Fake Dating the Amnesiac School Prince


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Zhen Yuanbai, the good student, accidentally injured Shi Bufan, the school bully, after a crash. Blood spilled everywhere.

After the ambulance took Shi Bufan to the hospital, Zhen Yuanbai walked home, trembling in fear. He pleads for his parents to transfer him to another school. As expected, his parents rejected his request.

Zhen Yuanbai has no choice but to brace himself to go and apologize to Shi Bufan. Hopefully, he will show mercy while giving him a beating.

Who knew —

Shi Bufan had amnesia.

Zhen Yuanbai couldn’t control his happiness. You really don’t know me? I’m your friend. After he lied and claimed to be Shi Bufan’s friend, Zhen Yuanbai quickly realized that he looked at himself strangely.

Until one day, Shi Bufan pushed him against the wall. He pecked his bewildered face and lowly chuckled. What friends? I knew that you like me and used this opportunity to get close to me… Be good. I’ll give you a chance. Call me hubby.

Zhen Yuanbai was speechless.

Wake up!

Don’t mention that I like you as a friend when I was the one who caused you the injury!

Submissive: Because he, a well-behaved and timid good student, was scared of being beaten up, he lied to the school bully. Confusedly, he ended up in a relationship with Shi Bufan.

Dominant: After losing his memory, he ended up fake dating Zhen Yuanbai, thinking that the latter was in love with him.

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New izayaYY rated it
May 21, 2024
Status: Completed
Good read. I did not like it at first because the couple was too conflicting, their interactions not fluffy enough, the side characters (parents, teachers, friends) were too unlikable and the plot too full of contradictions and too focused on comedy. The comedy eclipsed the romance and everything was turned into sitcom material. I almost dropped the novel by chapter 40 cause I was too annoyed with the author for dragging out the drama for sh*t and giggles. There was also some translation issues and editing issues that made it... more>> more difficult to grasp the complex relationship between the two.

It was a bizarre read for me because I kept switching between irritation and enjoyment. The real fluff comes gradually after ML's recovery and MC's acceptance. I am glad I kept on reading because it's a good novel with some worthy themes. All the characters are quite realistic in the sense that they are both good and bad, likeable and unlikable, full of contradictions. Towards the end, both protags realise that they are each other's strength and the catalyst for each other's growth. MC becomes stronger and more confident and ML learn to let go of his resentment towards his parents... maybe not forgive entirely but at least be at peace with his parents. <<less
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Melange rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: Completed
If there's anything that this novel is really good at, it's portraying an exceedingly accurate depiction of real high schoolers. We have the angst, the hot-and-cold-yes-then-no, absolute deficit of trust, misunderstandings, lack of communication, the whole shebang. Mature adults, where art thee?

As realistic as it is, it's not an enjoyable read. This is like a 90s shoujo manga, except it's BL. Even at the end, MC and ML were still playing the wishy washy dating game! The whole, you-said-but-I-said-that-you-said-you-were-gonna-do-that-but-you-didn't-so-don't-lie-to-me-again. And then they got married. The f*ck? Should they be getting... more>> married, or getting divorced?

Even as I was reading the extras, I was thinking "where is the fluff?" Well, there wasn't any.

If I wanted to see people bicker and complain like my coworkers complain about their spouses -- oh wait, I don't.

Do yourself a favor, read something else. <<less
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hybridiris rated it
March 14, 2021
Status: Completed
As someone who has experienced bullying and low self-esteem in my past, I was pretty triggered by what I read. The thing is I can see the author was trying to realistically portray a very timid person, but there are a few really glaring errors. First MC's father is overbearing which is probably correct, but his mother comes off as perceptive, which is just highly improbable. If she has such insight and perception about her son, why the heck didn't she take him to a psychologist. Especially since she's supposed... more>> to be a medical professional. How could she not see that it's not healthy for him to have such low self-esteem to the point that his only sense of self worth is his ability to do homework? At the beginning of the novel, he was like years of therapy away from recovering. Also as he grew more "confident" he would always emotionally blackmail the ML to make him agree or back off. That is a really emotionally twisted way of controlling the other party. On top of low self-esteem and a plethora of other psychological problems, he's also a highly sensitive person HSP which explains all the crying he does at any moment he is stressed or fearful. This is not a mental illness. It doesn't make him a crybaby. I speak from experience since one of my family members are like him. But this behaviour coupled with emotional blackmail is really too much. It can become a perpetually negative loop to have in a relationship in which MC always gets his way. This is really unhealthy. It's like the whole time the ML has to be tamed and listen to him on everything. The happily ever after this author writes is completely improbable. Not without a lot of therapy and couples therapy on healthy ways to interact with each other and how the MC should not use tears to get his way.

