Rebirth of MC


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The MC died during the apocalypse and then he was reborn 1 year before the start of the apocalypse.

He then suddenly opened/found out a heirloom’s secret, he possesses a magical space, a guide book to cultivation, a magical lake and a magical peach tree (immortality peach tree).

His goal is to live a relatively nice life during the apocalypse, hence he started a mad shopping for goods before it began.

But, how in the world did he end up meeting​ such a person?…

ML is A city’s senior officer in the military, his 3 distinctive traits are:
1. Rifle
2. Cigarettes
3. Bastard-like aura

ML: Wifey, don’t go, as a husband I will treat you right~

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Trọng Sinh Chi Hoặc Dược Tại Uyên
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52 Reviews

Mar 28, 2018
Status: c174
Hi, it's the translator here, and I thought I ought to give my review for this novel since it is close to finishing. I would rate it 3.5/5, but since we can't do half-stars *shrugs*. Anyway... let me start with what I liked:

  • The plot itself is interesting, with the mixture of cultivation and xianxia elements in the modern world. The cause of the apocalypse is revealed and explained along the way, with believable reasonings behind the flow of events. It is mostly explained away with demons and mystic arts, but hey, at least it's explained.
  • MC, in particular, is my kind of guy. Although he is skilled in his chosen Art, he doesn't show off or engage in constant face-slapping like typical protagonists. He likes being low-keyed and underestimated until it really matters. Then, he has no problems settling issues he comes across. He is patient, humble and honestly adorable, like an aloof cat you can't help petting.
  • ML is a doting man. He is willing to do anything for MC and handle anything MC cannot. But he is not to the point of smothering, where he wants to keep MC in a golden cage and not let him do anything himself. Such an understanding guy is definitely a plus.
  • Fluff, All the fluff. This story is sappy on many occasions. Although it does have moments of blood and gore, it is mostly a cloud of marshmallows when it concerns the main couple, and almost everyone around them. If you want angst, drama, blood and guts, this is probably not the story for you. The couple settles everything between them peacefully, and - I admit, their Golden Fingers are pretty big.
Now then, why did I take 1.5 stars away? Reasons are as follows:

  • The second arc. Enough said.
... more>>

I would really have liked it if the author either stuck to ending this novel when the apocalypse ended, or made it so MC doesn't lose his memories when he goes back to the Immortal Realm. I mean, now he is de-aged to a child, and will then develop to have a different personality! Give me back my lovely MC!!

Brief spoiler/summary of the second arc: MC is now a beggar child who stumbles upon ML. Although ML's soul has returned to his dragon form, he retains all his memories. MC, though, is not a child, so he is naive and innocent. He doesn't retain any memories as Huo Tianji or Huo Zaiyuan. So he behaves like your typical child who has experienced a hard life. Anyway, ML takes care of him and stays by his side. When MC grows into a teen, they enter a Taoist sect for MC's sake, so the latter is able to cultivate his Art again. However, after 10/15 years, ML's dragon family found out that ML is alive and roaming the realm freely, so they came to put him down. Long story short, family drama ends with MC placating ML's dragon father, saying he will take responsibility for ML. However, during this scuffle, ML thought MC was killed and went berserk. MC manages to placate ML this time. The End.

Yeah, no joke. It ends this way. Needless to say, I just skimmed it to find out if MC ever recovers his memories. Answer: No, he doesn't.

(ノಠ益ಠ) ノ彡┻━┻


  • The plot development and occasional holes: If you are someone who cannot turn your brain off when reading novels, then you will be sure to find quite a bit of fault riddling this story. In my opinion, the story develops quite rapidly during the latter half of the book, so it reads as though the author is rushing to finish everything.

