The Invasion Day


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A strange phenomenon fell down from the sky and aliens came over Earth.

Office nerd Fu Shiwu’s life was turned upside down, but luckily for him, Tang Xuhai, his fierce and powerful neighbour whom he wasn’t exactly on good terms with, took him on a journey to escape.

But Fu Shiwu could never imagine that halfway through the escape, this unbreakable man turned out to carry a steel plate in his body, which brought on an infection and sent him into a deadly fever.

In order to save him, Fu Shiwu, a white-collar elite who couldn’t even restrain a chicken, had to bite the bullet and go all out on the unknown terror waiting outside.

In this apocalypse, people survived with all sorts of tricks.

By having IQ, having muscles, or hugging the right thighs!

In order to compete for resources and talents, they also had to exhibit their character, flaunt their morals and push their very limits.

Fu Shiwu and Tang Xuhai’s team would like to implicitly express that: They definitely had all the above “virtues”.

This is a story with zero rebirth, zero transmigration, zero system, but still the right amount of golden fingers to pave a new way for humanity.

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Mòshì Rùqīn
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riyuan.rc rated it
November 5, 2020
Status: Completed
A story that takes itself seriously.

Reading this sort of reminds me of the way US movies/dramas often portray the end of the world. As the author has bluntly stated in the synopsis - this is an apocalypse with no rebirth, no transmigration, no system - the sole focus is humanity fighting hard for their survival.

Here, humanity actually comes together to defeat a common villain: the aliens. Many touching topics are brought up: friendship, comradery, sacrifice. The political system hasn't entirely crumbled, likely because the cause of the apocalypse is aliens,... more>> not zombies. The government and the military remain an important role in coordination, battles and leading their citizens. Meanwhile, the Internet and many relevant institutes are still working fully to help humanity combat this unknown terror.

The leveling-up system is quite interesting as well. The characters' abilities need to be trained in battle, which could eventually manifest into many different forms. The logical thing here is that no one just suddenly know how to use their abilities, so every ability user needs to experiment and finds out for themselves how they can utilize their ability in the best way, be it for combat or for supporting the redevelopment of society.

The battles are very dramatic, I would say. Do expect that quite a lot of people will die along the process. The author is clearly strong at writing battle scenes, and I think that is one of the best things about this novel.

Now, on the characters. ML may be your staple OP fighter coming from a military background, but rest assured that he's no cookie cutter ML, especially with his "venomous" tongue and very bold character. MC may seem weak at first, but he's truly determined to get stronger, and trust me when I say that the author saves most of the golden fingers for him lol. Throughout the story, we'll follow his development and watch him grow into a fine soldier (still with occasional moments of abysmal EQ, but that's his adorable side I think). A nice thing is that both characters have almost equal screen time.

On the romance, hahahaha, both the ML and MC are mature in age, but they're greenhorns on the romantic front, so join them on a slow exploration of "what is love" and "do I actually like that guy". They naturally progress from haters to unwilling partners to friends to comrades, and eventually, to two boyfriends who are very supportive of each other. Oh and they have a very cheesy touching confession scene, almost the most unique confession that I've ever read about in BL.

Of course this novel isn't without its fault. Given the author's choice to go with rather realistic story-telling, the story might dive into lots of details and get a bit dry at certain points. But it is overall a very nice read, do give it a try if you're into action BL, or looking for a novel that has an interesting take on apocalypse. <<less
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frozenlimabeans rated it
September 28, 2020
Status: Completed
5 stars out of 5 stars.

Great couple dynamics, equal relationships, no overprotective lover. Side characters are interesting. As for the plot? Extremely ballsy and good. Sorry for using that word, but I cannot think of any other.

The plot, oh dear God, the plot. This is the first novel I had read that has aliens and this one handles it so well too! For those that aren't fans of BL, I do suggest to read this for the plot. The aliens are genuienely scary and are given this sense of mystery... more>> and depth. This causes fear and uncertainty for both the reader and characters.


they never explain the true origins of the aliens. But thats the good part! The fear of the unknown. Another factor to this unknown would be the deaths of characters. Why do I say the novel is ballsy? They will make you somewhat attached or familiar with a character and just kill them off. There are moments near the end where you don't know whether the characters you like will die or not.