Also the nationalistic slant is like the author begging to have their novels pass the censors by showing nationalism. While I understand authors have to do these, this novel made it sooo blatant it was way too forced.

Admittedly the topic of being bullied and being timid and cowardly triggered me as well and I handled my childhood differently but all the more it made me understand how much worse the MC's life has to be to become that bad. Basically the MC's back story should have been a lot more painful and tragic than it was described as in order to have enough psychological trauma fit for his personality.

Lastly, aside from a small mention near the end, it's kinda impossible to understand why the ML really likes the MC. Opposites attract? Maybe, but there was just nothing really about it aside from a few lines and that made it difficult to fathom.

One pet peeve of mine, if the MC is so morally upright, why the hell did the MC continue to lie. Self preservation trumps morality? Than with what moral high ground did he have left to stand when he's constantly lying to someone with amnesia? That kind of I'll be moral but only when there's no risk for me is not morality. It's hypocritical. This is a super glaring error in personality setup and all that righteous youth and doing the right thing. The MC is all about false harmony and lies to fit in and following society's laws like a good little boy.

I stuck til the end of this novel because I wanted to know if the character development would be written well. But it was just bad almost all the way until around chapter 50 or so and still it was really too fast of a change. I had time to waste but I almost regret reading this. However it lead me to do some character analysis which I do enjoy doing even if it's verily wrong on many parts, it was interesting to analyze.

If you are willing to read a MC who is as timid as a mouse and also a liar to boot then go ahead.

Translation was excellent. 4/5 stars. But the novel itself was mostly completely off. For a novel that is so focused on character development, I wish the author had done a lot more research. If you aren't triggered by the subject matter then read it. Otherwise, be warned and if you don't like the first 10 chapters, know that the MC is pretty much on a gradual reduction of timidity that doesn't really make a significant change until around chapter 50 and even then it's not a super massive change but still kind of sudden. The inferiority complex and rigid fear of how MC is perceived by society remains almost to the end. While the novel washes it as resolved, in reality it wouldn't be so easy without a lot of therapy and or other forms of support. <<less
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Acidelia rated it
December 26, 2019
Status: Completed
"You take a step back, and I'll take a step forward."

Zhen Yuanbai is the #1 student in school, but he has a generally soft and sensitive temperament and is quick to catastrophise when he thinks the situation has gone wrong. As for Shi Bufan, he exemplifies the elementary kid who likes to bully his crush in order to make them notice and pay attention.

This is the type of story where you realise the small, gradual development in character when you reach the end; they haven't changed radically from where they... more>> began individually and where there is change, it's all positive. The ML becomes a source of courage for the MC, and the MC gives ML a goal that he's willing to work towards.

Shi Bufan literally gives up smoking and fighting but not bullying the MC, and starts to care about his grades in order to become worthy of being beside MC, and Yuanbai is able to come out on his own to his parents thanks to his confidence in ML.


The small quote above is a late hint the author has given, that I think needs to be shared. Keep it in mind as you read and you'll come to appreciate the writing more! <<less
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
January 13, 2020
Status: Completed
This is one of those fluffy comedy romance.

It all started with misunderstanding that eventually bear a sweet fruit.

It was easy to mtl.


So our MC is the timid shou in the beginning and developed confidence as the chapters progress. His pros are being intelligent and a cry-baby.


