of them have complex personality, even the enemies somehow, there was not "black" or "white" personalities, but only human who want to survive and use their abilities to do so. The MC is not overly "leveled up", I mean, basically when there is a reborn story, the MC are too OP. But in this story the MC is OP,... more>> yes, but he does level up based on his own strength and knowledge and adapt quickly to changement. And maybe the MC is a little bit too OP thanks to his ability but it was not annoying to the point that I wanted to quit reading it because everything goes so easily (sometimes novels with OP characters make me feel that way)

oh and the 3th extra was so cute x)

I don't know what to add so I with finish this clumsy review.. ^^¡ <<less
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dona rated it
January 26, 2019
Status: c56
i was really hesitating between giving 3 or 4 stars. It's still quite early but I feel disappointed how the MC awesomeness, his rough temperament, his arrogance and ability got downplayed and didn't last long when ML appeared. What I loved at the beginning was how our MC didn't care about anyone, was feared and respected. Basically nobody could touch him. But after 30 chapters or so that cruel hearted young master started leaning on ML more and more and became quite. What pisses me off is the degrading words... more>> the ML uses for MC. "Wife", "sister in law", and the worst; "little kitten".

Point is that I felt it was a shame how MC was no longer as powerful and decisive after ML appeared. Makes me almost hate ML and how they 'cuddle' in front of others which just serves to place MC as a tamed rabbit. And now he's completely depended on ML.

Edit: after 75 chapters I can honestly say this deserves no more than 2 stars. MC has completely lost his balls and asks ML for permission for EVERYTHING. Don´t get me wrong, if you like cute tsundere MC then I´m sure you´ll enjoy this novel but I felt disappointed and cheated since Jing was introduced as an alpha time bomb but after losing his arrogance and power, he´s grown into an annoying, shortsighted, ignorant, pampered little master and gets fondled into ML´s palms everyday like a precious gem. This is the apocalypse after all, and I wanted a badass MC so so badly. sigh.... such wasted potential <<less
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caffeinefocus rated it
April 4, 2017
Status: c12
I love love LOVE this. Only 12 available chapters and I'm already loving the characters and pairings-- Bai Jing and Xiao Sa, Wang Xuebing and Cao Le. I never thought I'd find a very promising zombie apocalypse, time leap to the past, psychic thingamajigs, and YAOI. *Dreamy sigh* Be still my heart.


The lead is someone who died during a future filled with advanced zombies and mutated animals after experiencing the pain of betrayal, which is also somewhat brought about by his previous actions and behavior. Just when he thought that it's the end, he wakes up and finds himself back a year before the tragedy struck. He used to be an arrogant, rich young Master, but is also the spoiled illegitimate son of a politician whose wife has connections with the military.

Aside from returning to the past, he awakens an ability, a mutated space dimension in his mind that can be controlled with psychic powers or something-- and an obsession with Xiao Sa, someone who has saved him and helped him a lot to learn how to survive in the disorder of the apocalypse. Xiao Sa seems to have some feelings for him which the MC failed to realize nor appreciated in his previous life. Even after going back to the past, he still isn't aware of his own feelings for the guy, though his preparation seemed to be centered all for Xiao Sa (he wanted to take care of cows in his space so that Xiao Sa will have some beef to eat when the apocalypse comes. Or hoarding clothes of different styles which are mostly Xiao Sa's sizes. I thought that was sweet.)

Bai Jing is over-the-top with his preparations but then, he is preparing for a zombie apocalypse. His obsession with Xiao Sa is also pretty tame compared to Sangjin (?) 's obsession to be Hansoo's" friend" in Reincarnator (totally shipping them) but it's still giving the story darker tones like Kill the Lights vibes.


I'm very excited for the next chapters.
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LIght Novel San
LIght Novel San rated it
October 16, 2017
Status: c38
I'm happy to read this novel after the Dominion's End?????


Yup! Just like Dominion's End, and many more ! BUT what I like about this kind of Novel is that they have the same theme but it differs on the plot!

I just hope that if something Apocalyptic happens to this world then I would first like to have space ring that only I could access and I will fill it with lots and lots of food then before the Apocalypse happens I would to know it before 1... more>> year so that I can prepare like training some shooting and also my body. I also want to have superpowers like umm... strong ice magic?! Then, build my house to be bulletproof and a fortress.

