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Lacking a pocket dimension, lacking a power, lacking a thigh to hug onto and the three life advantages (money, power, and looks), he had been cautiously living in the apocalypse for ten full years, getting closer to falling into the zombies’ mouths, but unexpectedly he had the bad luck to be caught in a fight between two gangs and die, it really left people feeling disappointed.

But when he opened his eyes, he had returned to a decade ago, three months before the apocalypse!

Like before he still lacked an ability, an ordinary person without a pocket dimension, but he did have ten full years of experience in living in the apocalypse! Even if he didn’t fight zombies, didn’t hunt monsters, he could still live a careful farming life in the safe zone.

Find a safe house, utilise all kinds of skills from his previous life to farm in exchange for meat, and if possible, find a person to peacefully spend the rest of his life with; ordinary people had their own ordinary little pieces of happiness.

Originally believing he had picked up a beauty he returned home to prepare a golden house, but on the contrary he was the one being pushed down……someone once said, whether it is people or matters, by no means can you only look at the surface!

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New changeling rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: c135
Well, it's not bad. Actually, the author did a great job researching and writing about survival, cooking, farming... and cooking, farming... and still cooking and still farming... going to hunt zombies for a weekend... return cooking and farming.... ^^'

Let's be serious, being detailed is a really good thing, but the plot needs to speed up. Half of the chapters are about MC cooking or, guess, farming, the other half is about plot progression, and that is the part I really enjoy. I'd like it to be less of the former... more>> and more of the latter...

All in all, a good novel, but it requires patience. You want the fast action, the smut, the breathtaking cliff-hungers... not your thing.

Story: 7/10 (the reason is written above)

Characters: 8/10 (the main characters are well described and coherent, points deducted because we know almost nothing about four of the most important characters besides the initial presentation, no in-depth background or daily life description. I feel neglected for them.)

Translation: 3.5/5 (most of the time it's good, but points are taken because of typos and occasional slips the editor should watch out for) <<less
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New Addison rated it
January 6, 2019
Status: c146
I will like to start to say that this novel it's amazing! I recommend it! I saw so many bad reviews and I was like WTF? I truly believe everyone should have is own opinion. No mistake here. But those are not opinions. I read one in which stated is not action, no fighting zombies and so on, that is only about domestic life and how they farming. And I was like whaaaaat? Why would you expect that? Why you are disappointed? I've read 2 times the description. WHY THE... more>> F**K did you expect that when in description clearly said is about FARMING! And that he doesn't have any powers and only wants to live better then his previous live. To make a little nest so he can live rather then just survive. He already knows how the next 10 years will be. Not wanting to save the word and so on..... And after reading the novel you said you were "surprised" and disappointed" I can accept that you didn't like it but not to give a bad rating for making your own expectation from nothing. Another one gave less stars for being "Yaoi" REALLY? Again you read the tag before. If you dislike Yaoi don't read it! I personally don't really like harem novels so I don't read them. I wont go to that genre and give bad rating just bcz I dislike that genre. Anyway I always read the reviews and look up to the rating... Now I don't trust the ratings so much anymore... I'm happy that I chose to read it!

Now that I'm done with ranting let's talk about the novel.

Is indeed in the apocalypse time. And after a decade of surviving without any powers or any tight to hold into and alone he was rebirth 3 months before the apocalypse. It has a very real approach. The romance is not forced or love at a first sight. The apocalypse is described well. Even of their life is very good compared with the rest of the people is understandable. He knows the world now is what it is. He can't change it but he can change his life. He needs to live in this messed up word now. So why not live well, Instead of only surviving? I think the main point is that they can have a good way to live even with the apocalypse. I wont say more without giving spoilers///

Give it a read and enjoy. It's worth it!

Huggs <<less
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Randomness rated it
February 5, 2018
Status: Completed
This is one of the stories I can not forget. The setting is realistic enough. The romance is very good. Even the bromance is there. What more could you want?

Unlike typical Apocalypse novels, this one do not priotitize strength. The protagonists' number one choice are stability. And that is admirable, especially when most of other protagonists usualy lost their morals while chasing after power... and revenge. God, the revenges. Rebirth = Revenge is the most prevalent formula around here. So this one is a rare gem.
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Meiyap rated it
December 5, 2017
Status: Completed
Had to Google translate my way till the end.
... more>>

I liked it a lot. The ending was a good conclusion. Warmed my heart. It was worth Google translating. As wonky as the translation was, it was great.

It was interesting. Despite being reborn, MC came to know that not everything is the same as before.