I can actually sympathize with our ML in this novel. But he's quite the character isnt he, the sadistic one in the earlier chapters that turns into a bully xservant in the later chapters. Damn he's so adorable
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ezis rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: Completed
I wish I hadn't read this, sorry. The MC is the most timid of people, I would be horribly annoyed to even be friends with such a person. Honestly, he truly has nothing to his personality. A healthy relationship is usually a two way street, both parties investing and giving... Here the MC ends up shouldering pretty much everything, even in their 3 sentence adult-life extra. Sorry if that is a spoiler. It is true that the high-school part was very accurate, but one would have expected that the adult... more>> life would show that the MC somehow grew as a person and started actually taking care of the ML, but nope. Nothing, the ML is a masochist, who enjoys being neglected... Perhaps, the childhood trauma disallows him to discern what is good for him. Furthermore, the allusion to the idea that the MC is somehow like a woman is really s*upid, regardless of the gender, people in a healthy relationship provide for each other - I don't mean financially, more like taking care of each other's needs in many aspects, i.e. emotional needs, could be financial needs, can be physical needs..

Anyway, this went nowhere. <<less
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clxndestinely rated it
June 25, 2020
Status: c21
A promising synopsis, except it all goes downhill because of how boring it is. So far has been a cycle of: ML teasing MC, MC being too spineless to reject ML, ML gets into trouble, MC decides to stand up for him, MC's dad emotionally abuses MC for his sake.

It also annoys me how utterly spineless the MC is. Like, I get him being timid, but he doesn't even stand up for the things he's passionate about, like... homework. ?

Also, the ML's way too inconsiderate of what MC wants. He... more>> expects MC to play by his rules, and that gets toxic.

Finally, the title's incorrect — it's less fake-dating and more one-sides dating: ML likes the MC and him to date him, whilst MC's too terrified to object and keeps making excuses that will only make him spiral deeper.

Overall, it's an okay read for people who have nothing else to do but definitely not something that you can invest you're emotions in. If it is later on, however, that means progress is too slow.

Aside from that, I'd like to give kudos to the translators. As always, Chrysanthemum Garden doesn't disappoint (though a lot of the stories end up flop). <<less
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Exraww.KO rated it
September 29, 2021
Status: Completed
I know it's harsh to rate it 3 stars, but I just can't help but feel uncomfortable with a lot of things in this story.

1) The MC


I could understand how he became the way he was.

    • His dad that's "not very good"-- I wouldn't call it the epitome of toxic parent,
      but he did have some of the criteria to become one-- surely effect him
    • The bullying because of his name that led him to change it -- it happened in Mid-school
    • The bullying because he's smart, etc

All of that made his basic character as timid, coward, and a crybaby. He had some spiciness after he got too comfortable at "deceiving" the ML and after they confirming their relationship. It's cute to see his reaction of trying to be tough but too scared to do so. He was very obedient, of course because how his dad acts toward him. He basically don't want to make trouble.

He always convinced that the ML hates him but as long as I remember, the ML never did bully him to the point of ruining his life; other people did and the MC himself described the event. But most of the time when he mentioned how scary the ML, it always based on how the ML fights with others, how the ML always "stared" at him, and how the ML called him "fool". I'm not saying that what the ML did isn't bullying, but the MC had much more reason to be scared at "his middle school classmate" that happened to be in the same Highschool now, and more: his own father. But let's just say, the ML is scary and the MC didn't want anything to do with him.

Now to the main point: The accident that start this whole situation happened when the MC met the ML on the way back home. The ML was riding (?) his skateboard and the MC just happened to see him and talked to him about something --that I actually don't remember the exact thing. The ML answered him like "don't bother me, there'll be a fight here, so you better not be here", and the MC was upset because his attitude so he did something that made the ML slipped down the slope and BAM! The ML lost his memory.

All of that were the beginning of their love story. Was it cute? I kinda like how the MC always dug himself deeper, but it got very bad later on. He lied, and made another lie, and another one until the ML believes that they're dating.