Then, I will get ready to seclude myself!

But that would be better if I'm with my family. <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
August 9, 2019
Status: c14
Do you have novels which you read and want to say - NOPE?

That's exactly this one.

MC is a nutjob. If savageness of MC is portrayed by him killing innocent people off the bat, I'll pass. I can't go on and pretend that this s*upid sh*t didn't happen. Unless the translation is wrong, but I tried to re-read the part two times and suddenly out of nowhere he shoots one person, then another one in the chest and a third one in the head. Savage doesn't mean inadequate. I can even... more>> close my eyes on the whole sons of politicians are untouchable, but what irks me is his own reasoning for doing this. And that part makes me drop this kiddy writing. Don't want to know what happens to this crazy princess and don't be deceived by ppl who recommend it, this is BS.

A side-note of boring stuff all apocalypse authors use, including this one:

  • MC conveniently rich, goes around and buys stuff all day long. NO ONE think it's strange;
  • MC's character took a drastic turn, everyone accepted it like no biggie. Like f*ck whatever;
  • The dumb stuff of these novels is - machinery, even if it stayed untouched, won't be broken down, the only thing that might happen is rusting, but even if few engineers survive they can bring it back to work, so making MC into some big brain, I don't buy it;
  • Apocalypse novels often take actions of game characters, the easiest loot is indeed in town, but authorities will firstly have crops prepared in bases, secondly will aim for strategically important objects, thirdly will aim for factories' storage due to large quantities, next the most basic place to hide are not open-air bases, but bunkers. But who cares we're in novel apocalypse now.
I have a feeling that some of these authors are high schoolers that don't know life yet and write nonsense. <<less
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mirutranslations rated it
January 21, 2019
Status: Completed
Cute story of a reborn young master who becomes OP because of his knowledge and powers carried over from his life before rebirth. MC and ML's interactions are extremely sweet. Unlike rebirth stories with female protagonists (from waste to genius), this one doesn't have the cliche of revenge on everybody who did MC wrong in the previous life, even if they didn't do anything to him yet. MC (and ML, for that matter), only deal with people who act against them first. Of course, the people who wronged him in... more>> his last lifetime still end up doing things that lead them on the path of no return.

Romance is slower, as MC and ML only meet in the story, I believe, in like chapter 24 or 25, and have sexy time probably when the chapters were in their 70's, or 80's. It's more plot-based on how different MC makes his life with ML in this lifetime, instead of the last (where ML dies to save MC, and MC dies after years being a test subject in a research facility). But their relationship makes a lot more sense than fast BLs, as it progresses from ML chasing after MC, explaining ML's obsession with MC in the first lifetime, and how they go from strangers to lovers.

Basically, reading this novel will not waste your time. It's definitely an amazing read that everybody who loves a feel-good novel will enjoy. But also, don't expect things to make sense all of the time (where do MC's cheats come from? What happens to these people who the author gave complicated backstories to, but never finished writing their endings? Wait- so after all the time that MC spent agonizing over telling ML about being reborn and their relationship in his last lifetime, this never got brought up again?). At times it reads like a zombie apocalypse novel, at times it reads like a xianxia novel, and at other times it reads like a cute BL novel.

Also, on a side note, just letting everyone know why the novel seems to have been cut short so abruptly (no resolution with evil stepmother and father, no extra that shows MC and ML's future, didn't elaborate on what's so special about the meteorites, some loose ends) -- the author's father apparently got colon cancer, and she quit her main job to take care of him. I don't know if that's a contributing factor or not, but it might be part of the reason why she ended the series like this. But I'm not sure either, as she managed to fit in a really cute extra about the little zombie that ends up following MC! (I wanted to read more about the zombies, as that seemed like an extremely interesting part that ended up being ignored). It feels like there was so much more that she could have written for this novel, and I would have enjoyed it all. Or maybe, I feel this way because I wanted it to be longer so I could read more of it! It was just that enjoyable to read.

Props to xiin for picking this up at Isohungry-- I was looking for this novel so I could read it again. Thank you for reminding me of the novel's name! <<less
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MadCC rated it
January 5, 2020
Status: Completed
Not much happened, in fact so little actually happened in this book that I was completely blindsided by the ending.

In my mind there was no way it could possibly be finished, but it was.

