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Lacking a pocket dimension, power, a thigh to hug onto, and the three life advantages (money, power, and looks), he had been cautiously living in the apocalypse for ten years, getting closer to falling inside the zombie’s mouths.

Unexpectedly, he had the terrible luck, to be caught in a fight between two gangs and die, it really left people feeling disappointed. When he opened his eyes, he had returned to a decade ago, three months before the apocalypse!

Like before he still lacked an ability, an ordinary person without a pocket dimension, but he did have ten full years of experience living in the apocalypse! Even if he didn’t fight zombies, didn’t hunt monsters, he could still live a carefree farming life in the safe zone.

Find a safe house, utilise all kinds of skills from his previous life to farm in exchange for meat, and if possible, find a person to peacefully spend the rest of his life with; ordinary people had their own ordinary little pieces of happiness.

Originally believing he had picked up a beauty he returned home to prepare a golden house, but on the contrary he was the one being pushed down……someone once said, whether it is people or matters, by no means can you only look at the surface!

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181 Reviews

New veloaani
Sep 15, 2023
Status: --
i absolutely love this novel, especially it's more relatable cause the MC is just normal ppl without much money to stockpile things be4 apocalypse, so for me it's more logic, bec I'm not rich, the MC struggle in providing for his living make me curious, especially he don't have any ability, tho later he got one lover and ability friends. I basically read this 3 times already. But the story is slowpace so some ppl may not like it.
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Jan 06, 2019
Status: c146
I will like to start to say that this novel it's amazing! I recommend it! I saw so many bad reviews and I was like WTF? I truly believe everyone should have is own opinion. No mistake here. But those are not opinions. I read one in which stated is not action, no fighting zombies and so on, that is only about domestic life and how they farming. And I was like whaaaaat? Why would you expect that? Why you are disappointed? I've read 2 times the description. WHY THE... more>> F**K did you expect that when in description clearly said is about FARMING! And that he doesn't have any powers and only wants to live better then his previous live. To make a little nest so he can live rather then just survive. He already knows how the next 10 years will be. Not wanting to save the word and so on..... And after reading the novel you said you were "surprised" and disappointed" I can accept that you didn't like it but not to give a bad rating for making your own expectation from nothing. Another one gave less stars for being "Yaoi" REALLY? Again you read the tag before. If you dislike Yaoi don't read it! I personally don't really like harem novels so I don't read them. I wont go to that genre and give bad rating just bcz I dislike that genre. Anyway I always read the reviews and look up to the rating... Now I don't trust the ratings so much anymore... I'm happy that I chose to read it!

Now that I'm done with ranting let's talk about the novel.

Is indeed in the apocalypse time. And after a decade of surviving without any powers or any tight to hold into and alone he was rebirth 3 months before the apocalypse. It has a very real approach. The romance is not forced or love at a first sight. The apocalypse is described well. Even of their life is very good compared with the rest of the people is understandable. He knows the world now is what it is. He can't change it but he can change his life. He needs to live in this messed up word now. So why not live well, Instead of only surviving? I think the main point is that they can have a good way to live even with the apocalypse. I wont say more without giving spoilers///

Give it a read and enjoy. It's worth it!

Huggs <<less
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Feb 05, 2018
Status: Completed
This is one of the stories I can not forget. The setting is realistic enough. The romance is very good. Even the bromance is there. What more could you want?

Unlike typical Apocalypse novels, this one do not priotitize strength. The protagonists' number one choice are stability. And that is admirable, especially when most of other protagonists usualy lost their morals while chasing after power... and revenge. God, the revenges. Rebirth = Revenge is the most prevalent formula around here. So this one is a rare gem.
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Apr 15, 2019
Status: Completed
Do you like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley? Or maybe base-building survival games?

This is literally Harvest Moon X Zombies.

That moment when a single un-contaminated mushroom is discovered... that moment when the first piece of fresh chicken (duck) is roasted after months of nothing...

Can compare to the feeling of climbing Mt. Everest!

Check the genre. Seriously. Don't expect the focus to be on slaughtering zombies and raising power levels. This story is not about power-tripping to the top, it is about PLANTING to the top!