Straight to the end of the story and of course it was a happy ending because both of them got together.

So, what made me uncomfortable with the MC? Well he never got retribution for almost "killing" the ML, and he kept pushing the blame to the ML that it's because he was scared he'd get beaten. And I think a lot of reader also on the MC side, but that kinda thinking is basically made the ML as the bad guy. Of course he's a delinquent, he fights a lot, and yea, he's frightening so don't mess with him. But he never act like a good person anyway, yet the MC that was supposed to be "righteous" and obedient just couldn't keep his hand to himself, like literally! You hurt someone, yet the wording that the author choose always pointed out that it made sense for him to do that because he was scared and put the blame on the ML for being scary.

I don't get why people always want the main couple to be equal but whatever the MC did he has the right to do so, but when the ML did there will always be a reason where he was in the wrong. In this story, they both aren't a saint.


2) The ML


Just like what I mentioned in the MC's review, he's a troublemaker. He scared a lot of people including MC. And yea fun fact, he actually had a crush on MC since forever. There's even a point in the story where the MC was so scared of him even after he confessed, and he asked the MC "did I ever hit you?"

Well before the "amnesia" happened, they don't really interact. The MC always said that the ML is frightening.

I won't say much about what made me uncomfortable with the ML, because it's pretty obvious. It's the "kiss me or I beat you up".

Well, no wonder the MC scared LOL.

In case you didn't get the joke, the ML just used the MC's timidness to take advantage to eat his tofu. And later on after he got his memories back, it's kinda for a lit bit of "revenge" I guess. This kinda act irk me so much that I skipped through it because it'd get pretty long.

It's cute if it was a spoiled act, for example at the last few chapters the ML history would be revealed and he took advantage of it to get pity from the MC. It's kinda sad because I feel very bad for him and yet he acted like it didn't bother him.

But seriously tho, stop asking for a kiss and threatened to beat your scaredy cat partner even if it was a joke. At this point, serve you right, sir.


3) The ML's family


I don't even know how to start, and oh my God it was very bad. Okay, let's start from the birth of the ML. His parent were career-oriented people, and this grandparents were the troublesome oldies. His grandparents force his parent to have children, mostly the mother. Because the oldies kept bothering his parent, they chose to fulfill that "mission" and the ML was born in this awful family. Just about 2 days after that, his mother be like "bye, I finished my duty so take your grandson away from me." Not long after that, his father be like "oh no, she's busy so do I, well then, bye."

The oldies were shocked and didn't get how their adult children just left the grandson for them to raised. I mean, their body no longer able to raise a child -- they did ask for one tho.

So they agreed to pay someone to be ML's parent. And that parent was the one the ML recognized as his real parent. The actual "real" parent still there for him, like gave him toys and stuff, so it wasn't entirely case of abandonment, right?

Well, several years later the real mother actually miss her child and try to connect with him, so the real parent told the fake parent to get a break so that they could spend time with the young ML. Some stuff happened and the ML asked when will his parent be back? And then they actually told him on the spot that the "real" parent he believed in was fake. He got into a full rage moment and since then he hated his parents (real or fake).

The first thing that made me uncomfortable was the oldies, like whats the actual *food* are you expecting? Your children have their own life and they think that's the best for them at the moment, why the *food* did you force them to have children for? You don't want your child to be lonely at their old age? If they wanna be alone than let them be. Or is it because you wanna hold babies again but don't really wanna spend your old age taking care of them?

The oldies of the ML family were crazy, I'm telling you.

Before you hating me for not pointing out on the fact that it was mostly the mother that was force to, it kinda made sense for me because she has the body to conceive children. If the father can, they most likely to force him too.

The ML's parent might be a victim in some sense, but nobody have the right to tell the ML to NOT HATE them. Don't asked him to understand how his parent felt in that situation because the parent didn't really try to understand his story either.

It's like the saying of "everybody is a bad guy in someone else's story". The oldies was the bad guy in his parent story, but to him, both his parent and the oldies were the bad guy. Imagine your real parent didn't want you, the oldies just wanna have grandkid but didn't really want to raise you, and the fake parent was paid to give you "parental love".