Ex: The Policy Reformation of A city's base and this leading to the weakening of A city base


A lot of farming, base building, animal Care and such. There was also fighting but it was more of fighting to farm crystals or to defend. The MC is truly loyal to ML and vise versa. ML is dependable and adores his waifu.

These people, the Otaku squad, truly just wish to live good lives and I like that. I like that a lot. No super OP MC here (Hubby is pretty OP though). No harems. Just a hamster MC trying to make a nest.

10/10 would read again if it was translated hahaha. Google grammar... Is not that great.

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turelight rated it
November 27, 2017
Status: c100
The plot and character's relationship is good that I can't stop myself from reading it via MTL (and it readable).

The MC is a hard-working person. He does not have any special powers, super intelligence or godlike hacking skill. He just a completely ordinary one who can survive the Apocalypse by himself.

I love the MC good temperament and balanced IQ/EQ. You can see him rolling around the room, playing with his companions, cleaning or cooking something (like a good housewife lol), but when he has to be serious, he can make... more>> a sharp decision. He can also talk about cruel things with calm mind and situation based moral. <<less
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Mikleo rated it
April 24, 2018
Status: --
With all the 5 star reviews here, I have to be the sore thumb again with my 2 star review.

The translation is full of typos, it's getting harder to read especially starting from chapter 40 and above.

Get an Editor so that those typos could be straightened out.

Story-wise, if you're looking for a fast-paced and exciting apocalypse novel, then this isn't for you. This novel focuses more on the 'domestic' side of the apocalypse, it's full of cooking (yes, cooking... with descriptive meals, it gets tedious), planting, and whatever 'ordinary' people... more>> do in an apocalypse...

The MC is an ordinary person (no powers), that's why this novel is domestic and calm - at times, utterly boring - compared to other action-filled apocalypse novels. Truthfully, even though yes, there's zombies, it doesn't feel like an apocalypse. There's no gripping excitement or frightening tension here, even when the MC and his group went out of the base to scavenge for supplies.

The other readers said that this novel is unique because it doesn't focus on face slapping or revenge. It's true, Apocalypse novels shouldn't necessarily focus on 'Revenge' to be good.

However, it needs Excitement and Action. It's a freakin' Apocalypse.

Sadly, neither is present in this novel.

Overall Impression of this Novel: Is this really an Apocalypse?

No, it's not.

The author should've just written a modern day ordinary danmei novel, not an apocalypse novel, because the only apocalypse thing happening here are the mentions of zombies. Yeah, it's an apocalypse, of course there's zombies in the mix. However, the characters themselves are always kinda living in a domestic, supposedly heartwarming bubble that it gets old fast. <<less
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Majin11 rated it
September 3, 2018
Status: c101
I don't know why other people don't like this novel.. In my opinion, it's pretty good..

It is more on describing MC's preparations and adventures.. Not much in BL too.. It's not fast paced..

I enjoyed reading the whole thing. Translator-sama does a pretty good job too. I just don't get why the novel's rating is so low..
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Jerome rated it
November 22, 2017
Status: c2
indeed the story’s plot is quite interesting and I know I will come to love the later-chapters too, with my whole heart. It would be much more amazing if the chapters were uploaded swiftly 😳

I love to read this series and I just hope to be able to continue reading it;) and thank you dear translator-San to be able to convey such a good novel to us, followers;)
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OfficePony rated it
December 12, 2017
Status: c29
Update as of Chapter 29: I'm loving the relationship dynamics being displayed, it feels like a real couple slowly starting to tease their way into the other party's heart. The feelings don't feel plastic like many other "Romance" stories, it feels genuine and as spontaneous as real life thus far.

Update as of Chapter 19: The grammar is going into a slow decline, but nothing too bad, yet. The story is slowly starting to gain traction, with the setting firmly taking root, and the beginnings of an undertone to the story... more>> showing its face. I'm really looking forward to where this story takes us.

Update: I 300% missed that Yaoi tag... or was it even there to begin with? Either way, just do note down that it's there.

Loving it so far. Fairly well translated, just a few errors that don't detract from the word flow too badly. The premise and setting are nothing new but are executed quite well thus far. I'm looking forward to reading more of this series. <<less
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Joker rated it
December 20, 2018
Status: --
I finished reading this novel even before the translator started translating it through MTL and I feel so dumb as to why does such a great novel got such a low rating just because of the typos and grammar mistakes. Why not read a dictionary? Its grammars and everything are topnotch, believe me. If you can't feel the story through the translation try reading it via MTL. The novel deserves a great rating.

