Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse


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What? He’s transmigrated into an apocalyptic novel?

What? He transmigrated into a white lotus?

What? The white lotus killed the main character shou (bottom, uke) and even proudly became a mistress?

Oh, luckily the white lotus in the apocalypse has a thick thigh to hold on to (someone to rely on).

What? This was actually an apocalyptic rebirth revenge story?

What? The thick thigh was actually a really big cannon fodder?

Therefore, this is the dramatic story of a man who transformed into a white lotus struggling to survive in an apocalyptic rebirth revenge novel, trying to avoid the reborn pig’s foot (the original main character), and trying his best to get away from the cannon fodder gong (top, seme).

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Mạt thế trọng sinh chi bạch liên hoa nghịch tập
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Reitian rated it
September 9, 2017
Status: Completed

What? The protagonist is actually a rare gong/seme/top narrator?
What? The first thing he did after transmigrating was to check for his abs?
What? How many freaking tags does this novel have?
Oh, there's so many details, but they're all resolved and they fit together beautifully.
What? Why does this feel like something I wrote myself?
What? I liked it so much that I became the translator?
Therefore this story is a must read. The idiot protagonist was hilarious and his reactions were surprisingly rational and believable given the situations he finds himself in. Although I called him an idiot, he wasn't stupid and knew how to make the most of his surroundings. The most amazing thing was that the MC immediately circumvents the transmigration theme by throwing all the details of the book away and concentrating on saving his own ass. All those "what"s in the introduction aren't for show. While I was reading, I was surprised pretty often. Even the characters themselves found the world weird but engaging. There were support characters who were fleshed out so well that you had to wonder what happened to them while they were off screen. The action scenes were intense, and if you're lucky, there may even be some "action". In a world where everyone is ready to betray each other, the MC and ML's love was very pure and heart warming (it also warmed other things, if you know what I mean (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

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pillerhikaru rated it
September 14, 2017
Status: v1c4
I can already tell just by the protagonists inner monologuing that this is going to be a hilariously fun ride. I love how realistically he views his situation, and that he's not automatically a reincarnated badass. I'll update this when I'm farther in but I can tell this is a keeper.
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99 others
99 others rated it
December 3, 2017
Status: Completed
A very fluffy and light reading, our MC is cute and silly.. I recommend this for anyone who digs warm story with no tragic situation or pain.. The plot is light and no actual rival, but still able to hook you up to binge read and neglect your real life.

This novel has many ridiculous and "WTH Author" situations, such as :

... more>>

MC (father) and the Pig Feet (waifu) gonna have a baby boy (biological with their own DNA), guess the origin of the baby? Jade Mushroom, yap that one mischievous mushroom. But later because of helping our MC to heal his injury using up all of his power and become an ordinary spoiled rotten human baby.. But don't worry.. Since parents are OP af, offff cooourse baby gonna get back his power. 😉



btw our MC become a hot green hair fairy hehe what a gorgeous family. One of Pig Feet's brother is jealous about them having a son, he wants to have one too.. So he ask our MC about how to make a baby between men lmao, MC gave him a seed for them to grow into a plant (this will bloom into a baby) the plant needs a lot of nurturing before blooming, expensive ingredients such as nucleus, parents blood and that *cough* Yang material. This baby also spoiled rotten hahaha both cousins are mischievous.



Our MC become the owner of an OP Base city called Green Town full of Mutant Plants that able to produce edible fruits and vegetables for people (in exchange with crystal nucleus and having a sincere heart), so yeah no more starving (good hearted) survivors.. Our MC and waifu are the strongest in China (World?)


I love this novel, thank you translators for making me notice this cute novel! <<less
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Bib rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c10
The MC is hilarious. He tries his best to curry favor with the reborn pig's foot and fails miserably at that since the reborn ML from the BL novel that the MC read in his previous life hates his guts and wishes for nothing more than to kill the little white lotus/evil mistress/poor MC.