And OML how much I hate the MC's mother trying to coaxed his son to talk to the ML so that he won't hate his parent because they had some kinda situation going on at that time. You literally asked an abandoned kid to understand why his parent abandoned him? You try to convince a victim that the bad guy also a victim so it justified them to hurt him?

I hate the fact that it didn't have any resolute ending, but I just hope that the ML forgive them but don't give them a chance to be in his life, except for making them bankrupt by using their money.

Damn, it hits me so hard, because I have anxiety issues after my years of experience under my mother's care. My uncle took me in because it got physical one day. After I hit 20, I met my mom again and she asked for forgiveness and asked me to understand that all of this happened because my dad past away too early and she got hooked on drugs. Well, because of that I do hate drugs, and also hate that I lost my father early. But it didn't change the fact that I hate my mom.


4) The MC's family


Even though the MC is the MC :P.. His family drama didn't feel as intense as the ML's family.

    • The MC's little brother has some kind of "bro-con" tendencies and was a tsundere. I'm not into tsundere character but his existence didn't bother me much, it even made the story kinda better.
    • The MC's mother is very plain at the beginning. She was mentioned to be very kind, understanding, a hard working person but still accept her responsibility of her sons; unlike a certain person. At first I didn't really care so much about her, but later on there's a part where she tried to bu*t in the ML's problem but didn't actually help anything. She basically said, the ML should understand his parent problem and forgive his parent for deceiving him and sorta abandoned him; because no matter what, the parent's problems are much more important than the children's. And she continued with the story of how the MC almost got aborted because "he was an accident". I don't know how it would be an accident if you have sexy time with no protection, I mean what do you expect to happen? That's about her, I don't really care, I just hope she didn't involve too much in someone else's life choices especially when they don't know what exactly happened in that person perspective.
    • And now the honorable mr. Father. What else can I say? LOL. He was supposed to be someone who should be responsible of making the MC the way he was. I won't put him in the "abusive parent" category but kind of in "tiger parent with zero logic whatsoever". He got angry to the MC for being too timid, but also yells at him if he became very bold like ML. He doesn't want the MC to cause trouble but always tells the MC to fight back the bully. He always contradicts himself. When he's angry his wife would knocked some sense into him and he would actually listen. He's not so bad if you compare it to ML's parent (I hate them so much, ain't I?).
The conclusion is: the story didn't satisfy me :P
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Corgibutt rated it
April 29, 2021
Status: Completed
75% of this novel goes exactly like this:

ML: Tries to flirt

MC: Rejects him

ML: Do what I want, or l’ll beat you up and/or kiss you in public

MC: Stop, or I’ll break up with you

Also I don’t think the main character ever actually feels remorse for almost killing the male lead, even after he falls in love. The majority of the novel, his main concern is what consequences he’ll face not real guilt

The translator did a good job though.
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btsdynamiteAUG21 rated it
August 18, 2020
Status: Completed

Sadly, there are no emphasized H scenes and I'm craving TT Anyways, the story is so simple and cute. The characters especially the main couple undergone cute premises~ The little brother is so cute <3
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
amruta rated it
September 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Not my cup of tea.

This novel has too many shortcomings. The MC being described "like a girl" just because he is extremely timid, is the least of them. Why the ML falls for MC is a complete mystery. How does ML deal with it? Kindergarten boy pulling ponytail of the girl he likes and generally being annoying. Yeah like that.

I don't know where to start with the family dynamics for both ML and MC. Its a disaster.

The ending is abrupt, issues are left unresolved. A disappointment.
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mzie rated it
July 6, 2021
Status: Completed
To quote the words of the wiser, "this ain't it fam". This novel is incredibly uncomfortable to read.

TL;DR Similar novels I recommend:

I Have Amnesia, Don't Be Noisy: ML also has amnesia.

What Should I Do if the School Bully is Interested in Me: Similar concept of the MC sticking (literally) to ML because of situations they can't explain. Essentially, this novel but not bad.