... more>>

First big action: MC runs around and preps for the world end

Second big action: MC and ML both meet. The apocalypse start and they travel to a prison where they can build their base.

Third big action: MC and ML after a quick cleanup of the prison, leave their base and go to fight some people, meet more people, go to the capital, destroy the zhou family and come back to their base/city.


The end, nothing else, nothing about the development of their base, overcoming difficulties, nothing.

Some of the stuff the author hinted at the start was never explained or expanded upon. The author also had a tendency to drag out for like 4/5 chapters unimportant stuff and that just cancelled most of the action.

The side characters were forgettable, and the personalities/romance of the MC and ML weren't good enough to save the plot.

Translation: 1/1

Plot: 0, 5/2

Characters: 0, 5/2 <<less
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Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby rated it
October 16, 2019
Status: c133
Bland. The MC is bland. The ML is bland. The romance is bland. The relationships are bland. The side-characters are bland. The world-building is bland. The zombies are bland. The plot is bland. Everything is just bland.

Good for whiling away time, I suppose.
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Flying Jade
Flying Jade rated it
July 5, 2019
Status: Completed
I was mentally exhausted after reading 25 chapters. The idea is good, the energy is good, the writing style is good but the execution is too poor. It lacked a hint of realism that convinces the readers that the MC is smart or he is doing the right thing. It smelled too much of childish fervor.

... more>>

It starts off well. After the MC wakes up with his hidden dimension, he wants to stock up and prepare for the apocalypse. Perfectly understandable since he knows his influence is not enough to change the future, he can only guarantee himself. What goes wrong after here is how he goes about it. To an average reborn citizen, running back and forth between small markets and cities is good plot development, for a rich young master with money to burn, it isn't. Especially when said young master can boast he can use his father's name to stock up on guns and even knows the police commissioner of a city he travels to. Running about buying one duck here, one fowl here, one this here makes no sense. He could simply have said he wanted to start an agric project or something to throw off suspicion and contacted wholesalers in different cities to satisfy his demands. The way he did things were even more attention grabbing to a young master's family. I'm surprised no one asked him whether the young master had gone mad especially since bodyguard s ideally are supposed to report the actions of their ward (mc) to their employer (MC's father)

Secondly, he had no designated plan on what to buy, when to buy, when to store, in what order to buy etc. He just wandered around and shopped as he wanted.

He lacks a general interest in how and why the apocalypse occured, the progress researchers made in the future, known zombie weaknesses, known future safehouses and towns, known supply routes. Overall at chapter 25, he lacked a general ambition to exert some measure of influence during the apocalypse and possibly bring it to a close. At ch, 25. I gave it 2 stars


After a break I picked it up again and the story actually evolved into a simulating apocalypse novel, I was glad I went back to it.

The romance wasn't as plain as paper the closer it got to the apocalypse. The best part was the Gong ML let the MC be independent and badass as usual, learning gradually not to treat the MC like porcelain.

The second best part was that when the MC and ML finally admitted to being on a relationship, they didn't seal the deal with a home run (like almost every single BL novel I've ever read does). The MC takes his sweet time deepening their relationship and paying attention to life-saving activities. The MC grows in a certain way: he shifts from providing just for imself to including his partner, then the circle of important people around them and gravitates towards a bigger picture.

Upside: the MC does not have a must-become-the-saviour mentality. He knows starting with too many people will hinder him so he grows slowly. He knows to survive he has to step on the gas and leave the strangers chased by zombies on the roadside, including women and children, behind. But he accepts ability, uplifts loyalty and is prudent to strangers but generous to his party. It's quite appreciated to see a protagonist that understands the golden rule of wealth without power to back it (especially in an apocalypse) is big trouble.

Downside: the MC has not gotten over the sting of continuous betrayal in his past life. When he meets an opponent who smartly realizes he is much stronger or resource-filled, and said opponent smartly tries to back down politely with a smile, hug his coattails or probe inquisitively, he scorns them, ALWAYS. He looks down on others struggling to survive by all means forgetting he wasn't so lucky in his past life. And because he was hetrayed in his past, (he believes) everyone that appoaches them must have a scheming heart. In fact, 99% of the people they encounter are written as devious, jealous, scum-of-the-earth folks. Sometimes the MC even goes out of his way to taunt the desperate people with his show of resources, as if to prove they are all dark. <<less
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wicketginger rated it
September 5, 2019
Status: Completed
Spoilers below. I don't know how to make those text boxes so I'll just put this at the top now.