It's a unique reincarnation story since the cheat-like person/golden thigh/dude with the main protagonist halo who the MC is trying to desperately avoid or win over has been reborn and already despises him and is hell bent... more>> on getting revenge unlike the other reincarnation stories where there is still room to work with trying to improve themselves (The Scum Villain's Self Saving System, Every Day The Protagonist Wants To Capture Me and those villainous noble girls reborn novels).

I can't wait for that hate to turn into love. Since the story is still at the beginning of the apocalypse, no romance yet for the little white lotus. <<less
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Fathom rated it
April 10, 2018
Status: Completed

An interesting slice of life apocalypse zombie story. At first it was a bit confusing trying to understand the premise of what was real, novel, reincarnation. MC is a regular guy in our regular modern times. He gets hit by a book and gets soul transmigrated into canon fodder character in the book. However, the original book had multiple time lines. The original timeline, the MC's canon fodder character is pretty evil and uses everyone to get to his greedy purposes. In the second timeline, the ML is reincarnated and gets revenge on all the canon fodders in the story. However, after the MC gets transmigrated into the novel, a third timeline gets introduced where the ML and multiple other characters were reincarnated. It all gets a bit confusing as many characters know cheats.

The romance is a bit strange as if it feels like the ML is a tsundere and is not very romantic. The ML is gorgeous, stoic, commanding, and very smart. It was a bit odd that he turned out to be uke originally, and the MC who was originally a white lotus pretty boy ended up as the manly partner who chases after the ML shamelessly. It's a bit of role reversal of what you would normally expect from a BL novel.

There's nothing really dramatic in the story, and the MC is a bit of an idiot but has his knowledge and old talking mushroom to level up fast. To be honest, I would have preferred if the story was more about the zombies, the leveling, and the politics rather than the romance. Even the 3 orphans that the MC trains and takes care of for a couple of months was more interesting than the overall romance.

In any case, it's a short story and ends happily ever after, even creating the scene of 2 men able to have children of their own. That has to be the funniest part of the story.

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kleepart rated it
December 16, 2017
Status: c24
The story is engaging and unique. The characters are fun and well fleshed out. The pacing so far is well done. The translation quality is great.

I definitely recommend this.


It's also kind of fun how there are so many reborn characters, that even though they are all trying to make all these moves to change their fate, they get in each other's way in a sense.

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September 25, 2019
Status: Completed
This story made me realize that this world is in a desperate need of novels where the main character is a henpecked wife-slave gong. MC's head is filled with his 'wife' 99% of the time, and it's really hilarious. Also, the 'sticky, silly gong' MC and 'aloof tsun shou' ML combination is pure gold!

At first I wasn't enthusiastic about the novel, because MC was reborn in a weak shou body, but after chapter 28-29 it became perfect. In retrospect, the beginning is really good too, and it gains some value... more>> when re-reading. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: c31
if you're looking for a gritty, serious survival story then you've come to the wrong place. The first word that comes to mind when reading this is silly. The MC is silly, the situations are both silly and outright preposterous and there are so many rebirths/ second chance revenge lines going on that no one can keep them all strait. This story doesn't pretend to be anything other than a comedy with a zombie apocalypse background. To borrow a well used idiom: don't hate iron for not becoming steel. This... more>> is a light-hearted novel that pokes fun at its own overused genres with some added slice of life and and a little romance. Don't expect it to be something it's not and you'll enjoy it more. <<less
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Saffari rated it
August 2, 2019
Status: --
The premise of the story is interesting, but the characters make it so hard to be invested in the story. The MC lacks depth in character, making stupid mistakes again and again, which he wouldn't have made anyway if he actually TRIED thinking about what he's doing. He lacks a spine, all his actions tell you he is a coward, but for some reason the story is telling you he is brave.