Plot development/holes (it's not in order, I'm just jotting them down as I recall them) :

  • Days go by in the span of a couple of chapters. While that's not really an issue, sometimes I would like it if fight scenes are extended, like the massive assault of zombies on A City, or the Long Yuan squad going out on more missions together, or even a chapter or two on what Li Qing, Qin Jun and Long Zhanye did during Huo Zaiyuan's year-long closed-door cultivation.
  • The stepmother: How the hell did she get hold of a cursed dagger? Were there even incurable curses in the first place? Who even uses it? How did she so coincidently find someone to get it from?!! It's like the author just uses her as a plot device so MC's soul will have to be transferred into his original body and the main couple will have to return to the Immortal Realm.
  • Side/minor characters are no longer mentioned once they appear and leave. For example, the schoolmate and the other survivors who left for R City with him. What happened to them? At least we know the villagers from that mountain village is relatively all right.
  • A few bits and pieces that shows the author doesn't really understand how a subject works but is too lazy to go research, so they just use Hollywood-style maneuvres around it.
  • ...I swear there's a couple more that I have trouble remembering at the moment...
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Jan 19, 2018
Status: --
This one is an okay story for me since the MC was given almost everything; a rebirth, money, a space etc.. Compared to the other MCs from Thrive in Catastrophe, Counterattack of a White Lotus and Otaku's Code, this one seems a bit lacking. I didn't like that it was too easy for him. Anyway, replying to gemberforce's comment, it has a Shonen Ai tag. It's not like they didn't warn you but its just that you didn't notice the Shonen Ai tag or probably didn't know what it means.... more>> Still, if you read the summary, the MC was referred as a 'he' and there's the ML (male lead). Please don't blame other people for your mistake. <<less
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Feb 09, 2018
Status: c62
It's okay at the beginning, but things I don't like about is the insta-love when the main protagonists meet. They're destined like werewolf "mates" in some stories. It could have been so much better had he caught the MC, put him into some high security situation and have the ML force the MC to marry him. Instead they meet randomly, don't tell each other each others real names, and instantly get strong emotions for each other starting as brothers within the first conversation.

Another qualm I have with this story is... more>> that everything is fixed with magic and it's all a modern day wuxia. Where is my guts and blood? Instead I just get a tragedy like a typical wuxia story. Also, this is basically a cultivating story with some sci fi channel sounding cheap looking magic. They replaced chainsaws and bats with nails in them with a taoist religious ceremony with lights, as a way of dealing with zombies.

In the end it's okay, just not what I wanted since I don't like generic anime plots that I've seen a million times before with some naruto poses, gentle easy romance, and typical eldritch horror that doesn't really make sense, but is there for shock value.

That said 4 stars because it's yaoi. I'd advise this story to anyone who doesn't even know what yaoi is. No need to look that up, just trust me. I'm an honest little girl. <<less
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Oct 29, 2017
Status: c9
The beginning seems really promising. Regarding the MC, although he is sent back a year before the apocalypse, all is NOT well and peaceful before the zombies start showing up. So yes. Very much an unexpected twist, particularly compared to other 'return to the past' apocalyptic stories I've read.

... more>>

Although he intended to gather provisions in preparation, that can be extremely hard. Especially considering he was framed (by his stepmother, he believes) and is, within two days of his return to the past, a criminal wanted by the military


The translator did a good job. Not once was I jolted out of my enjoyment of the story by redundant repetition, an abrupt transition, or a glaring grammar mistake. The vocabulary used is also adequately descriptive and immersive.

I am looking forward to more chapters.

: D <<less
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Dec 13, 2017
Status: c13
A pretty cute story, here. Pleasant MC. Not very much world-building as it's basically set in modern-day -- no zombie apocalypse quite yet, I'm afraid, but I do enjoy the way the plot is going. It's refreshingly different from the cliche, in that the reincarnated MC isn't OP from day 1; there's growth to be had. The romance plot hasn't quite begun yet, though, and this fudanshi is waiting for the day when the ML catches the MC and bullies him to tears so I'm waiting on that, lol. All... more>> in all, a solid read.

Edit: Now I'm on chapter 76 and I have to say, my friends, the build-up does not disappoint. There's sufficient horror, action, and romance to keep anyone interested. The plot still eludes me though, as I'm not quite sure where the author is going with this but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Top-notch translations and an easy read. Still a five in my book. <<less
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Jul 11, 2021
Status: Completed
I really don't understand the Low Rating. Like seriously? I'm not saying this novel is Perfect, but the Author did Outstanding Job at Combined Zombie Apocalypse with Cultivation Taoist Supernatural plot without making the story Mess or Complicated!!! The Author delivers Great Story!!!