Welp, this ended up being disappointing. I was already finding it to be an ok read but that second extra, 132, turned me off. If they were going to wrap it up so quickly, then give me a glimpse of jing sa years later all prosperous. Don't leave me with this image of an over packed slum that you're eventually going to make better. I figured the last extra was... more>> going to give me that but then it was just a zombies perspective. I felt really let down. Little jing upset me every time Xiao sa wanted to be intimate. He was angry before it started and after. He acted like it was some war to win or lose and if they had s*x, then he lost and threw a fit. I felt bad for Xiao sa having to basically come up with sneaky ways and excuses just to be intimate with his lover and then be treated like a bad guy after the fact. A real turn off. There was also only a few moments which didn't even happen until have chapter 80 and they were either fade to black, not that descriptive, or the crabs got to them.
I liked the body guards relationship better. I liked any of the other relationships better than the main couple. Also, I never understood why he went to the capital. To help his dad gain power? He was free of his dad by that point with his own city and everything. Why the heck did he go help his dad then?
It could have been better. It seemed like it would be better but then it just never got there.
Read thrive in catastrophe. It's soooooo good. The story is great, the characters are great, the s*x is great, the main couple is great. There really isn't anything to complain about with tic. Maybe it gets a little too into the science but that didn't bother me in the least. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Blisfulloblivion rated it
May 1, 2017
Status: --
So far this story seems promising. While its tagged as yaoi there's almost no signs of it 10 chapters in. The MC doesn't even seem Romanticly inclined. Just feels guilt and acknowledges that he was an ungrateful bastard and that he really was treated well. With the history given it seems logical. The story focuses the upcomming apocolypse and building the protagonist character. The MC is a bit unique. Originaly a typical entitled, rich daddy's boy with some underlying insecurities that drove him to seek attention. After returning from the... more>> apocolypse he's now a bitter, disalusioned to the schemes of others. The author uses the MC's inner dialogue disparaging his old self to set up and describe the current situation while also building his character. It's interesting and does both at once without dragging on.

Translation is a but rough but acceptable. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
iyok rated it
February 6, 2019
Status: c48
Dropped at chapter 48. It was so good until the apocalypse started and the MC started acting all b*tchyb*tchy. I have become so annoyed with him that the interesting setting isn't enough to keep me interested any more.

All the translators did a good job. Thank you for the ride.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SilverChild rated it
March 5, 2023
Status: c61
I want to like this novel, (because I love apocalypse novels and it's hard to find them). I did enjoy it in the beginning but the ML is pissing me off and so is the author in general.

ML is actually terrible:

There is actually no reason for the MC to like the ML other than the fact that he took care of him in the apocalypse in his previous life. If you can forgive the fact that he also raped him countless times in the previous life as well.

The MC must have developed Stockholm syndrome because he hated the guy until he died and was then sold to a research institute. After that he realized that he had it better with the ML and that he "took care of him" as in fed, clothed. And protected him while raping him of course. We later find out that the MC had saved the ML life which is why the ML was was obsessed and protected him. But that can also be attributed the MC being extremely attractive.

If he wanted the MC to act nicer to him and maybe eventually accept him even though HE WASN'T GAY he could have told him that he was grateful to the MC for saving his life and wanted to protect him. But no he acted domineeringly and tormented the MC and r*ped him. The ML is lowkey tr*sh because if you like someone use your logic and reasoning to treat them well and convince them instead of forcing them.

I guess I should blame this on the author?


The MC was badass until he wasn't:

In the beginning the MC went back into the past so he was able to prepare for the apocalypse that was coming in a year. He started preparing and stocking up his storage space with everything that could be useful. He doesn't let anyone play him and does not act like an idiot. He knows how to fight and is strong even though he looks weak.

After the apocalypse starts somewhere around ch 50 all of a sudden he can't figure out what the ML and the MC's subordinate are talking about. The sentence talks about how it's nice talking to smart people since they understand but the MC is obviously no longer included in this since he's so confused. The ML later says or remarks mentally that the MC shouldn't worry about thinking since his type is best suited to just doing as they please brainlessly.