As for the ML? Meh, just a bland overbearing and self righteous prick who only knows how to threaten... more>> people to get what he wants. There is nothing charismatic or admirable about him really. Just a privileged brat lording over everyone. There is no right way or wrong way, only his way. In the beginning, the MC does a good job in investing in jades and escaping, but then he allowed himself to be kidnapped by the "Pig Leg" when he could have honestly prevented that if he just stood his ground. He really is just a coward. I can only suspend my disbelief so much, there is no way I can see these characters as anything compelling. <<less
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Erlevien rated it
October 8, 2017
Status: c8
The story is really interesting and I really like the MC's character haha xD

But I hope he gets stronger soon, not weak and all haha, so that he can protect himself and not be protected all the time ya know x)

Thank you for translating this series, I am looking forward to more!~~

Everyone, do give this novel a try! :)
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Narutolvr rated it
March 26, 2018
Status: Completed
Honestly, it's just okay for me. The story and premise aren't bad, but the author tries to fit in a lot of different things and, ultimately, fails to deliver on any of them. I mean, come on- 2 completely different supernatural cultivation systems? Unnecessarily confusing... But it doesn't stop there; the story can't seem to decide if it's a comedy, tragedy, action-adventure, or otherwise so it just comes off as kinda funny, kinda sad, kinda interesting, and pretty pointless.

If you like the genre, I recommend Back to the Apocalypse since... more>> it has a similar plot but is less confusing. Or even the apocalypse arc of one of those transmigration type stories might do a better job, tbh. It's not bad, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you have tons of free time and have read every other rebirth/apocalypse novel you know of. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
August 10, 2019
Status: c34
Tbh, I like this story a surprising amount for a few key reasons. First of all, although the MC definitely is OP, it never feels like he's overwhelmingly strong to the point that the story gets boring. Secondly, I really enjoy his relationship with ML. Not only is seeing "reverse" refreshing (where MC is the gong / top that is shamelessly pursuing the ML), it's nice to see a relationship develop from hate to love. Lastly, it's pretty humorous, particularly the banter between MC and it's "pet" mushroom. It's probably... more>> funnier before MC realizes he liked ML, but even so it's not bad. Also, I find that having transforming cannon fodder characters by making them also have "rebirthed" makes the story even comical.

Also, the plot is pretty interesting I think. There's nothing particularly original about it, but it's still rather entertaining. Furthermore, I'm glad the MC isn't a white lotus that hides and needs to be protected and is useless and dumb. He certainly had these traits in the beginning, but it's nice to see him try to change (after he transmigrated) and get stronger and self-sufficient, able to stand by ML's side. There's also a cast of amusing and interesting side characters, although it took me a while to differentiate between the Secretary and the Bodyguard (their names are too similar lmao).

All in all, I think this is an enjoyable read and I'm excited for more. Thanks to the translator so far, clearly there was a lot of work put into it especially with footnotes explaining wording nuances and whatnot. I really hope someone picks this translation back up!!!!

(also, it's unexpectedly easy to MTL)

So I ended up MTLing the remainder. I realized there's really not much development of the relationship between MC and ML after the beginning, and ML just becomes a cold tsundere that doesn't really interact with MC. It's just that they're together quite a bit so that the story can take advantage of their OPness. And it's honestly a little too much, there's no real struggle anymore cause MC and ML just become way too strong. Overall the story gets worse, but it's still not bad. <<less
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Magical Forest
Magical Forest rated it
May 21, 2019
Status: c54

FYI I MTL'd this since translation had a long pause and I was eager for more at that point. So far the story is pretty good. It can be cute and I like the interactions between the the MC and ML. In a way it's a bit of a spoiler, but not really because the tags reveal it as do other reviews, but I like how the MC transmigrates into a small delicate white lotus type and then decides to change his body and it works. I think the MC was a trainer or something like that. Well the point is he definitely worked at a gym in his previous life before transmigration. So he actually knew what to do etc. It also happens over time somewhat.

He can also be shameless when it benefits him and use his white lotus appearance to his benefit if he has to even though he's embarrassed. And he tries to compete/match up in terms of power etc but it's hard because he is always ahead of him obviously. Although the MC does get pretty strong eventually so that's nice.

Also that someone that was formerly a white lotus is the seme. Like most Bl it seems, I don't like the way most women are written. Especially the ones who are after the ML or sometimes they aren't really going after him but are still portrayed badly. Half the time they're evil and possibly trying to destroy some guy or their own sister....

