My Cherry Will Explode in the Apocalypse


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What is the most important thing about rebirth before the apocalypse? Grain storage? No, it’s trying to find the most important person in the past life! Reject the so-called relatives who have evil intentions!

The abilities of the previous life have followed, and their golden fingers have suddenly become very big.

Mutant plants, farming space, enough to feed himself and that man!

Su Ruizhe took out a handful of cherries and chili peppers with a simple smile: “Honey, these ingredients – oh, no, landmines – you take them and throw them out when you meet a zombie! But don’t eat it!”

Zhan Yun: “…”

Wife is good at everything, but just a little silly…

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New Crayonchii
March 18, 2023
Status: Completed
Really love the story~ but it's severely lacking dialogue n no communication mean lack any other aspect like romance, comedy etc. It's just a smooth story telling. Sad bcause the concept of our MC power is really great the story could hve been more. We never get to see the all powerful watermelon cannon :")
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hy-d-ra rated it
August 28, 2019
Status: c43
Nothing to praise here (might return back after reading more, if I won't drop it).

Sometimes stories can be light, but it doesn't make up an excuse for boring stories:

  • No aim to the story, except for not letting MC to go through same fate. Which makes author sound silly because: 1. the primary aim was achieved by MC meeting ML early on and them teaming together; 2. logically there's no guarantee for safety in rl, but here is a plain novel so who cares;
  • I'm getting tired of fantasy type of apocalypse where it's atmosphere/weather connected, but at the same time not. If author will insist on MC/ML trying to solve the crisis I will throw a slipper at them, because they never clearly explained about it and just threw at least several types of getting infected;
  • MC and ML are plastic, all characters are like BG ghosts. Most of the time you forget that they're a team of several people, not to mention a kid and a kitten. There's basically little to no interraction between MC and ML, the "romance" non-existent. This basically follows a path as if someone played PUBG. Move from point A to point B, loot, return. What really irked me is how the first thing they ask after someone wakes up from fever is not the human-like "How are you feeling?", but "What is your ability?" and these are people they supposedly "care" about;
  • Judging by translation you can figure out author's writing style, I call this type of writing "a summer essay of a 5th grader", where many words keep on repeat in joint sentences, to fill the word count. You may keep descriptions to a minimum and still achieve something. Often time you don't understand the layout description and it also lacks logic. For example in latest I've read they came to save...800 people, like bi*ch how on earth can you write - confrontation is inevitable after that, that many people is like a small army, hard not to notice, not to mention that despite the military base they ambush having disorganized civilians in rule, but ppl are not one-type of action species, someone will rush to report to the upper echelon;
  • I understand this doesn't happen on Earth, but at least could apply some earth logic. Why I say it's not on Earth, in one of the chapters MC recalls the number of population left after being wiped out and said - 6 billion, it wasn't even one tenth of original number, which makes original into 60 billion and imagine that overpopulation on our planet *goosebumps*, which basically makes cyrrent population of the story into 60 billion. Imagine that number of people. At least streets would be first overcrowded, people would panic, first days would be a bloodbath with so many dead bodies which eventually would turn. But the story is so empty all the time. Next is I understand that MC/ML were waiting for the most dangerous period (blood rain) to pass before moving out, but being a policeman ZX doesn't know where the bases are located or the simple fact that the safest would be - ANTI AIR RAID BUNKERS. Sigh
Anyway, an empty story, the story leads nowhere so far and main characters don't do anything to care for them. Don't waste your time read something different.
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JuliaSimas rated it
February 24, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a poorly made version of "The Reborn Otaku's Code of Practice for the Apocalypse"

It is a novel for people who love the "zombie apocalypse " trend or for people that are looking for some easy read to kill the boredom, if you are looking for yaoi this not for you, it has close to zero love interactions after the apocalypse begin.