Also from the beginning the MC had been kicking a**, like he was beating up everyone and face slapping like crazy. He came out on top each time. Everyone was always amazed at his skills. Next thing you know the ML who we had been fighting side by side with the whole time starts being put above the MC. It's pretty subtle but because I like the MC more than the ML I was sensitive to they way the author began switching it up.

The MC would be fighting and holding his own next thing you know the ML comes flying in and it says he is way more flexible and agile than the MC. Now that could be attributed to the ML being a triad member so he fights often, BUT him being triad doesn't mean he would be more agile. Him and his people are always described as rough folks so him suddenly being more agile than the MC who is actually lithe and has his psychic powers to aid his reflexes was weird. Before that it would say they were on the same level but then it started elevating the ML over the MC. The MC wanted to be able to stand on his own in the apocalypse so the switch irritated me since they were trying to make it seem as if the MC needed the ML to live well when he had been doing fine on his own.

Later it also started referring to the MC as lazy and so he would just let the ML handle things but it seemed out of character for the MC since before that he would be the one taking charge AND everyone would refer to him as the real leader. Even the ML's people would say that but then it changed.

Treating the MC as if he is a woman:

One thing I absolutely loathe about BL is when people act like the MC is a woman and call them "wife" or "sister-in-law" or any other title reserved for a woman in a relationship with a man. The MC does not act like a woman and is adamant about the fact that he is a man so why the hell do they start calling him sister-in-law? It's like people (authors and readers) don't see these characters in BLs as actual men if they are on the "bottom" in the relationship. You don't see them as men so you refer to them as you would a woman because you also want to be in that MAN's shoes.

Why not just write BG novels if that was the case? Please remember that those MEN that you fetishized are freaking MEN.

This kind of attitude is highkey problematic and extremely insulting for gay guys. Just because you are confused about the fact that they still consider themselves a Man doesn't mean they are. I don't read GL but do they refer to the more dominant or traditionally masculine one as husband? Why do they have to change who they are just because the role they take isn't a domineering one?

This way of thinking probably is a result of women who fetishize gay men and their relationships. I doubt men, even if they are gay, are so eager to emasculate themselves.

Also, I am able to get passed the "wife" talk sometimes like when I read the Legendary Master's Wife. The difference is XiaoMo was lowkey a coward and just followed the ML's lead. In this story the MC is portrayed as a badass which makes it even more uncomfortable when they try to take away the fact that he's a man by referring to him as wife or sister—in- law.

Not to mention the MC does not like being called like that. He always shoes anger and dissatisfaction when the ML or the ML subordinates refer to him as the ML's wife or their sister-in-law. If the MC is always visibly angry when spoken to like that and literally attacks the subordinates that do that, why continue to do so?


What prompted me to come and rant:

The MC went into a coma for 5 days because he put crystal nuclei into his dimension which resulted in him leveling up. The MC didn't know that would happen since he thought that the only way for him to level up was through using Jade. The ML was panicking because the MC was oozing out the toxins in his body in the form of really dark blood. Even though he looked bad the MC was fine and didn't need any help but the ML went crazy. He went and killed all of the people in the military base that had ambushed them. Even killing the captives in the base that had nothing to do with the ambush. The novel specifically said he did not care about any of their lives and was just mu*dering because he was so angry.

When the MC woke up the ML tried to have s*x with him. That pissed me off because if you thought your significant other was in such a terrible condition why would the first thing you do when they woke up be to rip their clothes off and try to sleep with them? Shouldn't you be more worried about their condition? After the MC resisted since by that time they had only kissed and the MC had been reluctant to fully accept the ML because the ML is always so rough and pe*verted the MC wanted to teach the ML to respect and treat him like a lover instead of how he treated him in the previous life. The ML left, angry again all of a sudden. The MC went out and greeted everyone and some people were mad at him.

Why the hell are they mad at him??? They don't know what happened they just saw the MC in a bad state and their first reaction is to be mad and blame him? Why would he do anything to hurt himself? They act like they don't know him or something.

Anyways the ML comes and is all domineering and angry and tells the MC to follow him so they can talk. The MC feels bad because he made the ML worry so he's acting all meek. The ML is all angry and blaming the MC. The MC was ready to accept a scolding but when he saw the ML was acting like the MC was at fault he was like "WTF what did I do?" The ML got even more furious and started SPANKING the MC. -_-

The MC gets extremely angry, rightfully so because that is literally disgusting. Personally I would have dumped and ditched the ML then and there. The disrespect was insane. The fact that he thought it was okay to do and actually did it blew my mind.