The setup of the novel goes like this:

... more>>

MC pushes ML and causes him to get into an accident. ML gets amnesia as a result of the accident, and MC pretends to be his friend to keep him from retaliating. ML goes along with it because he thinks MC secretly likes him. It's revealed later that ML had a crush on MC pre-amnesia, which leads to him thinking MC likes him when MC actually just doesn't want to die.


Now here's the yikes part:


The novel has a lot of those "honey, do you like me?" / "who are you calling honey! I hate you!!!" moments that happen a lot in stories with tsunderes. Here, however, MC isn't a tsundere. He is fully aware he does not like ML back and only pretends to because he doesn't want ML to beat him up. Even after ML reveals he knows MC is the one who hurt him, MC still continues to lead him on. Their relationship dynamic is also very uncomfortable. The two characters continue on in a vicious cycle of

ML treats MC very well to try and get him to like him

MC refuses ML's advances but also doesn't end their ambiguous relationship

ML gets mad and coerces MC into doing something he doesn't like, e.g. Kiss

MC gets mad and ignores ML/yells at him

Rinse and repeat.


I don't understand why some people think this novel is fluffy. Just because MC is the one being toxic towards ML doesn't make it any better than when the ML doesn't respect the MC. <<less
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qyura rated it
August 3, 2022
Status: c25
The story started pretty well, I liked the setting and the plot overall. But some things kept irritating me.

  • MC: He kept deceiving the ML with no valid reason. He is afraid of the ML beating him when the ML never did, even more so after the ML believed they are on a relationship, he started treating the MC with utmost care and gentleness, even if the he threatens him, it’s clearly just a bluff. Dragging the whole thing and leading the ML on just because of that is so s*upid and disrespectful to the other’s feelings, totally irresponsible and toxic.
  • MC’s parents: Especially the father who acts like the mere breathing of his son is disgracing him.
  • The school: With every little thing happening, they’d report it to the MC’s parents, it’s not like they’re elementary school kids! It’s like as soon as they see the two together, they’d rush to report everything.
As many reviews mentioned, the story kept getting repeated over and over again. I mostly can’t stand seeing the ML being so sincere and trying so hard to change and to cater to someone who just doesn’t deserve him. He deserves better.
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September 17, 2020
Status: c63
3.5 Started as sweet and fluffy. But around the middle onwards, it has become somewhat annoying.

... more>>

ML's non con actions, MC's own way of tolerating those abusive things by giving ML the cold shoulder until he coax him again.. It's kind of toxic and taxing ;-; MC has improved but he should've talked it with ML if he didn't approve of anything he's doing instead of just ignoring ML and then left him to wonder what he did wrong. They're both abusive that way.


I still find ML as a sweetheart. MC just doesn't talk to him properly and accepts whatever love is being given to him which is really annoying. *Sigh* <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Axvii rated it
December 27, 2019
Status: Completed
Edit: accidentally deleted my previous review, I have finished reading the story through MTL and to be honest I love this novel but I reading it in MTL kind of confused me where their relationship is going.

For a story that is so short, you will be able to appreciate the characters and how they are not perfect, and that there is no complete good person and a completely bad person.

All I can say is that, the characters have very good chemistry with each, mostly of them are not completely rounded... more>> but are not flat either.

The ML also has his own side of the story prior to before he had amnesia, and finally you will be able to connect the dots.

The MC is pretty much a crybaby, he cries a lot to the point that his cries are a conditional reflex whenever he feels he is wronged, its both comedic and sad at the same time.

Overall, the novel is a good read but because it is short it makes you want to see more extras about them in the story. <<less
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Kunbriilaas rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: Completed
People are saying it feels like a 90s shoujo, but BL. Well, good thing I do like shoujo I guess lol.