... more>>

What made this novel so bad for me was the characters, the author wanted to make a OP team with a LOT of powers but he didn't want to develop the users, so what we had was 2D characters that are only interesting for their powers and didn't had any use beyond that, the worse of all was that the author was too lazy to give them a life of their on so what happened was that the team of more or less 9 people was ALWAYS TOGETHER but they didn't had a presence so they simply disapper in the background and only the MC and ML speak and you don't even know if they are or aren't with them, they only apper to use their powers and fade away, it's like they are puppets of the ML and don't have ANY opinion of their on, this was the most frustrating because some of them had a lot of potential that the author threw away just to make a team with every "cool" power that exists, the doctor for exemple didn't had much fight power because he was a water user so is only job was being in the car all the time doing nothing or perhaps he was doing company for the woman with the fog power that did nothing too watching the kid with a CAT who should have been at home but God forbid they do something without the MC and ML

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ChronoH0 rated it
February 5, 2019
Status: Completed
Just imagine this story with plant Vs zombie element in with actual humans and BL.

MC and ML is loyal (in love) to each other. Though this is suppose to be yaoi I think it's more shounen AI because the s*x actually happens at the end.

This story actually resolve things very quickly so you might find this story is a bit fast paced. But it's an okay fast paced in my opinion.

I like that the group that is with the MC became a family of sort kinda like "Otaku Squad", and... more>> really this story has the "Otaku Squad" sort of feel to it.

I think the MC is the OP one and the hubby is more or less powerful but because he is a policeman he is really baddass.

Overall it is a sweet story it has some depiction of cruelty to add realism to the story.

If you are okay reading something that is fast paced I think you can give this story a try. It's a fun read plus I love the action and the personalities that the characters have. I enjoyed it a lot. <<less
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iceflecks rated it
February 4, 2019
Status: Completed
A very cute story in the apocalypse. The MC and ML gain family members and they live a happy life. There is very little drama in this story, and any is quickly resolved. Also, fun Plants vs. Zombies trope.

No smut, but that adds to the heart warming feel of the story.
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filter rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: Completed
I rarely write reviews but there are somethings I must mention.

First of all I'm really thankful to the translators for translating this novel, but what bothers me the most while reading this story was how the translators keep on criticizing the writer, it set me off how the translators keep on emphasizing that the writer is rich girl/dude who is basically s*upid (that's how it sounded from the t/n)

Not trying to be dramatic or something but it's pretty disrespectful of translators; saying this while continuing to translate the novel, if it bothers you so much than why not already drop it?

What pisses me off more was how the translators purposely make fun of the writer, look not everyone is good at writing and it is inevitable to have some plot holes, I don't understand why must they be so rude to writer.

I hope the translators not pick up the other novel by this writer lest they target the writer again.

And, I really like this novel a lot, it was a light read. Different from other apocalyptic novels. Though it didn't really left a deep impression on me but who dosen't like reading sweet and fluff. (I wouldn't call it fluff though) there were some very obvious plot holes and lacked creativity but who cares aren't we all here for this logic-dead things, after all apocalypse is not something which would happen irl.

It's not as bad as people who gave one star make it look like, I recommend this after reading angst or a heavy plot.
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azinine rated it
April 1, 2019
Status: Completed
If you want a light easy-read novel about the apocalypse this is it. Fast romance, light action and as long as you can ignore the glaring plotholes then this is a relaxing read. No heavy dramas or angst on this one.
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learningabc rated it
February 9, 2019
Status: Completed
The novel was enjoyable to read. Well-paced. Not too many complications and it's generally smooth sailing for the MC, which is fine just a little too anti-climatic at the end. I wish the world was a little more interesting and the characters were more fleshed out. I would have liked to have seen more side stories of MC and ML, or side stories about the side characters, or maybe the state of the world as well. The skillset for the characters are pretty standard for a post-apocalytic zombie-infested world in... more>> a Chinese novel. There's very little lovey-dovey interactions between the MC and ML, so I would probably categorise this as shounen-ai and not yaoi though. Rating: 2.5/5 <<less
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Ichigoeater rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: c25
I'm in the camp where, it's actually pretty unsatisfying. After reading Reborn Otaku, and coming to this, you can't help but think the MC is a buffoon.