The good things:

  • MC is not beautiful, not buff, not special in any way, utterly your average guy / otaku
  • The only thing that makes him "special" is his 10 years of post-apocalypse experience, which he barely managed to survive by growing plants in like a 10 sq meter bas**ent (seriously, poor guy).
  • This is one of the *ONLY* rebirth novels I've read that truly integrate it as a vital part of the MC's skills instead of just a shallow plot point
  • He never gets any special powers in a world where "ability users" are the favored class, yet he's still able to help himself and his teammates get a standard of living that is way above everyone else.
  • You might be able to kill all the zombies or beat down all the ability users, but does that mean you will be able to live in a comfortable home with hot baths and good food to eat? Brute force isn't everything~~
More good things:

  • Government starts out pretty competent. The novel actually has the main characters work with higher powers to collectively protect the base. There are actually scientists, engineers, etc. that work to discover things such as water contamination issues.
  • None of the characters are obsessed with leadership roles (politically). This isn't a power fantasy where the MCs have to become The Top Leaders And Rule Everything Because They Are Better Than Everyone Else.
  • For once, the ML is not into "staying rich and powerful, " he'd rather avoid the scheming and live a low-key and comfortable life with the MC.
  • This is slice-of-life, so maybe some of the previous points should be taken for granted?

Some bad things (as per all CN with their cultural... differences) :

  • The government becomes progressively more corrupt with officials that literally only care for themselves, to the point where they actually do endanger the safety of everyone in the base with their shortsightedness and obsession with temporary wealth.
  • The MCs will hide their discoveries from other people for fear of them being seized by upper management (which would probably legitimately happen in China, because the environment is crazily cutthroat with their obsession with pushing other people down to get rewards) etc. so I'm not particularly surprised. But in terms of betterment of humankind, that's probably the worst way to go about it. Untold amount of studies show that sharing knowledge and cooperation leads to n-fold increase in productivity and innovation. Welp, not in CN!
  • I won't go into detail here, but most of the women are trying to shirk working and just hug some guy's thigh or betraying him behind his back, etc. lots of throwaway misogyny, but hey, this is a BL novel so... the fact that the main character team even gets 3 women is a huge improvement to other BL where pretty much all women are the enemies of humankind.
  • A couple other logic issues, but not that frequent.

It's rare to have a book that's this good and breaks like 90% of CN cliches. So, go head and take a look! (But please show yourself out if what you're looking for is OP dude saving the world.)
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Dec 05, 2017
Status: Completed
Had to Google translate my way till the end.
... more>>

I liked it a lot. The ending was a good conclusion. Warmed my heart. It was worth Google translating. As wonky as the translation was, it was great.

It was interesting. Despite being reborn, MC came to know that not everything is the same as before.


Ex: The Policy Reformation of A city's base and this leading to the weakening of A city base


A lot of farming, base building, animal Care and such. There was also fighting but it was more of fighting to farm crystals or to defend. The MC is truly loyal to ML and vise versa. ML is dependable and adores his waifu.

These people, the Otaku squad, truly just wish to live good lives and I like that. I like that a lot. No super OP MC here (Hubby is pretty OP though). No harems. Just a hamster MC trying to make a nest.

10/10 would read again if it was translated hahaha. Google grammar... Is not that great.

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Nov 27, 2017
Status: c100
The plot and character's relationship is good that I can't stop myself from reading it via MTL (and it readable).

The MC is a hard-working person. He does not have any special powers, super intelligence or godlike hacking skill. He just a completely ordinary one who can survive the Apocalypse by himself.

I love the MC good temperament and balanced IQ/EQ. You can see him rolling around the room, playing with his companions, cleaning or cooking something (like a good housewife lol), but when he has to be serious, he can make... more>> a sharp decision. He can also talk about cruel things with calm mind and situation based moral. <<less
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Jun 13, 2020
Status: Completed
Although the summary makes this seem like a romance novel, it's really not. A more apt title for this would be How to Build Your Own Base During the Apocalypse because really, that's what the novel is about.

The romance portion of this novel is only up until the first 5th of it, and after that it turns into a detailed account of the Otaku Squad's shenanigans. I can understand how this bored a lot of people as the author puts spends a lot of time describing technical aspects of their... more>> base that are not only confusing to follow, but add almost nothing to the story.

It was a bit disappointing after the Otaku Squad was built because the author stopped explaining individual characters' inner thoughts and desires.

The ending was really lackluster as there was build up and then-- nothing. It almost seemed like the author either got tired of writing the novel or it was truncated.