This one is just a short light read, and for that purpose, it's great - I've even re-read it. It's a nice way to make an afternoon pass faster and doesn't ask for you to think much (or at all). Don't expect a masterpiece or super well developed and emotionally mature characters and relationship.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yaoii10 rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c35
MC is weak, cowardly and a scum. Usually I hate these characters and I would've never lasted this long reading this type of story. MC has NEVER been beaten in his life, Fanfan NEVER beat him up and he was NEVER physically abused by his father or ShiBufan yet he acts as if he's been hit and bruised multiple times. He's been playing with Fanfan's feelings all this time. MC is selfish, he dug this pit for himself, Fanfan believes that they are dating and even if it was to... more>> save his skin Yuan agreed and by that he should be responsible for agreeing to the relationship because the other party is clearly invested in it yet all he thinks is about "what if he remembers blah blah blah he'll beat me up" He keeps worrying about getting beaten up yet never in his life was he physically abused. Yes, he was bullied verbally but what he was afraid of was physical pain and that he never experienced... MC needs character development, we've been going in circles all this time and Mc's personality is conflicting like his father. Mc's brave one second then becomes a wimp the next. It's been 30+ chapters already (which is half to complete) yet he's still as weak and cowardly. No development, pity. I feel that these types of novels are overrated just like LMW. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mianna rated it
November 9, 2021
Status: compelted
I liked it! It was cute romance that blossomed between two schoolmates: one that used to bully the other one.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
alice_animelover rated it
November 1, 2021
Status: c1
When I read stories with unrealistic emotions and reactions: This is too unrealistic, I can't read it.

Me, reading this story: It's too realistic, I can't read it.

Holy, this story drags. The development was so slow that I gave up on it in the end.

... more>> Don't get me wrong, I still liked the story but I lost so much interest that I gave up. What usually takes me only a few days to finish a 100 chapter novel took me two weeks to barely pass the halfway mark.

I love the development of the main couple's relationship. Although the main character was snailing hard, the main lead had the biggest rollercoaster character development. That made him easily the more favorable character compared to the main character. However, I can't tr*sh the main character either because his character's emotions and reactions are portrayed realistically too. As much as I dislike his snailing character development I can also understand why he was the way he was.

This isn't really a spoiler, but more like a heads up.

The real romance development between the main couple doesn't start until you get past chapter 52. So you have over 50 chapters of them building a connection with the main lead suffering from unrequited love because the main character is still alienating the main lead for being a bully and the main character is also gaslighting the sh*t out of the main lead too. The slow progression isn't that bad, it's great, but then the realistic portrayal of each of their personalities makes it really hard to enjoy the romantic aspect of their growing relationship.


My honest opinion on this story is that the main couple actually fits perfectly more as a bromance than a relationship. The only unrealistic part of the story is the forced romance. The attraction and the compatibility of the main couple is definitely there as the story progresses, but for some reason I can't see them as a romantic couple. A commenter said this story was more like a Stockholm Syndrome love story and I agreed. Because while I can definitely see them as friends I do not think they are a romantic match at all. I also don't think that characters like the main character could ever possibly end up falling for someone like the main lead in reality too. So, this was the only part I would say that didn't make this story realistic enough.

I still recommend this story to those who like the bully x nerd trope because it might feed you well (minus all the sexy stuff you'd get in your typical yaoi story though) but be prepared for the slow burning drag. <<less
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YuzzuUzzzu rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: Completed
It just very long of same cycle routine plot again and again and again. I like it at start but after 30 chapters and the MC still trying to cover his track is pissing me off. ML is so kind I don't think MC deserve him.
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ishiharachitose92 rated it
March 15, 2024
Status: --
Something you can read when you are bored with nothing to do, not requiring big brain energy. The MC is really cowardly with weak personality, lying is basically his second nature. The romance is quite meh as MC tended to make the situation seems like he was forced, everytime, never explaining anything to ML and always accusing ML without trying to understand him. The ML is not too overbearing, still continue to like MC despite that. I could not connect with the MC thoughts and actions as his personality is... more>> like a kindergartens who would cry at everything and anything. I could not imagine myself liking such a crybaby and a soft spoken manipulater. Sorry ML I am judging you. Overall 3* for the translation and the storyline is not too boring that I managed to read to the last chapter. <<less
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