The MC isn't your typical black belly wife, maybe that's why others doesn't like it since it was... more>> not the TYPICAL. Okay, the chracters think and explain rationally. No dumb act. The ML didn't start off with the typical Love at first sight flag but he observed the MC and after getting along for how many days, he realized his feelings. I think that much is worth reading. ML is a really caring guy to the MC and the novel itself shows not only the romantic scenes but also the dark and light side of living in the apocalypse which justified its 'apocalypse' tag.

I'm still waiting for the little steam bun to show up before reading the novel through translation as that part is my favorite of the whole novel.

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DanB96 rated it
November 9, 2018
Status: c124
It just amazes me that I only have a 3.5 score. The story has seemed excellent to me. The MC could be considered prodigy, but it is because of his experience. It isn't OP, simply because yes, it only uses its experience in its favor, and I like that. The relationship he has with the ML is one of the healthiest I've seen. The ML, which is quite OP, isn't too possessive (although it is, but respects MC), and relies on MC. I like the interaction that the group has... more>> in general. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: c18
Thus far, this series has been very dry and focused on prepping. Oddly enough, it focuses on some details but leaves out the bigger questions. For instance, how is he toileting the dog if he never leaves the apartment??? So far, it's only focused on getting things together, planting, planning, etc. The MC doesn't have much personality; his only distinctive feature is that he blushes easily. There is minimal amounts of action, comedy, and gore, even though this is supposed to be an apocalyptic novel. Unfortunately, I'm dropping the series... more>> at this point. It doesn't have anything to catch or hold my interest. <<less
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Mizushi-hime rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: Completed
The story itself is kinda good, sadly I think that the romance and action is lacking. This story is more like slice of life filled with base building, farming, animal care, oh there's also child care, not too much conflict and again lacking romance and action. But it's still interesting for me because I like slice of life. The ending is kinda disappointing for me tho, the translation is so so, u may find some typos here and there. You can read this to pass time.
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MillenniumMoon rated it
April 13, 2018
Status: c53
It's a very fluffy story and I love it!

Just that as much as how I appreciate the translator's effort; the translation just has a lot of mistakes in grammar & etc. Like for instance the word "some" is turned into "come", "not" into "no" and many more. Sometimes the sentences gets so confusing that I have to stop enjoying the story to dissect what it meant. An editor will easily fix this so I hope the translator finds a reliable editor soon, I would volunteer to be one but I'm... more>> not 100% sure of my grammar. <<less
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drollawake rated it
March 26, 2018
Status: c228
Sure, there's romance and all. But mostly, this is about MC and friends living a heartwarming post-apocalyptic life. In a sense, it feels like those slow-paced Japanese transmigration novels where the MC is busy improving the standard of living instead of getting stronger. Apart from scavenging and zombie-hunting, they're always busy with some construction, farming, or food processing project.

Unfortunately, that did get old after a while especially since the plot forces them to rebuild twice. And perhaps the author felt that too, so the novel ended with a disappointing timeskip.
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not2complex rated it
December 25, 2017
Status: c16
The novel is great so far at chapter 16. It is hard to give a detailed review this early, but if it keeps progressing as it has, it will be an awesome read. The plot and writing is is just as good as other top rated apocalypse stories. It's just that the romance factor is BL.

... more>>

There are not enough women due to their weakness at the beginning of the apocalypse. The writer makes the M/M bonds seem part necessity and part desire.


Based on the author's writing style so far, even if you do not like to read BL, you might want to give it a try. The romance is not the focus. It is more a part of the world building so far and if it gets naughty later on just skip it. The novel is worth reading.

The translation so far is excellent. Its smooth reading without mental distractions of wrong pronouns, sentence, tense, etc... I loved reading it!!! <<less
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Miccie368 rated it
December 19, 2018
Status: c120
The people who gave this story a low review... I don't get it. This is a great story, now I'll list stuff below if it doesn't appeal to you, don't read it and don't put your low-ratings because it wasn't what you want. Slight spoiler, read with caution.

1. It's hoarder heaven, gardening simulator, doomsday prepping

2. The BL is vague. I don't mean it's ambiguous, make no mistake the author points it out that they are lovers, and they kiss and show affection. But the "papapa" is only alluded to. It's... more>> not the focal point of their relatuonship. They are very loving to each other tho.

3. It's a tower defense story is what this boils down to. They go out of base attack, collect things, come back, and zombies attack and they defend.

4. It's a more realistic approach to the apocalypse trope. The MC is ordinary like you and me and his main goal is to live a good comfortable life. That's it.

5. There is some action, but most of the times it's more prepping for their future, not some ambition to gain power or better the world.