... more>>

He died because of his aunt's betrayal years into the apocalypse, gives her a ton of money he could have used to doomsday prep when he returns and has the attitude of 'not saving her and being her lapdog is enough revenge.' Are you kidding me?! He also lived years into the apocalypse, but still doesn't have his head together concerning everything he needs to prep, not even making a proper list until ML comes to the rescue. The night of the apocalypse happens, and they immediately leave the shelter they made (which is a secret police bunker for undercover agents, so that's cheaty) in order to get butane and more supplies, when they could've just bought most of it already and not taken unnecessary risks if they didn't give his s*upid aunt 600, 000. He's extremely s*upid, is what I'm saying, and the ML doesn't actually help as much as the author seems to think.


Though, to be fair, I hate male MCs, in yaoi or otherwise, who are extremely girly. He's always described as 'adorable', with pink, pinchable cheeks, and his actions are always cute and polite and his smile is just so. He's an airheaded Mary Sue (can't even call him a Gary Stu, he's not a man). His relationship with ML was extremely rushed, too, so I don't really care about either of them. I kind of want them to suffer to make things interesting, actually, but the author wouldn't allow that.

This has the comedy tag, but it's not very funny, either. The MC isn't actually quirky in any way, and his ability sounds interesting and fun, but it's all missed opportunities. A lot of the time, things read like a summary. I remember, when the

MC was telling the ML about the apocalypse and why he had the space ability (he was caught 8 days prior to the apocalypse using it), instead of having an interesting conversation where the MC decides what he should tell him, in what order, to convince him, and have the ML struggle to understand and come to grips with it, the author went the lazy 'he told him everything' route, with the ML pretty much immediately believing it all with the space ability as proof. And, having been told that they're kind of boyfriends in the future, they immediately decide 'well, that's our relationship then', and kissing ensues randomly. The ML doesn't know this guy at all by this point, and the MC could have told him any combination of lies and truths, but he full on believes him without a sliver of a doubt, so now I think they're both s*upid.


Maybe other people will find enjoyment out of this story, but I can't immerse myself at all. The translation is pretty good, so read if you're bored, but don't expect much going in. I'm too annoyed by the main characters, so Im'ma bail. <<less
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Devrai rated it
April 22, 2021
Status: extra
MC had it rather bad during the apocalypse... used, betrayed, sold, tortured and finally killed.

So when he wakes up again 4 weeks prior to the apocalypse, still having his abilities (wood and space) he decides to take his future in his own hands.

Making money to prepare meat and other food, livestock and everything he might need for two people to live a good live.

In his last live there was a man that wanted to protect him and stole his heart, but being the naive youth he was he decided to... more>> go with his relatives only to meet his own demise.

This time around... there is only one person in his eyes.

My opinion:

First... I read in many comments that this story would be like a watered down version of “The Reborn Otaku’s Code of Practice for the Apocalypse”. It’s not. I feel it is going more along the lines of “Rebirth of MC” and “Back to the Apocalypse”.

Generally I really like Zombie-Apocalypse-BL so I felt entertained enough but it is no master piece.

The story is sometimes too rushed und unbalanced. Like 3 chapters for a small encounter and barely 1 chapter fighting against a big boss.

About the love story... It is a strange one? In the beginning there is some blushing and so on but as soon as he comes clean to the guy it is like “oh we were a couple last live? Why didn’t you say that earlier, nice I like you too.” Their interaction is rather “normal”. So if you want to read a lovey dovey or drama queen story... look for another one. This has more the old married couple feeling. Like ch10 – we are a couple now -> ch 50 “oh hey they sell rings, have some” -> ch 112 “first time”. (Didn’t go back to check the chapters but it’s around these).

All in all it is an OK-read. I would give 3.5 because I still felt entertained. <<less
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February 20, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel has the Plants vs. Zombie concept.

I just had to read it hahaha. The MC is so meng and I like it whenever the ML is thinking about the MC.