Seriously, the story flows goes Smooth with all the Intense Moments, Fluff, Actions, Romance, Comedy, and Cultivation. The story is Spectacular that I don't find any part of the story boring at all! And All the Supporting Characters is Great!

MC and ML is Great Characters. From their first... more>> meeting, things are Great between them. Their characters are not Perfect, but Perfectly Well Written and Suitable for this Story and for Each other. The development in their relationship is also Smooth and Neutral.

Seriously, things are Great in this Novel. The Step by Step of more Revelation about the Zombie or the Cultivation and about the Main Characters are Great! And after the Main story Ended, the Extras are also Great! I personally don't find Plot Hole in here, but I could be wrong and accidentally miss it. Like I said, I don't find this Novel Perfect, but I Absolutely think this Novel is Truly One of Spectacular Zombie Novel! I have only read 4 Pure Zombie Novel (as far as I remember. Not include QT novels) so far included this novel, and this novel is either ranked 2nd or 3rd because it was That Good!

I really Love the MC and ML, their Relationship, their Power, the Plot, the Supporting Characters, and the Ending! I really Love this Novel Soooooooooooooooooo Much!!! For the Eternity and Beyond! <<less
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Oct 29, 2017
Status: c7
Too many actions, not enough details. The chapters are short, but it feels like the writer is rushing ahead at full steam without taking the time or effort to set up the world, show the character's personality, or lay down any other ground work necessary for me to care about the MC.

Also, the stepmother is pointlessly evil in a way that would fail in reality and can only pose a threat in media. Anyone this openly hostile would be avoided by the majority of people and viewed with distrust.
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Dec 19, 2019
Status: c179
1. This feels like your average cookie cutter cultivation novel, but now with zombie apocalypse flavor..... Artificial zombie apocalypse flavor, of course. These two aspects didn't seem to mix well at all.

2. This world doesn't have enough badges to train this MC. He's way to OP to build any genuine suspense.

3. Drive by romance with your standard CN male love interest.

4. The ending felt rushed, ... more>>

and looking back at where we started out (zombie apocalypse) and where we ended up (straight up xianxia cultivation mysticism), the transition was not smooth at all. Where did the horror survival go?!?!? Where did the almighty important cultivators come from?!?!?!?!?

The ending was a huge letdown for me. <<less
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Jun 11, 2020
Status: c144
It started out really sweet and I thought I'd found a new favorite apocalypse novel but, it was just wrong. The author tries to put a spin on the apocalypse trope by making the MC a cultivator/ priest and not giving the ML any abilities. That sounds pretty cool, right? Well, it's not. The MC has supposedly cultivated until he feels no urge for revenge and his mind is always clear. And that makes for almost no face-slapping and a very boring story.
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Jan 02, 2022
Status: c176
If you want some sophisticated and quality reading, this one is not for you.

If you hate when the bottom is called "wifey", "sis-in-law", or "bride" just as much as I do, this story is not for you.

If you want some action, this novel is not for you.

... more>> If you want a completely logical story with as few loopholes as possible, this story is definitely not for you!

If you want a beautiful ending with everything tied together, don't even bother reading the story.

Ayways, there are so many things this story lacks, and honestly, I think you really can't expect good quality from web novels and specially BL web novels. There are so few good BL web novels out there that, I think I can still say that this one is relatively average.

Alright let's break down its good and bad points.

Good Points

1. ML/top isn't a pokerfaced person. The fact that I have to mention this as a good point of the story tells a lot about how cliche and s*upid most of BL novels out there are. Anyways, he smiles, you know, not just at MC, but all the people who are good to him. This is rarely seen in BL novels, isn't it? Although ML is kinda sad*st to his subordinates—which is a really bad cliche, to be honest, since having a sadistic boss isn't actually frowned upon, but treated as something... hilarious?—he is actually a kind person and acts like a human when it comes to this (at least towards the beginning). You know, generally, MLs don't talk nicely to anyone except for MC and act like speaking costs them money? At least ML is not like that and he is actually friendly to his friends, and is actually liked by his friends.