For those who would enjoy a short summary without going through 258 chapters:


MC survived the apocalypse for 10 years as an ordinary person, barely scraping by through his own means (growing some plants) and living in a tiny bas**ent. He gets caught in a fight between two ability users and is rebirthed into his 22 year old self about 2 months prior to the apocalypse. Cue MC prepping for the apocalypse by renting out a unit on the 16th floor of an apartment complex.

Apocalypse comes and MC happens to find a wounded ML in the stairwell of his apartment complex. ML starts to live with him, and MC slowly assembles a squad of people while inadvertently changing their fates. This includes 5 ordinary male college students who probably didn't survive long in his last life, ML who died in the stairwell, a psycho male doctor who went crazy due to psychiatric issues, two women who became jaded misandrists, a little girl who would otherwise have been a child sacrifice, a dog, and ML's infant brother.

Instead, ML survives and raises the dog and his baby brother with MC, the doctor doesn't go crazy and hooks up with one of the college students, the two women adopt the little girl and each of them eventually marries one of the college students, and the last two college students become a couple. They all escape city-base life and found their own farming base, then help out to end the apocalypse.


Actually, it isn't necessary to read all of the chapters and most of the information about the happenings of the plot can be gleaned from the last chapter alone. If you're not looking to read a farming novel, then I suggest just reading until all the characters are introduced before reading the last chapter. <<less
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Sep 03, 2018
Status: c101
I don't know why other people don't like this novel.. In my opinion, it's pretty good..

It is more on describing MC's preparations and adventures.. Not much in BL too.. It's not fast paced..

I enjoyed reading the whole thing. Translator-sama does a pretty good job too. I just don't get why the novel's rating is so low..
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May 27, 2019
Status: Completed
This is the year (2020) to read this. You'd find yourself suck into the story and binge read and now you have a void in your life that can't be filled coz there's no other slice of life- BL - zombie apocalypse - farming story out there.
[edit - there has since been an abundance of it. But none as good!!]

This story is just a rarity among it's genre. It's about a group of strangers banding together to survive. Some have abilities, some are just normal people. You get... more>> invested in their daily life in the base during apocalypse. They build walls, they farm indoors, they go zombie hunting. You cheer for when they get meat and frown at how terrible the base was getting. Then you subconsciously start planning your own post apocalyptic survival kit (loads of toilet papers or pray you get water abilities).

This sets the bar for all other zombie apocalypse novels I have read. Some of other novels might have more interesting power ups, but NONE of them warms my heart and gives me satisfaction on how they live their daily lives in the apocalypse as this will. Best part is, most other MCs have powers or abilities, this novel proves to you that a normal otaku MC can still survive in the apocalypse. They aren't trying to end the apocalypse, nor are they power hungry. They just want to live their best Otaku life in a world gone mad. <<less
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Flying Jade
Flying Jade
Jul 17, 2019
Status: Completed
This book in a league of its own, even in its own genre. Once I started reading, I found it hard to go back to those "cheating overpowered mc" zombie novels.

Why I love it:

A. The MC has to plan to farm without some secret space ability with super plant functions or a secret magical spring from who knows where. The MC exercises his brain and comes up with interesting, realistic options that had me go "Yeah, I'll probably do that too!" Because not everyone can muster up a hidden dimension.

B.... more>> Got to say, this book has its world background watertight and interesting. After the disaster, the city response is fairly logical. The military moves realistically and the politicking of the decision-makers is brought to the surface even if the MC isn't (and doesn't want to be) directly involved.

C. The ML is pitch perfect, that is if you are tired of overbearing MLs who don't consider the dangerous situation. The ML is obviously stronger but the MC takes the lead in decisions. He is not at any point smouldered by the ML's strength. He is no weakling and he earns the respect he deserves from those around.

D. Progress. The MC and those around him are never stuck in stagnant contentment or an overbearing ahead-of-the-times position for long, the plot just doesn't let them rest too often on their lapels, but there is also plot armor to only a loveable degree. The characters around the MC develop beautifully, it could get the emotional readers tearing up.

E. The MC has no powers. He is clear on the matter and doesn't wish for rainbows and unicorns magic (even when I do for him), he stands and lives better than gifted people. Got to love that brain.