Finally, the all important ending. Most survival and apocalypse novels end, in my opinion, too rushed or too awkwardly. BUT, this novel succeeds immensely. It ends properly, it clarifies and ties up all the important loose ends. And happy ending! <<less
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Lemonade_566 rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: Completed
One of the best apocalypse novels I've read. The story follows the MC from the start of the apocalypse and I can tell that the author put great effort in the world-building. The pacing is perfect at first however it is a bit too rushed near the ending. The action sequences are well-written with perfect amount of tension and buildup.

As for the reviews saying that the MC is too slow and lack social skills despite being an educated and elite white-collared worker, there's an explanation for that around 2/3rd of... more>> the story. The mystery behind the MC's background is also heavily foreshadowed from time to time.


Basically MC was a test subject in a governmental science experiment and lived with other superhuman kids in a highly secured facility. He however has no memories of this, and his superhuman friends were the ones who secretly shielded him from bullying and discrimination in his school and workplace. Hence, despite having a somewhat high position, his life has been too smooth-sailing with barely any obstacles from others. Which is why he has never felt the need to observe others' attitude towards him nor improve his social skills.


But worry not, MC does develop as he gradually understands the importance of the people around him and their relationships.

All in all, it is a great novel with well-written characters and storyline. <<less
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dreiculture03 rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: Completed
This story I think is the most realistic apocalypse novel so far. Also, it's so heart-wrenching at the same time because of all the sacrifices that the characters have done for their own habitat. I think this story tells a lot of lesson: sacrifice, love, healing, compassion, and camaraderie. I suggest that you complete the story until the end to understand other complexity of the story. Also, the MTL is readable if you already read the translated version given from this site at the beginning.
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Shimozuki Yue
Shimozuki Yue rated it
November 11, 2020
Status: c78
The plot was solid. There's no info dump, instead new discoveries were introduced slowly, building the our understanding of the new world along side the characters.

Strong point of the narrative was the fight scenes.

There few nonsensical scenes and plot holes.

... more>>

*MC and gang were being bomb but then the Wen guy who was supposed to be dead showed up and use his fire ability to redirect the blast away.

This was all good until all characters, including the villain who set up the bombs, stopped so that Wen guy coulf explain how he escape, discovered his tactics, and how he showed up.

Talk about animes and the endless talking while fighting. Ahaha.

*Then later, the whole base was being siege. They were fighting lvl1 aliens while expecting the incoming lvl3 aliens. At night, the aliens would rest so the defense on base would also retreat. In the middle of retreating on the second day, MC realized the change and sudden emergence of the lvl2 aliens. He directly shouted to the commanding officer about it. The commanding officer in their area reacted but apparently cannot warn the other area. Despite having internet and electronics, apparently there's no radio communication at all. They didn't sound an alarm nor signal as if they're not ready for sudden changes in the battle field. It wasn't until there are casualties shown to other wall areas that didn't expect the change that an alarm was sound. IDK if the author just want to show the casualty first to highlight MC's perception abilities or he/she forgot about emergency communications for the military.


These examples were just tiny parts and didn't really affect the over all narrative. I actually forgot this minor details along the way if not for thinking back hard. It might also just me being picky on details.

My only real downside about this was the romance and bit about MC.


*MC has a really low EQ. I'm not blaming him for being innocent but he wasn't really leader material up until where I read. The Wen guy was the smart one while ML was both survival smart and the melee. They said he was a leader because he could control the two and that he would decide the best for most at the most crucial time while the two would fight. But then I was quite disappointed when he decided to use his ability to actively search lvl3 aliens and took ML (he actually followed) but then actually didn't tell Wen guy who was third in command nor any other teammate about the sudden suicide operation! The author didn't think it was a problem but I'm quite upset towards this. Two leaders disappeared in a chaotic battle, the third one was strategically smart but have no command ability. If they keep this up, it'll be like a miracle if they team didn't crumble.

*Now for the romance, the author went to love triangle situation because the two lead were low in EQ. Apparently they needed that force moment to realize that they felt beyond friend for each other as if being in the middle of alien invasion wasn't stimulating enough. Now I wouldn't mind love triangle normally, but the love rival was from they own team! What about team harmony?! Don't start me with fairly competing, ML with his primary school love EQ had wanted to fight their teammate countless teams and even inwardly not counting him as teammate. Their team have obvious heirarchy as the time goes on, which wasn't bad, but the narrative didn't make me feel good. They were so leisure, the story skipping a month plus another month, that the story decided to have these two contend and scheme for MC attention as if there's no alien invasion! I had to skip a few times as I wasn't interested on this part. I rather have them go around planning things but it was as if the world stagnated for two months.