If this review made you put off the story, I still feel like you should give it a try. It IS very well written and the world building (or base building in this case) is steady and believable. <<less
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Narutolvr rated it
July 16, 2018
Status: Completed
It was a good novel that did what it set out to do. Unlike other 'reborn before the zombie apocalypse' novels, this one features an MC who couldn't be more normal. No abilities, no mysterious pen/broach/strange family heirloom that's actually a secret space/martial arts guide/etc, and few large scale fights. Because of that, this character is one of the more relatable ones I've dealt with- knowing his own powerlessness, he hesitates to save others, he avoids power struggles, and constantly plans ahead before he makes even the simplest decisions. Also... more>> because of that, the pace of this novel is VERY slow; you could even call it glacial. It's not just slow paced, the MC's desire for a stable/leisurely life means that there are very few moments of actual action and, even then, there's an overwhelming sense of practicality throughout that makes even the fastest paced scenes feel a bit... drab.

Overall, I took off a star mostly because, in the author's attempt to give the MC as leisurely a life as possible, I feel like he avoided anything that could/should have been a more dramatic situation, or led to a more dramatic result. A few situations in particular:

-Yun Fei's dad wanting him to vie for power, but he just sort of goes away after Yun Fei says no and blocks his phone.

-Yun Fei being one of the only 3 metal users in what looks like all the bases yet the strongest invitation he got into their ranks was along the lines of "hey, you free?". You'd normally expect someone to follow him home or go through the MC or something, right?

-MC basically picks up a whole bunch of new pets who manage to fit into their base perfectly without any issues that can't be resolved in 2 paragraphs

-Did we ever figure out why the dog didn't grow even though he mutated?


That and all the romance just sort of happened in such a dull way that I wasn't particularly interested.

Simply put, this is basically a super slow slice of life in a fast paced and action filled world. Not a bad read at all, though, so I recommend it. It's probably worth it to just continue reading the translations as they come instead of MTL, though, since this isn't something you need to go out of your way to read ASAP. <<less
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paputsza rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: Completed
I read the raws, and it's a good story. It's no walking dead, but I'm not really into gratuitous horror where all the main characters die. There are a lot of cute moments and

a happy ending somewhat that I'm fine with since zombies and humans mathematically can't co-exist.


There are gory bits though of course and lots of op MC farming. Everything solves itself.
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Tai Ping Princess
Tai Ping Princess rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: c168
I MTLed it and even though google translate is terrible, the story makes up for it. The world building is good, and novel enough to be interesting. I appreciate the approach this protagonist has to the apocalypse (not trying to become OP, just trying to survive and live well), it makes him relateable.

... more>>

The OP problem in particular is solved by the fact that he doesn't have any powers. This makes the fruits of his efforts all the more sweet, and I love how the author used this characteristic of his to create a team dynamic with his weaker fighting power being made up for by his leadership and planning skills.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
greyinthedark rated it
June 15, 2018
Status: Completed
This is a great slice-of-life novel, all about an ordinary person reborn into the apocalypse who wants nothing more than a safe and cozy hamster nest.

As a romance, it's somewhat lacking, more so as it goes on - after the two are together, it can go ten chapters without there being any mention of the two interacting in any sense more than, "ML did this part of the collecting. MC did this part of the collecting."

However, the main reason I give it a four rather than a five is a... more>> total spoiler based on reading the raws to completion, so read at your own risk.


This author has never heard of the Chekov's gun principle - that is, if you show a gun in the first act, it has to go off somewhere in the rest of the play. For people who are used to face smacking novels, this is the opposite - face ignoring. Here's a bare fraction of the things that seemed like they might eventually go somewhere:

ML's father wants to make use of him, and is in top echelon of the base.

... ML says no. That's it.

ML has a face to make gods weep and so constantly wears a mask.

Never really brought up. His mask never comes off. MC doesn't care.

Base keeps reorganizing in more and more draconian forms, eventually sacrificing a good portion of the citizenry.

They're very successful and go happily on their way.

MC and group create a fantastic base, complete with ornamental garden, game room, and bouncy castle

No one else ever knows. No one ever sees it. No problems arise with it.


Here's the non-spoilery version: basically, the author is just doing their own thing, and any hints you see at narrative threads are only in your mind. There is one thread in this thing: happy people building bases. Keep your mind in the space like you're watching a lightly BL version of House Flippers: Apocolypse Version and you'll enjoy it much more. <<less
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Wring rated it
April 30, 2018
Status: --
Let me get this out of the way first...I personally dislike yaoi/yuri genre, so anything with those tags are automatically eliminated...

Accidently read this when I was looking for apocalypse genre, and thank god I did... the story line is fantastic, it is an interesting read for those who have read a lot of novels based on the apocalypse. For this story, I had to remind myself that one of them is a female and not a male to be able to read it. Still dislike the yaoi in the story... more>> though... <<less
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