I like the jade mushroom and their relationship. Something that's annoying is in these kinds of novels they always make the baby age to like a toddler or older not long after it's birth. Which I find can sometimes defeat the point sorta. This one spends some time at baby stage at least with the MC so not too bad.

I have had it on hold a while so whenever I finish it I might update this. Sorry for the long and possibly weird review it's my first. I hope it helped. I still recommend it of the things I mention don't bother you plus there may be other things that I can't remember right now so I guess take it with a grain of salt. I just gave my overall feelings/impressions for this novel that I remember.

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PotatoCakes rated it
January 10, 2019
Status: c41
This novel has multiple characters that have been "reborn" or transmigrated so everyone has an idea of the "original" plot and is looking to change their own fates. The meta element adds an interesting twist to an otherwise bland transmigration novel.

The characters are funny and interesting, making the entire series somewhat enjoyable. It's nice to finally see a novel where the MC is the Gong. Way too many BL novels have "boys" that are act like girls with pronoun changes. The MC in this one can generally take care of... more>> themselves. The novel does get a bit slow near the middle when he picks up the kids and goes on a side quest. There is a bunch of pointless drama that makes the pacing seem slow. But overall, it's not a bad read. <<less
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paputsza rated it
December 31, 2018
Status: Completed
So the MC is a seme, who turns into a seme part way. He gets tan, tall, and posessive from a captive white lotus basically instantly. Still stupid though. Not my preference. The MC becomes the typical shonen protagonist. There are no limits to him either in all the zombie Apocalypse. The love interest has complete confidence in him, the baby can survive casually outside, there are drunks just wandering. The big zombie boss happens to become their silly ally. I hate it tbh.

Translation and all that is good, and... more>> I can see someone else enjoying it more, especially gay men or people who complain when characters are too weak or have to put effort into survival. <<less
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March 6, 2018
Status: --
It's... okay, I guess.
Truthfully the rest of the cast doesn't catch my eye, and the MC is kinda annoying. Sure, he's shameless but he's also whiny, he plays it out a little too much.

I guess I expected something more serious, but it's really wacky and slice of life instead, which is fine, I guess. Kinda boring for me though.

TLDR; Don't read this if you expect a semi-serious plot line relating to the apocalypse where it involves forming friendship over hardships.
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icecream rated it
October 8, 2017
Status: c8
Good but not great. There's a lot of potential but the tone of the story is more into a comedic kind of thing. It's nice but with such an urgent situation that the apocalypse is, the MC seems rather easy going to the point of silliness. It's really early on in the novel, so I hope it gets more interesting in the plot at least.
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KKristen rated it
October 12, 2019
Status: c34
A zombie-apocalypse BL novel about a guy who transmigrates into an evil white lotus character, attempts to prepare for the upcoming events, but is promptly captured by the reincarnated vengeful male lead, and then spends a majority of the time groveling.

This isn't a novel to think deeply about. Lots of plot holes, two-dimensional side characters, irrational decisions, etc. Sometimes the author forgets the genre and will randomly throw in xianxia talismans or something else that has no place in the established power system.

The main character is an idiot, and he... more>> promptly drops the "white lotus" class and becomes the "adorable ass-kissing fool" class.

Even with all its flaws, it's still an entertaining read.

One unique thing is that, according to the tags, the main character is the seme/gong/top. I'm looking forward to that. <<less
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QuinNefertari rated it
April 8, 2019
Status: --
I really hope that somebody picks this novel up! It's a very good read.

I like the world building, the characters, and their relationships.

And its very rare to find a seme protagonist that doesn't rub me the wrong way.
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blindbandit rated it
October 23, 2017
Status: c10
Good story so far. Focuses more on the MC's actions like any other novel but has no world building. Guess, that`s to be expected since the apocalypse hasnt happened yet and everything around him is a typical day (except for the knowing when the apocalypse will start part). What I find annoying is how weak the MC is and how he keeps on complaining about the male lead. I get it he has the golden finger and hes`s out to get you so why dont you find a way... more>> to solve it. I really hope the MC`s character changes as the apocalypse begins. <<less
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