2. The beginning of the story is good. MC on the run and his meeting with ML and then his highschool friends and going on an adventure isn't bad.

3. ML treats MC with respect, I guess.

Bad Points

1. MC is constantly called wife, sister-in-law, and even bride. At one point, MC is even called "women in the relationship". f*ck, I was so outraged, I cursed a few times. Before writing a BL novel, I wish all these authors did some research on BL couples or homosexual couples in general. f*ck, don't you know heterosexualization of homosexual couples is extremely disrespectful towards "real" homosexual couples? Just because you want to live in a fantasy world of BL doesn't mean you can actually hurt actual homosexual couples. I wish these so-called fujoshis understood this. I am a genuine member of LGBT+ community, so I really hope people would be more aware about these kind of things.

2. Loopholes. Too many loopholes. So many that I don't even remember how many there are.

3. The author has tried tooooo hard to make the story "fluffy". You read it right. The author made a freaking horror zombie novel into a brainless fluffy novel, but it comes out at a cringe. For those who have actually read a good and cute romance novel... ahem, of quality, you will definitely find the romance cringey. And, the horror part? There is no horror part. May be at the beginning, there was some horror, but then even that is nowhere to be found in later chapters. You will literally only find, ML stealing kisses, ML stealing hugs, ML pulling MC into his embrace, ML pulling MC onto his lap, ML picking MC up... I don't even know why so many Chinese BL novels feature top 'picking up' the bottom. Seriously, MC is a grown ass man with self-respect. Why would you pick him up from bed? Pick him up from car? Literally pick him up from everywhere. He has legs man, he can walk.

4. And about the zombie part, you don't even feel zombies' presence. I had read 'The Reborn Otaku's Code of Practice for the Apocalypse' and there is such a good balance between romance, action, friendship, and slice of life. Compared to that story, Rebirth of MC seems like being written by a toddler. It's like the author isn't writing a story, but fulfilling her fujoshi fantasies through a book. You know what I mean? The book is never about the characters or the plot, but about the author. The author even inserts herself everywhere throughout the book, not just on 'Author has something to say' corner. How is a book gonna be good if it is not even about the characters in the first place?

5. The story is written in the present tense. That was so f*cking hard to read, cuz we are used to reading stories in past tense. Well, at least the translation itself has no problems.

6. And cultivation plus zombies. I actually thought it could be a good combo. May be some good author could indeed write a good one but this story is like, it's not here or there, but all over the place. MC has a magical space but seriously it's not even utilized properly. And the story focuses too much on cultivation. MC suddenly becomes too OP for the world and ML doesn't have a f*cking ability but somehow ML is still stronger than MC. Of course, he has to be. He is the 'top' after all. s*upid shit.

7. ML's character regresses instead of developing. From a ML who actually seems like a young, rowdy, and energetic person, he suddenly transforms into the type of ML who acts way too much like a virgin who eagerly doesn't want to be a virgin anymore as well as a jealous mess. There are many ways one can show how much they love someone. It doesn't necessarily have to be all about hugging and kissing all the time. The author seriously butchered ML's lively personality that complimented MC's calm personality.

8. ML's encounter with MC and how they banded together as a team is also something the author pulled out of her bottom. From ML's encounters with other people throughout the book, you can clearly see that he won't just decide to help a person going as far as to put the other person by his side all the time. Well, you could still attribute this to ML being suddenly exposed to zombies, and since MC was more knowledgeable than him, he decided to stick around with MC. This is still a plausible explanation. But! It's so f*cking s*upid that the MC, who really abhores military because of how much injustice he had suffered from them, actually tells about his 'magical space' to ML even when he has no clue what kind of person the other party is. Is having a magical space something you say to a complete stranger, and on top of that, a soldier, when you hate the whole military so much? And after he meets his best friend, he decides not to tell him, because it isn't something you can tell to anyone (but proceeds to tell him within a few days anyways). Yeah dude, great. You can't tell your secrets to a person who you grew up with and deeply cares about you, but you can tell it to a complete stranger. No wonder you died so quickly in the last life.

