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Jiang Yang and Qin Xu both dislike each other. Every time they meet they become filled with hatred. Both have feelings for the school idol but they didn’t expect that the other party was actually a cross-dressing man. In an instant, their world views were shattered.

“Bound to the system. I shall assist with building the friendship between you and Qin Xu. Tasks will be released randomly and punishments will be enforced if it is not completed on time.”

Jiang Yang scoffed coldly: “What a joke! I’m not doing it!”


The system exploded: “I wanted you to become friends but you became lovers instead?! You are the worst hosts I’ve ever had!”

Eventually the system transferred departments —– To the Matchmaking Department.


Cold on the outside but soft on the inside cheap gong (Qin Xu) X hot-tempered and proud shou (Jiang Yang)

1. Both have systems and due to all kinds of misunderstandings they ended up becoming bent into a mosquito coil – hilarious high school life.

2. The system has a lot of functions to be explored =v=

3. The existence of the cross-dressing man is a big BUG. How he managed to hide his identity – only he himself knows.

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ike_00000 rated it
June 28, 2019
Status: 39
Super cute and funny! Under-rated but very worth some love. Thank you so much to the translator's hard work!!! This current release speed is too amazing.

The MC is the cold and aloof type, easily angered, which is refreshing compared to some white lotus. However, he really doesn't hold back in interactions with ML, which are so cute and funny because they just bicker back and forth! Later on in the story, it's cute watching the ML think up ways to eat the MC's tofu hehe (ie. scheming situations to be... more>> close to him, go on a trip with him, etc.). The side characters are also pretty great. On top of the "school's beauty", the cross-dressing man, the friends are funny and distinct too.

The plot is very enjoyable. I really love this idea, and so far execution has been great. Definitely a slice of life story, the pacing is consistent and the translation is awesome (and translation speed!!!)



I really want MC on top (even though it's probably not gonna happen...) hehehe

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idlehands rated it
October 2, 2019
Status: Completed
I want to be frank, the story is nonsensical - exactly what it tried to be. There's no real drama, serious fights, love rivals, or anything else to disrupt the good mood, the novel doesn't want to be a literary masterpiece, it's pure unrealistic fluff, diving deep into it would be a waste of time (and result in a one-star rating from me), so I keep this review short.


    • No typical shou/gong dynamic, both guys are strong, can take care of themselves, and support each other as equals.
    • No rape/sexual assault, not even questionable consent.
    • The characterisation is fairly good, they feel real enough to be believable, side characters are well developed.

    • Lots of fillers, I found myself skipping several parts, there's just too much going on that does nothing for the story.
    • The ending is very rushed, they are an official couple for barely one chapter, then we never see them again, it just rushes to the graduation ceremony (not even theirs) ; it didn't feel rewarding but very disappointing.
It's a nice story with little substance, if you need something to cheer you up, or if you have a craving for fluff, then this novel might be what you need, just don't think about it, there are countless things that make no sense.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
whitespade rated it
July 16, 2019
Status: c28
If you love lively semes and ukes, this is the one for you. No aloof characters here, everyone just love to tumble and bicker around. The uke is quite quick tempered but its expected of children.... The side characters are interesting too, the side couple is quite cute (and sometimes cuter than main couple if you like the teasing type hehe). The steel straight side character that 'helped' these couples are also hilarious in his own way.

The words are easy to read, easy to understand, and characters easy to like,... more>> so try reading it. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xxriane rated it
October 6, 2019
Status: c52
As other reviewers have said, it's just a fluffy romance between the MC and ML as a system try to make them become friends.

It was a bit dragging so it may be a bit boring to read it all in one reading.
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hy-d-ra rated it
October 2, 2019
Status: Completed
I have no idea where the praises are coming from, because I find this novel average at most. It's not bad, but it's not good either. Tbh I just finished it few days ago and I already can't remember what it was about, that's how weak the impression of it was.

First and foremost, the entire concept of systems makes the romance feel forced onto characters and not naturally developed due to pacing of the story and characters themselves. The biggest part of it relies on MC's shoulders due to his... more>> inadequuate behavior at times (e.g. When ML had lost memory for 24h he acted like a total dick), he often acts like an as*hole with short incantations of shoujo stuff like - oh wow, why did my heart beat faster right now? - These parts are so short and weird, that they get crashed by his bad temperament. Tbh I still don't get why he acted so badly towards ML, the whole reason of them being very similar is so damn weak. Kudos to ML for handling this bitchy princess.

About pacing, maybe you think it's a great one, but I can't skip the bad move of changing from only MC using the system to MC and ML using the systems and letting each other know about it. It happens in the middle of it all. BUT the confession about system scratches the f*ck out the whole base of the first half, since ML knows MC was simply forced and all those action lose entire f*cking meaning. It's exactly the later cooperation that brought them together, which renders first half into nothingness. So where is a gem in that?

Well, if you like to read weak stuff like this, go ahead :) <<less
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hiryukaede rated it
September 14, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a Jewel!!!

How could I just found it now?!!!

The story full of sweet, sweet, sweet,.. and a loot of dog food,.. ah, pity me,...

... more>> But, the story really Good!

The MC not Sissy type, he was manly, gentle, but, easly get provoked and make him explode! Well, he like beat the ML Tho,.. LOL

The ML was super easy going, tsundere in the beginning,.. hmmm, I cant say, he tsundere tho, since he only childish, so clingy only to MC,..

Don't worry, its HE! Fluffy! And 1vs1.. no drama,.. its just, feel right and super funny!...

Really recommendid this to someone who want eat a lot of dog food, LOL... <<less
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uspdx rated it
September 13, 2019
Status: c79
Thank you translator~

I really can imagine vividly how the characters, interactions and the situations. It's just "clicked" every time read it, so sweet, so lovely, so fluffy, so adorable, so pure~♡♡♡♡♡♡
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Mimilove98 rated it
September 2, 2019
Status: Completed
If you are looking for something with no angst this novel is a good choice. MC and ML are quite cute. Their interactions are adorable. There is no sudden love between them. It's lovely to see how their relationship progresses. Also the sidepairings are cute though I would've liked to see more of what happened between them especially with

Wu tong and He shuo

I felt that the ending was bit hurried and kind of abrupt. Also a great thanks to the translator for daily updates!!!
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
en_en rated it
August 31, 2019
Status: Completed
Fluffy and hilarious!!! If you want to read something light and heartwarming, between angst novels, read this for sure!

The MC and ML's interactions are great and the addition of the two systems just makes everything so much fun.I binge read the whole thing over two days!

The translator has done an amazing job too! ☺️
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quivo rated it
August 13, 2019
Status: Completed
Just mercilessly sweet. Sweet to the point your heart will give out, and yet also so frigging funny you'll laugh the whole time through. Definitely worth a try.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Passerby Soysauce-sama
Passerby Soysauce-sama rated it
August 7, 2019
Status: Completed
I got tired of yaoi and needed something of 'young love'... This was a nice read... The very same feeling of warmth while reading 'Everyone Thinks That I Like Him' and 'Don't You Like Me'. Very shounen-ai. I agree very much to the previous reviews that's why I didn't even wait and MTLed it. This really needs more credit~ Thank you translator!
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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