The MC yells at him to stop and struggles to get away from the ML and calls him a "damned f*g." In the past life the MC hated the ML who r*ped him even though he was straight and hated him since he was very abusive towards him. In the past life the MC would often insult the ML in that way because of him raping him so when the ML started smacking him the that insult slipped out.

After that the ML was angry because "he had been pouring his heart out to the MC" (which never freaking happened) and because the MC felt guilty for calling him that the MC was acting meek and giving in to the ML and they made up.

I also want to mention that the MC had literally complained to the ML (when the ML was like you're my wife🤢) The MC was like "how are we lovers if you have never even said you liked me? Were you pursuing me? How come I couldn't see it?"

So the ML has never "poured his heart out" to the MC. He just hovers around him and is very forward and pushy. He doesn't act like he actually likes him he just acts like he wants to sleep with him.


MC being morally reprehensible is not a problem for me:


I have no problem with an MC having dubious morals but to go from being someone that kicks ass and is badass to a lazy-feminized-useless guy, is unacceptable for me. I don't like weak female characters and I don't like weak shous in BLs. It is very hard to read a story when the MC is weak and let's people use and abuse them with no consequences.

On a side note, we need more seme-protagonist BLs


As I wrote this review I realized how much I don't like the ML and can't stand their relationship. I don't know if I can continue this novel even though I really want to. Too many things are pissing me off and I don't see it getting better.

[Edit]: This story really had me ranting about BLs, I was so irritated lol
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clxndestinely rated it
July 25, 2020
Status: c34
I entered for the promising story (should've trusted the reviews, dang) and stayed for the translators.

For one, MC often spends pages of effort rambling about trustworthiness, hate, love, relationships, ML, guilt, ML, his dad, his mum, his dad, his dad, his richness, trustworthiness, hate, love relationships, recalls ML again. I can't tell what's worse: the repetitive/incessant rambling or the complete absence of show-not-tell. MC completely disdains anyone who didn't die for him, is said to be some forgiving/understanding guy with intense filters. His Karen-style (quarantine, anyone?) shopping-sprees aren't noticed by,... more>> like, anyone. I get that he's rich, but how come no one monitors his spendings? Why do his bodyguards not feel concerned by his change in attitude? Why does ML have a completely different personality from what MC tells us just because he acts less arrogant? Why did we need to be directly told that the bodyguards are lovers? Him coming out to them was utterly unnecessary, in my opinion. There are other issues, such as MC's little mass-mu*der in the shady gay bar. Firstly, why are they all acting scared? Secondly, why the hell is MC even killing a bunch of people for no apparent reason? We'll never know.

On the other hand, I do quite like the MC slowly developing his spiritual powers and stocking up. There's also the ambiguous relationship that MC and ML have been holding up, though we don't get to see much of that (most of the chapters are MC rambling).

Overall, I probably haven't read enough of this for the right to judge, but I immensely dislike it. The concept is ruined by a contradictory and unlikeable MC who makes no sense whatsoever. There's waaaaaayyyyy too much word-vomit about how forgiving and nice and caring and arrogant and trust-the-right-ones MC is, but we don't see, like, any of that. Nope, we just get some sprinkles of power-abuse, drops of excessive richness, and dollops of "regret" that we don't actually find. I also find it unrealistic how, despite being tested on a lab for god-knows-how-long, MC feels literally no trauma. I've just reached the start of the apocalypse (after 34 chapters), so I can't describe the situation, but, according to some others, it's not promising. <<less
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yourheatherness1297 rated it
July 1, 2017
Status: c24
I love zombie stories (fanfiction, movies, etc.)

during the one-year time frame, readers would acquire a sense of anticipation with what is to come as the story progresses.

I appreciate the author's attention to detail. Instead of just flippantly mentioning about the MC's preparation, readers will actually witness a lot of his preparations for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. To some, it may come off as unnecessary. However, the author does not drag it on too much. They only ponder on the important factors.

Moreover, we actually get to see more of how... more>> the characters relate to each other (alliances, association, and future events that come with it), which will most likely play a big role in the future. So, we do get to know more about their characters, as well.