9. Everyone is gay. If the author had wanted to insert a pet, even the pet would definitely have been gay.

10. Side characters were at least written properly in the beginning, but later on, the author only brought them back when they are of some use to the main couple. <<less
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May 15, 2018
Status: c179
Apocalypse + BL = Awesome... right?


Those are the two things I love the most in novels, but surprisingly enough, I didn't like this novel. That's a pretty hard thing to do because, usually, just throw in some guts and zombies then I'm in!

... more>> But this novel is boring.

It focused too much on 'cultivation', the apocalypse thing is not a real apocalypse... or, it's not handled in an exciting manner. If you're looking for a survival type of apocalypse that has a healthy dose of suspense and thrill with growling monsters about, then this novel is not for you. <<less
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Dec 25, 2017
Status: c13
Love it! Great mix of Xianxia/Wuxia, Modern Day and Apocalypse. I realize it is just the beginning but I hope the trend continues.

No problem with the translation and I hope the direction the story is going continues.

I also hope it is not dropped and someone continues translating the novel. It would be one of the ones I would wait expectantly for the next update - not sure what is going on because it has been over 2 months since last update.
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Mar 12, 2021
Status: --
It's not a bad read. I only voted 3 stars because this book just isn't for me. I can't stand sickly sweet romance. But also the cultivation mixed with zombie apocalypse was weird... for me. It started off good but then kind of dragged on. Translation did a pretty good job. Uh but don't let my review stop you from checking it out because my taste could differ from yours ^^

Enjoy ~ ✌️
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Oct 28, 2020
Status: c158
Translator did a decent job.

As for the story....

Way too sweet.

The author couldn't seem to decide whether to focus on the adventure or the romance, in the end I'd say they did a romance main plot with a very minor adventure sub-plot.

... more>>

Also, I'm all for guys getting together, but when it turns into almost every guy getting together with another guy... it becomes much less believable...

Is the author a woman? I think they must be... only a woman can hate other women so much....


I'll finish it, but I doubt I will ever re-read it.

I could do with a lot less lovey dovey and more adventure.... <<less
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Honey B
Honey B
Jan 12, 2020
Status: c23
The positive: good translation.

That's it. ?

The beginning made me skip chapters. It reminded me too much of Back to the Apocalypse, which wasn't the best.

Too many chapters on gathering and cultivation.

... more>>

To be honest I was shaking my head at how the MC and ML were playing cat and mouse at the beginning. It reminded me too much of an elementary school game


Might have been more intriguing if he wasn't so OP when the apocalypse started. Maybe if he didn't know how to cultivate until the zombies start appearing it would add suspense or something worth reading... don't know but now I don't much care about this novel cause it's like reading about paint drying.

I mean, if the MC can solve everything then what's left to read? ? <<less
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Oct 22, 2018
Status: Completed
This was an entertaining read, but I recommend dropping it once the apocalypse arc ends. If you don't want to think to hard and just want to enjoy things as you go, this post-apocalyptic/sci-fi/special abilities/Xianxia hodgepodge story may be for you. I thought it was interesting as a supernatural/sci-fi mixture, but then all sorts of weird ideas plopped on in. The main characters have their own personalities, although their depths are somewhat limited. They are all funny together, albeit not hilarious.

Action scenes are largely skipped over and not always written... more>> in as exciting manner as they could have been. The drama is also weak. The sad, lonely scenes or permanent farewells are not written in a way to pull one's heartstrings.

There are no female characters except as plot devices and zombies... It was to the point where I seriously wondered if I missed the lines where all the women got killed off or something. What happened to all the chicks?! If you're looking for a female character that spends any length of time in the spotlight, this is not the series to read. If you want a strong female character who doesn't die right away, this is definitely not the series to read. If you want to read a series with any female characters who do anything other than act as plot devices, this is not the series to read. If you think heterosexual couples exist, they sure don't in this story. Even lesbian couples do not exist.