F. Again, the supporting characters! Each one is unique and fun. G. Yes, the story is like a slice of life piece in an apocalyptic world but I doesn't reduce the interest. There's just as much fighting, fluff, business, farming, team building, (slower but logical power-ups) and great writing. Even though I was thristing for an overly exciting, every-page-jampacked-with-action book at the time I picked this up, I couldn't drop this novel.

Cons: The writer focused less on developing the other characters abilities as they got stronger. It never fully explored the strong points of other abilities. I did enjoy the focus on the versatility of the ML's ability, though it was a bit overdone. It is a bit slow-paced and goes into the details, it is sweet but sometimes I just want to know what happened next!

When I got to the end I thristed for more, more and more than just the perfect ending I saw.


Finally, I'd like to believe what made the MC get reborn was an ability, either his or the child's but that's just me anyway.

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Jul 29, 2020
Status: c156
started off strong but I dunno it's get repetitive after a while. Kinda like Mary Sue, the MC gets like all the good stuff and boyfriend v op with mutant power. But I rlly like the concept of zombies getting stronger too, since mainstream zombies are just rotting dead bodies tht r fragile and most of them slow. Just think bout it, after a few months or years they will disintegrate cuz of the harsh weather and just basic biology.

getting back on track, I don't think the novel is bad... more>> now, it's consistent. I just don't find it interesting enough to motivate me to read anymore. Personal preference ig <<less
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Dec 19, 2018
Status: c120
The people who gave this story a low review... I don't get it. This is a great story, now I'll list stuff below if it doesn't appeal to you, don't read it and don't put your low-ratings because it wasn't what you want. Slight spoiler, read with caution.

1. It's hoarder heaven, gardening simulator, doomsday prepping

2. The BL is vague. I don't mean it's ambiguous, make no mistake the author points it out that they are lovers, and they kiss and show affection. But the "papapa" is only alluded to. It's... more>> not the focal point of their relatuonship. They are very loving to each other tho.

3. It's a tower defense story is what this boils down to. They go out of base attack, collect things, come back, and zombies attack and they defend.

4. It's a more realistic approach to the apocalypse trope. The MC is ordinary like you and me and his main goal is to live a good comfortable life. That's it.

5. There is some action, but most of the times it's more prepping for their future, not some ambition to gain power or better the world.

If this review made you put off the story, I still feel like you should give it a try. It IS very well written and the world building (or base building in this case) is steady and believable. <<less
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Dec 20, 2018
Status: --
I finished reading this novel even before the translator started translating it through MTL and I feel so dumb as to why does such a great novel got such a low rating just because of the typos and grammar mistakes. Why not read a dictionary? Its grammars and everything are topnotch, believe me. If you can't feel the story through the translation try reading it via MTL. The novel deserves a great rating.

The MC isn't your typical black belly wife, maybe that's why others doesn't like it since it was... more>> not the TYPICAL. Okay, the chracters think and explain rationally. No dumb act. The ML didn't start off with the typical Love at first sight flag but he observed the MC and after getting along for how many days, he realized his feelings. I think that much is worth reading. ML is a really caring guy to the MC and the novel itself shows not only the romantic scenes but also the dark and light side of living in the apocalypse which justified its 'apocalypse' tag.

I'm still waiting for the little steam bun to show up before reading the novel through translation as that part is my favorite of the whole novel.

12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 02, 2018
Status: Completed
The story itself is kinda good, sadly I think that the romance and action is lacking. This story is more like slice of life filled with base building, farming, animal care, oh there's also child care, not too much conflict and again lacking romance and action. But it's still interesting for me because I like slice of life. The ending is kinda disappointing for me tho, the translation is so so, u may find some typos here and there. You can read this to pass time.
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 25, 2020
Status: Completed
I'm a big fan of Apocalypse novels, especially that are more slice of life-y.
This novel though, although it wasn't too bad and it keeps you busy for a bit, it also doesn't have much of a flavor to it. It gets very repetitive. It also skims over the romance, and I enjoy a good story that doesn't focus on romance. But it just doesn't bring much to the table? The friendships feel kinda stale, too. They all lack individuality - and even though they're a team they don't feel... more>> that close in a way. Then it's just focused on repetitive tasks over and over, with lukewarm jokes thrown in now and then. The same scenarios seem to show up again and again, while they skim over details at least I would find more interesting.
Fighting zombies were a little entertaining at first, until you realize they're just doing it in the same manner every time as well! Go to the exact same location, set a trap, gather metal, boom and done...