Even if I did scoff at the fact that there were too many elements (zombie apocalypse + 'wuxia' + reincarnation), it is not confusing at all. Since, the author really takes their time to make sense out of all of it. In the end, even if it is a bit odd, readers will just have to accept that it is how it is. However, this does not negate the fact that it is a great novel.

Overall, it comes off as a well-balanced, unique, and interesting read. <<less
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DeanRae rated it
February 12, 2017
Status: v1c3
Based on the first three chapters, this novel seems very promising. I wouldn't judge this novel based on the summary provided in NU or the fact that it has Yaoi as one of its genres. If you want to skip my longwinded - might not make sense - review below, I suggest reading the first three chapters before you judge. For one thing, the main character is already acting like your average xianxia MC - what with the cold, hard logic and indifference that was cultivated with the help of... more>> betrayal and torture (don't worry, as of yet it wasn't described in great detail) and while the MC clutches to the "one man" as the purpose of his renewed life, it doesn't seem as if this will turn into a gross mushy mushy ick ick story that most people expect from Yaoi.

Actually, if I was to describe what I think the relationship will turn out to be like, I would recommend Kill the Lights, or any other stereotypical romance you see on NU such as all the pretty awesome girl transmigrates into ugly useless girl who's actually really pretty and shiz stories (basically the cold hearted male paired with bad ass female, not the shoujo sissy, version).

The zombie/apocalypse part of the story also seems to be interesting as it mixes dimension magic that's activated by qi with your apocalypse part. If I was to liken the zombie part to another novel, I would suggest God and Devil world (if this is the novel im thinking about, it had beginner villages and zombies that advanced ranks as time went on)

All in all, the story seems like it will be dark and bad ass and I can not wait for this to be continued. Bye~ <<less
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Data rated it
March 25, 2020
Status: c87
The plot is extremely flat and it's basically this and that happened.

There's a lot of s*xual abuse in the novel which makes it a bit hard to read and a lot of things are not explained like the past or how some of the things unfold.

After the world goes through the apocalypse again, a lot of backstory is thrown out. There are so many plot holes and things are wrapped up so unsatisfactory. His powers aren't even really explained or seen much once it does happen.
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Bananapink rated it
October 29, 2019
Status: --
~sigh. I find this hard to love.

I love badass MC who are self-sufficient and smart but I would hate if that smart and self-sufficient MC turns to be b*tchy, selfish and calculative. Why does apocalypse always have to equate with violence, moral decay and every negative thing. In truth, when humans are at the brink of extinction, they tend to band together. Only those sinister ones would deliberately do heinous acts. I don't expect them to have Holy Father aura, what disappointed me is their bastard-like characters worse than the... more>> zombies. At least zombies have no consciousness. Don't know if they were written that way for the sake of being edgy or to fulfill some great itch... whatever. <<less
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PiCrazy31415 rated it
July 31, 2018
Status: Completed
A fast but very satisfying read. Big Rebirth of MC vibes, with the MC reborn to around a year before the apocalypse, then meeting someone strong who they are able to support to the top. I think both MCs had the space cheat as well. I'm a pretty big fan of the MC here, though he's not that smart as I would usually like, likely due to his previous life's total uselessness. He's definitely grown up and matured a lot from his past life, but there's not much you can... more>> do with a poor foundation. The ML is set up as someone half evil half good, but when they meet it seems like the ML totally indulges the MC, which is adorable. There's not much drama, whether relationship-wise or danger-wise, though I did sometimes get frustrated by how many times the MC denied the ML. I wonder if the MC would ever tell the ML about his rebirth. It'll be a little sad if he doesn't. Though I am happy that he did tell the ML about his space secret relatively early on, and they are pretty damn attached to each other. The ending is kind of anticlimactic lol, with befriending sentient zombies (reminds me of God and Devil World, if I'm not remembering incorrectly), and then just blowing up one of the MC's bigger enemies. Would have liked some epilogues about their relationship, but still satisfied. Recommend. <<less
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Aurinne rated it
October 8, 2019
Status: c133
Rating: A very positive 3.75 (not a perfect or profound story, but an entertaining time-waster).

If you've read other zombie apocolypse (especially zombie-apocolypse-with-BL) stories, little about this will be unfamiliar or amazing, but I still found it quite entertaining.

The major pro for me is the MC, and a semi-pro is the relationship between the main couple.