There are a lot of plot holes in the story. I already mentioned it's a hodgepodge mash-up of various genres, but they don't quite fit together coherently or explain things well. Important plot lines were altogether forgotten or completely changed, leaving the story feeling rather disorganized.


Why was the evil half-brother blaming the MC for anything since the MC had never even come across him even in the year before the apocalypse happened? I was expecting it to be revealed that the MC was framed or that he had defeated him in a previous life or something, but no explanation has been given thus far.

A little bit is revealed about the village the MC stayed in, but then what happened? One dude joins the army, but what about everyone else? Why did the MC never return there?

There is one arc where the MC gets to meet up with one of his old friends and hide out in a school. He gains special abilities, but we don't know what they are. This group is mysteriously never mentioned again.

I believe it was Li Qing who had some heavy foreshadowing about getting revenge on the evil half-brother, but he had nothing to do with his demise in the end.

And what happened with the other countries, anyway? Being able to use the Internet suddenly happened again later on without explanation, so the MC should know, right? Did they get to experience the apocalypse, too? If they were fine, then why didn't they trod on into China to figure out what the hell was going on over there?

How did the MC produce a descendant when he died shortly after coming to the human world? He passed down an heirloom. He was with a man, and I don't see him cheating on anyone. Is there ever going to be an explanation for how this happened? Did he pick a random family and make them his so-called "descendants"? And why did other people, who also go largely unexplained, have some of these sacred items? The series of events in the plot line leading up to the big backstory do not add up.


Toward the end, there is a HUGE genre shift that kind of pops out of nowhere and left me in a disoriented befuddlement wondering if I were actually reading a different novel or a transmigration series instead. It dropped the original plot hard. I can definitely see why the original translator dropped it.

WARNING: The genre shift includes PEDOPHILIA.

The ML makes out with a six-year-old.


Although it was fun to read for the most part, the various plot holes and dangling plot thread left me befuddled. It feels like the author didn't plan things out with too much detail and took inspiration from a variety of sources and forgot where she was coming from. Like I said, reading this is a nice way to spend some time, but it's definitely not for anyone who wants a more well-written, coherent, or inspiring story. <<less
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May 26, 2018
Status: c179
So much love for this story. After starting it, quickly grew addicted and blew through the 179 translated chapters. Usually, for a story that I love so much and translated so close to the end, I would definitely MTL to the end, but there were some special circumstances. Side note: the apocalypse kind of reminds me of the 7 Days to Die game... or possibly I've just watched videos of 7 Days way too much...

This is probably my ideal story. A clever, calm, sarcastic, and courageous MC (thank you for... more>> not making a weak whiny uke thank you thank you) and a similarly sarcastic, domineering, and OP ML. There's no unnecessary drama (esp relationship drama), with the only drama being interesting plot drama. That's always a plus, especially with these BL novels. The interactions between the MC and ML are utterly adorable and there's so much fluffy time that your heart melts along with them. Both the MC and ML are strong and beautiful, so naturally both of them have a lot of admirers. But while the ML might be really perceptive towards his love rivals for the MC, he is totally clueless about his own admirers, and vice versa for the MC. This juxtaposition is both hilarious and sweet, since both the MC and ML have no eyes for anyone except for each other. Side characters and couples are adorable and hilarious, wonderful additions to the story that I have grown to love.

That being said, there are a bunch of random small plot holes (where did a random woman find a cursed dagger that even the strongest Immortal couldn't fix? etc.) that don't really take away from the story, especially for someone like me who doesn't really care too much about holes in the first place as long as it doesn't affect my enjoyment of the story. Also after chapter 177ish, the MC and ML go to the Immortal Realm, ditching the rest of the characters. I don't care as much about not seeing the rest of the characters as much as the MC getting amnesia and reverting to a child. Come on, I want the strong clever MC who loves the ML! Get rid of this random kid. I'm sure he'll revert in the last few chapters, but the MTL is too confusing and I don't have the patience to wade through a dozen chapters about the weak child MC. Smh. But that's whatever, since we already had 170ish chapters of happiness. More importantly, how dare the author snip out all of the smex scenes?? This is a tragedy, a TRAGEDY. I demand my smex scenes!!