They are both helping each other and their relationship is sweet. The ML is protective about the MC and he's always thinking our our dear MC's safety. ♡ (The MC can fight — well, he's overwhelming the zombies with cherrybombs HAHAHAHAHA)

I also like their team especially mini spoiler: the kid who has a cat. (●&Gt;v<●) so cute.
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J.A.M. rated it
June 4, 2022
Status: Completed
I don't know how to rate it.

I actually like it. But I can't get into the novel. Maybe because I reread this novel and I already know what would happened?

But as far as I remember, I really do liked it before. All I can say was, don't reread it? Maybe you'll end up like me~
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rhianirory rated it
March 23, 2019
Status: Completed
not a bad little zombie novel all in all though I find that the MCs behavior contradictory to his experience, which creates some dissonance. It's optimistic tone seems wrong and I thought the MC was a little too trusting for someone who'd been used and betrayed by his family and then tortured to death in the name of science. He should not be so altruistic as he's depicted here and should have more trouble trusting most people (where was the ML when he was sold to the research lab, tortured... more>> and killed the first time around? It's never explained why such a powerful abilities user didn't try to rescue him). Also none of the MC's secrets stay secrets for long and by the end


even the leaders of the base know all of his secrets except that he'd been reborn. But that's ok, since they are all good people, (even though they've only known them for three months when he tells them)


the author tries very hard to balance the horrible depictions of the dark side of human nature with the southern base and all its good leaders and honest, hardworking citizens, making the base out to be as close to an utopia as one can get in a zombie Apocalypse. It doesn't work for me. Someone else compared this to Reborn Otaku and in the depictions of the base and base life it's similar, but that story is slice of life and this one is mostly not, though it does seem like the author had no clear outline when they started writing and just meandered around before deciding to end it. <<less
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Relenapeacecraft rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel was such a joy to read. Our MC was so adorable and resourceful. Even with his lack of practical experience he did so great in finding ways to survive in the apocalypse. His interations with our ML and his companions were so endearing.

Also, I really appreciate the fact that there were no backstabbing or power struggle within his group. They were simply a group of people who were trying to improve not just their life but also the life of other people even during the calamity. I loved... more>> that the members of the team were all compassionate without being overdone.

Thank you to both the author and translator for this wonderful novel. <<less
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Melange rated it
November 23, 2020
Status: Completed
Ugh, snore. This is Plants vs. Zombies, danmei edition. Except, unlike the game, there's no point to this novel. It's like every other post-apocalyptic zombie novel if you subtract any sort of goals. What exactly are the characters trying to do?

Are they trying to build a base? Save the world? Reunite with loved ones? Get revenge? Engage in end-of-world romance? Well, it's none of the above.

Never have I seen an action novel that turned into directionless slice-of-life. It's not even fluffy, either! There is a hint of hint of romance,... more>> like maybe someone living in the building next to MC and ML might have had romance.

Save your brain cells and move on to any other apocalyptic danmei because I'm sure it'll be better than this one. <<less
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Noir Paw
Noir Paw rated it
August 19, 2020
Status: c87
Enjoyable Read.

BL? Yes? No? Maybe?

A bit a Humor.

I am sincerely Entertained.

(I also thought that the Cherry in the Title of: My Cherry Will Explode in the Apocalypse was refering to taking one's virginity... but there are


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ike_00000 rated it
August 9, 2019
Status: c52
It's nothing that special or unique, but it is still fairly entertaining. The story is more a narration of the events that happen and how characters react rather than following a specific character throughout the plot with insight on their feelings. The premise is the classic zombie apocalypse and ability users, and the MC has a farming space (except he's never farming!!! how does anything grow?? how do the animals live??? plot holes..... also they could just transport their own team using the space thus saving car usage) and an... more>> ability to weaponize plants.