Except the situation with the characters that had me giving serious opinions on their IQs and EQs, the plot alone gave the whole novel enough worth to be pick up. I honestly focus more on the exploration of the world building rather than character developments. After all that being said, except for the moments you would question their actions, the main characters weren't entirely helpless. <<less
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Nyaa.23 rated it
June 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Someone needs to make a summary of this one cus it's too good but I'm lazy to read this.

Pros :

The world building is on a next level. It's realistic, relatable. The suspense is nice and keep you on edge each chapter.

... more>> MC and ML are neighbors that don't really like eachother. They formed a group and ML got metal ability and their friend got fire. MC have a sketchy past cus he has a special ability kinda and his parents are scientists.

The relationship between them are nice. Kinda the enemies to lovers trope. ML gave all he got to protect MC and just want MC to be better and stronger.

Cons :

Mtl this one and I just can't, there's too many drama. I skipped to the end. And somehow there's a big difference like a type 0 civilization to type 1 civilization. I'm confused <<less
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Honefuusen rated it
November 7, 2020
Status: Completed
Boggling nonsensical science. The characters are good enough just, I certainly hope no one takes the science/ knowledge in here as truth and tried it in RL. If it goes off the rocket since the beginning then it might actually be good, but it kinda tries to blend with like common knowledge like the author probably meant so it's integrated with RL but it just doesn't work. Particularly the first half of the novel.

However, the way the story progresses is very good. It wasn't boring, the action sequences were great, and the characters are fleshed out. The questions and mystery were answered in the end, so it's a nicely warped story. Since it's an apocalyptic novel many great characters ended up dead, so it was a bit angsty. Happy end though.

Overall it was a pretty good read.


also, I don't know if it is correct since I read MTL, if correct then the author probably have never seen cows. Or maybe common ox in China are smaller, no idea. Anyway, Many breed of cow can reach 1 ton in weight. It's really not worth a Guinness world record.

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dday0425 rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: Completed
It's very good. The ML here is more practical than most of the apocalypse novels. While the MC is basically OP all the way (except for the first few chapters in the beginning). If you don't mind the realness about scientific stuffs and can just go along with the storytelling, this is probably one of the best novel in terms of plot that I've ever read. Seriously, the plot is crazy tight especially towards the ending. It's heartrending. What I like most about this is that the author didn't wasted... more>> the characters, and most of them have their heroic deeds. However, the story did get heavier in the later part, and I feel tortured reading it.

too much of my favourite characters died one after another. I was struggling reading knowing it was now leading to their death scenes. My Heart ached. I really wish Li Jixian can survive so that he can finally live a glorious life with his chin up high so bad. *Sob* and everyone else too. I know they didn't die in vain, but still.. 😭 Now, I probably think of Peiqi every time I see pomegranate.


(I either skipped or fast reading through the romance though, somehow I feel a bit awkward with this couple.) <<less
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beemiracle rated it
May 15, 2021
Status: c93
This story is great, the translation is excellent, although I continued with MTL because I couldn't stop reading. I highly recommend it if you want something apocalyptic, action, and a touch of romance.
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ylial rated it
October 6, 2020
Status: c78
Story is good but the MC's s*upid actions are very contradictory to his chivalrous words 😅 he seems like a young master in his teens 😅

I'm really bothered by his dumbness, he has no common sense. His post graduate degree is really useless.

My rants: ... more>>

(he's good on his job but what I mean is not those skills, rather he should have tempered personality and keen observation. Because post grad is not all about work skills, those years of studying will help you to become patient, observant etc)

https://w. Ck101. Org/wapbook-39356-4935329/


Eventually, the chara's personalities improved a little and the plot gets a little better. But compared to other apocalyptic scenes (usu world hopping novels have a better stories). <<less
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Ouryane00 rated it
February 12, 2022
Status: c81
This novel is pretty unique because unlike other apocalypse novel, this one’s about aliens and not zombies.

I like how the friendship between the MC, ML and Mr. Wen formed. The first quarter of the story was definitely exciting but afterwards, it kinda felt short for me but still a good read.
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sonamey rated it
July 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Its a great read, very much action centric. The fighting scenes are really good. The relationship of the MC and ML develop slowly but it is satisfying.
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Flying Jade
Flying Jade
April 29, 2021
Status: --
The MC is mentally slow at the beginning, but at the critical moments, he pushes himself against his fears and keeps up. This is the key for his growth from a normal desk worker to a survivor.