Not sure if I should call them plot holes, but a lot of things aren't explained after briefly touching the subject. And I don't like how, for example, they work with a team for over a year and you don't even know any of their names until it's relevant to the plot.

Even though there weren't any yaoi scenes - it's mentioned briefly, and I just have to say, I'm pretty sick of those boorish guys who just refuse to be the bottom like the ML does. like, then why do you expect your partner to be? I find such stereotyped attitudes annoying.

I wouldn't want to discourage anyone of reading it, as I did manage to read through it and it's not always bland. I can see how others might enjoy it.

There are positive sides to it, generally for example the main character isn't "feminized" and he's got brains. He can lead a team very well and knows what to look out for. They don't give him OP powers (although his rebirth knowledge that lead to his completely prepared home might count as such) but he's also not reliant on the ML, it's a give-and-take relationship; which is rare. I recommend giving it a try and see how you like it yourself. <<less
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Nov 22, 2017
Status: c2
indeed the story’s plot is quite interesting and I know I will come to love the later-chapters too, with my whole heart. It would be much more amazing if the chapters were uploaded swiftly ?

I love to read this series and I just hope to be able to continue reading it;) and thank you dear translator-San to be able to convey such a good novel to us, followers;)
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Sep 24, 2022
Status: c162
I actually would like to rate this 2.5/5 stars.

Short Version of Summary:

This story contains recurring casual misogyny (made me eventually drop the story at ch 162), plot inconsistencies, poor/bland character development, boring writing style, poor translations (although better than a lot of Chinese novel translations I've seen), and problematic + one-dimensional depictions of gay relationships.

... more>> Long Version of Summary:

Man... I really wanted to this series. In terms of general storyboarding, I feel like this story is one of the better ones in the apocalypse survival genre.

Pros: There is no OP space/storage ability user -- I find that it completely removes tension. All the supply hoarding has to have some level of logistical planning. The survival base setup is actually pretty dope. It was interesting to see how exactly MC maximized the use of limited space. Zombie battles rely on AOE strategies, which I love. The actions made by MC and co. actually have palpable weight. The concept of zombie waves is also pretty fun. All in all, there was a lot of potential for this novel to actually be a masterpiece, if not for the problems below.


I don't know if it was the translation or what, but the story was poorly written. It has chunks of glossing over plot in favor of describing the exact ingredients needed to make a meal in excruciating detail. It felt like a cooking novel in the backdrop of an apocalypse rather than a farming or zombie novel.

Yes, the meals brought up in the novel seem really delicious from the ingredients listed, but that's not enough to make a good story. The story could have shown better how tough someone's baseline quality of life was post-apocalypse. Since the story primarily focused on the main characters' nice cushy quality of life, it became harder to stay invested.

Also, the story had a lot of casual misogyny. Let me give some examples without spoiling any main plot lines.


A woman with an unwanted pregnancy was depicted as silly, s-lutty, and overly dramatic. She was set up as a hysterical hypochondriac who inconvenienced others. Basically, Karen TM. But this character's desperation for an abortion was dismissed due to her bad personality and she was forced to give birth and then died without fanfare... And why did the author include this sexist depiction? All so the MC and ML could have their complete family with an adopted kid! All because the MC initially wanted a friggin child in his first life! There were so many ways the author could have given the main character a chance to adopt an infant, so why go through the trouble of shaming a sexually-active woman who did not wish to be pregnant?? cond*ms aren't 100% effective! Also, pregnancy is hard on a woman, and no woman should be shamed for not wanting it. Even if they were female Hitler. So yeah, the inclusion of the arc at all was in really poor taste.

Also, a girl who did not want to be married off in a political move was depicted as a bratty, privileged i-diot who wouldn't back off of another man. A wholly unnecessary scene like this that did not further the plot in any way was shown nonetheless.

The only recurring female characters were assumed to want to raise and teach children. They were assumed to be good at cooking. They were also assumed to be good at sewing. One of them is a water ability user (which this novel depicts as mostly not battle oriented) and she had no idea how to use her power offensively and needed the male MC to explain to her how she could easily suffocate someone with a water sphere. Like, come on.

And lastly, no known female character holds positions of power and leadership. Ironically, the only female character said to have led a women-only group in the last life now defects to the MC in this life. Also, as far as I know, even though gay relationships became abundant, no lesbian relationships were even brought up as far as c162.