First spoiler I've used in a review! Just read ShenHua's spoiler of the second arc, and found out that MC never regains his memories! Wtf! What is the author doing?? Your memories are your life! Now I'm angry.



Leaving all that aside, totally love this story and really appreciate the calm warm fluff that's spread out through the story. The dedication and love between the MC and ML is cavity-inducing, and I love having been able to follow along their journey. <<less
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Oct 05, 2022
Status: c52
I was giving this book the benefit of the doubt despite some negative or low ratings. So far it's quite decent but there's a lot of issues on technicalities:

- You cannot issue an arrest warrant without following a Jue process and not just anyone can issue it, the army is not a business company where the CEOs has freedom to do things.

- You cannot easily withdraw seven millions worth of cash as any bank can't just have this amount on their banks, mostly you'll apply a request and after a... more>> week or two then you can get it. The money is still needed to be shipped. Your money don't just sit on the bank, they where circulated through loans and debits.

- You cannot easily buy a million worth of gas because firstly, there is a money limit of how much gas you can buy. At most it is $ 75 or $100. We have shortage of gas people. A gas station may not have even $10000 worth of gas in their storage.

There are a lot of small issues but they're forgivable, I can't just turn a blind eye to those glaring technical issues. Well we can understand that the author may not have known this obvious facts. In fact, as this is a fiction written by an author, maybe in that world this things are possible. I just don't know how many people will buy this.


Im on chapter 52 but I dropped it. It lacks direction, goal and drive. What motivates the MC is not clear so it looks like it's going no where. Like what was his goal, does he wants to build a sanctuary or eliminate all zombies, or something (I can't really think of anything else as the MC is pretty bland on what it wants or likes) ? There is no problem of survival because he's too OP. Which is a problem in itself, there is no challenge. The zombies are pretty weaker than him (big gap) and there is no foreshadowing of a greater enemy or a threat. He's just flowing with the river, but he's not enjoying anything about it or reacts at all with it. His reactions and emotions are very bland like he could react more actively to build tension but he just accept things as it is and devulge things like his abilities to strangers without being vigilant or showing reluctancy. To be honest he looks like a husk of a person controlled by a robot.

The romance was pretty boring. Like there was no surprise or anticipation, they met and they're attracted to each other and that's it, they clicked and basically it's pretty obvious where it's going. The male lead was just idk, lame? Nothing special with him, nothing attracting, he's boring same with the MC.

I was really sad with this book because it could have been better. There's a lot of wasted chances for a better plot. The premise was good and the power system the MC has, is quite stable and legible though it lose its consistency around this chapter. But overall, it's a read. There could been a saving grace for this book along the way but I have lost my way around this chapter. Maybe I'll find my way again to this book <<less
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May 17, 2020
Status: --
I really couldn’t get through this novel, so I don’t really know if it gets better. The MC is a boy just for this to be a yaoi novel.
Otherwise this would become wayy too generic and some scenes need him to be a boy so it would seem normal cuz two (not so long ago strangers) men sharing a bed is fine but with a man and woman its weird.
Other than having a thing down there the MC is completely like a girl. Heck if he were a... more>> girl he’d atleast seem badass but nope he is just like those girls who were assassins/doctors etc in cultivation novels who’ve transmigrated with a space and seem independent but are actually not. Anyways give it a try, just cuz men may be gay they don’t have to be feminine and especially if they are a shou they don’t have to be girly <<less
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Jan 24, 2018
Status: c18
To all the whiners, shounen ai = boy X boy| male X male | yaoi | gay and everything in between. Its there in the tags. Shounen Ai is the milder form of yaoi. Don't like it ? Don't read it. And learn about the tags for God's sake. Don't like anything homosexual ? Then stay away from Yaoi, Yuri, shounen ai and shoujo ai tags. S*upid people who don't know about the tags and then leave bad reviews even though it's their own s*upidity. ???

Moving on. Its not... more>> a bad novel per se but I've definitely read better. Started off promising but on the latter chapters became rushed. There was a sudden shift to romcom in the latter chapters. Its good for a light reading. Don't look too deeply into the plot. <<less
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