Nevertheless, this book has its low IQ moments. Just breath deeply and 9gnore them.
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Mairin rated it
April 12, 2022
Status: Completed
... For the people who rated low or disappointed with the story when they just stop in the middle of the story... Please continue to understand more cuz everything is explained little by little in the latter part. And mostly of the great parts are there.

Hah I have mixed feelings with this because this sh*t made me cry.... It may be a little dull in the middle but when it reached the climax, everything thickens and the plot goes deeper.

What I also like in this story is they... more>> persevere to solve the root cause of apocalypse, not just continue fighting aimlessly. Although this process caused many lives to achieve with side characters that grew into me but ended up dying... ಥ_ಥ

Its really a ride specially about MC. His back story is pretty deep and it's the explanation about him being special. I love his character development too, the more he goes through the more he broke through his shell to become stronger and socialize.

This story is different from other apocalyptic danmei that I've read, well aside from being aliens instead of zombies... The initial team didn't last 'till the end, some leave their team to live as ordinary citizens inside the base, some became an opposed side (no violent confrontation, just highlighted a little) and replaced by new people. And it also gave a chance to their former enemy to have a character development and find his purpose.


the thing that made me really cry is during their last mission to close the sky veil, many lives sacrificed and the side characters I've grew to love (I won't mention to reduce the spoiler) sacrificed their live heroically for the success of their mission. I really cried a lot because they die happily doing their mission properly to protect their comrades and avoid more loses.


Beware major spoiler ☟☟☟


the last alien is really fricky... Also the disaster started because of the other planet's residents ambitiousness that ended up making their race extict then passing the disaster to earth... uh well technically because of that fricky alien who know digital shits.


Ah I love Lao Wen a lot and I'm really for him to have a happy ending. I'm too focused in the plot that I forgot to observe ShiWu and XuHai hahahaha but I love the progress of their relationship, not too abrupt and developed enough. Anyway I don't have much comment about their love progress cuz like I said I forgot to focus of them because of the plot hahahahaha. <<less
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Foxtantine rated it
July 28, 2022
Status: Completed
This whole story was chef's kiss! Plot, characterization, pacing, and writing was top notch. I especially enjoyed the slow burn. Unlike other CN novels, this does not use cliche tropes in CN BL novels. Instead, it mostly develops much like Western action romance novels do. After all the tr*sh and cliche CN novels I've read, this was definitely refreshing. In my opinion, this is a type of novel I can only read once. Maybe in the future, I'll have the urge to reread this. Until then, I'll say goodbye to... more>> this wonderful novel. Thanks to the author, the TL, and whatever MTL site I read it from.

TL;DR - Story was amazing from start to finish, character development and plot was 10/10. Might reread again in the future. A million kudos to the author, TL, and MTL site I read it from. <<less
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joytothewild rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: -
Giving this 4-stars is pretty kind since in my mind the story is around 3, but as other reviewers have pointed out, the story takes itself seriously so giving it this much is fine.

To start off, my excitement has always been lukewarm since the start till end, the story is pretty predictable. Since it's an apocalypse story, the decisions the characters make are fairly reasonable, however, there are no scenes that make me think they're especially smart either, no matter how much the other side characters seem to think so.... more>> Many tidbits in the story are also cringey, like how the ML punches the wall every time he learns distressing news (lmao seriously I thought it was a gag at first, turns out it's not??) or how the other characters feel awed by mc's overwhelming aura and think he should be the leader even though the ML and the one with more IQ and EQ suit the role much more--seriously MC just has nothing going for him except being a good sniper and being decisive sometimes, that's definitely not what a leader should be lol. What aura, does the author have nothing else to make the MC stand out other than this inexplicable anime "aura"? And maybe because of these little cringey details I adored none of the characters, even if some of them die the reaction is the same as when mob characters die.

In a nutshell, it's an average apocalypse story, the author tries but it just doesn't impress; there are definitely more exciting, thought-provoking and overall better quality stories out there, like Little Mushroom (kinda similar tbh, but the thought that was put into the novel just can't be compared). What I thought was done well were the fight scenes; the description and pace were both nailed perfectly, probably the highlight of this story. <<less
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Kitsunesuki rated it
June 4, 2021
Status: c0
I was so intrigued by this novel because of the novel plot of aliens and such but was bitterly disappointed by the rampant verbal abuse by the ML towards the MC. Too disgusted to continue after the fourth chapter
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