These are some of the obvious really distasteful examples of the AUTHOR being sexist. I am not including instances of sexism that can be instead attributed to the characters themselves, which are too often to list.


This story was also just so boring. The romance is bland and forgettable. The action is sparse. Base fortification seems to come too easily to the main character due to the overpowered ML. Characters other than ML and MC don't get nearly enough exposure or development so they are more like goofy sidekicks for a scenic backdrop.

Despite all the flaws I mentioned, I kept reading since I was wanting a zombie survival novel, but the final straw for me was the treatment of one of the female antagonists in the story. Don't read this if you want interesting character development, female characters, or a sense of thrill.

I'm dropping this to read an real English novel instead. Maybe, Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse or World War Z. <<less
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Jul 24, 2020
Status: Completed
Superb. Amazing novel!! The MC is the leader, everyone even the strongest person in his team obeys and asks him for guide or strategy in battle. I love at how his lover also respects and let MC decide, which pretty rare in Chinese novel.

And what I like is, ML never calls MC "wife" in public (dunno in bed tho, but I respect this) ! I kinda dislike how Chinese yaoi novels often call the shou as "wife". Because when the shou is begun to be called a wife, their personality... more>> often changed, very dependant on ML. Though for the side couple, I can relate because the side couple's shou character is like a queen even I want to call him that, and the queen is still one of the strong members of the team!

Another point that I like is how MC's decision can be related. Like how he cleverly uses ML's power (with ofc ML agreement) and his team members. There's some plot armor, but not much so it's still okay. And MC's rational choice in how to take care of enemies is good too.

After I read this, I think most of the yaoi Chinese apocalypse novel that I read before is bland. This novel brings out the new possibility of an apocalypse plot! Thank you very much for the translators!! <<less
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Feb 25, 2020
Status: c258
I loved this story! I think many people didn't check the genre because they complain about it being too boring with only farming, living, cooking in the apocalypse and not enough plot or stuff. But this is slice of life. It's meant to portray the characters slices of life, which the story does very well. Everyday happenings in the apocalypse ?

If you like the genre with a bit more action since it is set during a zombie apocalypse, then you'll probably like this one!

2023 reread!

This is still sooo good 😭... more>> I wish the author would write a sequel, I love this SoL zombie apocalypse genre so much and wish I could read more about the family growing and the kids growing 🤩 <<less
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Aug 01, 2019
Status: c209
There's nothing I love more than an MC and ML in a mature and healthy relationship.

The MC is probably what most would consider a mob character. He's average in every sense of the word, and that's what gives him a good disposition as a leader. There is no face slapping in this story. Just him and his team working for a sustainable life with the children in their team. He is very lowkey and, despite being kind and empathic, also uses reason in exercising his kindness. He is no pushover,... more>> but not a cold brick either.

I love the dynamics of the "Otaku Squad" (lol). The team probably has the most OP ability users alive, but they are balanced out by the nonability users in the team. They respect each other as equals and work hard to support each other. The nonability users are also very good in grounding the ability users who more or less have experienced betrayal and trauma before entering the squad. You can actually see their personalities rubbing off each other, and by c209 have developed a personality as a group, very lowkey and settled, able to joke around and tease each other. It's very sweet.

The romance between the MC nad ML is one between two mature adults who respect each other. There are no s*upid misunderstandings. They support each other and help each other. (Bonus with ML actually helping around the house and caring for the baby equally with MC).

This is definitely one of the best (if not THE best) danmei novel in the apocalypse genre. <<less
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Dec 12, 2017
Status: c29
Update as of Chapter 29: I'm loving the relationship dynamics being displayed, it feels like a real couple slowly starting to tease their way into the other party's heart. The feelings don't feel plastic like many other "Romance" stories, it feels genuine and as spontaneous as real life thus far.

Update as of Chapter 19: The grammar is going into a slow decline, but nothing too bad, yet. The story is slowly starting to gain traction, with the setting firmly taking root, and the beginnings of an undertone to the story... more>> showing its face. I'm really looking forward to where this story takes us.

Update: I 300% missed that Yaoi tag... or was it even there to begin with? Either way, just do note down that it's there.

Loving it so far. Fairly well translated, just a few errors that don't detract from the word flow too badly. The premise and setting are nothing new but are executed quite well thus far. I'm looking forward to reading more of this series. <<less
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