The relationship set-up is the familiar powerful, influential, mature, facially-paralysed, ruthless gangster gong and the boyish, pretty, dewy-eyed youth shou. Which I am thoroughlly sick of, and initially caused me to stop reading this around... more>> 40 chapters in.

However, it improves a lot (despite never fully freeing itself from this stereotype) due to the genuine strong will, power and influence the MC has. He's spoiled, petty, stubborn and selfish, but in this story these things become positives because it allows him to take hard-headed and ruthless actions to ensure the survival of his own people and to train his ML to properly respect him. Added to this, the MC has genuine power - both in his own ability and his powerful familial connections. The ML is never truly able to force the MC to do anything he doesn't want to (which so many of this ML type are and do), and therefore when the MC does pander to his whims, it comes with the ML also having pandered to a lot of the MC's whims.

(Despite this, it is still written to sound like the ML indulges the MC whereas the MC placates the ML, which I dislike, but the author manages to convey the ML's genuine wariness of pushing the MC too far, and I've rarely seen this type of couple truly have that level of equality.) In fact, the biggest con I found personally with the relationship is merely that it's still the gong who's constantly lustful and the shou who's always reluctant beforehand and resentful afterwards, which I'm so tired of. Luckily, this isn't a very large part of the story.

While I normally prefer my main couple to behave with morality and humanity, for once it was satisfying to see a shou MC acting with ruthlessness and deciciveness (rather than staying "pure" while the gong ML does the dirty work), often even pre-emptively eliminating those who merely have the potential to be dangerous. The story is written so that this is necessary for the safety and survival of the MC and his people, and also shows that he treats his people more sincerely than other bosses and leaders in the apocolyptic era (thus making it loosely justifiable for them to survive over the others). Innocent lives are lost as collateral damage in this story, but for once I was able to overlook it (unlike so many cultivation-style C-novels, whereit causes me to lose respect for the MC as worthy to have power). While not profoundly written, the story is entertaining journey of the main characters' survival and development, if read not-too-critically (it probably won't stand up to the scrutiny of realism or logic, but that's not what you read this one for). There's a balance of survival practicalities and action scenes. There's a fairly large cast of supporting and secondary characters, many of whom are given some distinct features or personality traits that help them come to life despite being otherwise shallowly written, and not all of whom are neatly packed into the BAD PEOPLE/ENEMIES or GOOD PEOPLE/ALLIES categories.

The ending is disappointingly abrupt, which seems to be due to the author's circumstances rather than merely being unable to write anything but a weak ending. It manages to finish after a major enemy has been neutralised and the main characters' futures seem secure, so is somewhat satisfactory, but it's obvious the author still had more story to tell, which is a pity. <<less
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Lost_soul rated it
July 18, 2022
Status: Completed
I gave this novel 2stars just because I like reading bl apocalypse and the scarcity that I face. So I ususally don't do reviews and all because whenever I read other people's review about character development, their depth etc. I feel as if I am reading the novel the wrong way. I just read for the fun it.

That's why this one did not really sit well with me. The MC has no presence at all, especially after ch 50 or so. He is either just meditating or acting spoiled towards... more>> the ml. He tried to build his own force at the first saying that status decides everything and that he ended up dead in his last life due to his low status but later the author just gave up on everything later saying that the MC was either lazy or too dumb to do anything. Everything for them was smooth sailing, too smooth for it to be apocalypse. The world is crumbling down but the couple don't care cause no human, zombie or organistion can stand against their power of love...😖 The ML too is pretty average to be working in a triad. He leaves the whole group to chase after the MC after just acquiring it and uses large amount of funds to chase a guy. Then when they kick him out feels betrayed by his family and leaves them to die to the apocalyse justfying that they betrayed him first. He is a insufferable self righteous prick with only one more brain cells than the MC. Who in their right mind would allow someone to use funds that is meant for the operating a large organisation and maintaing their livelihood to chase a guy. He was just asking for it when he knew that he had just taken the seat and that the situation was unstable but who cares he is the ml. The ML doesn't care if his brothers are in danger if there is a single scratch on MC and charges into the enemy base like a idiot and the enemy have no choice but to go die (sigh). Their subordinates are completely background characters that just fade in the background as the stories goes. What power did that Han Yan guy even manage to awaken? Where in the Qin guy who used wind ability go? Where are the father son duo? The more I read the more it gets frustrating. So yeah sorry.

Just here to rant. <<less
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