There's not much of a relationship between MC and ML. It starts pretty quickly and after the apocalypse begins, there's no real development that we can see. <<less
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Nyxx rated it
May 22, 2019
Status: Completed
A wholesome story that leaves you wanting for more. The story stopped at a nice place before it becomes to draggy... or something like that. The ending wraps everything up nicely although there are some concepts introduced that I feel would've great potential but since it's only a little over 100 chapters... I reaaalllyyy want to know what happened MOAARRR!!!~~~
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AnuBis28 rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: c56
I can't take it anymore.. It's getting more and more boring each chapter..

The protagonist is truly the protagonist considering only his plant power can stop the zombies.. And there is his space, which can store anything and everything.. To be honest, whenever this space power comes up in a novel, I loose half of my interest nowadays because of the clichéd theme..

MC told ML about his reincarnation, and ML kissed him in the next scene !!! MC is only 16 -17 years old !!! A kid !!! ML is a... more>> full-fledged adult.. MC might remember everything from past life, but ML did not !!! MC was basically stranger to him.. It's simply creepy and pedophilia..

Whoever in MC's group ate zombie crystal were guaranteed to have super powers.. Not a single failure.. And they were also stronger than other super powered people.. MC seems to have Midas' touch..

What happened to the gang who followed ML before apocalypse, there's no mention upto this chapter.. And ML never once even thought about them.. He didn't even call them to warn before zombie breakout.. Quite inhumane if I think.. I don't know if they'd take entry later or not..

Too much emphasis on the game "Plant vs Zombies ".. They even had to copy how to use their powers from this game, because their puny brains were lacking something called imagination..

The plot is all over the place.. Don't know if I'll read it any further or not.. <<less
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izayaYY rated it
June 16, 2021
Status: Completed
I agree with the reviewer who was annoyed with the translator team for frequently bashing the author because of plotholes and archetypes. There weren't that many plotholes to begin with, but it turns ridiculous when their opinions and criticism are biased, supercilious and inaccurate (e.g the 'normal saline' rant by the editor). As for archetypes, it is futile to complain about this as all genres have inherent, specific and fixed elements which form the very basis of that category. If you cannot tolerate fantasy c-novels archetypes, switch literary genres... for... more>> the sake of your own mental health, seriously!

This is a lighthearted read with very little romance and fluff, as the protags and their friends are too busy fighting zombies, upgrading their abilities and dodging evil people schemes. MC is underage throughout the novel anyways so even though ML and MC pairs up right from the beginning, ML respected MC's young age. I wish there was more fluff though, just a few more intimate dialogues between them or PDA. Their couple dynamics was unusual as MC and ML were an actual couple before MC transmigrated but they broke up before MC died in previous life. I wished author explored these interesting circumstances more.

Another thing that might annoy some readers are the little theatres written by the chinese readers, not the author. I did not understand some of the little theatres, probably due to cultural differences. The theatres are not really important anyways. <<less
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Yokishko rated it
March 3, 2021
Status: c103
lol 😂 the title was super misleading but still the story is quite nice. I didn’t expect to like this (especially since it’s a zombie apocalypse kind of store, which I often hate) but it’s grown on me.

It’s a bit of a mishmash though when it comes to the MC’s situation, his ability (and the reborn knowledge) gives him the potential to be OP but he isn’t, you can somewhat see his growth but it’s more evident for the ML and their group. It’s also refreshing for the shou to... more>> be powerful and not in need of protection but the gong isn’t weak either and does try to care for him without being overbearing.


It's very influenced by the Plants vs Zombie game though, as a non-player there were times I had to look up stuff to understand or how to picture what they were trying to describe.


I think my only complaint is that the plot is short/shallow, this is my assumption though because it’s said that this story is only 113 chapters and complete. I’m already at 103 and so based on everything that’s been happening in the story so far (I’m waiting for the rest of the translation), for there to only be 10 chapters left makes me feel strange, because my impression is that not much really happened yet. I had to double check that this wasn’t ongoing because I felt that there was more to the story based on the narrative but alas only 10 chapters left till conclusion.
Is that really the end or is there a sequel that I don’t know about? <<less
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